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					                                                                                      January 9, 2007


 National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) are required on all insurance claims sent on or after May 23,
 2007. Every healthcare provider must obtain a NPI. You may learn about the NPI and fill out the
 application/ receive an NPI by visiting the website .

 Please provide Genesis with a copy of the letter or email that you receive confirming your NPI. It
 may be sent by fax to 708-783-0668, returned with your courier, or mailed to Genesis. Questions
 may be directed to Lori Coan at 708-783-5640.

                           BUSINESS OFFICE UPDATES
        The Genesis Business Office is now located at the following address:

                           7222 W. Cermak Road
                           North Riverside, Illinois 60546

        Customer Service Phone# 708-783-0737 or 800-522-1425

        Fax # 708-783-0668
        Email address –

        A 40% prompt pay discount will be given to all self pay patients. (Please note for
         discount to apply payment is to be paid at time of service). A patient with insurance does
         NOT qualify for the prompt pay discount.

        Medicaid – Please include a copy of the public aid card for Illinois and Indiana recipients

        Genesis Requisitions-
         It is very important to complete a requisition in its entirety to insure appropriate and timely
         billing, one of the upper right hand boxes must be checked or client account will be billed.
         If more space to write diagnosis information is needed please use the “Additional
         Diagnostic Information” area on the requisition. Please include the diagnosis on all
         requisitions. Calls to your office concerning billing issues will be greatly reduced. If
         diagnosis information is requested from your office it must be submitted in written form to
         Genesis. The fax number to send any information related to billing is 708-783-0668.

                                   Hepatitis Testing
The preparation of the specimen for Hepatitis testing is very important to insure accurate results.
The sample must clot for 30 minutes and be centrifuged 10 minutes at 3200rpm. Micro-fibrin clots
may be found in improperly processed specimens and potentially interfere with results.
                          TEST CHANGES/CPT UPDATES 2007

       Due to a change in CPT codes for 2007 the Occult Blood Test will no longer have
        screen/diagnostic choices but will be available as Occult Blood 1 Determination or
        Occult Blood 3 Determinations.
       2007 CPT review for Fungal Cultures resulted in test modification to 3 separate
        codes/tests based on the specimen type. If your office uses an electronic ordering system
        please be sure to select the correct test for the specimen.
            1. Test Code 6328 – aerobic blood culture for fungus
            2. Test Code 6329 – hair, skin or nails
            3. Test Code 6875 - all other fungal cultures (swabs,fluids)

       Tests that are collected at different times or on different days must always have an
        individual requisition that corresponds to that specific specimen collected at that specific
        time. Ova and Parasite, Sputum and Fungus, for example, must have a different
        requisition for each collection date/time.
       There are now CPT codes published for grinding tissue (87176) and concentrating
        respiratory specimens (87015). These are lengthy procedures associated with tissue
        cultures and respiratory cultures, respectively. You may see these charged on your
        invoice beginning January 15th. Please contact your sales associate with any questions.


Patients arriving at MacNeal Hospital for lab services should report to Admitting/Registration to
be registered. Patients are required to bring a script or referral for tests; the script/referral must
include the diagnosis information. A valid picture ID and insurance card is required. If the
patient does not have insurance, payment is required prior to services being performed. A 40%
prompt pay discount will be given to all self pay patients. (Please note for discount to apply
payment is to be paid at time of service). A patient with insurance does NOT qualify for the
prompt pay discount. The hours of operation have been extended to better fit the needs of our
patients. Please see the schedule of hours below for each site.

                          Genesis Draw (Phlebotomy) Sites

MacNeal OPL(Hospital)
Mon, Wed, Fri       6:30 am - 5:00 pm
Tue, Thurs                 6:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat                        6:00 am - 3:30 pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Riverside OPL (Harlem and Ogden)
Mon - Fri                  7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat                        7:00 am - 12:00 Noon
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Cermak OPL (6400 Cermak)
Mon - Wed                  9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thurs                      8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Fri                        8:00 am - 1:30 pm
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
                       Genesis Test Reference Manual

The Genesis Clinical Laboratory Test Reference Manual can be found online at for the most up to date test menu and specimen requirements. The most
recent updates are below.

