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      Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate counting is a meal
planning method for people with
diabetes. It is a great way to add
variety to your food choices and
flexibility to your meal plan.

Carbohydrate is the main nutrient in
food that affects blood glucose
(sugar) levels. That’s why
carbohydrate counting is so effective
for people with diabetes.

Starchy foods like potatoes, rice, and
pasta have carbohydrate in them.
Carbohydrate is also found in milk
products and fruits. Some
carbohydrate is found in vegetables,
too, but you have to eat a large
amount to affect your blood glucose

When you eat these foods, almost all
the carbohydrate is absorbed into
your blood stream. When you eat too
many foods with carbohydrate in
them, your blood glucose level can go
up too high.

Eating a set amount of carbohydrate
at each meal and snack can help you
control your blood glucose levels
throughout the day. You just need to
know how much carbohydrate your
body can use without raising your
blood glucose levels too much. If
you take insulin, you can even learn
how to adjust your dose to match the
carbohydrate you eat.
                       CARBOHYDRATE COUNTING

Starch/bread exchanges, fruit exchanges and milk exchanges have approximately 15g
carbohydrate. Each starch/bread, fruit and milk exchange counts as one carbohydrate
counting equivalent. Meat (includes meat, cheese, eggs, peanut butter), fat (included
margarine/butter, salad dressing) and vegetables do not count because they are not
converted to glucose as rapidly and as completely as carbohydrate. The meat, fat and
vegetables are optional and flexible depending on hunger.

      Breads/Flour             Serving        Vegetables (cooked)          Serving
Flour                       3 Tbsp          Pumpkin                    1 cup
Bagel                       ½ small         Corn                       ½ cup
English Muffin              ½ small         Potatoes                   ½ cup
Pita Bread (6 inch)         ½ pocket        Peas (green)               ½ cup
Roll (rye/wheat) (1 oz)     1 small         Sweet Potatoes             ½ cup
Tortilla (corn/flour)       1 (6 inch)
Rye Bread                   1 slice              Legumes/Dried              Serving
Whole Grain Bread           1 slice               Beans & Peas              (cooked)
White Bread                 1 slice         Bean or Pea Soup           ½ cup
Bread Crumbs                ¼ cup           Beans                      ½ cup
Sourdough Bread             1 slice
Biscuit (2 ½ in.)           1                     Grains (cooked)          Serving
One slice of bread should equal about one   Rice                       ⅓ cup
ounce. Read the label!                      Pasta Noodles              ⅓ cup

         Crackers               Serving               Cereals                Serving
Saltines                     6 squares      Dry Flake-type cereals     ¾   cup
Vanilla Wafers               5 small        Cooked Cereals             ½   cup
Graham Crackers              3 (2½" sqrs)   Grapenuts®                 ¼   cup
                                            Shredded Wheat             ½   cup

                         Fruit and Fruit Juices
            Fruit               Serving                  Fruit             Serving
Apple (2 in. across)         1 small        Mango                      ½ small or ½ cup
Applesauce                   ½ cup          Orange (2½” across)        1 small
Banana (9 in. long)          ½ medium       Papaya                     1 cup
Berries                      ¾ cup          Peach (2¾” across)         1 medium
Cactus Fruit                 2 medium       Pineapple (raw)            ¾ cup
Cantaloupe                   1 cup          Plums (2” across)          2 small
Cherries                     12 medium      Pomegranate                ½ medium
Dates                        3 medium       Raisins                    2 Tbsp
Figs                         2 medium       Strawberries               1 ¼ cup
Fruit Cocktail               ½ cup          Watermelon                 1 ¼ cup
Grapes                       17 small       Plaintain (11 inch)        ½

       Fruit Juice              Serving           Milk & Yogurt            Serving
Apple                        ½ cup          Milk                       1 cup
Diet Cranberry Jc Cocktail   1 cup          Skim Evaporated Milk       ½ cup
Grape                        ⅓ cup          Nonfat Sugar Free Yogurt   ⅔ cup
Orange                       ½ cup          Sugar Free Hot Chocolate   1 package

             Fast-Food/Convenience Items                  CHO = Carbohydrate
Hamburger bun (small burger)                            30g CHO
1 slice thin crust 12" medium pizza                     15g CHO (1/10th)
1 slice thick crust/pan 12" pizza                       30g CHO (1/10th)
personal pan pizza                                      75g CHO
1 taco                                                  15g CHO
1 burrito                                               45g CHO (standard 6.7 oz)
1 Mexican pizza                                         45g CHO
1 serving regular French fries                          30g CHO
1 serving large French fries                            45g CHO
1 serving onion rings                               30-40g CHO
Big Mac™                                                45g CHO
1 serving Chicken McNuggets® (6 pieces)                 15g CHO
1 container sauce for dipping                       7 – 15g CHO
1 McDonalds® milkshake (13.5 oz)                        60g CHO
1 Wendy's® Frosty (16 oz)                               75g CHO
1 cup lasagna                                       30-40g CHO
1 fish stick                                           6½g CHO
1- 4 inch pancake                                       15g CHO
1 frozen waffle                                         15g CHO
Subway® 6"                                              45g CHO

                      Special Items                 CHO = Carbohydrate
2   tbsp regular syrup                                 30g CHO
2   tbsp lite syrup                                    15g CHO
1   tbsp honey                                         15g CHO
1   tsp jam                                             5g CHO
1   tsp sugar free jam                              1-1.5g CHO
1   piece gum with sugar                              5-7g CHO
1   piece sugarless gum                               2-5g CHO

                          15 gram Carbohydrate Snack Ideas
2-3 squares of graham crackers w/peanut butter      14 wheat thins
15 potato chips with dip                            3 cups popped corn w/cheese
6-7 saltines w/cheese                               6 Ritz® crackers
20 Cheez-its                                        15 Teddy Grahams®
8 animal crackers w/peanuts                         2 Oreo® cookies
5 vanilla wafers                                    1 fruit roll-up
½ cup sugar free pudding w/whipped topping (2 tbsp) 1 pkg sugar-free hot cocoa
1 package sugar free instant breakfast              Apple slices w/peanut butter

    Breakfast       Snack         Lunch       Snack         Dinner          Snack

                                                         9300 VALLEY CHILDREN’S PLACE
                                                                    MADERA, CA 93638
                                                         LINDA ERICKSON, RD, CDE

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