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Beaded Treasure Necklace


									                                 Beaded Treasure Necklace

You can quickly turn a favorite ribbon into a fabulous necklace, perfect for holding any small
treasure or good luck charm you want to keep close to your heart. Simply embellish the ribbon
with embroidery designs and beads, and you’ll have a beautiful necklace to wear anytime!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Created by: Diane Kron, Product Development Specialist

Required Software/Designs:
Amazing Designs® Smart Sizer Platinum™
Amazing Designs® Faux Hand Embroidery I design collection (ADC1358) (blue necklace)
Amazing Designs® Lace I design collection (ADC1107) (gold necklace)

Embroidery/sewing machine
12-3/4” of 1-5/8” wide ribbon in a solid color of your choice
Assortment of beads to coordinate with the ribbon
Thread to match the ribbon
Sulky® KK2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive
Sulky® Tear Away Stabilizer
Book: Embellishing with Beads by Nancy Nehring

Amazing Designs Project: Beaded Treasure Necklace                              Page 1 of 2
For finished necklace size of approximately 1-5/8” wide x 4” long (without beading).
   1. Open Smart Sizer Platinum and open design #6440 from ADC1358 or design #84242
        from ADC1107.
   2. Left click on the resize handles in one of the corners and drag inward. Resize the design
        until the design will fit onto the width of the ribbon. The design should be narrower than
        the width of the ribbon. The finished size of the design in the blue necklace sample is
        approximately 1” wide x 2-3/4” long.
   3. After sizing the design, click on the Print Template symbol and print out a template of the
        embroidery design.
   4. Save the newly resized design in your embroidery machine format onto a floppy disk or
        memory card.
   5. Mark the ribbon into 4 sections. See illustration below:

            3-1/2”                                  3-1/2”                     4-1/2”                 1-1/4”
                    #1 Fold Line          embroider in the center                                     Fold
                                             of this section        ← #2 Fold Line                    Line
    6. Position the paper template of the design in the center of the section for embroidery
        noted in the illustration. Pin template in place.
    7. Hoop the Tear Away stabilizer and spray the hooped stabilizer with Sulky KK2000.
    8. Position the ribbon and paper template onto the hooped stabilizer matching the center
        markings of the template with the markings on the embroidery hoop. Press the ribbon in
    9. Place the embroidery hoop onto the machine and align the design with the template and
        ribbon. Remove the paper template and embroider the design.
    10. Fold under 1/4” at the top of the 1-1/4” section (fold to the wrong side of ribbon). With a
        straight stitch, stitch the 1/4” down. (This is a hem)
    11. Fold under the first 3-1/2” section at the indicated #1 fold line and then fold at the #2 fold
        line. The first fold line should be next to the opening for the necklace. With a straight
        stitch, stitch down both sides of the 3-1/2” sections. This creates the pocket for your
        treasure or good luck charm.
    12. Make a strand of beading the length you need for the necklace.
    13. Fold the top of the pocket over 1/2”. Place the bead necklace in the fold and stitch the
        end in place. (next to the pocket opening)

    Enjoy the good luck your beaded necklace will bring!

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