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					                                                                                  Kindergarten-Cathy Sansom
               ONANOLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          Grades 1&2-Sue Davar
                                                                                  Grades 3&4-Jen Workman
                              BOX 8                                               Grades 5&6-Scott Stephenson
                         ONANOLE MB R0J 1N0                                       Grades 7&8-Pam Ryznar
                                                                                                Laurie Bachewich
                           “Where learning is an adventure”                       Educational Assistants;
                                                                                  Maureen Hawkins
                            Principal – Laurie Bachewich                          Val Shellborn
                     Secretary – Nancy Miller / Email –        Katherine Erickson
                                                                                  Successmaker Educational Assistant;
                                                                                  Sherri Carter
                                                                                  Resource Teacher;
                               Weekly Newsletter – June 4, 2007                   Mary Hutchings

                  WHATS NEW IN                               We continue with activities related to the
           THE LIBRARY??                                    book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The
  Please be advised that all books will                     children will be making individual books as
    need to be returned to the school                       they follow Eric Carle’s writing pattern.
      library by June 15, 2007. I will                      They will be using healthy foods, number
  encourage the children to continue                        words and the days of the week to make these
                                                            books. Last week the children made a
 using the library until the last day of                    caterpillar at the Craft Centre and this week
   school BUT all books will need to                        they will be making a butterfly as we talk
           remain in the library.                           about “symmetry”.
Bills and notices for overdue books will                       We will be looking at healthy snacks and
    be sent home after June 15, 2007.                       how to take care of our teeth. The children
                                                            will be bringing home an activity sheet where
                                                            they record good teeth care practices and
    Thank you for your attention,
                                                            healthy eating. We will be making yogurt
            Mrs. Miller                                     and juice popsicles for a healthy snack.
                                                               Charlotte Diamond’s song I Am A Pizza
                                                            will be a focus song for our literacy time. We
  On Tues. June 12, 2007 we will be                         will be making individual pizzas on Friday for
  have a “Hats ON To Lucas Day”,                            lunch. I will supply the pizza dough and the
    which means all students and                            sauce. Please send in toppings and cheese
   staff are encouraged to wear a                           that your child wants to put on their pizza.
  hat or bandana for the full day.                          Please make sure these are cut and
                                                            shredded (they only need enough for their
  Lucas has a auto immune disease                           own small pizza). Thanks for taking part in
                                                            your child’s learning!
  called “Alopecia Areata” and we,
       as a school would like to                            Upcoming Dates for June:
     encourage and support him                              June 12: Hats On To Lucas Day
         through his journey.                               June 18: Buddy Day
   PLEASE DON’T FORGET                                      June 20: RMNP Field Trip
                                                            June 26: Sports Day
    WEAR YOUR HAT ON                                        June 28: Celebration Day
     TUES. JUNE 12, FOR
                                                            Mrs Sansom
Grades 1 and 2                                                      Grades 3 & 4
                                                                    I hope everyone enjoyed his or her weekend. It sounds
The students did a fantastic job performing in last week’s          like lots of gardens got put in the ground. Now the frost
Spring Talent Night! Thank you all for joining us.                  can just stay away until the fall.
Special thanks to all the students who helped with the healthy
lunch on Thursday. It looked like the fare was well
                                                                    This week the students are completing their Egypt
Please check out the class website at: and           games that they have been working on. Friday they will
follow the links to Onanole Elementary classrooms. There            have an opportunity to present their games to the class
have been a number of additions, including a picture of             and start playing other students games.
“Toronto Bear” who came back with me from Toronto; a video
of the Magic Air Show; new pictures on the Program page; and        On Monday, June 18th we will be going to the Park for
a new link for home reading/writing activities.                     a program called the Grassland Safari. We will finish
The students’ letter to the readers regarding litter along the      the program by noon. The students from Rapid City will
highway has been printed in this week’s South Mountain
                                                                    be joining our class for the day. We are providing lunch
Press! Check it out, on page 4.
Last week we began a review of tips for personal safety. This       for the whole group. (They fed us when we visited
week we will complete our Top Ten Tips.                             them) We intend to have hotdogs, veggies and dip,
We will also get back to our video project – this will be our       fruit, juice, and cookies. The money we have raised
primary focus for the next two weeks!                               over the last year will pay for the program, lunch and
Please note that there are a number of special dates coming         minigolf in the afternoon. If any parents would like to
up. This Friday will be our last library day, with all books due    supervise or just come and help with lunch just let me
on Friday, June 15.                                                 know. We may need one parent driver to help us get
Our field trip to the Park will be on Wednesday, June 20. Let
                                                                    down to the park in the morning and get back to
me know if you are interested in accompanying us.
Our annual K-4 Sports Day is on June 26, and of course,             Onanole after lunch.
Celebrations Day is on our last day of school, June 28.
The Word Family Home Bag program is finished for the year.          Reminders
Thank you parents for doing regular activities with your            Thursday- Spelling Assignments Lesson 26 due
children around these word families – it’s great support for        Next Monday - Lesson 26 test
their developing spelling expertise!
I would also like to bring the D.E.A.R. Home Reading program        Have a good week.
to a close unless you would like your child to continue through
                                                                    J. Workman
the next two weeks. If so, please write a note in your child’s
planner. Otherwise, I encourage you to continue to read with
your child daily from your home library, make regular trips to
the library, or join a summer reading program. Remember that        Grades 5 & 6
the No. 1 way to become a better reader is by reading. Please
encourage and support your child as a reader throughout the         I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can’t believe we are
summer – it makes a huge difference in their reading ability        into our last month of school.
when they begin school again in the fall if they have kept it up!              I would like to congratulate all the kids that took
                                                                    part in the Spring Concert/Talent Show for their excellent
June 8: Last Library day                                            performances. I would also like to thank Mrs. Ryznar for all
June 14: Hats On To Lucas Day                                       the work she put into the event. Congratulations also go out
June 15: All library books due                                      to the kids for their great work preparing for and competing
June 20: K-2 Field Trip to RMNP                                     in the divisional track and field meet last Monday.
June 26: Sports Day (K-4)                                                      The grade 6 class wrote their math test last Friday.
June 27: Gr. 5-8 Awards Night                                       They will now start their new unit on measuring and
June 28: Celebrations Day!                                          analyzing angles. The grade 5’s are nearing the end of their
                                                                    unit. Their unit test is scheduled for this Thursday.
Have a great week!
S. Davar                                                                       In ELA the kids are typing out the final copy of
                                                                    their Alternative Point of View Fairy Tale. They are also
                                                                    continuing in their novels, and will be starting a new spelling
                                                                    unit on Wednesday.
                                                                               In social studies we are wrapping up our World
                                                                    War I Projects. We will then be looking at the depression.
                     Jr. High Speed-up Ball                                    We are taking a closer look at simple machines and
 This Friday is the Jr. High Speed-up Ball Tournament               mechanical devices in science class. We will then start our
                                                                    review of this unit. A test is scheduled for Wednesday.
  in Oak River. Our first game is at 11:30. We will be
 leaving the school at 9:30. Our second game will be at             REMINDERS:
  1:15, and we could possibly play a third game at 2:30.            Science Test – Wednesday
There will be a canteen on site. The kids are reminded              French Quiz - Thursday
to dress for the weather, bring their ball equipment, bug           5 Math Test – Thursday
spray, and sun screen. If you have any questions please             Field Trip – June 15
                       give me a call.                              Awards Evening – June 27
                                                                    Celebration Day – June 28
                        S. Stephenson                               Home Reading – 20 min./night

