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					                                                     Want to lose weight? You can be...
Facts our patients                                                                                               YOUR GUIDE TO
should know…                                             SUCCESSFULLY
  Irene Rapp is a native of Walla Walla, Wash-
ington. She earned her under-
graduate degree from Wash-
ington State University and a                          This 12-week program,
Masters of Science in Health
Education from Whitworth                             designed by our Registered
College in Spokane.                                  Dietitian Irene Rapp, is offered                           Healthy Eating &
   She is a Registered/
Certified Dietitian with the
                                                     three times annually through                               Nutrition Therapy
                                                     Lincoln Hospital. The program
American Dietetic Associa-                                                                                      with Irene Rapp,
tion and is certified in Washington State to pro-    includes…
vide Medical Nutrition Therapy. With over 30                                                                    Registered Dietitian
years in the profession, Irene has the experience    •   Weekly local meetings led by Registered Dietitian
to identify and treat nutritional concerns on a
                                                     •   Support & encouragement
confidential, personal level. She has also written
her own cookbook “Healthy Cooking on the             •   Individualized eating plans
Run” and developed her own weight loss pro-
gram, “Successfully Slim” which is offered here      •   Accountability
in Davenport. For information, call 725-             •   Recipes & creative meal planning
7101and leave message.
                                                     •   Exercise ideas & Body Mass Index (BMI) tracker
Insurance– Most insurances cover nutritional         •   Portion Control
services if referred by a physician. Irene
suggests calling your insurance provider in          •   Tools to help you with your daily weight loss goals
advance of an appointment for accurate               •   Affordable — call for pricing!
coverage information. She is also a Medicare
and Medicaid approved provider.                             For information, call Lincoln Hospital at
Making an Appointment — To schedule, call                  (509) 725-7101 ext. 139 or log on to
Lincoln Hospital. Allow one full hour for your           
initial visit and arrive 15 minutes prior to
appointment to allow time for registration.
Without Insurance — Private pay is always
honored and can be done without a physician
referral. Those without insurance are urged to
talk with us ahead of time about payment                                                                       Neighbors For Life
arrangements. We will be happy to set up a
payment plan.
  For more information about Irene or her
services log on to
and click on Services then Dietary Services.
                                                                                                               (509) 725-7101
         Specialized Medical Nutrition Therapy focused on the individual

                                               It is all about you!                                    Weight loss solutions
                                                 Need a prescription plan for your eating habits?        Feel like your weight is getting out of
                                               Take control of your nutrition to                       control? The solution
                                               look good and feel better. At your                      is habits, not diets.
  At Lincoln Hospital, we’re proud to          session, Irene takes the time to do                       Irene understands
offer professional, comprehensive nutri-       a complete diet history and food                        the struggles of
                                               intake assessment before helping                        controlling weight
tional care and weight loss solutions.
                                               you set goals and develop strate-                       and helps each
  Registered Dietitian Irene Rapp not only     gies for your personal nutrition                        patient form a personalized nutrition plan to
oversees nutrition for our Acute and Long      needs.                                                  wage war against the waistline.
Term Care patients, but offers                                                                           Her confidential services include calorie
                                                 You will leave your session with                      intake, behavior modification, dining out,
individual nutritional counseling to help
                                               professional education materials                        cooking tips and shopping strategies. She also
manage chronic disease or improve health
                                               and specific recommendations for management of          has several tips for dealing with or avoiding
through weight management and healthy
                                               your particular condition or disease. Irene can         temptations and maintaining your goal
                                               provide recipes, menus, cooking tips and smart          weight. Ask about her “Successfully Slim”
Our services include…                          shopping advice.                                        weight loss program offered locally.
•   Individualized dietary consultation
•   Diabetic Counseling                        Controlling your Diabetes                               Improving heart health
•   Weight Management Counseling                 Battling with diabetes? The key to controlling your    Do you know your cholesterol levels?
•   Meal planning for disease management       blood sugars is personalized                            Do you take
                                               nutrition therapy. Learn to                             medication to lower
•   Diet therapy for cholesterol control and
                                               modify your eating habits to                            your cholesterol?
    heart health
                                               successfully avoid complications                        Cardiovascular
•   Specialized nutrition for women                                                                    disease plagues an
    including anti-aging strategies            of this debilitating disease.
•   Sports Nutrition to enhance                  Irene focuses on managing                             number of Americans.
    performance                                carbohydrate intake, portion
                                                                                                         You can successfully lower your risk
•   Successfully Slim Health & Weight Loss     control and incorporating
                                                                                                       of heart disease and stroke through diet
    program                                    nutrient rich and high fiber foods
                                                                                                       modification. Irene takes a comprehensive
                                               in your diet. Meal and menu planning is a major
                                                                                                       diet history which guides the nutrition
  Most insurances cover                        focus of diabetic counseling.
                                                                                                       prescription. This includes recommending the
nutritional counseling with a                    For those needing more comprehensive                  type of fat and amounts, dining out, recipe
                                               understanding of insulin as it relates to diet, Irene   modification, cooking tips, alternate product
    physician’s referral.
                                               discusses dosing, type and timing of insulin.           selection and shopping guides.

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