Test Updates:                                                          January 9, 2007
      Test Code 0818 PCBs Panel – Specimen is plain red top tube at room temperature.
      Test Code 2542 ProTime with reflex to mixing study if abnormal (replaces PTMIX)
      Test Code 2543 Partial Thromboplastin Time with reflex to mixing study if abnormal
       (replaces PTTMIX).
      Test Code 9280 Androstenedione-Specimen is plain red top tube
      Test Code 0866 - HIVgenotype with virtual phenotype, specimen is Lavendar tube
      Test Code 9607 Benxodiazopine-Metabolite – specimen is Lav
      Test Code 9711 Selenium – specimen dark blue
      Test Code 9161 Flecainide – plain red top tube
      Test Code 9574 Lyme Disease Serology – specimen plain red top or SST (tiger)
      Test Code 9000 Benzene Blood – Refrigerated plain red top tube
      Test Code 9018 Catechol Fractions – Green top tube either lithium or sodium heparin
      Test Code 9126 Immunoglobulin D – serum from a plain red top or SST tube FROZEN

National Diabetes Recommendations: Glucose Test Interpretations
The National Diabetes Data Group suggests the following interpretations for
Nonpregnant individuals:
 Fasting glucose >126 mg/dl is indicative of Diabetes Mellitus (no need for GTT)

For a 75 gm glucose load:
     2HR Post Prandial >200 mg/dl is indicative of Diabetes Mellitus (no need for GTT); if
    results are less, perform the GTT.
     2HR post-GTT glucose >200 mg/dl and at least one other glucose value of >200 mg/dl is
    indicative of Diabetes Mellitus.
    2HR post-GTT glucose 126-200 mg/dl and at least one other glucose value >200 mg/dl is
    indicative of glucose intolerance.
OB glucose orders:
The National Diabetes Data Group suggests the following interpretations for Pregnant
For a 50 gm glucose load:
 1 hour : Greater than or equal to 140 mg/dl is indicative of Gestational Diabetes

For a 100 gm glucose load with an OB 3HR GTT; patient has Gestational Diabetes if two or
more of the following plasma glucose criteria are met:
 Fasting glucose greater than or equal to 105 mg/dl
 1 HR greater than or equal to 190 mg/dl
 2 HR greater than or equal to 165 mg/dl
 3 HR greater than or equal to 145 mg/dl

 Hematology is now performing Urinalysis on our new Clinitek Atlas Urine Analyzer. The new
 instrument go live date was 12-18-2006. The ranges are included below but always accompany
 patient results.

 Normal Ranges:
 Color:                  Yellow                       Protein:        Neg
 Appearance:             Clear                        Glucose:        Neg
 Specific.Gravity.       1.003-1.035                  Urobilinogen:   0.2-1.0mg/dL
 pH                      5.0-8.0                      Ketones:        Neg
 Leuk.Esterase:          Neg                          Blood:          Neg
 Nitrites:               Neg                          Bilirubin:      Neg

 Criteria for Microscopic Urinalysis:

 Leukocytes:             > Trace
 Blood:                  > Trace
 Nitrites:                 Positive

                 Antinuclear Antibody Test ( ANA ) New Method
ANA Testing is now performed in the Chemistry Department at Genesis Clinical Laboratory.
The test is performed on the Biorad Evolis and the methodology is Enzyme Immunoassay. The
ANA test may be ordered as:
   Screen                               Test Code 4510
   Screen Reflex to titer               Test Code 4504
   Screen Reflex to ANA 8               Test Code 4500

Randall K. McGivney, D.O., MBA
Director, Genesis Clinical Laboratory