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					 Summer 2005                                                             Volume 12 No. 2

CADE                          Communicator
                                                  accurately reflect our current world of
     Message . . . Molly Kirschner                practice.

Here we are again. . . at the end of another      Lastly, one of the special projects of my
CADE year. Thanks for the opportunity to          presidency was to begin a formal archive of
serve as your president. As I look back over      CADE history from its inception. It is a work
the goals for this year, I feel we met most of    in progress and is about fifty percent
our original goals, yet fell a bit short on       complete. I have gained respect and incite
others. We started out strong with a helpful      to see the history of the organization and the
survey of the membership. We made                 changes over the years. I will continue to
arrangements for new locations and decided        work on this project so that this group of
to try out different meeting times to see if      dedicated professionals has a strong sense of
that worked better for some of our members.       history, a vital present and vivid view of the
We had three excellent educational                future. Thank you again for allowing me to
programs, despite a cruel winter and              serve as your president. It has been my
cancellation of our January meeting. We           honor.
sent the newsletter out on e-mail for the first
time, yet had several crossed e-mail              “The only thing more expensive than
communications that left our membership           education is ignorance”

Our informative membership directory was
distributed as planned and we were able to
collaborate with the CT Dept of Health to
hold a CDE Review Course. At the April
Board meeting, we were finally able to adopt
a balanced budget after much work by our
website is growing as a great communication
tool for our members. Our newsletter
                                                  Welcome to New Members
continues to be an enjoyable and useful tool
for our members to share ideas and
                                                  Maria Demetriades
At the end of our year as we were
nominating candidates for our board, it           New E-Mail Addresses
became obvious that we need to reconsider
our current membership categories in our by-      Molly Kirschner RD, CDE, CD-N
laws. The world of diabetes education is          Animas Corporation
evolving and the lines between corporate          Clinical Manager for CT &RI
and profit vs. non-profit are blurring so that or
we have a variety of diabetes educators 
working in a variety of settings. In the next
year we will work to clarify the by-laws to       Amy Sullivan RN, CDE

The CADE Communicator

E-Mail Corrections                                 MEET THE BOARD

                                               My name is Amy Sullivan and I have been a
Melodye Grant
                                               member of CADE since I became a Diabetes
                                               Educator in 2001. I previously served on the
                                               board as a Member at Large and I am
Judi McCarthy
                                               currently the Membership Chair. I think
                                               CADE is an outstanding organization and I
                                               particularly enjoy the opportunity to network
                                               with my peers from all over Connecticut. I
                                               have a Bachelor of Science from the
                                               University of Connecticut. After graduation I
                                               worked in Social Services for about a year.
                                               Working closely with nurses I realized I
                                               wanted to become a nurse. I returned to
                                               school and graduated from the Ona Wilcox
                                               School of Nursing at Middlesex Hospital. I
                                               have been a nurse for 13 years and have
           KUDOS                               worked in a variety of clinical settings. My
                                               first job after graduation was at Hartford
Presentations                                  Hospital on the Transplant Unit. From there
                                               I went to work in the Neonatal Intensive
Pat Bak RN, CDE                                Care Unit at Hartford Hospital and
 “Teaching and Learning Strategies”            Connecticut Children‟s Medical Center. I
 CDE Review Course                             have also worked on the sub-acute rehab
                                               unit at Chestelm Health & Rehab in Moodus.
                                               One of the things I enjoy most about being a
Carole‟ Mensing RN, CDE                        nurse is educating patients. I have had type
1) Panel “Diabetes Education” ADA Scientific   1 diabetes for 24 years and my brother,
    Sessions                                   Stephen, has had type 1 diabetes for 28
2) Italy Diabetes Association Presentation     years. It seemed only logical that I pursue a
   “Role of Nursing Educator”                  position in Diabetes Education. I began
                                               working at the Diabetes Self Management
Leigh Bak MS, RN, CDE                          Education Program at Manchester Hospital in
 “Gestational Diabetes” CDE Review Course      2001. Joan Schwartz, Robbie Ruland, Ann
                                               Lanza, Kathy Jarvis and Melissa Yalamini
***********************************            were all wonderful mentors to me. Shortly
                                               after I began working in Manchester I had
                                               the pleasure of meeting Robin Whittemore
Job Opening
                                               and working on her pilot study evaluating
                                               the efficacy of a nurse-coaching intervention
PER DIEM POSITION @ JOSELIN DIABETES &         for women with type 2 diabetes. This was a
ENDOCRINE CENTER, LAWRENCE &                   valuable learning experience and allowed me
MEMORIAL HOSPITAL                              to appreciate how much I enjoy the field of
HOURS: Per diem; day and evening hours         nursing research. I am presently working at
REQUIREMENTS: RN, CDE                          the Joselin Affiliate at Lawrence & Memorial
                                               Hospital in New London. I see patients who
CONTACT: Ann Alu, Manager @ 860-245-           attend our outpatient education programs as
0565, ext 205                                  well as patients in the hospital, and I am part

