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					                                    Sample Collaborative Preparation Task List
                                                  Learning Session 3


Task                                               Responsible     Notes         Date
                                                   Party                         Completed

LS3 Materials Manual
Purchase binders
Secure copies of all speakers’ presentations
Secure copies of all other pertinent materials
(articles, tools, etc.)
Include contact information for all faculty and
collaborative leadership, participants
Final review
Send to printer for copy and collation into
LS3 Plenary Sessions
Identify faculty for the following sessions:
 Welcome and progress
 Possible panel discussions
 Clinical update of selected disease
 Managing spread
 Updates on business case
 Updates on model-driven care
Provide speaker presentation templates when
Set date for speaker material submission
Develop contingency plan for late materials
LS3 Breakout Sessions
Identify presentation faculty and teams for the
following sessions:
 Self-management support
 Delivery system re-design
 Decisions support
 Clinical information systems
 Senior leaders and spread
(Note: these presentations can be either
faculty updates on new interventions and/or
faculty moderated discussions of team
Task                                             Responsible   Notes   Date
                                                 Party                 Completed

Provide speaker presentation templates when
Set deadline for submission of speaker
Contact presenting teams and step them
through presentation templates
Develop LS3 Agenda
Schedule leadership team meeting(s) to
layout faculty presentations and course of day
Participant Registration Fee
Determine registration fee
Determine different rates for participants and
observers, if appropriate
Set deadline for registration payment
Create registration forms
Review and finalize forms
Send to printer and Web site
Select hotel
Record names of meeting rooms for agenda
Determine cost for overnight rooms
All rooms must have microphones
Arrange for audio-visual needs
Arrange for storyboard easels
Arrange table standards for team name
Who is the hotel contact person?
Arrange for hotel deposit and final payment
Ensure that vegetarian meal options are on
the meeting menu
Create signs for breakout rooms, including
breakout session titles
Create reception/check-in desk signs
Create poster boards for any other
collaborative sponsor
Web Site
Finalize communication system for team
Post LS3 presentation materials on Web site
Schedule conference call for faculty one week
before session
Task                                              Responsible   Notes   Date
                                                  Party                 Completed

Develop place cards tables and storyboards
for all teams
Create and print nametags for attendees,
faculty, teams, etc.
Create signs for breakout rooms
Schedule collaborative conference calls
between learning session and congress
Have CME and CNE sign-up sheets at
Develop an evaluation procedure (Hand out
evaluation at beginning and end of event)
Order and supply foam boards (30-in. by 40-
in.) for storyboard presentations
Notify teams and faculty of call information by
Develop agenda for monthly telecons
Determine one person to run check-in area
Plan faculty dinner for night before day one
and day of day one
Order tri-copy worksheets for organizational
team meetings and place in materials binder
Ask teams to bring updated storyboards
Contact senior leaders well in advance to
assure attendance at breakout session