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									From Backpack to Briefcase

A guide for relocating

Metro New York Relocation Guide

For new hires joining the NYC and NJ offices
                                                            Table of Contents

1.    Introduction.....................................................................................................................................................3
2.    About Our Offices .........................................................................................................................................5
3.    Maps, Maps, Maps! ........................................................................................................................................7
4.    Where to Live ..................................................................................................................................................9
5.    Community Involvement ...........................................................................................................................10
6.    Entertainment ...............................................................................................................................................12
7.    Questions to Ask Before You Sign an Apartment Lease ..................................................................14
8.    Moving To Do List .......................................................................................................................................15
9.    Ask the Experts............................................................................................................................................16
10.   Fun Facts about the NY/NJ area ..............................................................................................................20
11.   Conclusion ....................................................................................................................................................22

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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Accenture NY Metro Area! If you‘re not familiar with our offices in the NY Metro Area or any of
the attractions and entertainment this city has to offer, we hope this relocation guide will provide all the
information you need from areas to live to places to see and things to do. There is also a list of the popular
attractions along with all the forms of entertainment whether you‘re a sports enthusiast or spending the day
pursuing culture and art. Traveling is no problem as you find the public transportation, whether it‘s the NY Metro
or NJ Transit, to be conveniently quick and easy! Most importantly, if you‘re looking for a place to stay, we have
provided a handy list of questions to ask before signing a lease as well as a list of things to do when moving.

Next, we‘d also like you to get to know us (the recruiters) a little bit better. After reading our bios see if you can
match up the ‗Did You Know…‘ facts with the appropriate recruiter. Check out the answers on page 22.

                    Name: Ashley Duelks
                    College: Georgetown University
                    Joined Accenture in: July 2007
                    Title: Entry-Level Recruiter
                    Office: New York
                    Recruiting Schools: Bucknell, Clarkson, Cornell, Lehigh
                    Favorite Movies: Love Actually
                    Favorite TV Shows: Brothers & Sisters, and ―good‖ reality i.e. The Bachelor, The Hills etc.
                    Favorite Vacation: Bermuda and Australia
                    Favorite foods: Chocolate and Italian
                    Hobbies: Reading, shopping, traveling
                    What I like most about Accenture: The people and having the ability to have a direct
                    positive impact on someone‘s life!

Name: Helen Goldman
College: Columbia University
Joined Accenture in: August 2006
Title: Entry-Level Recruiter
Office: New York
Recruiting Schools: RPI, NYU, Columbia, UPenn
Favorite Movies: Before Sunset, the Bourne Trilogy, Family Man, Serendipity, "Blue,
White, and Red" trilogy
Favorite TV Shows: House, Law and Order, Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Vacation: Greece
Favorite foods: Sushi, shrimp
Hobbies: Dancing, Traveling, Skiing
What I like most about Accenture: The people I work with and the work-life balance

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               Name: Lokesh Mehta
               College: Rutgers University
               Joined Accenture in: August 2006
               Title: Entry-Level Recruiter
               Office: Florham Park
               Recruiting Schools: Princeton, Rutgers, Stevens, Syracuse
               Favorite Movies: Rocky III and IV, Meet the Parents, Oceans 11
               Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Sportscenter
               Favorite Vacation: India
               Favorite foods: Thai, Indian, cookies and buffalo wings
               Hobbies: Running, trying new restaurants, watching sports, going to the movies
               What I like most about Accenture: The people and type of work I do

Name: Sue Spielvogel
College: California State University - Northridge
Time with Accenture: 16 years
Title: MNY Entry-Level Recruiting Lead
Office: New York
Favorite Movies: A Beautiful Mind
Favorite TV Shows: Most reality TV shows, Grey‘s Anatomy, On The Record with Greta Van
Favorite Vacation: Jamaica
Favorite foods: All shell fish
Hobbies: Running
What I like most about Accenture: The people, and still being challenged after all these years

Now that you’ve read our bios see how well you really know us! Match up the facts below with the names listed
above. Each recruiter is listed twice. The answers can be found on page 22.

Did You Know…
    1) I have a brother who is 15 years younger than I am
    2) I once ran a mile with 1 shoe (during a HS track meet)
    3) I spent half of my childhood in Canada
    4) I would like to live in San Francisco some day
    5) I have twins
    6) I ran an ultra-marathon (over 34 miles!)
    7) I skydived over the Great Barrier Reef
    8) I sat next to two current professional athletes while in college

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2. About Our Offices

Accenture's New York Metro offices have worked with the majority of the Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000 companies
located in the Tri-State area. We have worked on large projects for financial firms, pharmaceutical companies,
some of the nation's most prestigious hospitals and medical centers as well as many local colleges and
universities. In fact some of our major clients are: AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Avaya, City of New York, and
many more!

