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									         Pastured Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Turkey,
  Bread, Eggs, Jams, Honey, Maple Syrup, Cow, Sheep & Goat Cheeses
                        ~ for the Health of It!
   3-Corner Field Farm , Argyllshire Lamb, Cornell Farm, Consider
    Bardwell Farm , Gillis Acres Farm, Harry’s Honey House , KNK
  Poultry, Lewis Waite Farm , Rock Hill Bakehouse, Rudi’s Lakeside
  Garden , Sugar Mill Farm , Stonewood Farm, West River Creamery
     Our family farms in Washington County (and 1 in Delaware County) are cooperating to offer our customers regular deliveries of
wholesome foods from our region. Among us, we raise and harvest and make a variety of foods which we offer to you.
     We share many values and management practices and have a strong attachment and commitment to the land and to our
communities. We practice sustainable agriculture, promoting the improvement of the whole environment. The practice of rotational
grazing encourages the livestock and poultry to graze pastures efficiently. We share a commitment to provide our customers with the
highest quality products we can produce, raised or made carefully with as few additives as possible and always humanely. By raising
our animals and foods with humane loving care, we improve the health and well-being of our animals, and therefore the health of us
all. Most of our products never leave their farm until they are ready to be delivered to your door. For the animals, we do our best to
minimize stress by processing the meats in nearby USDA-inspected plants. Consequently our products are processed fresher, spend
less time in storage, and are shipped much shorter distances to our customers, compared to those available in typical markets.
                3 Corner Field Farm – Natural, Grass Fed Dairy Sheep & Lamb
        Karen Weinberg and Paul Borghard , Salem, NY
3-Corner Field Farm is nestled in the Battenkill River Valley at the foothills of the Green Mountains on the border of New York and
Vermont. We are one of the few farms in the country that milk sheep for use in the production of gourmet cheeses and yogurt. Our
sheep are raised with care and respect on beautiful, organically managed pastures, and never given hormones or unnecessary
antibiotics. They are raised the old-fashioned way: outdoors, on pasture, eating natural grass, clover, and alfalfa. The result is tastier
and more wholesome food for you, a better life for our sheep, and a healthier environment for all of us.
                      Argyllshire Lamb– Natural, Grass-fed & Finished Lamb
                         Barbara Peters,                Argyle, NY
Argyllshire Lamb farm specializes in grass-fed and grass-finished lamb. Barbara Peters subscribes to the philosophy that the more
natural the animals’ diet, the better the meat tastes and the better nutritionally it is for you. The lamb is all grass and hay fed and is
natural, and free of hormones or feed additives. She feeds no grain. She is enthusiastic about this opportunity and hopes you’ll find her
quality products delicious.
                           Cornell Farm ~ Natural Free-range Chicken Eggs
                                               David Cornell,             Buskirk, NY
The Cornell family has been farming in this area for generations. Their chickens are free-range and are fed corn, oats and alfalfa raised
on the farm with limestone, trace minerals and soybeans added to the freshly ground feed. Their eggs are produced year round and are
very fresh and natural with no hormones or antibiotics fed to the chickens.
              Consider Bardwell Farm ~ Natural Pastured Goat’s Milk Cheese
                   Angela Miller,             West Pawlet
Straddling the rolling hills of Vermont’s Champlain Valley and easternmost Washington County New York, 300-acre Consider
Bardwell Farm was the first cheese making co-op in Vermont, collecting milk from surrounding farms from 1864 to 1932 and
shipping wheels of cheddar on the railroad to Albany and beyond. A century later, Russell Glover and Angela Miller, the farm’s
owners since 2001, are revitalizing the tradition with goat’s milk from their herd of registered Oberhaslis. Fed by rotational grazing
on pesticide-free and fertilizer-free pastures along with organic grain produces the sweet and pure milk. Nationally known
cheesemaker, Peter Kindel, developed the cheeses with Consider Bardwell’s Cheesemaker and Dairy Manager, Peggy Galloup.
                                                       Gillis Acres Farm
                                      Ave Maria & Brian Gillis, Greenwich, NY
  50 Registered Alpine dairy goats are raised without antibiotics or hormones, using organically grown hay produced on this family
 farm. All our animals are bred and raised on the farm. We also produce free-range, grass fed poultry & eggs for sale from the farm.

