School Visit Checklist by akgame


									  abc                         the basics         School Visit Checklist
                                                 What to look for when choosing a school

   Once you have created a list of schools        Key questions to ask                        Things to look for
that interest you, contact each school. Most      ß What are the school’s beliefs and         ß Are the school administration, office
schools have written information or web-            mission?                                    personnel and teachers friendly and
sites detailing their programs. As well, you                                                    cheerful?
                                                  ß What is the teaching approach and
should take a tour of the schools on your           philosophy?                               ß Are your questions answered to your
list. Some schools have open houses, while                                                      satisfaction?
                                                  ß Does the school have a parent
others have ongoing tours available upon re-
                                                    handbook?                                 ß Are the teachers enthusiastic and
quest. It would be best if you can have the
                                                                                                knowledgeable in their teaching?
tour while classes are in, to allow you to see    ß What is the intake process for the
the dynamic between teachers and students.          school? When does this occur?             ß Are the students engaged in their
                                                                                                learning activities?
The following are some questions and ob-          ß Is there a waiting list for the school?
servations you may want to consider while                                                     ß Is there evidence of respect between the
                                                  ß What are the requirements for
meeting with the school’s personnel or tak-                                                     teachers and students?
ing a school tour.                                                                            ß Are the students well behaved?
                                                  ß How are students with academic, social
                                                    or emotional difficulties supported?       ß Do the teachers show evidence of
                                                                                                school’s beliefs and philosophy when
                                                  ß How are modifications or
                                                                                                interacting with the students?
                                                    accommodations for learning needs
Use this as your checklist!                         applied?                                  ß Does the school provide a sense of
Take this checklist with you when you visit a     ß How are academically strong students
prospective school. Photocopy this page or          enriched?                                 ß Are the classrooms visually pleasing and
download a printer-friendly version from our                                                    cheerful?
                                                  ß How many report cards are sent home?
                                                                                              ß What technology is used in the
                                                  ß How many teacher-parent conferences
Notes:                                              per year?
                                                                                              ß How well have the facilities been
                                                  ß What is the school’s discipline policy?
                                                  ß What level of parent involvement is
                                                                                              ß Was the lunchroom/cafeteria clean and
                                                  ß What is the bussing schedule?
                                                                                              ß Did the cafeteria serve a hot lunch and
                                                  ß What is the bussing discipline policy?      healthy options?
                                                  ß How is technology used to support         ß Is the gymnasium an appropriate size
                                                    learning?                                   with proper equipment?
                                                  ß What library services are available for   ß Is there an appropriate school field with
                                                    the students?                               playground equipment?
                                                  ß What extra-curricular activities are      ß Does the school have appropriate rooms
                                                    offered? When are they scheduled (lunch     for music, science, art, etc.?
                                                    or after school)?
                                                  ß Which organized sport teams are

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