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									                      Nutrition Standards
                      Project 2006—2009                                                  Volume 3 Issue 6

                                                                                         September 2008

PACE training          2
                           A time for harvest, then sweeping up the dead leaves in the garden, cleaning the
The Nutrition Link     2
Staff / Leads Groups
                           tools and oiling them and putting them away in the potting shed. We also tradition-
                           ally prepare our houses for the cold and wind and rain of winter, and make sure we
MUST training          3
                           are weathertight, before we settle down by the fire with a good book, a favourite TV
The Project Confer-    4
                           programme and a hot chocolate, or a wee dram, whatever tickles your fancy.
ence—4th November

Nutrition Lead /       4
                           So the project is thinking a bit like that too, we have just under 6 months to go until
Link Nurse Training        the end of Phase 2, and visit of the QIS Review team in March 2009. So we need to
                           think about consolidating everything we have done so far and putting our
What’s on in Septem-   4   ‘house’ (all our wards) in order, ready for the onslaught!!? (Apologies to the review
ber?                       team).
The Project Website    4
                           We want you to remember, you have done a lot of very good work already, but we
                           think it would be helpful for you to look at your progress, take stock and make one
Healthy Eating &       5
                           last effort to really get these standards embedded into normal practice.

Dysphagia / Oral       6
                           The SCNs new agenda “Leading Better Care” and the new CQIs will provide wards
Health Day                 with some very useful tools to improve and monitor their work. The Nutrition
REHIS Food & Health    6
                           Champion will be appointed this week, and our new Project Secretary. So two more
courses                    pairs of hands to help us finish the job.
Diet Cooks’ Course     6
                           Caterers have their own tasks to finish, new menus, patient and staff information
                           and local planning groups to be ongoing.

                           And last but definitely not least, the dietitians. We would really like to thank all the
                           dietitians in NHS Tayside for their work in the past 2 plus years. They have been
                           short-staffed, and under pressure, but they have consistently delivered the training,
                           taken part in discussion groups and decision-making and, as the Yanks say “they
                           have really stepped up to the plate”. We are very proud of them, but no slacking
                           now team. We must get everything finished.

                           To everyone who has helped with the project so far, Speech & Language Therapists,
                           OTs, PPGs, medics and anyone we have missed — many, many thanks!

                           Now—One last PUSH ……...
                                                                                            Anne & Caroline
Page 2

                               PACE training
                               Nutrition training packs for nurses and AHPs
                               Nursing staff and AHPs working in in-patient settings and day hospitals, who have not
                               yet started their PACE training pack in nutrition, are advised that these are available
                               from this project office. Contact Anne ext 27961 for further information.

                               Workshops for staff who have not yet completed their PACE packs will be held in
                               Ninewells & PRI as follows:

                               Thursday 18th September 2008—    NW
                               1.30—2.30pm——session for support grades
                               2.45—3.45pm—  session for qualified grades.

                               Wednesday 5th November 2008—     PRI
                               1.30—2.30pm——session for support grades
                               2.45—3.45pm— session for qualified grades.

                               Aims: to assist learners to complete their packs and to give advice on how to complete
                               the assignment for submission.
                               Booking is essential so please contact Caroline on ext 27960 to book your place

                               Who successfully completed PACE last month?

         Change of details:
                               NA Leona Stent, Ward 4, Perth Royal Infirmary
                               SN Barry Stark, Ward 6 Perth Royal Infirmary
         If you have moved     SN Pauline Shipman, Ward 4, Perth Royal Infirmary
         workplace, changed    NA Beverley Robertson, Ward 5, Royal Victoria Hospital
                               SN David Hutchison, Ward 13, Sunnyside Royal Hospital
    name or job, please let    NA Pam Hingy, Ward 15, Ninewells Hospital
         us know so we can
    update our mailing lists   Well done! Your certificate will be with you soon.
     and training records.