Accenture's New York City office serves as the main hub for the New York Metro area and houses more than
1,800 employees. New York City is a world icon. Exhilarating, dynamic and at times even overwhelming, there is
a buzz of hyperactivity that continues to draw nearly 40 million people each year. Superb architecture as
far (up) as the eye can see, the world's greatest theatre and entertainment, some of the most
renowned museums in the world, eclectic neighborhoods, diverse cultures and fantastic
restaurants—New York City has it all.

                                  The Florham Park Office is located in a suburban area of
                                  Morris County and plays host to many large corporations.
                                  Located just 10 minutes from Short Hills and Livingston Mall,
                                  the borough of Florham Park and its surrounding areas provides
                                  a small town feel with plenty of authentic restaurants, parks, golf
                                  courses, and small boutiques. The Florham Park office is also
                                  just minutes away from scenic Drew University and Farleigh
                                  Dickenson University. New York City is also easily accessible from Florham Park.
                                  Neighboring towns include Chatham, Madison, Morristown, and East Hanover.

The Murray Hill Office, sometimes referred to as New Providence or the Innovation Center, is located in Murray
Hill, New Jersey and is geographically positioned within our Metro New York location. Enhancing Accenture‘s
ability to help its clients become high-performance businesses, it is one of the few offices that offer distinct entities
such as the Accenture High Performance Business Showcase and the Accenture Innovation Center.
The Accenture High Performance Business Showcase is a premiere, state-of-the-art, multimedia facility
conveniently located in Murray Hill, New Jersey. It has been designed as a collaborative venue where clients are
able to gain access to the very best of Accenture.

The Showcase offers:
 A unique multimedia environment designed to foster collaborative discussion.
 A gateway to Accenture‘s Global Delivery Network. Clients can interact with Accenture teams from around the
   globe to gain a deeper understanding of Accenture‘s outsourcing and global delivery capabilities.
 Access to leading-edge thought leadership across all industries.
 The opportunity to meet with Accenture subject matter experts.
 A customized meeting agenda tailored to specific client business situations.

The Accenture Innovation Center collaborates with account teams and clients in the communications and high
tech industry, using emerging technologies and a customer-centric perspective to solve critical business
problems. It offers forward-thinking real-world solutions, innovative prototypes and primary research. Our Centers
of Excellence offer specialized skills, deep market understanding and cross-industry perspectives in three main
areas: User Experience, Internet Strategy & Delivery and Technology Innovation. New analysts are currently not
aligned into this office.

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Accenture Office Dress Code: Business Casual

The U.S. Accenture locations have adopted a business casual dress code, as outlined below. These business
casual dress guidelines also apply to all centralized training at the Center for Professional Education in St.
Charles, Illinois, and other training locations. Please note that these guidelines may not apply to client sites
where Accenture, as always, conforms to the client‘s dress code standards. While business casual attire has
become the norm among many of our clients and in certain segments of the business community, this is not
always the case. Therefore, you should always confirm the dress code you must follow before you go to your
client site.

Your appearance should always exemplify Accenture‘s professional image in the marketplace. All Accenture
personnel are expected to use sound judgment and to adhere to the following guidelines. Please keep in mind
that traditional business attire is always acceptable. These guidelines do not require you to wear business
casual attire every day or to purchase a new business casual wardrobe.

The key to dressing successfully in business casual attire is exercising good judgment and maintaining a neat and
professional appearance. The following table will help you determine your appropriate business casual

                                                     Metro NY Offices:

New York Office                                      Florham Park Office                                Murray Hill Office
1345 Avenue of the Americas                          300 Campus Drive                                   5 Spring Street
New York, NY 10105                                   Florham Park, NJ 07932                             Murray Hill, NJ 07974
Tel: 1 (917) 452.4400                                Tel: 1 (973) 301.1000                              Tel: 1 (908) 898-5000
Fax: 1 (917) 527.9915                                Fax: 1 (973) 301.1005                              Fax: 1 (908) 898-5044


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3. Maps, Maps, Maps!
The following maps and links will help you learn more about the Metro NY area!

