A Treasure Trove of Maps by housework


									                                                                  PANB/APNB H6 203-1859

           A Treasure Trove of Maps
IT’S   EASY to imagine the       quently interrupted by other     Webster-Ashburton Treaty of
excitement that gripped the      assignments, and now, with       1842. It also showed the New
office of New Brunswick’s        the arrival of 1000 copies of    Brunswick—Quebec border,
Surveyor-General on the day      the map from lithographer        which had been settled in
in late 1859 when a large        James Wyld, geographer to        1855, and delineated the
shipment of maps arrived         the Queen and Prince Consort,    boundaries      of    Victoria
from London.                     the job was done.                County, created in 1850. So
    The moment marked the             The Wilkinson map was a     well done was it that,
culmination of a process that    great achievement for New        nearly four decades later,
had begun more than five         Brunswick, whose population      William Francis Ganong,
years earlier when the then-     at the time was still well       a distinguished cartographer
Surveyor-General, R.D. Wilmot,   under      250,000    people.    himself, could still say it
asked John Wilkinson to          Coloured and beautifully         was “the greatest map which
begin preparing a new map of     drawn, the map showed the        has yet been published of
the province. Wilkinson, a       province in comprehensive        New Brunswick.”
surveyor and draughtsman         detail. Among other things, it       The     story   of     the
originally from Yorkshire,       was the first to depict the      Wilkinson map is only one of
had gone about the work          new international boundary
meticulously, although fre-      between New Brunswick and
                                 Maine as agreed upon by the
A treasure trove of maps

hundreds of such stories                  Asked if he has a              covered with a fine growth of
inherent in the map collection       favourite map in the huge           Pine, Birch, Maple & Spruce,
of the Provincial Archives of        collection, Doiron pauses           etc.”
New         Brunswick.        The    before answering. Then he                Minnitte did his job well,
collection, after all, comprises     says he loves the survey plans      and the proof rests in the fact
some 65,000 maps of all              initiated by the crown lands        that a substantial portion of
description and purpose. They        office     for      encouraging     today’s Route 11 follows
range from those, like the           settlement and granting land.       essentially the same track that
Wilkinson map, that depict           It’s the history surrounding        he mapped more than 175
the whole province to those          those that appeals to him. The      years ago.
that show only parts or              work was done by deputy land             To date, little has been
aspects of it, such as rivers,       surveyors appointed by the          written about men like
railway and telegraph lines,         Surveyor-General. Many had          Minnitte, who played a vital
municipal and county boundaries.     military backgrounds, and,          role     in    settling   New
     “We collect any maps that       because they dealt with land,       Brunswick. Many of their
depict the territory of New          they were often among the           stories were undoubtedly
Brunswick,” says archivist           most important men in their         compelling. But for sheer
Allen Doiron, citing, by way         communities.                        tenacity and impact, it would
of illustration, the earliest map         Some developed a passion       be hard to top that of John
in the collection, dated 1662,       for a particular part of the        Wilkinson and his 1859 map.
which shows the future               province. That was certainly        Beginning in April, 1854, he
province as part of the North        true of an Irishman named           laboured at the task for the
American land mass.                  Robert C. Minnitte who took         next five years, except for
     All kinds of people use         an interest in the North Shore      those times, which were
the        maps:        historical   early in the 19th century, when     numerous, when he was called
researchers, lawyers and             that region was only sparsely       to perform “other services of
surveyors            determining     populated. In 1826, Minnitte        an urgent nature required by
property lines, consultants and      produced a map of a road            government.” It was finally
others doing environmental           from Bathurst to Dalhousie          completed in 1858 and sent
impact studies, genealogists         and the Restigouche area, the       off to London for engraving
looking into the history and         result of a survey he had           and printing.
make-up of early settlements.        undertaken inland from the               When the printed copies
Each can appreciate a                coast “for the purpose of           came back late the following
particular map for a specific        ascertaining the practicability     year, New Brunswick had the
reason, or, sometimes, simply        of opening a shorter and more       most comprehensive and
for its artistry—some of the         direct communication than the       informative treatment of its
17th and 18th century maps, for      present Road along the Shore.”      territory yet created. Anxious
example, incorporated colour-        With delicate shadings of blue,     to encourage immigration and
ful illustrations of native          green and grey, the map             economic development, the
animals like moose.                  shows        the      territory’s   provincial government im-
                                     characteristics and presents        mediately distributed it to
                                     pertinent observations about        shipping companies, govern-
                                     the terrain along the proposed      ment offices, newspapers and
                                     route. One stretch has “some        businesses in Great Britain,
                                     good tracts of land, covered        the British colonies and the
                                     with a tolerable good growth        United States. Copies were
                                     of     mixed      woods,      but   also sent to government
                                     considerably intersected by         offices, libraries, businesses
                                     swamps, etc.” Another, closer       and schools within the
                                     to Dalhousie, is “hilly and         province.
                                     uneven, but Good High Land,