                               The Nutrition Link Staff / Leads Groups
                               Acute Leads                       17th Sept 2008             Ninewells Board Room
                               Perthshire Community Hospitals             14th Oct 2008 Aberfeldy
                               DUNDEE Phase 1 wards:             21st Oct 2008              KX Seminar Room
                               PRI / MRH wards:                  6th Nov 2008               PRI Nurses Home
                               Learning Disabilities:            18th Nov 2008              Strathmartine
                               Angus                             2nd Dec 2008               Lintrathen Rm WHCCC

                               All meetings start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. Please put these dates in
                               the ward diary.
                                                                                                        Page 3

                                        MUST training
                          Angus CHP—MUST training
                          Tuesday 9th December 2008 2—3.30pm at Stracathro Hospital

                          Nominations to Caroline Hubbard on ext 27960.

 Envelope request
                          Dundee CHP—MUST training for in-patient wards
 Does anybody have        and day hospital areas
 any spare internal
 transit envelopes that   17th September 2008 at Ashludie 1.30pm to 3pm
 they don't need?
                          1st December 2008 at RVH 1.30pm to 3pm
 As you can imagine
                          Nominations to Caroline Hubbard on ext 27960
 sending out all the
 time, and not getting
 a lot of mail back, we   Perth & Kinross CHP—MUST training for in-patient
 use up a lot of new
 and used envelopes.      wards and day hospital areas
 So if you can spare a
 few to reduce our
                          Old Age Psychiatry contact Elaine Garvock on ext 62279
 stationery costs - we
 would be most grate-     Community Hospitals contact Alison Campbell on ext 13511
                          Acute Wards contact main dietetic department on ext 13215. They are training
                          ward by ward.

                          Ninewells Hospital

                          The MUST training at Ninewells is booking up fairly quickly. To avoid
                          disappointment please book a place early. Places are still available on the
                          following courses.

                          13th October 2008      for support staff       1.30-3pm
                          10th November 2008     for support staff       1.30-3pm
                          17th November 2008     for qualified staff     1.30-3pm
                          15th December 2008     for qualified staff     1.30-3pm
                          12th January 2009      for support staff       1.30-3pm
                          23rd February 2009     for qualified staff     1.30-3pm
                          9th March 2009         for support staff       1.30-3pm
                          30th March 2009        for qualified staff            1.30-3pm

                          Places must be booked. Contact Caroline on ext 27960

“We all know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road: —they get
run over”
Attributed to Aneurin Bevan (1897—1960)— father of the NHS.
Page 4

                                  The Nutrition Standards Project conference
                                  4th November

                                   Information about the conference will be coming out shortly. We have been suc-
                                   cessful in retaining the services of Vikki Hilton, an internationally-recognised fa-
                                   cilitator in Participatory Appraisal approaches, and Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh
                                   University. Vikki also facilitated our end of Phase 1 conference, so those of you
                                   who came last time will know that you are in for an interesting and fun time.

                                   We will also have room for posters about any local work and / or time for short
                                   presentations or workshops. If you have something you wish to present, please
                                   email a short outline at this stage to:
                                   There will be 60 places at the conference, and it will be held at Murray Royal Hos-
                                   pital in Perth

     Working groups will
     only meet as long as          Nutrition Lead Nurse / Link Nurse training
          they have a clear
    purpose which cannot
                                   The next training day for new Nutrition Lead or Link Nurses is on
                                   Wednesday 12th November 2008 from 10am—4.30pm at Ashludie
         be addressed by an
           existing group
                                   To book a place phone Anne Woodcock ext 27961
                                   Or email:

                                  What’s on in September?

                                  6th to the 21st September 2008

                                  All sorts going on around Scotland. Have a look at their website.

                                  20th September to the 5th October 2008

                                  What’s in season, where to buy things and so on. Another website to have a look at.

                                  Keep up to date with the latest news from the Food Standards Authority and the Healthy Eating cam-
 The Project Website

 On the NHS Tayside Staffnet
 Click on the Old Intranet Home Page
 Click on: Initiatives/Projects
 Then on: QIS Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care
 And finally on: Nutrition Standards Project 2006-2009
                                                                                           Page 5

Healthy Eating & Diabetes

Eating a balanced diet, managing your weight and having a healthy lifestyle all contrib-
ute to the management of diabetes. People with diabetes should be able to continue
enjoy a variety of foods as part of their healthy diet.