                                                                 Map of Manhattan

                                                                                 New York Office (NYO)

Nearby Major Airports in NYC             Airport Shuttle                                Train/Subway
Kennedy Airport – 718-244-4444           www.airportshuttle.com                         http://www.newyorktransportation.com
LaGuardia Airport – 718-533-3400         www.transexpressusa.com

                                          Hotels near the NY Office
Sheraton NY Hotel &Towers   Hilton New York             The Michelangelo                              Warwick New York Hotel
     th           rd               th         th                          th                                     th       th
811 7 Ave (on 53 St.)       1335 6 Ave. (on 54 St.)     152 W. 51st. (on 7 Ave)                       65 West 54 St. (on 6 Ave)
New York, NY 10019          New York, NY 10019          New York, NY 10019                            New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1000              (212) 586-7000              (212) 765-1900                                (212) 247-2700

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                                                                                                Map of New Jersey

                                                                                   Florham Park Office (FPO)

                                                                                   Murray Hill Office

Nearby Major Airports in NJ             Airport Shuttle                                Train/Subway
Newark Airport – 973-961-6000           www.airportshuttle.com                         http://www.njtransit.com

                                           Hotels near the NJ Office
Hyatt Summerfield Suites     Hamilton Park Hotel        Hanover Marriott                         Westin Morristown
194 Park Ave.                175 Park Ave.              1401 RTE. 10 E.                          2 Whippany Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960         Florham Park, NJ 07932     Whippany, NJ 07981                       Morristown, NJ 07960
(973) 971-0008               (800) 321-6000             (973) 538-8811                           (973) 539-7300

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4. Where to Live
One of the biggest decisions to make is determining whether it makes sense to buy or rent an apartment in the
Metro NY Area. Is it financially affordable and what are some advantages and disadvantages? We hope our pros
and cons below will provide insight into some important factors when renting or buying a place of your own.

 Advantages                                              Disadvantages
 1. Comfort and privacy of your own home                 1. Large initial investment
 2. Accumulating equity-solid investment                 2. Long term commitment
 3. Tax benefits                                         3. Condo associations and co-op boards
 4. Better equipped and maintained buildings             4. Need to pay for your own repairs and
 and apartments                                          renovations

 Advantages                                              Disadvantages
 1. Quicker and easier process                           1. Rent does not go towards equity
 2. No legal, financial or psychological long-           2. Buildings and units may not be well
 term commitment                                         equipped and maintained
 3. Very limited responsibilities and obligations        3. Less control over many issues concerning
 4. Smaller initial investment or down payment           living conditions
                                                         4. Landlords and neighbors

Finding an apartment:

Metro New York area specific apartment resources:

             Check out section 9 to see what recent hires recommend on living arrangements!

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5. Community Involvement
The office is a member of the Partnership for New York City, Association for a Better New York, and the
Executive Council of New York, as well as other prominent local business associations. The New York Metro
office also supports and sponsors the NYC Triathlon, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and the Big Apple

The top charities supported by the New York Metro office are NPower NY, Junior Achievement—NY, Children's
Aid Society, Children's Museum of Manhattan and the Big Apple Circus.

As part of Accenture‘s membership of the Met Museum of Art and Children's Museum of Manhattan, free
admission to both museums is offered to Accenture employees based in Metro NYC.
Visit http://www.accenture.com/community for more information on Accenture's U.S. corporate citizenship

Being a good corporate citizen is part of our identity. We support our people's passion to bring lasting, positive
change to their communities, and we bring to our corporate citizenship efforts the same principles of high
performance that we apply to our work with clients. Across the US, you can see efforts across key areas:

   Giving Time & Skills: Complementing our financial giving, Accenture encourages and facilitates initiatives
    where employees can give their time and skills through volunteer projects, pro-bono consulting projects, or by
    taking a longer-term assignment through Voluntary Service Overseas or Accenture Development
    Partnerships, often in developing countries.

   Environment: Accenture is recognized as a leader in the green IT movement, having an overall green IT plan,
    establishing targets for energy consumption, procurement policies, recycling and supporting green business
    practices. We use innovative collaboration tools, saving energy, time, fuel and carbon emissions by reducing
    travel. And we have local eco teams for employees to get involved.

   International Forums: Accenture takes an active role in shaping corporate citizenship thinking externally,
    making significant contributions to international forums such as the World Economic Forum and the United
    Nations Global Compact. We also undertake a range of health-related corporate citizenship work as part of
    our mission to improve the quality, access and affordability of health care around the world.

