• Agency staff met with our new auditors from BDO Seidman for the by lifemate




Date:            November 20, 2009

To:              CMH Board Members

From:            John North, Executive Director

Subject:         Monthly Activity Report

The following summarizes the activity within the agency for the past month:

•     Agency staff met with our new auditors from BDO Seidman for the first time. These auditors
      will be on site from December 16th through December 23rd. They will also be here to wrap
      up the audit sometime in January.
•     Finance staff successfully completed the year end close for FY 2009 with the County. A
      preliminary report has also been sent to DCH. The agency finished FY 2009 in a much
      better financial status than anticipated.
•     Purchase orders for the new fiscal year have been set up with the County. This will allow us
      to continue to make timely payments to all of our vendors.
•     Staff continue to work to implement the Integrated Health program. This includes working on
      a process of determining codes and costs for the services to be provided. The agency
      clinical staff person that is going to be providing these services has had a meet-and-greet
      with the agency he will be working with, and is scheduled to start providing services the first
      part of January.
•     Andrea Lehman is getting several Infant Mental Health referrals from community agencies,
      especially the school district. She is doing a great job networking in the community and
      sharing information about the Infant Mental Health program at CMH.
•     The CMH United Way campaign has come to a successful close. Staff participation in the
      campaign increased substantially – 163 staff (60% of all staff) made pledges this year! Staff
      contributions totaled $21,343.60 and special events raised $1,813.00, for a total raised of
      $23,156.60. Several special events helped to make this year’s campaign a fun way to raise
      monies for United Way: breakfasts were served by management; a tricycle race was held
      (congratulations to Dave McElfish, Mike Schaner and Larry Lewis, a.k.a. Dewey Cheatum &
      Howe!); flowergrams were sold; a picnic and silent auction were held; and hot spot parking
      tickets were raffled. Congratulations CMH once again on your generous contributions to
      United Way!
•     Both Indian Bay and Brinks were reviewed for AFC licensing and had very few corrections
      for renewal.
•     Indian Bay staff received training on diabetic menu planning from the Brookhaven dietary
      manager. Since consumers have been focused on better nutrition, portion control, and more
      exercise, several consumers have lost weight and are feeling healthier.
•     Brinks staff are reviewing billing statements and discovered billing errors from Canteen and
      Comcast. Corrections are being made which will create a cost savings.
October 2009
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•      On November 5, 2009 we introduced the new Mental Health Center with a ribbon cutting
       ceremony. The Silver Ribbon we cut is a universal symbol of hope and solidarity for all
       individuals affected by brain disorders or developmental disability.This building is a symbol
       that in Muskegon County mental health matters.
•      The ribbon cutting ceremony highlighted the past achievements of local leaders, politicians,
       administrators, and a community of advocates that created the foundation for our beautiful
       new building. The audience was entertained and inspired by presentations of Cindy
       VanHemert and Frank Minor from the Mental Health Speakers Bureau. Judge Maria Ladas-
       Hoopes presented some of legislative accomplishments and reminded us of some of the on-
       going legal challenges for people with disabilities. Over 300 people joined us for the open
       house, reaffirming our vision of a world with dignity, equity, hope, and humanity for all
       individuals living with brain disorders and developmental disabilities.
•      We continue to try to increase our services to children. During the month of October, 59 new
       children cases were opened which is the highest number of referrals since 2006. This is
       attributed to having therapists in the schools and increasing outreach to community
       agencies which serve children and families.


cc: County Administration

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