This is a summary of the current dietary recommendations for people with

 1.     Eat regular meals

 2.     Eat starchy carbohydrate foods at each meal – choose high fibre varieties.

 3.     Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables: aim for 5 portions a day.

 4.     Choose fewer sugary foods and drinks.

 5.     Cut down on the fat, especially saturated fats.

 6.     Reduce the intake of salt.

 7.     Drink alcohol in moderation.

 8.     Achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your height.

 9.     Maintain an active lifestyle.

 10.    Avoid diabetic foods or drinks: they are no benefit to people with diabetes.

There are no ‘special diets’ for people with diabetes, just healthy choices. It is important
for them to have a regular and consistent intake of carbohydrate to minimise fluctuating
blood glucose levels. While in hospital, it is up to the individual patient to make an ap-
propriate choice from the menu to suit their appetite and diabetic treatment. On the new
menus there are no special diabetic puddings and patients should be encouraged to
choose a healthy option.

Everyone is different and what is appropriate for one person might not be for another.
For example, for a frail patient who has a poor appetite and is underweight, a pudding
or extra snack might be suitable; but for someone who is overweight and has a good
appetite they should be choosing fruit and avoiding sugary puddings.

                             Any foods that a patient’s family and / or friends bring in
                             also have to be considered.
       S ASIDE
      NH T Y

                                 Dysphagia / Oral Health Day

Nutrition Standards Project      The next dysphagia / oral health day is planned for the 22nd Septem-
Ashludie Hospital
MONIFIETH                        ber, Stracathro Hospital, 9am-4.30pm. This will cover feeding, swal-
                                 lowing difficulties, texture modification and oral health. Remember this
Phone: 01382 423000
                                 is a very popular day so please sign up quickly to avoid disappointment.
Anne ext 27961 or 01382 527961

Caroline ext 27960 or 01382      Anyone who books a place is expected to attend, and if you are unable
527960         to do so, either the ward or yourself MUST phone the Project office to
                                 say that you cannot attend, preferably the week before to give people
Fax: 01382 527899
                                 on the waiting list time to arrange release and cover.
                                 If you do not infor m us—your manager will be sent an invoice for
                                 the cost of your place.

                                 To book a place phone Caroline on ext 27960

                                  REHIS Elementary Food & Health is a new nutrition course which
                                  we are now qualified to run within NHS Tayside for the benefit of catering staff and any
                                  support grades of nursing & AHP staff who would like a nationally recognised certifi-
                                  cated course to add to their portfolio. If you have done PACE this might not be for you,
                                  but for all other areas where PACE is not being used this might be of interest. There is a
                                  multiple choice exam at the end of the day. Call Anne Woodcock on ext 29761 for a
                                  course syllabus if you are interested.

                                  The courses for the rest of 2008 are as follows:

                                  24th SEPTEMBER 2008                           9am to 5pm                 Ashludie Hospital
                                  29th OCTOBER 2008                             9am to 5pm                 Ashludie Hospital
                                  3rd DECEMBER 2008                             9am to 5pm                 Ashludie Hospital

                                                           Diet Cooks’ course
                                                               At the time of writing we are almost into week 3. There are 11
                                                               people on the course, 9 cooks from the NHS, 1 from a care home
                                                               and 1 dietetic support worker. So far we have covered nutri-
                                                               ents, healthy eating, food labels and diabetes. This week is the
                                                               first week of practicals, so Caroline will be joined by Bob Mayes
                                 On the NHS Tayside Intranet Home Page:
                                                               for the Healthy Eating practical, as they taste the food prepared
                                 Click on: Initiatives/Projectsby the chefs and determine whether the food is suitable for that
                                 Then on: QIS Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care
                                                               type of diet.
                                 And finally on: Nutrition Standards Project 2006-2009
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