Some volunteering efforts that Accenture and the Metro NY office are involved in:

Big Apple Circus
Big Apple Circus is a non-profit performing arts institution committed to children and their families. The
organization delivers laughter and cheer through dedicated outreach programs in healthcare facilities and
communities. The organization‘s website is http://www.bigapplecircus.org/

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement is the world's largest organization dedicated to educating young people about business,
economics and free enterprise. This academic year Accenture is continuing a proud relationship with Junior
Achievement, an organization which puts corporate volunteers into the classroom from grades K-12. Learn more
at http://www.ja.org/

NPower NY Volunteer
NPower NY mission is to help other non-profits use technology to better serve their communities. NPower NY has
launched a new volunteer program designed to harness the time, talent and energy of corporate volunteers. Visit
www.NPowerNY.org for more info.

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Volunteer Consulting Opportunities Available at New Sector Alliance
New Sector launched a program with the Yale School of Management and is looking for Accenture Professionals
from the New York and Harford offices to serve as coaches to teams of students during the spring semester. As a
coach, you would spend time with current students and provide project guidance as they work on their non-profit
consulting assignment.

Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW)
Founded in 1978, Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) prepares women for blue-collar careers in the
construction, transportation, and utility industries. Accenture partners with this organization by supporting it‘s
coaching/mentoring program. The goal is to help develop the next generation of high performing non-profit
executives. http://www.new-nyc.org/

The Children’s Aid Society
Tutors are expected to commit 3-4 hours a month. Tutors provide academic assistance. The goal of the program
is to foster a desire to learn and belief that education is important key in future success. Visit the CAS website for
more information: http://www.childrensaidsociety.org/volunteer

Aidmatrix leverage the power of technology and partnerships to bring items such as food, clothing, building
supplies, medical and educational supplies to people in need. Aidmatrix, with the support of Accenture, is
expanding an effort with food banks in U.S. cities aimed at enabling them with new technology. Accenture
volunteers can utilize this opportunity to help train homeless shelters, after school programs, churches, etc. with
the use of this software. More details can be found on: www.aidmatrix.org

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6. Entertainment

Here are a few things to do and see in the NY Metro area:

                         For the sports enthusiast:

                                   New York Mets and New York Yankees (MLB)
                                   New York Jets and New York Giants (NFL)
                                   New York Rangers, Islanders, and New Jersey Devils (NHL)
                                   New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets (NBA)
                                   Minor League Baseball in NJ

   Cultural Pursuits:

          American Museum of Natural History
          Anne Frank Center
          Brooklyn Children Museum
          Brooklyn Expedition
          Brooklyn Museum of Art
          The Doll and toy Museum of New York City
          The Bronx Zoo
          Atlantic County Historical Society

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      Performing Arts:

              Tribeca Performing Arts Center
              Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
              Broadway Theatre
              PNC Bank Arts Center
              Hammonton Art Center
              Ritz Theatre Company

                                                               Tourist Attractions:
                                                                   St. Paul‘s Chapel
                                                                   Statue of Liberty
                                                                   Federal Reserve Bank of NY
                                                                   Little Italy
                                                                   New York Stock Exchange
                                                                   Brooklyn Bridge
                                                                   Ellis Island
                                                                   Empire State Building
                                                                   Grand Central Station
                                                                   Staten Island Ferry
                                                                   Jersey Shore
                                                                   Atlantic City, NJ
                                                                   Six Flags Great America
                                                                   The Noyes Museum of Art
                                                                   Meadowlands Museum
                                                                   Home Port for the USS New Jersey Inc

These sites contain information regarding travel, recreation, and area living:

Department of Motor Vehicles:

For up to date information on upcoming events and happenings in the NY/NJ area, please visit:
NJ.com Events
The following site may be helpful for interesting information on your city.

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7. Questions to Ask Before You Sign an Apartment Lease
1. When is the rent due/what form of payment is acceptable?
2. Is there a penalty for paying the rent late?
3. Is the apartment rent controlled? If it is, will you know what the maximum rent increase will be at the end of
    your lease? If not, the landlord will be free to raise the rent whenever and as much as he/she wants.
4. How much of a security deposit is required?
5. Do you have to sign a one year lease?
6. Are there penalties if you terminate the lease early?
7. Can you sublet? This is important to know in case you are assigned out-of-town on a long-term basis.
8. What is included in the rent? Utilities, water, parking? If any of these are included, you should expect to pay
    more in rent.
9. What is the parking situation? Does the apartment come with parking or do you have to park on the street? If
    the apartment comes with parking, how many spots are available for you?
10. Is there extra storage space available for bikes or bulky items?
11. Will the apartment be painted before you move in? If so, can you choose the color? If not, can you paint it
12. When will the apartment be available for you to move in?
13. Are there restrictions on what you can hang on the walls?
14. Are there laundry facilities available in the building? If not, where is the closest Laundromat?
15. Can you have pets in the apartment?
16. Who is responsible for repairs of the apartment and major appliances? Is maintenance available?
17. Will you have neighbors next to you, above you, or below you? You will hear noise from people next to you
    and above you more than from people below you.
18. Will the landlord arrange for monthly exterminators?
19. Is the neighborhood safe? Is it noisy or quiet?
20. How accessible are essential services such as Laundromats, post offices, drug stores, grocery stores, banks,
    and dry cleaners?
21. Is there a personal mailbox in the building or do I need to get a P.O. Box at the local post office?
22. Are there restaurants, bars and gyms nearby?
23. What is the commute to the Accenture office, to the airport?
24. How accessible are major highways?

