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Leitrim Organic Farmers Coop


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             Why the co-op ?
• Increase in number of organic farmers.

• Need to come together to market meat

• Need to organise livestock marts

• Trying to improve incomes for farmers

• Provision Of Training and Education for members
• Registered as a co-op in 1998
• Members mainly based in Leitrim and
• Development worker appointed in 2001
• Granted a 6 year Social economy
  Programme under FAS in 2001
• Manager appointed + 3 staff in 2001
• Appointed Promoter Group for Western
  Organic Network Skillnet in 2003
• Developed Contracts for Organic Beef and Lamb
• Supply Contracts with Martin Jennings
  Wholesale Ballinrobe and O’Toole Butchers
• Cross Border Contract Developed with Linden
  Foods (owns Slaney meats in ROI) supplying
  cattle 60 cattle/month
• Licensed Processing Unit in Bawnboy Co.
  Cavan supplying 3 farmers markets .
   Direct Meat Sales Business
• Established June 2005
• Mobile Organic Butcher Imported form
• Towed with Refrigerated van.
• Designed for Farmers Markets
• Now Operational at Boyle, Carrick-on-
  Shannon and Sligo Farmers Markets
Organic Mobile Butcher
        Additional Services
• Farm accounts and Form Filling
• Provides Administration Services for
  Western Organic Network
• Povides advise and support to members
• Compiles “North and West Organic
• Dept. Of Ag. Organic Market Development
• Food Safety Authority of Irl. Artisan Forum
• Roscommon and Leitrim Partnership
  Smallholders Committees
• GM Free Ireland Network
• Partnered with North West Organic
  Inishowen, and The Organic Centre
  Rossinver to from Western Organic
  Strategic Initiative (WOSI) in 2000
  facilitated by WDC
• 3 areas to be addressd:
      - Education and training
      - Market Development
      - Communications
         Collaborations Results
Atlantic Organics
       * Developeing added value products
       * Product launches Mid 2006
       * Products based on available produce
• www.atlanticorganics.com

Western Organic Network
     * Privision of Training for new and existing producers
     * Bringing all organic producers under one umbrella
               Future Plans!
• On-Going Development of Farmers
• On line Bulk Meat Sales delivering along
  selected routes
• Ecommerce site in development

Training Opportunities
        In the
   Organic Sector
     2006 / 2007

        Western Organic Network
    The Western Organic Network
• The Western Organic Network is a network of organic
  farmers / producers / processors principally located in
  Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon, Cavan,
  expanded into Mayo, Galway and Clare for 2006/2007.
• Managed by a Steering Group
• One co-ordinator with administration support
• 5 sub networks located throughout the region
• The Training Project is funded by member companies,
  the European Social Fund and the National
  Development Plan“
• Main aim is to provide subsidised tailored training to
  individuals to assist the development of their organic
•   Introduction
•   Benefits & Opportunities
•   Barriers to Development
•   New Courses
•   Other Activities
•   Membership
• Organic production seen as a best option
  for the future of agriculture in the West Of
  Ireland (WDC Report)
• Barriers to development
  – Recognised the need for training in the
    organic sector and the provision of networked
    support to organic farmers/producers to
    develop new markets and to assist and
    encourage new members
     Barriers to development
• Organic sector based on low levels of high
  quality produce ( lack of scale)
• Lack of Proper Market Development
• Large levels of misinformation around
  livestock management.
• More Research and Development to
  support producers
            Benefits & Opportunities
•   Demand steadily growing for Organic Produce
•   Potential for small scale viability
•   New contracts / Local market
•   Opportunities in all areas
        •   Horticulture
        •   Pigs
        •   Poultry
        •   Beef
        •   Sheep
• Less reliant on large processors
• Lower inputs into agriculture
• Meets Environmental Regulations
    – Nitrates Directive
• Blends well with new developments in agriculture
    – Single Farm Payment
    – REPS
        Courses for 2006 / 2007
• Commercial Horticulture         • Farm Accounts
  Course                          • Organic Poultry Production
• Conversion to Organics          • Organic Pig Production
• Practical Organic Livestock     • Quality Meat Production
  Management                      • Beekeeping
• Marketing and Selling Organic   • Food Hygiene / HACCP
                                  • Cheese Making
• Business Development
                                  • Salad Production
• Train the Trainer
                                  • Grassland Management
• Organic Egg Production
                                  • Renewable Energy On
• Cut Herb Production               Organic Farms
• Farmer Market Development       • Crop Planning
• Cut Herb Production
             Other Activities
• Farm Walks
• Demonstration days
• Information evenings
• Development, and constant review of training
  programmes through participant feedback
• Provision of information on organics especially
  in niche or underdeveloped markets
• Strategic development of organic farming from
  field production to sales
• Supporting farmers markets
             Course Details
• Courses designed to suit the needs of the
• Flexible attendance times
• If possible venues will be located as near as
  possible to suit participants
• Courses designed based on needs
• See information pack for course details
• Some courses are at concept stage and will only
  be developed if genuine interest is shown
• Fees
  – €60 per year
  – Additional course fees also apply
• Benefits
  – Invitation to monthly producer meeting in your area
  – Invitation to network events (Guest speakers, social
    events, demonstrations etc)
  – An annual farm visit by expert staff to discuss your
    training needs
  – Access to reduced cost training
  – Access to demonstration farms across the North West
  – Regular reports on network activity
               Contact Details
Sean McGloin
Network Manager
                            Western Organic Network
                               The Enterprise Centre
                                            Hill Road
                                          Co Leitrim
                                 Tel    071 9640868
                                 Fax 071 9640869
                                  Mob 0872260647
               Email info@westernorganicnetwork.com
          Website     www.westernorganicnetwork.com
Thank you for your attention

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