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A treasure trove of maps

    The Wilkinson map,              residents to a greater under-       provincial court accepted the
which also included “statistic-     standing of the territory they      map in a case involving a
cal memoranda” on the               inhabited. Indeed, it has           right-of-way.
province, remained in use for       never completely faded from
many years, aiding settlement       memory and application: as
and development and leading         recently as the early 1990s, a

        News                  from           the             Associates
tHE ASSOCIATES took their           Alfred Chiasson, John Corey,        and promotion of public
Annual General Meeting to           Joseph Day, Cyril Donahue,          programmes to raise the
the Acadian Peninsula for the       Edward Legere and Bill              profile of the Provincial
first time in their history,        Spray.                              Archives. At the November
using the occasion to acquaint          Meetings of the Associates’
                                                                        meeting the Board earmarked
people in the region with the       Board of Directors were held in
                                    Fredericton on September 26th
                                                                        $20,000 for investment in
holdings and services of the                                            the purchase of acquis-
Provincial Archives.      The       when Board members also
                                    attended the official opening       itions.    Several    Board
business meeting, held on the
Shippagan Campus of the             of the Archives repository,         members are giving leader-
Université de Moncton, was          and on November 11th in             ship to projects important
followed by a reception, an         Havelock where they hosted a        to the Archives: Frank
exhibit of historic photos of       programme for the public            Morehouse is organizing
the area and a presentation of      entitled “Hollywood comes to        the transcription of ceme-
the video “Time and the River       Havelock.”                          tery records for mounting
Flowing”, produced by the               Major ongoing projects          on the Archives web site;
Archives. Alfred Chiasson,          supported by the Associates         and Cyril Donahue is
Associate Board member              are: fund-raising for the           preparing to conduct oral
from      Lameque,       made       acquisition of the original         history interviews in the
arrangements.      Elected as       Beutel newspaper cartoons,          Miramichi area.
members of the Board for the        a d mi n i s t r a t i o n of the
2003-2005     period     were:      Conservation Cooperative

         H    O L L Y W O O D C O M E S                   T O
                     H A V E L O C K

MORE       THAN 100 people          information on the pioneering
filled the Havelock Memorial        days of the motion picture
Community           Hall       on   industry and on the renown of
November 12th to view the           the Canaan area as a big game
1905 motion picture, “A             hunting destination. That was
Moose       Hunt      in     New    what brought two of the most
Brunswick,” the earliest film       important movie men in              Archives of New Brunswick
preserved in the holdings of        America to the area to make         who seek to make the Marion
                                                                        Beyea, provincial archivist, Mrs. Bernice
the Provincial Archives.            the first-ever motion picture       Plume, Peticodiac
     In an illustrated talk, film   about moose-hunting.
historian David Folster set the         The film was part of a          activities, collections and
stage for the film by providing     program presented by the            services of the Archives better
                                    Associates of the Provincial

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Hollywood comes to Havelock

known to New Brunswickers               A highlight of the evening    fund-raising, in her care for
who may be interested in            was the donation to the           half a century. Mrs. Plume
consulting    the     historical    Provincial Archives of the        said she was pleased to know
records or in donating films,       original minute book of the       it would be preserved and
photographs,      and      other    Havelock Hall Committee by        available to researchers at the
records. Preservation of these      Mrs. Bernice Plume. She has       Provincial Archives.
items is vital to the under-        had the volume, which dates
standing by future generations      from a November 1889
of the province’s history.          meeting, to plan the hall and


AT      THEIR       September       the University of New             Vice President from 1994 to
meeting,     the    Associates      Brunswick,      and    now        2003, and was instrumental in
passed a unanimous vote of          Professor Emeritus, he has        assisting with applications for
thanks to Dr. Ernie Forbes          written    extensively   on       grants and funding for student
who is leaving the Board of         Atlantic Canada. He was a         assistantships.
Directors after nine years. A       member of the founding
former Professor of History at      Board of the Associates and

