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Save Money on Auto Insurance wit by niusheng11


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Save Money on Auto Insurance with Discount and Budget Car Insurance
Contributed by Save Money Editor

 The popular insurance companies like to flood potential consumers with promises to save money on auto insurance.
These claims usually come by form letter to a doorstep, or in the case of Geico, by way of a Valentine on that hallowed
romantic day. What is so romantic about budget car insurance? For the practical minded individual, saving money on car
insurance can mean a classy steak dinner instead of Chinese takeout.

{mosloadposition advert1}When we see form letters claiming we can save two, three, or four hundred dollars or more,
our first reaction should be skepticism. Most claims have asterisks next to them, illuminating the fact that the model of
car, year, and driving history can greatly alter the quote. Take that all into consideration. In order to find cheap auto
insurance we need to know the answers to these questions. They may have a bearing on how and if we save money on
auto insurance.

Questions to Know in Order to Obtain Cheap Car Insurance:

1.      Have you been involved in an accident in the last three to five years?

2.      What model and year of car do you drive?

3.      Do you have any traffic violations?

4.      Will you be the only driver?

5.      Have you been without insurance within the last year?

Cheap Car Insurance and Accidents

The accident prone seeking budget car insurance may have a more difficult time than others. The weight of most
insurance quotes falls squarely on the ability of a driver to steer clear of road obstacles and expensive claims. These
sticky situations usually raise a premium. But you know this. What can you do to find cheap car insurance? First off, stop
having accidents. Second, review the current auto insurance level of coverage to see if it can be reduced for a premium
decrease. Do you own a home? If you have homeowner's insurance, you may want to contact the provider to see if they
can add a vehicle to the equation. Most insurance companies offer a multiple policy rate, which can reduce your payment
by as much as 10-20%.                            Powered by Joomla!                                          Generated: 4 July, 2009, 14:21
                                           - Free Advice and Tips on How to Save Money

Budget Car Insurance and Your Car

If we are realistic, we understand that parts for a Lexus are going to supersede the cost of comparable parts on a Mazda
truck that has been rusting out since our high school years. In fact, the rate can be so different between car types that it
may be beneficial to contact your insurance agent before purchasing your next car. The color can influence the cost too.
It all depends on the insurance company's formula for calculating your rate. So before you purchase the Land Rover,
determine if the Grand Cherokee might not be less costly to insure. But then again, if you are buying a Land Rover the
insurance fees might not be a worry.

Speedy and Cheap Car Insurance

We have all seen the guys (no, not us) weaving in and out of traffic on the Interstate, only to pass them up later, after the
cops have them pulled to the side of the road. Well, unfortunately some of us were born with heavier feet. And with those
heavy feet, come costly fines and points on our insurance. If you have more than one moving violation in the past three
to five years, then insurance companies may increase your premium. Most companies have what they call tiers of
service, meaning the super, clean drivers are the top tier, while their counterparts-the reckless driver-falls in the bottom
tier. Obviously, we can attempt to stay in the top tier. Most insurance companies offer reduced rates to those who abide
by the traffic laws, or at least those who do not get caught. The want to obtain cheap auto insurance may be caution
enough to slow you down the next time you desperately need a mocha latte.

Your Roommate, Girlfriend, or Wife and Your Cheap Auto Insurance Dreams

Not everyone should be permitted to drive your car. A wife, of course should be allowed. A roommate, only if he is
moving it out of the driveway in order to unload the new big screen TV. Your girlfriend probably should not drive the car,
unless she lives in the house or borrows the car more than just to drive to a gas station. Most insurance companies
require the information of anyone living in the same home with a driver's license. This is to protect the car and the asset
that it is. But if you add someone onto your policy with a poor driving history, be ready to feel the brunt of the financial
blow. It will hit hard. Try to keep everyone off the policy who is not absolutely necessary. It helps to lower the premium
and can give you the budget auto insurance you desire.

Discount Auto Insurance Not Delinquent Auto Insurance

So times were tough last January. The dog needed surgery or the sofa needed replaced. Whatever caused a lapse in
your insurance policy needs to be learned from and never done again. This can cause the greatest increase in insurance
premiums. Always, always have your policy paid up to date. Without record of car insurance, you may as well forget
about finding discount auto insurance, because most insurance companies consider those who drive without coverage to
be in the reckless category.

By answering these questions, determining the amount of coverage you desire, and setting a higher deductible, a person
can find budget auto insurance. The deals are out there if we are ready to look around and do our homework. Do not rely                            Powered by Joomla!                                          Generated: 4 July, 2009, 14:21
                                          - Free Advice and Tips on How to Save Money

on the form letters piling up promises in your mailbox.                           Powered by Joomla!                                          Generated: 4 July, 2009, 14:21

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