   For more information contact Nancy and Alan Brown, 518-692-3120,
As of 3/24/2010
                                  Harry’s Honey House ~ Wildflower Honey
                                            Derek Woodcock,               Cambridge, NY
    In spring, summer and fall we place our hives of bees at various farms in the southern end of Washington County, including Lewis
Waite Farm. In the winter the hives are moved to a location where they can be protected from the wintry winds. In order to harvest
and keep honey as a liquid, it must be heated and filtered. We use the lowest heat possible and simple straining methods to try to retain
the nutritional benefits of the pollens that make honey a healthy food. We carry raw unheated too, to capture all the healthy benefits.
Honey is a food that does not spoil.
                                                           KNK Poultry
                                                          Edmeston, NY
KNK Poultry is an all- natural free-range poultry producer in Delaware County.. The chickens are raised in a big converted dairy barn
and have access to the outdoors in nice weather. Kevin feeds them a corn and soybean feed blend which is all natural.
                Lewis Waite Farm – Grass-Fed & Finished Beef & Natural Pork
      Alan & Nancy Brown   135 Lewis Hill Lane, Jackson, NY 12834 518-692-3120
   Alan & Nancy have been organic gardening since we were children. Our beef business began in 1967 on a small scale and has
grown since then to over 150 head. We breed and raise about 30 corn fed pigs each year. Since 2003, we have been selling our
vacuum packaged frozen beef and pork directly to the consumer. We believe that our technique of raising beef produces the healthiest
meat as our cattle’s diet is exclusively grass and hay, water, air, salt, and trace minerals. Unlike many grass-fed operations, our cattle
are not fed grains for their last few months. Although not certified organic, we practice organic techniques on our 440-acre farm.
                  Rock Hill Bakehouse ~ European hearth-fired baked Bread
                                          The Bakery crew,               Glens Falls, NY
Our Rock Hill breads are the result of along search for the way to make loaves that answer the need, the kind of bread you can build
your meals around and never tire of eating them. Our ingredients are simple and good; we use organic flours from the Champlain
Mills, slow rising using wild yeasts, and our great French oven that creates crispy, chewy crusts and traditional hearth-baked breads.
                   Rudi’s Lakeside Garden ~ Freshly made Jams and Sauces
                                             Charles Jacien,              Poultney, VT
We are a Vermont specialty foods company, making unique Jams, Jellies and Sauces, in a small kitchen overlooking Lake Bomoseen,
in Vermont. Our products are made with local organic vegetables, fruits and herbs: many of the heirloom variety. Other ingredients
include local apples, wild ginger, wild flowers, berries and roots. We sweeten with organic natural cane sugar and Vermont maple
syrup only. Some of our special recipes even use top shelf liquors. 2% of our profits are donated to our local food shelf.
                                                      Stonewood Farm
                                                  Stone Family, Orwell, VT
 We grow our turkeys naturally; that is we do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones. We ready our turkeys for your family without
 using any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just plenty of fresh Vermont air, cool nights, green pastures, good feed and tender
                                                     loving care on our family farm.
                                   Sugar Mill Farm ~ Pure NY Maple Syrup
                                      John & Michelle Reid,                   Greenwich, NY
We gather all of our sap from our farm’s trees and from our neighbor’s woodlot. We have a state of the art sap house that is wood-
fired, uses reverse osmosis filtering for the sap and diatomaceous earth filtering for the syrup. We produce beautiful, sweet, golden
maple syrup. We add nothing to our sap or syrup during the processing; it is simply the rich, delicious flavor of the sugar maple tree
filtered for purity.
                              West River Creamery ~ Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese
                                  Charles & Jane Parant,                     Londonderry, VT
 West River Creamery is a family run farmstead cheese facility located in the West River Valley of Londonderry Vermont. We start
 with raw (rBGH free)-milk produced here on the farm. The herd of Holstein & Jersey cows is lovingly cared for by Nick and Amy
 Stone, and then Cheesemaker Charles Parant creates several types of artisan cheeses. The milk is un-pasteurized so it retains all the
  healthful benefits. Great care is given in the production and curing of the cheese so we can offer our customers a tasteful quality
                            product. Jane sells the cheeses at many farmers markets throughout Vermont.

We hope you’ll consider our healthy, pure products from our beautiful family farms in Washington and
 Delaware Counties of New York. Help us to live the ideal of eating fresh, local foods to sustain our
                             environment, our health and our economy.

   For more information contact Nancy and Alan Brown, 518-692-3120,
As of 3/24/2010
   For more information contact Nancy and Alan Brown, 518-692-3120,
As of 3/24/2010

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