ON       September 26 the           analyzing needs, measuring        age. The strictly controlled
recently expanded Provincial        and projecting growth and         environment, featuring low
Archives      facilities    were    making presentations out-         temperature and humidity,
officially opened. Dedicated        lining the need for additional    will dramatically extend the
by Premier Bernard Lord to          space for records storage.        life of paper records. It is
the memory of former                They were dedicated to            equipped with electronically-
Premier Richard Bennett             putting the needs of the          controlled security and fire
Hatfield, New Brunswick’s           records first – assiduously       protection systems and ultra
longest-serving Premier, the        appraising records to retain      sensitive air filtration.     A
Richard Bennett Hatfield            only those records with legal,    separate vault maintaining a
Archives       Complex         is   administrative and historical     temperature of -5°C will
comprised of the original           value to minimize storage         retard deterioration in acetate
Bonar Law-Bennett Building          requirements, working from a      film and preserve colour
that has housed the Provincial      number of storage sites,          materials that are prone to
Archives since 1968 and the         reacting to emergencies and       fading. Other features of the
new       Archives       Storage    rescuing records, compen-         facility are high efficiency
Facility, a state-of-the-art        sating, however they could,       filters and scrubbers to
building that will house            for inadequacies in the storage   remove damaging pollutants,
permanently-valuable records.       areas. They were ingenious in     a high sensitivity laser smoke
    When the Provincial             identifying and promoting         detection system and elim-
Archives of New Brunswick           solutions to the long-term        ination of sources of fire risk,
opened, a 15-year projection        storage needs.                    controlled entry, an electronic
was given for the life of the            The repository meets         security system and a building
storage area. That life-span        these needs, providing storage    design that blocks entry of
was realized by the early           for 33 km. of records utilizing   pests.
1980s. Archives staff began         high tech, high-density stor-

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State-of-the-art archival storage facility opens

    The new facility, the                   organized rows. The wide,
design of architect Peter                   overhanging roof of the
Fellows, is impressive. It                  storage facility shelters the
respects the architecture of the            upper cornice which is clad in
Bonar Law-Bennett building                  a band of interlocking metal
that originally housed the                  tiles. Huge carved sandstone
entire Archives. It is con-                 medallions      spell      out
structed of similar materials -             ARCHIVES – a bilingual
red and orange brick and glass              crown that is an indicator to
block with sandstone details.               the public of the building’s
It features strings of hori-                function.                             l-r,    Intergovernmental    and
zontal brick between pilasters                                                    International Relations Minister
                                                                                  Percy Mockler, Supply and
on the exterior, symbolizing                                                      Services Minister and Deputy
the levels of shelves in the                                                      Premier Dale Graham, Premier
storage vault, while alter-                                                       Bernard Lord, Marion Beyea
nating courses of vertical                                                        provincial archivist (Harry Mullin
brick reflect the individual
document boxes in their


MC3148 Register of voluntary enlistments in                    Romania. A very few gave their nationality as
Charlotte County.        Records the voluntary                 Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Russian or Syrian. A
recruitment of 553 men in Charlotte County, New                few notations, such as “stopped by mother”,
Brunswick for service overseas during the First                “discharged”, “wife objected” or “rejected” are
World War, dating from 27 September 1915,                      recorded in the margins.
when a major recruiting drive was underway in
the Province, until 30 August 1917, the day after
Prime Minister Robert Borden’s Military Service
Act became law. Each entry provides the name                   P216. Walter R. Long “Retirement Album”
of the recruit, his place of residence, age at                 [1955-1995]. Long is a retired “carman”, living
recruitment, marital status, the unit to which he              in South Devon, and the last employee to retire at
was assigned, date of enlistment, and nationality.             Devon February 28, 1989 after 45 years of
Most of the men were Canadians, natives of                     service with the railway. Included are retirement
Charlotte County; other places of residence                    photos and photos of railway employees
include: Albert, St. John, York, Carleton, and                 (identified) usually gathered in front of a railway
Kings counties in N.B.; Nova Scotia; Prince                    station, a 1995 photo of the South Devon Station.
Edward Island; Ontario; Maine; England; Ireland;
Scotland;    Newfoundland;       Denmark;     and

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         NEW                          FINDING                                     AIDS
                                   GOVERNMENT RECORDS
RS8 Executive Council: New Brunswick                          RS427/C Records of the Municipality Of
Microfilm Series, 1784-1900. Revised finding                  Saint John - Lease Book, 1785 - 1817 2 cm.
aid of 45 pages to the 76 microfilms in this series.          Account book kept by the Corporation of the City
                                                              of Saint John to record rents levied and paid
RS13 Provincial Secretary: Correspondence,                    mostly for City lots and stalls in the City Market,
1785 - 1977       10 m.     Revised finding aid               but also containing accounts relating to fishing
covering approximately 2 metres of additional                 lots, rent of court room, wharfage, anchorage
material. Subjects covered: estates, boundaries,              money, a burial, and payments for freedom. The
mining, timber, exhibitions, customs, schools,                Archives has also produced a 4 page nominal
militia, legislation, crime, finances, tax                    index to the book. Microfilm F22582.
administration, transportation, motor vehicle
administration, speeches.                                     RS538 Provincial Secretary: Warrants,
                                                              Appointments and Commissions, 1784-1965
RS20 Provincial Secretary: Tax                                2.4 m. Revised finding aid. Subjects covered:
Administration Records, 1940, 1947-1968 .3 m.                 civil lists, licencing, registrars, clerks, auctioneers.

