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									Small Businesses Turn to Colocation for Web Hosting

There are an immense number of small companies in the Los Angeles area.
However, when it comes to web hosting Los Angeles has got it covered.

A challenge for these smaller companies is they don’t necessarily have the
funds for their own web infrastructure and IT department. This is where
colocation services come in. Los Angeles web hosting companies have made
a name for themselves by providing affordable high capacity bandwidth
services and personal, reliable and fast support services. Also, with a 24 hour
support system and an emergency generator, power outages don’t affect the
company’s normal workday. Larger businesses have the funds to operate
their own IT departments and pay their own technicians but smaller
businesses can save a large amount of money by looking to a third party for
these services.

If one is looking for a company to assist with colocation Los Angeles is a
great place to start. The downtown area is interconnected through different
web hosting businesses operating in the same location. If a small business
owner looks to the Los Angeles data center on One Wilshire to find a good
place to host their server, he or she should have no problem comparing
prices and features to find the colocation company that is a good fit. Some
considerations in making this decision can include price and special features
such as free customer service reboots. In the last decade, colocation has
evolved to cover a wide array of services including extensive technical
support. In the past, a company could basically rent rack space for their
equipment and manage it themselves. Managed hosting was the term used
for full-service web hosting, including technical support. Now, companies
have begun to integrate both colocation and managed hosting to provide
complete support to small businesses.
In this economy, many small companies are looking to save money
wherever they can. However, the internet has become such a large part of
our lives and businesses in the last 2 decades, that web hosting is an integral
part of the success of a small business. For this reason, colocation and web
hosting companies are expanding and expect demand for these services to
increase in the coming years.

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