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8. Moving To Do List

Arrange to have electricity, gas, and phone/internet services connected. Be sure to call in advance, as it
could take a week or more for these utilities to be activated. The phone company may require a deposit if you
have never had phone service in your name before. Also, you or a representative from your apartment complex
may need to be available to let the utilities people into your apartment to check the gas or install phone jacks.

If your new apartment is unfurnished, determine the minimum set of furniture and appliances that you need.
It is best to start with a minimum number of possessions and then acquire things as you need them. Check with
family and friends to see what they might be willing to give you before you start to buy. If you need to buy, check
out garage sales for bargain prices. If you are looking for something new, Ikea, Target and Pier 1 sell nice items
for reasonable prices.

Determine how you will move into your new apartment. Options range from trips in your car, to renting a
vehicle, to hiring a moving company. Keep track of your moving expenses, you may find that they are deductible
at tax time.

Purchase rental insurance. Most insurance companies offer this. It really is worth the expense so that you
are protected in case of fire or theft.

Fill out change of address cards or at least notify your banks and credit cards of your new address.

Set up a bank account at a bank close to home or the office. You will need to fill out detailed forms on
previous bank accounts and you should expect to wait at least three weeks before you receive your official checks
from the bank-they need time to check your banking history and process your application. When you choose a
bank, make sure that they have a direct deposit capability since this is required by Accenture.

When you begin working at Accenture, you will apply for an American Express Card through Accenture. It
can be useful if you are traveling out of town and have to charge food and hotel bills. However, the card must be
completely paid off on a monthly basis.

Find a local doctor in case you have an emergency.

Call the department of Motor Vehicles and find out how much time you have before you are required to get
an updated license and registration. You should expect to take the written portion of the driver‘s test. Also, notify
your auto insurance company of your move.

Make sure that you extend your health insurance so that you are covered until the first of the month after you
join Accenture. This is when your insurance coverage through Accenture will begin.

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9. Ask the Experts
**The information in this section is the individual experiences of those profiled below. Keep in mind your experiences
may vary. We recommend visiting the following website to learn more about our analyst position**


Human Resources asked a few recent new hires on their relocation experience. Here are their words of wisdom:

                        Jeff Stein
                        Princeton University ‘07
                        Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

                    I‘m based out of our NY office and currently live in Long Island City (Queens). I picked this
                    area for basically two reasons. I felt the pricing was a little more reasonable than Manhattan
                    and the accessibility to transportation was good. There are options for train, subway, bus,
reasonable parking and it‘s close to LaGuardia airport. This certainly helps when traveling.

Since I only traveled a couple of times, it was a nice change of pace and an opportunity to see something
different. Each night was like a team outing since we all had to go out for dinner. Although I didn‘t rack up the
points that regular travelers do, it was nice to earn some airline and hotel reward points.

Travel certainly doesn‘t come without its hassles. In the event of a delay you could fall behind on work and
people that travel regularly tend to miss being home and having downtime.

Some employees based out of the NY office do have cars and some don‘t. I was glad I had a car for my first
project since it was difficult to get to using mass transit from just about any location. I gave rides to several
people on my project that lived in Manhattan. Currently, I am local and it is not as critical, but it‘s nice to have for
weekend trips and shopping. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions I can be reached at

                    Krupa Patel
                    Rutgers University ‘07

                   Welcome to Accenture! I‘m based out of the Florham Park office. When I joined Accenture I
                   actually lived at home for the first year (South Brunswick, NJ). This worked out well because the
                   project I found was in Jacksonville, Florida. I‘ve been staffed there now for a year and a half.
                   Even though I‘ve been traveling since I joined, I do recommend having a car. Since I‘m in NJ, it‘s
beneficial for running errands and getting around. Also my next project could be local.

