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JULY 2008

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            Everything about the Club is on our website:
AND JUNIOR GAMES.                                                         SPORTS LUNCH PHOTOS
Thanks to Murray Felstead and Charles Knight

                         Everything about the Club is on our website:
                                                                   SPORTS LUNCH
Name: Tom Williams                                                 Mat Rogers and Clinton Schifcofske
Position: Halfback
                                                                   were the big names at the last sports lunch
Age: 24
Born: Gold Coast                                                   sponsored by ABC Brick Sales and Joe
Height: 5 ft 8 inch                                                Nowak Financial Services.
Weight: 76 kg                                                      Another great afternoon was enjoyed by
Occupation: Lawyer                                                 all who attended and heard some of the
Married or single: Girlfriend                                      differences between the codes.
 Hobbies: Anything involving sport; Naked
                                                                   The lunch was attended by Peter Lewis
Barramundi Wrestling.
Favourite Actor: Denzel Washington                                 from the QRU and he was very impressed
Favourite Actress: Kate Richie when in Home &                      with the facilities as well as the way in
Away.                                                              which the Alleygators are going about
Favourite Food: Seafood; Sausage dipped in beer,                   their business to enter a team into the
flavoured with lime cordial (a.k.a. „Silly Sunday                  Premier competition.
Favourite Drink: Tooheys Extra Dry
Favourite Singer: Frank “my way” Sinatra                           SENIOR PLAYING GROUP
Favourite Group: Vampire Weekend                                   ANNOUNCED
Favourite Rugby Player: Tim Horan
Hardest Opponent:
Don‟t have an individual player, but coming up                     The Senior playing group was announced
against Surfers you always know that the game is                   recently at a meet the sponsors night. Tom
going to be tougher than a trek through the Sahara                 Williams was named Club Captain with
with only one shoe and a glass of goats milk.                      Doug Rehu, Christian Sullivan, Junior
Biggest Influence:                                                 Poching and Mike Williams as the other
Support provided by family and friends. Also team                  representatives. Hmmmm! 4 forwards but
mates, knowing that each guy in the team is going to
                                                                   a back in charge??
put his body on the line for the benefit of the team
makes you want to go out there and do the best you
can.                                                               Well done to these guys. Their main role is
I always seek guidance from the moon a night before                to be the player’s representatives to the
the match; Full moon means a forward dominated                     committee and will work to ensure the
game with sniping run opportunities, a crescent                    code of conduct is upheld and social events
moon means a wide running game, and I have no                      are run, as well as the welfare of the
idea what no moon means yet.
                                                                   players within the club.
Best Rugby Moment:
Alleygators 2nd grade premiership in 2006. Smashed
Surfers at Surfers after being beaten by them right                CITY FINANCE COMPETITON
on full time the year before, at home.                             All grades have been performing well in
Or that time after the game verse Helensvale when
                                                                   the second round. We have seen the last
Sulli and Dougie did their rendition of „I will
survive‟ in the showers of the change room.                        two rounds all teams being successful, our
Why the ALLEYGATORS?                                               first clean sweeps for the year.
Being playing at Alleygators since under 13‟s and                  A grade has had one hiccup against
couldn‟t imagine playing for another club. The                     Surfers and it was not good. However they
people at the club make it a great atmosphere to play              have bounced back to record wins against
rugby and all the boys really get on well together.
                                                                   Nerang and Bond.
                                                                   Second grade have performed far batter
Thanks Tommy. Tommy has been                                       than early in the year. The team has been
elected Club Captain for 2009.                                     the same almost for 3 weeks in a row and
                                                                   this has allowed combinations to develop.

                              Everything about the Club is on our website:
A good win against bond has put them                         SUBS 2008
into third place on the ladder.                              This year the committee has set the subs at
Third grade have been most consistent                        these amounts:
and lie in 2nd place on the ladder. They                     Payment after round 1: $280.00
play a tough style of football and put                       Any photo sponsorship of a player $300.00
together some great Rugby tries.                             (no discount on this but is a tax deduction
Our Under 20s have had a slow start but                      for all businesses).
have now won their last 2 games. They are                    FEES ARE BEING COLLECTED NOW!
pushing themselves each week to get                          EFTPOS, CREDIT CARD FACILITIES
better     and     have     shown   great                    ARE AVAILABLE. NO PAYMENT
improvement. Keep it going boys!                             COULD RESULT IN NO INSURANCE
                                                             COVER IF YOU GET INJURED.

Family day was a success with all teams                      PLAYER SPONSORSHIP
playing at home and the under 14s doing                      If you or your business would like to
some serious fundraising for their trip to                   sponsor one of our players of any grade
NZ later in the year.                                        then please contact the club. The cost of
Did anyone see that jumping castle??                         this sponsorship is $300.00 (includes a
Well done to all involved and thanks to                      club shirt, player’s photo with business
the Junior teams for showing great                           logo on display in club). The player you
support to the Seniors. It was great to see                  sponsor has their fees covered for season
the Seniors there early to cheer on the                      2008. This option has been popular in the
younger teams as well. Well done to all.                     past for those businesses or individuals
                                                             who would like to sponsor our club on a
For all wet weather changes to training                      smaller scale.
check the club website.                                      This also provides your business with
                                                             exposure within our club to the members
JUNIOR’S NEWS                                                and other sponsors.
With the Queensland Championships                            PLEASE CONTACT THE CLUB ON
coming up a lot of the Juniors are training                  55985228 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.
more than a couple of times a week, we
would like to congratulate our rep players
in all ages.
Congratulations to Ben Marshall on his                       Check out all the results for the
selection in the Qld Schools II team for the                 Mighty Alleygators on our website
Australian Championships in Canberra.
Well done to those Juniors helping out
with water and ball boy duties each home
game. This is open to all ages and we                        Rugby Gold Coast also have all the draws
would love to see as many put up their                       and results and competition tables for all
hand each week See the Match Day                             competitions.
Manager to be given a job. Jobs start from
12.30 onwards.