                                                                    Have a great week.
                                                                    S. Stephenson
    GRADE 7 & 8 NEWS
Well…drumroll please …June is actually here….
Bring on the Lone Ranger Theme!!!!!!!
Up for this week… have only two days of actual classes…Today and Thursday.
Tuesday and Wednesday we are away in Winnipeg on our field trip and Friday is the Speed- up softball
We have a few things that still need to be completed…
Science Title pages Due Thursday as well as the Endangered animals posters.
Exams will begin on June 18th Exemptions will go out on June 15th.
Thank-you to good ol’ Mr. Stephenson and Mrs. D and their helpers for the healthy lunch last week.

Have a wonderful Week.
Mrs. Ryznar

A Few Things…………………

    -    Congratulations to all those who participated in the Talent Show last week. You are so talented and
         did such a great job. It is so neat to live in a community with so much talent from its young
         people. Thanks to Mrs. Ryznar for planning and practicing with the students.
    -    Congratulations to all those who participated in Track and Field last week as well. You all
         represented yourselves and your school well.
    -    Could all Grade 8 students please bring in a baby picture in to Mrs. Ryznar or myself
         before the 15th of June.
    -    Exams start on the 18th. Look for details in upcoming letters from the school.
    -    In French we have a quiz on partir and sortir this Thursday.
    -    Plays will be presented this week in French as well.
    -    There will be a final math test on June 13th.
    -    There will be a family life test on June 12th.
    -    We will be doing BEEP tests and Muscle Strength tests this week in phys Ed.

It will be a crazy couple of weeks wrapping things up. Exemptions will not be given out until June 15th. The
exam schedule is as follows:
Monday, June 18th – ELA
Tuesday, June 19th – Math
Wednesday, June 20th – Social Studies
Thursday, June 21st – Science
Award’s Night - Wednesday, June 27th
Celebrations Day – Thursday, June 28th – We would like to see as many grade 7,8’s there as possible!

Field trip tomorrow and Wednesday. We will be leaving at 9:00 a.m. by bus tomorrow morning. Students
need to bring spending money as well as necessities for one night. Emergency numbers were given to
parents in the letters sent home. If you have any questions just give me a call.

Have a great week!

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