March 24 Meridian Effect

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					                            PINE RIVER VALLEY
                         CENTENNIAL ROTARY CLUB
                           MERIDIAN EFFECT
                                                                       President: Katie Middleton
                                                                       Social Networking:

Thanks to Vaughn Morris, Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of La Plata County!

Great program. Vaughn got hooked helping kids as a summer volunteer at a B & G Club in
Phoenix. His degree in environmental biology is handy, but he’s addicted to making a difference
in the futures of children. Wife Shannon Morris is a teacher in Bayfield.

       A Boys and Girls Club (bgc) is controlled chaos. Think “dynamic.” After school imagine
up to 100 kids showing up to play, learn and study. There is a tech lab, and homework help.

        They are led by mentors like Vaughn in games, projects, homework and about everything
else you can think of. BGC success is informally measured by kids that come back to volunteer
to help out. This is always a sign of success. It shows that the object of providing a role model is
working. It is true that one person at the right time can change the direction of a child’s life.

       Ankle biters, middle schoolers and high schoolers are kept separated. Just like us as kids,
they have different needs at different ages. A challenge.

        Think of the different clubs as franchises. Basically they are the same, but differ some.
For instance the BGC in Ignacio as a branch of the tribe is a little different. Durango kids must
be thought of as city kids. They have no outside experience. Melding them with the county kids
is another challenge.

       There are joint programs, and that is an area being amped up. Streamlining to share
resources between clubs is growing.

       Membership costs $15 per year per child… But no one is ever turned away. All day
programs are fee based at $25, but again no one is turned away.

       Summer is challenging because the clubs must be open from 7:30am to evening closing.

        Numbers: there are now 445 members. Average 75 per day at the Durango BGC, 60 per
day at the Ignacio BGC. Bayfield kids are bussed to Ignacio.

        Benefits are better grades and performance. And of course hanging at the BGC is better
than the streets every time.

        Welcome to the PR committee Richard Burk! He will be our ramrod with Buzztown, a
social networking site headquartered in Durango. As we learn more about Buzztown, we’ll bring
you up to date. Sure, everybody says it’s simple… Nuff said!

       Facebook is trudging along. I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about it, but
not enough to seem intelligent yet. Text books are still not stimulating! Whine, whine, whine.

        Happy Rotarians: Wally for being back; JP for 3 weeks in the Caribbean; Katie twins
grand baby boy & girl due in July; Carole McW for the Demo caucus being peaceful last night;
Eileen for something. I can’t read my own writing. Gad.

        Richard Burk won the flowers donated by Alma at Fantasy Floral. Wear your Rotary
pin, to get your name in the drawing.

        Announcements: Marcel - we won the skiing trophy at Snowdown/Red Ball for the third
year in a row; Carole McW – Belasz’s play will be this Fri and Sat, and again next Thurs and Fri;
Carol – Cowboy Luau at the Billy Goat Saturday for the Early Learning Center; Candidates’
forums Apr 1st Bayfield, Mar 30th Ignacio; Katie – Inspirational Challenge Saturday at Escalante
Mid school; Habitat needs a host family for their intern.

                                PRVC Rotary Schedule of Events
                                  Meridian Effect Newsletter
                                       March 24, 2010

Date               Time       Event & Place                                       Ramrod

March 24, 2010     Noon    Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Pam Patton
March 31, 2010     Noon    Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Sandi Bardwell
April 7, 2010      Noon    Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Carole McWilliams
April 10. 2010     9am     Consignment Tack Sale at County Fairgrounds         Ottie Otterstein
                           All Day. Over 200 saddles! By the Back Country
April 10. 2010     6 pm    High Noon Saloon & Gambling Hall Casino Night       Angie Beach, High Noon
                           @ Durango Arts Center 6pm                           Durango
April 14, 2010     Noon    Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Ottie Otterstein
April 21, 2010     Noon    Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Richard Burk
April 24, 2010             Pagosa Casino Royale                                Kim Moore, Pagosa
                           Don’t know where yet.
April 28, 2010             Weekly Meeting at Bayfield Library                  Katie Middleton
                           Inspiration by Carol Blatnick
May 1 2010                 District 5470 Leadership Seminar                    Grand Junction
May 15, 2010               Same District 5470 Leadership Seminar               Colorado Springs
June 20-23, 2010           RI at Montreal with Dolly Parton                    Katie Middleton
September 22,      Noon    District Governor Visit: Steve Berg. This will be   Ottie Otterstein
2010                       “his meeting” with us.
October 1,2,3,             District 5470 Conference. Mt. Princeton Hot         Ottie Otterstein
2010                       Springs
Feb 25-27, 2011           PETS 2011

We can make this calendar better! Suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. It’s a MS Word
“table” document.

        Gleefully brought to you by your PR Committee. Whoopee!