                        Everything about the Club is on our website:
NEW ALLEYGATORS                                              BE TRACK SIDE FOR THE
                                                             ALLEYGATOR CUP RACE DAY.
A new addition to the Alleygator family.
Well done to Clifton Moana and Jane for                         This is a Great Fun Day and A Lot of Laughs
the birth of another baby boy. Good to see
Mum and baby at the game a week after                        DATE: 3rd August 2008, Sunday, starts at 1.00pm
the birth.
                                                                  WHERE: At The Alleygators Rugby Club.

                                                                               WHATS HAPPENING

A meeting of the minds no doubt!                              The Juniors (under 14,s), Seniors and Golden
                                                             Oldies are putting on this day. It is a Mouse Race

                                                              There will be seven races over the afternoon. Six
                                                             where you can buy a runner. The idea is that you
                                                               organize a betting syndicate, you can have as
                                                              many as you want involved, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. You or
                                                             the syndicate, buy a mouse from the auctioneer to
                                                             run in the race. There are eight mice per race and
                                                                if you are the successful bidder, this is your
                                                               Cash Prizes are paid out on first, second and
The brains trust of any Rugby team!
                                                                             First Past the Post = $250
                                                                            Second Past the Post = $150
                                                                            Third Past The Post = $100

                                                             Race seven is made up of all previous winners, so
                                                             if you have a winner on the day you have another
                                                                             chance to collect.

                                                                There will be an all day BBQ running and the
                                                                           club facilities are open.

                                                              This day is to support the under 14 Junior team
                                                               on their NZ trip, the Toothless Gators on their
                                                              trip to Scotland and the Senior Club end of year
              Mr July
                                                                 Come and enjoy a great day of laughs at the
              BIG MEN OF
              CALENDAR 2008

                                                                                Women’s National Rugby Final

                                                                                The National Women’s Rugby final was
                                                                                held at our grounds on the 4th July.
                                                                                Sydney beat Queensland 6-5 in the
                                                                                decider. Congratulations to Terry Doyle
                                                                                for getting this fixture to our club and
                                                                                again putting us in the limelight as a venue
                                                                                for all levels of Rugby.

                        Everything about the Club is on our website:
  1st Grade-
                                                                        Cumulative Points
     TEAM          PLAYED     WIN     LOSE        DRAW      BONUS       Round 8
                                                                                 FOR              AGAINST   NET
  Alleygators        7          6        1                      1                     231            98     27
Surfers Dolphins     7          6        1                      0                     185           123     27
Helensvale Hogs      7          5        1          1           0                     130           110     22
 Nerang Bulls        7          3        4                      1                     129           121     16
 Bond Pirates        7          1        6                      0                      82           207      4
   Griffith Uni
    Colleges         7                   6          1           0                      82           180      4

  2nd Grade-
                                                                        Cumulative Points
     TEAM          PLAYED     WIN     LOSE        DRAW      BONUS       Round 8
                                                                                 FOR              AGAINST   NET
Surfers Dolphins     7          7                               1                 234                42      32
 Bond Pirates        7          5        2                      0                 146                73      21
Helensvale Hogs      7          3        4                      0                 108               156      14
  Alleygators        7          3        4                      0                      92           179     14
 Nerang Bulls        7          2        5                      1                     116           138     10
   Griffith Uni
    Colleges         7          1        6                      0                      45           153      5

                                                                        Cumulative Points
     TEAM          PLAYED     WIN     LOSE        DRAW      BONUS       Round 8
                                                                                 FOR              AGAINST   NET
Helensvale Hogs      6          4        2                      0                 115               45       21
  GC Eagles          6          5        1                      0                 143               69       19
  Alleygators        5          2        3                      0                      63           123      9
 Nerang Bulls        5          1        4                                             60            90      5
   Griffith Uni
    Colleges         6          2        4                      0                      79           133      5

   3rd Grade - 4/07/08
         TEAM               PLAYED        NET                    BYRON BAY 7S 2008
    NERANG BULLS               9           45
SIMCORP ALLEYGATORS            9           37
    SURFERS GCGC               8           31
                                                                 ARE YOU INTERESTED IN
      BEAUDESERT                                                 ATTENDING THE BYRON BAY
       WARRIORS                9             28
   GRIFFITH KNIGHTS            9             25
  HELENSVALE HOGS              9             23                  THE DATES ARE 18th and 19th
  SURFERS DOLPHINS             9             23                  OCTOBER 2008.
 HINTERLAND CELTICS            7             17
     BOND PIRATES              8             17                  ALL PLAYERS MUST BE FULLY
       GC CROCS                8             14                  FINANCIAL TO GO ON ANY
       GC EAGLES               8              3
  UNIVERSITY RUGBY             6              2
                                                                 CLUB TRIP.
 COOMERA CRUSHERS              9             -7                  SIGN UP FROM 12TH JULY.

                            Everything about the Club is on our website:

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