Traveling does have it‘s ups and downs. Since your not home every night you miss spending the usual time with
family and friends. Also getting stuck at airports or flight delays is always a possibility. On the other hand,
traveling to Florida is nice! I‘ve also gotten to meet new people and experience things you normally wouldn‘t be
able to.

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In terms of relocating, being home initially was helpful because I was saving money and eventually I did relocate
to Parsippany, NJ. I found my apartment off Rent.com. The prices of apartments were reasonable and I‘m closer
to Newark airport and the Florham Park office.

If you‘re based out of the Florham Park office and are looking to relocate, other options are Springfield and
Morristown. Both towns are close to the office and reasonably priced. I‘d be glad to help if you have any more
questions, my e-mail is: Krupa.Patel@accenture.com

                   Edil Torres
                   University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez ‘07
                   Electrical Engineering/ MBA in Finance

                  Upon graduation I joined Accenture‘s New York office. I decided to live with my brother in
                  Hamburg, NJ. For those of you that will be doing research a couple of good resources are
                  Craigslist and Google. It took me approximately a month to fully relocate. At Accenture there
                  are many analysts that live in Manhattan but other options to look into are Hoboken and

If you do decide to move into the city there‘s always the question about having a car. The one benefit of living in
New York is there‘s a lot of public transportation, however having a cheap car might be useful.

Another part of being an analyst at Accenture is travel. When traveling you‘ll usually fly or sometimes drive on
Monday morning and then stay at a hotel for most of the week. You‘ll then return home on Thursday
afternoon/evening. Then you can work from home or your home office on Friday. Some perks to this are the
hotel/airline points, short commute during the week, and having the opportunity to visit new places. There are
some drawbacks as well. First you can get tired of airports. Also you‘ll be away from family and friends during the

I‘d be happy to discuss my experience in more detail. I can be contacted at: Edil.Torres@accenture.com

                        Lisa Beal
                        University of Delaware ‘05

                       I‘m originally from Delaware and also went to school there. I moved to Los Angeles after I
                       graduated, and when the opportunity with Accenture came up, I was ready to move back to
                       the east coast. I wanted to live as close to Manhattan as possible, be somewhat close to
my family in DE, and still be able to keep my car. Hoboken seemed to be the best fit.

I didn‘t know much about Hoboken before I moved there, but it was recommended to me by my family and friends
of the family. I had asked my siblings for advice on where to move, and they knew people who lived in the area
who immediately recommended Hoboken. It‘s all about networking and talking to as many people as you can that
know the area. Since I still hadn‘t completely moved by the time I started my orientation week with Accenture, I
also talked to people in my start group who were from New Jersey.

About a week before I started with Accenture I moved from LA to my parents‘ house in Delaware. I was lucky to
have the option to do that, because it took about that much time for everything to get shipped from LA. Once I
started I stayed in a hotel for roughly a week before moving everything into Hoboken. In total, it took about 2
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weeks for me to move everything back from California, find an apartment, and then move in to my new place. I
would definitely recommend starting to look for an apartment as early as possible, especially if you‘re planning to
move during the summer, since that‘s the most popular time to move. Apartments go very quickly, especially in

Aside from Hoboken, there are other options to look at. If you‘re out of the New York office, Murray Hill is a great
neighborhood to consider. It‘s pretty safe, popular with young professionals, and there‘s a ton of somewhat
affordable (by NYC standards) ―luxury‖ apartment buildings.

If you‘re out of the Florham Park office and want to live in New Jersey, I would definitely recommend Hoboken. It‘s
as close to the city as you can get without the high NYC price tag, and it‘s also very small, so it has an almost
suburban feel compared to Manhattan, but there‘s still plenty of restaurants & nightlife to choose from. Having a
car there is relatively affordable (parking garages run around $100-200 per month, and unreserved street parking
runs around $30 per year), and you‘ll most likely need a car if you‘re working in New Jersey. I would recommend
a car if you‘re out the Florham Park office. NJ Transit is great, but the train times on some of the lines can get
very spaced out in the evenings, and there are still quite a few areas that don‘t have a station nearby.

Other towns in NJ that are a little closer to Florham Park, and have good restaurants, activities, etc., are
Morristown, Bridgewater, and Bedminster.