 The CADE Communicator

of a nurse lead continuous quality               Borderline Diabetes
improvement program that is seeking to           Unknown Author
decrease the incidence of hyperglycemia on             Submitted by Molly Kirschner
our inpatient units. I especially enjoy
working with patients who are interested in
insulin pumps. I have worn an insulin pump       It doesn‟t matter when you dine
for eight years and I think it‟s the best tool   And have that extra glass of wine
available to manage diabetes. I live with my     What you have is quite benign
husband, Tim, in Waterford. We enjoy the
beach, traveling and working on house            Your disease is only borderline
                                                 If someone gives you that advice
***********************************              He‟s trying hard to be nice
                                                 Perhaps one day he‟ll think it kind
                                                 To say you‟re just a little blind

                                                 He‟ll say your painful legs and feet
                                                 Do not depend on what you eat
                                                 So don‟t despair you‟re doing fine

                                                 Your disease is only borderline
      The New Food Pyramid is finally here!      And what is a missing toe or two
                                                 Your foot is covered by a shoe
The long-awaited unveiling of one of the         If carefree living is your goal
most controversial guidelines has finally        Forget about that tight control
arrived! It can be a very useful teaching tool
for our diabetic clients. The website offers     He‟ll say some candy now and then
the opportunity to interact with the USDA        May put your sugar up again
program that identifies calorie needs and        But if you‟re groggy, just recline
physical activity recommendations. Plug in
your day‟s intake and activities and you will    Your disease is only borderline
obtain a nutrition and activity analysis based
on your needs. Still not impressed? Well how     But sooner or later you‟ll get the bill
about this? This site offers a 7-day menu        It‟s now you need someone who will
based on these latest guidelines for up to ten   With honest words predict your fate
different calorie levels!! I new that would      And tell you the facts, before it‟s TOO LATE
get your attention! Simply access the web at and have fun.


The CADE Communicator
                                                God then brought forth running shoes so that
                                                his Children might lose those extra pounds.
                                                And Satan came forth with a cable T.V. with
                                                remote control so Man would not have to toil
THE FATTITUDES                                  changing the channels. And Man and Women
     Unknown Author                             laughed and cried before the flickering light
Submitted by Molly Kirschner                    and started wearing stretch jogging suits.

                                                God then gave lean beef so that Man might
In the beginning . . .                          consume fewer calories and still satisfy his
God covered the earth with broccoli,            appetite. And Satan created McDonald‟s and
cauliflower and spinach with green and          the 99-cent double cheeseburger.
yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so      Then Satan said: “You want fries with that?”
Man and Women would live long and healthy       And Man replied: “Yes! And super size „em!”
lives.                                          And Satan said : “It is good.”
                                                 And Man and Women went into cardiac
Then using God‟s bountiful gifts, Satan         arrest.
created Ben and Jerry‟s and Krispy Kreme.
                                                God sighed . . . and created quadruple by-
And Satan said: “ You want hot fudge with       pass surgery.
that?” And Man said: “Yes!”
And Women said: “I‟ll have one too, with        And then . . . Satan chuckled and created
sprinkles!” and, lo, they gained 10 pounds.     HMO‟s . . .

And God created the healthful yogurt that
Women might keep the figure that Man
found so fair. And Satan brought forth white
flour from the wheat, and sugar from the
cane, and combined them. And women went
from size 2 to size 14.

So God said: “Try my fresh green garden
salad.” And Satan presented crumbled Bleu
Cheese dressing and garlic toast on the side.
And man and women unfastened their belts
following the repast. God then said: “I have
sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive
oil in which to cook them.” And Satan
brought forth deep-fried coconut shrimp,
butter dipped lobster chunks and chicken-
fried steak so big it needed its own platter.
And Man‟s cholesterol went through the roof.

Then, God brought forth the potato, naturally
low in fat and brimming with potassium and
good nutrition. Then Satan peeled off the
healthful skin and sliced the starchy center
into chips and deep-fried them in animal fats
adding copious quantities of salt. And Man
put on more pounds.

The CADE Communicator

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The CADE Communicator

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