Asp Net ASP NET It is integaral microsoft windows component by rohit0071


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It is integaral microsoft windows component designed to support next
generation application and services. supports multiple languages like C#,VB.Net,J#,VC++ etc.Using we can create windows application and
web application.

Before Asp.Net came into existance it was called as only ASP(Active
Server Pages) but with help of .Net Framework which
has predefined classses and libraries which reduced the code for
developer and development time was reduced.Every .Net framework version
has been upgraded with new functionality . conssist of following classes :-

1)Classes :- Classes are blueprint of an object.Classes are user defined
types.Eg :- Before constructing any building the builder will create a
blueprint of that builder .Once it get approved then only the building is

1)Array :- Array are collection of similar data elements whose element
attribute start with zero instead of 1.So arr[0] will contain the
first value and arr[2] will contain second value.

3)Serlization :- If we want to transfer or store the object data on local
computer or other network then we use Serlization.
 Serlization can be done via:-

1)Binary formatter.
2)Soap formatter.

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