High Power 600W LED Plant Grow Light by lonyoo


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High Power 600W LED Plant Grow Light
Model: ELS41-600W-253096-09

ELS41-600W-253096-09 Plant light can provide different wavelength which can be fully absolved by
Plants. It is widely used in the greenhouse, home garden, farm and other places which need sufficient
lights to speed up the plant growth, budding and flowering. Red and Blue are both available.

Main Features

1. Glass: Protuberant Glass
2. LED Sources: 1W LEDs (Red and Blue mix)
3. Viewing Angle: 120
4. Dimension (mm): 50(diameter) x 125 (height)
5. Optional Colors:
 5.1 Red (620-660nm)
 5.2 Blue (430-470nm)
6. Voltage: AC 120V and 230VAC
7. Total Power Consumption: 600W
8. Lumen Output: 23,040 lm
9. Lighting Areas: 13 square meters
10. Height above Plant: 0.3, 0.6, or 0.9m
11. Lighting Time Per Day: 8-12 hours
12. Life Span: over 50,000 hours
13. Safety Grade: IP54

2 Year Labor and Part Warranty against manufacturer defect is provided to use under normal operating condition.
Proof of purchase must be provided when warranty service is requested. Notice that improper use or unauthorized
repair will not be covered by the warranty. S3J Electronics reserves the right to make changes to this document and
to the product without notice.

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