Welcome to Accenture! If you have questions on living in Hoboken or relocating please contact me at:

                                             Chris Chan
                                             Cornell University ‘06
                                             Operations Research (MS)

                                        Congrats on joining Accenture! I‘m based out of the Florham Park office
                                        and currently reside in Jersey City, NJ. Jersey City offers all of the
                                        convenience of Manhattan with the accessibility of being on the other side
                                        of the river. Restaurants, shopping, etc… are all within walking distance,
                                        and Jersey City is a short PATH Train ride away from New York and
Hoboken. Jersey City also makes it is incredibly easy to have a car for when you want to take a weekend trip

A realtor, who is a family friend, showed me my current apartment. I also looked online at sites like craigslist.com,
hobokenx.com. After I found a place it took me about a half day to move in.

I currently have a car. I like to spend a lot of time down on the Shore during the summers, and in the winters I like
to hit the ski slopes. Street parking in Jersey City is much easier than in places like Hoboken / Manhattan, and
there are plenty of garaged spaces available. Also it helps to have a car when you have projects in NJ.

Traveling is also a part of the consulting lifestyle. I‘ve had the opportunity to travel abroad to Germany for five
months. This is rare in your analyst years but definitely an option. Most folks that travel out of town operate on the
3-4-5 schedule. I did make some trips to LA and Dallas. In this situation I would typically have a car take me to
Newark airport on Monday morning for the first flight out (Sunday evening if it‘s international travel). I aim to be on
the ground by 10/11 AM (most places I travel to are West of NY, so any time zone changes help). I will travel to
the client site with my bag and check into the hotel later that night. I check out of the hotel Thursday morning and
travel to the client site with my bag one more time, and usually try to get to the airport for an early evening flight.
Sometimes I try to go standby on earlier flights. I will land Thursday evening and either work from the Accenture
office or my apartment on Friday.
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Some of the perks of traveling are hotel/airline upgrades and the ability to bypass security at airports makes A
WORLD of difference. These benefits also carry over to any personal travel you do as well. Corporate card
points, frequent flyer miles and hotel points all make the vacation time you do take much easier on the budget.
Lastly, flex travel is great as well. You can spend your travel budget traveling to a location other than back home,
or fly a friend out to visit. The drawbacks include flight delays due to weather. Also when you spend time traveling,
you need to be able to put that time to good use. Mobile technology has helped a lot here, and so it is not unusual
to be sending emails from the airport, or reviewing documents on the ride home.

I look forward to meeting you on future projects! Please contact me if you‘d like to learn more about Accenture.
My e-mail is: Christopher.Y.Chan@accenture.com

                 Sharla Cloutier
                 Princeton University ‘07
                 Operations Research and Financial Engineering

                 I joined Accenture in the Summer of 2007. I‘m originally from Florida so I ended up relocating to
                 the Upper East Side in Manhattan. It‘s a bit more residential and family-oriented than other parts of
the city, but also has plenty of bars and restaurants and a good amount of young professionals. Also, I like being
close to Central Park and Museum Mile.

My roommates and I used a broker to find a decent apartment within our price range. In all it took a couple
months to find roommates, investigate apartments, secure a lease, and then finally make the move. Aside from
the Upper East Side other areas to consider are: the Upper West Side, Astoria, Mid-town Manhattan.

I also had the opportunity to travel out of town and there are definitely some perk and things new hires need to
keep in mind. Some of the perks include: interesting work locations, frequent flyer miles, hotel points, getting to
work with people from all over the country, and working from home on Fridays. Some of the drawbacks are
weekly commutes, being away from home during the week, missing out on events at your home location.
Accenture does it‘s best to help travelers keep a balanced life and there are definitely many resources your
recruiter can guide you too.

I can be reached at Sharla.M.Cloutier@accenture.com if you have any more questions.

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10. Fun Facts about the NY/NJ area

