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Tea, Unsweet Tea, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra
Mist, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew,           Ted’s Catering:
Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper or Pink
Lemonade                                1.50     Catering is now available seven
Bottled Water                           1.50
Uncle Scott’s 100% Natural Root Beer 2.50
                                                 days a week. We have a separate
                                                 catering menu that is full of great     Ted’s Famous
Bottled Beer:
Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors
                                                 homemade items that we would be
                                                 happy to deliver, set up and if you       Chicken
Light, Michelob Light, Amber Bock or Ultra,      would like, serve. If you wish to
Bud Select or Icehouse                    2.50   pick it up yourself we will have it
Carolina Blonde, Wild Blue, Newcastle,
                                                                                         Home of the "Kickin' Chicken"
                                                 table ready!
Corona, Yuengling, Bud Light Lime, Smirnoff
Ice                                       3.25   Ask Patti, Kirsten or Kellie for a
                                                 menu and begin planning a great
Wine By the Glass:                               event.
House: Merlot, Cabernet, Riesling, Pinot         Patti has been known to theme out
Grigio, Chardonnay or White Zinfandel 4.00
                                                 and decorate events….her
Hob Nob or Coppola Chardonnay            5.50
Fat Bastard Merlot                      5.50     experience is vast and she will be
                                                 happy to provide that service to
                                                 you as well.
Ask server for today’s dessert           3.25

Ted’s Kickin’ Salads TO GO!                                                                      MENU
  Take a pound or two of our “famous”
   salads with you…..

   Homemade Chicken Salad:
   Plain……………………………$ 6.25/lb.                                                                     - Hours -
   Grape/Pecan or
   Pineapple/Almond…………$ 6.95/lb.
                                                   Thanks for Your Business!              Monday-Friday 11am-9pm
   Homemade Pimento Cheese….$ 6.25/lb.                                                       Saturday 4pm-8pm
   Homemade Tuna Salad…$ 6.25/lb.
   Homemade Egg Salad…..$ 5.95/lb.                                                             Sunday Closed
                                                        TED’S FAMOUS CHICKEN
   Homemade Macaroni Salad,
   Homemade Mac & Cheese,                                       215 S Broad St.
   Potato Salad, Slaw or                                     Downtown Mooresville
   BBQ Slaw…$ 3.95/lb.
   Homemade “Seasonal” Salads…..$ 4.25/lb.
                                                             North Carolina 28115
                                                             Phone: 704-664-2555
                                                                                         Phone: 704-664-2555
   “Vegetable of the Day”……….$ 3.95/lb.        
    Any of our dressings or sauces……$3.50
Kickin’ Appetizers                              Kickin’ Sandwiches                              Kickin’ Chicken, Etc.
Great Way to Start Your Meal !
                                                Choice of white, wheat, rye or as a wrap        Served with 2 side items and a roll….Onion
Jalapeno/Cheese Bites                   5.95    Served with 2 Side Items...                     Rings add $1.
Served with Ranch                               (Onion Rings….add $1) (Cheese added to any
Fried Mushrooms                         5.95                                                    Our chicken is lightly breaded, fried and then
                                                sandwich $.30 extra)
Served with Ranch                                                                               dipped in our KICKIN” sauce. If you prefer, we
Fried Pickle Spears                     5.95                                                    will put the sauce on the side!
                                                Chicken Salad                            6.50
Spicy Spears served with Ranch                  Homemade Plain White Meat Chicken Salad w/
Fried Green Beans                       5.95    Lettuce & Tomato                                ½ Chicken (Breast, Wing, Leg & Thigh) 9.25
Served with Ranch                               Chicken Salad w/ Grapes & Pecans
Chicken Fries                           6.25    Or Pineapple & Almonds                   6.95   ¼ White Meat (Breast & Wing)              7.25
Served with Spicy Ranch                         w/ Lettuce & Tomato
Mini Corn Dogs                          5.95    Homemade Tuna Salad                      5.95   ¼ Dark Meat (Leg & Thigh)                 6.25
Served with Yellow Mustard                      w/ Lettuce & Tomato
Homemade Potato Chips                   5.95    Homemade Egg Salad                       5.95   Chicken Tenders        (2) 5.95 (3) 6.95
Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese                w/ Lettuce                                      w/ Honey Mustard, BBQ or Dipped in Ted’s Sc.
Homemade Pimento Cheese Dip             6.25    Homemade Pimento Cheese                  5.95
Served w/ Nacho Chips                           Hot Ham & Cheese                         6.75   Fried Medium Shrimp                          9.95
Fresh Veggie Basket                     5.95    w/ Lettuce & Honey Mustard                      w/ Cocktail Sauce
Carrots, Celery & Cucumbers                     Chopped Chicken Sandwich                 6.25
Served with Ranch                               w/ Ted’s Sauce on Sesame Roll                   8oz. Beer Battered Cod Fish              9.95
Sampler Basket                          7.95    Buffalo Chicken Wrap                     6.50   w/ Fries, Slaw, Hushpuppies & Tartar Sauce
Choose any three of the above!                  w/ Lettuce & Tomato, Ranch or Blue Cheese
Served with coordinating sauces                 Mini Chicken Tender Sandwiches
                                                Choice of Plain, Buffalo or BBQ     (2) 6.25
Kickin’ Salads & More…                          Tenders on Our Dinner Rolls
                                                Fried Chicken Filet
                                                                                    (3) 7.25
                                                                                         6.95   On the Side…
Dressings: Homemade Ranch, Blue Cheese,         Plain or Buffalo, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo
1000 Island & Our House. Honey Mustard &        Cheeseburger                             6.95   Potato Salad, Homemade Macaroni
Fat Free Italian.                               Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo, Ketchup &         Salad, Coleslaw, BBQ Slaw, Baked Beans,
                                                Mustard                                         Homemade Mac & Cheese              1.65
House Salad                              3.95
Fresh Romaine & Iceberg, Shredded Carrots
                                                                                                French Fries                               2.25
& Red Cabbage, Tomato, Egg & Cucumbers
                                                                                                Homemade Potato Chips                     2.25
Above Salad Served With:
Our Chopped Chicken                      6.95   Kickin’ Wings                                   Onion Rings                                3.25
Chicken Salad w/ Grapes & Pecans         7.25
                                                Choice of Hot, Extra Hot, Suicide, BBQ, Plain   Small House Salad                          2.25
Chicken Salad w/ Pineapple & Almonds     7.25
                                                Breaded or Breaded Ranch. Served w/ Celery,     Homemade Seasonal Salads                  1.95
Plain Chicken Salad                      6.95                                                   Vegetable Of The Day                      1.65
Chicken Tenders (Plain or Buffalo)       7.25   Ranch or Blue Cheese.
Stuffed Tomato w/ Hardboiled Egg         6.25
Tomato stuffed with Your Choice of Any of Our   5 Wings        3.95      10 Wings        7.50     Family Meal To Go:
Chicken Salads, Tuna Salad or Egg Salad         15 Wings      10.95     25 Wings        17.95     2 Half Chickens or 8 Tenders served with
It’s A Scoop!                            4.50   50 Wings      32.95    100 Wings        63.95     your choice of 2 side items (onion rings $1
A Scoop of Any of Our Salads Served on a                                                          more), 8 rolls & a gallon of tea.      22.95
Lettuce Leaf.

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