1. The term "The Big Apple" was coined by touring jazz musicians of the 1930s who used the slang expression
    "apple" for any town or city. Therefore, to play New York City is to play the big time - THE BIG APPLE.
2. At the site of Niagara Falls, the Niagara River spills 40 million gallons of water 180 feet downward each
    minute across a ragged ledge nearly 2/3 of a mile wide.
3. "Uncle Sam" was a meatpacker from Troy, New York. During the War of 1812, Sam Wilson stamped "U.S.
    Beef" on his products and soldiers interpreted that as Uncle Sam. His caricature later came to personify the
    United States. His gravesite is located in Oakwood Cemetery in Troy.
4. The first railroad in America ran between Albany and Schenectady, a distance of 11 miles.
5. The Catskills are the home of the legend of Rip Van Winkle.
6. New York City was once the capital of the United States. George Washington was inaugurated as the first
    president in downtown Manhattan.
7. The first American chess tournament was held in New York in 1843.
8. New York was the first state to require license plates on cars.
9. The first public brewery in America was established by Peter Minuit at the Market (Marckvelt) field in lower
10. New Jersey is the only state where all its counties are classified as metropolitan areas.
11. Largest kite flying festival in the world is held in Wildwood, New Jersey.
12. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the diner capital of the world.
13. The first FM Station was broadcast out of Alpine, New Jersey.
14. The world's largest collection of spoons (5,400) is housed at the Lambert Castle Museum in Paterson.
15. New Jersey has the highest population density of any U.S. state, with 1,175.4 people per square mile.
16. The first transistor was developed at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill in 1948.
17. The first traffic circle was unveiled in Camden County in 1925. By 1995 only thirty of the original 67 circles
    were still in existence.
18. The Bayonne Bridge is almost identical to the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, but it is actually two feet
    longer. Completed a few months beforehand, the Bayonne Bridge was the world's longest steel arch bridge.
    Rumor has it that the only reason for those two extra feet was to beat the Australians
19. The first hot air balloonist was Jean-Pierre Blanchard, who flew from Philadelphia to Deptford Township on
    January 9, 1793. Incidentally he is buried in The Jersey City Cemetery which is also known as the Soprano
    Family Cemetery.
20. The Popcorn Park Zoo is the only federally licensed zoo that treats sick, injured and abused animals. It was
    founded by the Humane Society in 1977.
21. For decades, the title of ―tallest building in the world‖ switched hands almost 10 times, all the while remaining
    in Manhattan, before settling on the Empire State Building, which retained the title for decades to come. It was
    finally overtaken by One World Trade Center in 1970.
22. In 1870 the first boardwalk was constructed in Atlantic City.
23. When the Dutch still controlled the region, Wall Street was the city limit and there was actually a wall there.
24. Before getting into acting, TV and film star Danny DeVito was an Asbury Park hairdresser.
25. All of the street names from the Monopoly board game are in Atlantic City except one: Marvin Gardens
    (actually spelled Marven Gardens) is located in Margate City, NJ.

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Additional Information:
    Cheap and easy way to find tickets to sports events, Broadway shows, concerts and more
            o www.lowbudgettickets.com
            o www.cheappricedtickets.com
            o www.ticketmaster.com
            o www.fastlanetickets.com
            o www.ticketliquidator.com
    Find cheap electronics, furniture or just about anything….sometimes for free!
            o www.craigslist.org
            o www.ebay.com
    Find the best way to get around in New York city. Door-to-door subway and bus directions and maps for
       New York City. You can also search for places to eat, drink, sleep and see in the ―City Guide‖.
            o www.hopstop.com
    Free daily e-mail from the front lines of fashion, food, and fun. Sign up to get the scoop on hot new
       restaurants, designers, secret nooks, and charming diversions in your city and beyond
            o www.dailycandy.com
    Get your restaurant reviews, menus and reservations here!
            o www.menupages.com
            o www.opentable.com
    Great place to find things to do and places to eat….everything you need to know to get the most out of
       New York City.
            o www.timeoutnewyork.com
            o http://www.plumbenefits.com/

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11. Conclusion
Congratulations on joining Accenture‘s Metro New York Office. We hope this relocation guide provided you some
assistance as you prepare to start your career at Accenture. We‘d love to hear your feedback. If you have ideas
on ways to improve this version please contact your recruiter.

As recruiters for the Metro NY office we invest time, energy and many resources in finding the best and the
brightest from universities locally and across the U.S. In Metro New York we have 11 target schools. Here is a list
of schools and the recruiter contact.

                                     Campus Recruiter             School
                                     Ashley Duelks                Bucknell
                                     Ashley Duelks                Clarkson
                                     Ashley Duelks                Cornell
                                     Ashley Duelks                Lehigh
                                     Helen Goldman                Columbia
                                     Helen Goldman                NYU
                                     Helen Goldman                RPI
                                     Lokesh Mehta                 Princeton
                                     Lokesh Mehta                 Rutgers
                                     Lokesh Mehta                 Stevens
                                     Lokesh Mehta                 Syracuse

                           **Sue Spielvogel is the Metro New York Recruiting Lead

At Accenture we encourage you to get involved in our recruiting efforts. We look for analysts to attend various
campus events, including: career fairs, panel discussions, interview days, and much more. Another way to
contribute is by submitting employee referrals. If you know of candidates that would be a good fit for our analyst
position you can contact your recruiter or visit our careers site: www.uscareers.accenture.com.

Did you Know Answers:
  1) Helen 2) Lokesh 3) Ashley 4) Helen 5) Sue 6) Sue 7) Ashley 8) Lokesh

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