RS26 Legislative Assembly: Committee                          RS540 Provincial Secretary: Receiver General
Records, 1832-1989 3.5 m. Revised finding                     Administration Records, 1823-1937          2 m.
aid.   Subjects covered: railways, agriculture,               Revised finding aid. Subjects covered: civil list,
aquaculture,   alcohol     and     drug    abuse,             casual revenue, disputed territory fund,
environment, fisheries, elections, industry, land             government revenue, duties, fees, taxes,
use, Canadian Constitution (Meech Lake).                      appropriations.

RS102 Records of the Deputy Minister of the                   RS624 Provincial Secretary: Companies
Department of the Provincial Secretary, 1904-                 Administration Records, 1838-1943     .5 m.
1978 5.7 m. Subjects covered: motor vehicle                   Revised finding aid.
administration, amusements, schools, highways,
companies, taxation, dance halls, theatres,                   RS654 New Brunswick Bicentennial
racetrack gambling, school property inventory.                Commission Records, 1974-1984            4.1 m.
                                                              Subjects covered: New Brunswick history,
RS133 Motor Vehicle Branch Records, 1935,                     community events, publications, tourism.
1946-1989 2.7 m. Subjects covered: motor
vehicle administration, legislation, highway                  RS1055 Records of the Minister of Fisheries
safety.                                                       and Aquaculture, 1962-1984 2.4 m. Subjects
                                                              covered: Irish Moss, Fishermen's Development
RS141/B7 Indexes to Provincial Returns of                     Board, Fishermen's Loan Board, Miramichi River
Marriages, 1927-1929, 1930-1934, 1946-1951                    Channel study, paper mill effluents, fish plants,
(1645 pages in total).                                        Kouchibouguac Park.

RS141/C4 Indexes to Provincial Returns of                     RS1056 Records of the Deputy Minister of
Death, 1815 (1888-1893) - 1893).                     Only     Fisheries and Aquaculture, 1936, 1944-1977
approximately 155 death returns predate 1888. (570 pages in   1.5 m. Subjects covered: Fisherman's Loan
total).                                                       Board, Fishermen's      Union, environment,
                                                              Kouchibouguac Park, fish-processing plants, fish
                                                              processing companies.

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New Finding Aids –

                                    PRIVATE RECORDS
THE Private Sector Records           time according to the recently       project --- with matching
Section at the Archives has          established national standards       financial contributions coming
completed the revision of 890        Rules of Archival Description        from the federal Department of
finding aids. The finding aids       (RAD) and also the re-               Canadian Heritage.
describe records at the fonds        description of collections,                The     descriptions    are
(collection) level and, in some      where little information about       searchable on the Archives
cases, supplement inventories        the context of the records had       Canada (formerly CAIN)
that have been previously            formerly been available. This        website:
available. This huge project         ongoing project has been             http://www.archivescanada.ca/
has seen the proper description      funded by the CAIN (Canadian
of many collections for the first    Archival Information Network)

MC3133 Lincoln United Church fonds, 1957-2002          MC3108 Washademoak Women’s               Institute
                                                       fonds:     [1939-1995) Minute              books.
MC3135 Synod of the Atlantic Provinces of the          Microfilm F22575.
Presbyterian Church in Canada fonds: [1886,
1914, 1923-1989] consists solely of the                MC3128 Marcia Cheney Genealogical Collecion:
published, and in many cases, signed Minutes of        [1960s-[2002]; Genealogies/genealogical notes
the (Presbyterian) Synod of the Maritime               for Grand Manan families prepared by long-time
Provinces, later re-named the Synod of the             genealogist and local historian. Microfilm F22513-
Atlantic Provinces of the Presbyterian Church in       F22517.
Canada. Microfilms: F22597-F22599; F22826.
                                                       MC3145 Colonial and Indian Exhibition
MC3136 Boiestown Pastoral Charge fonds:                diploma [1886]. 55 x 75 cm., colour. The 1886
[1867-1998]     records of Methodist and               Colonial and Indian Exhibition was held in South
Presbyterian churches in Boiestown, Bloomfield         Kensington, London, England. It was presented
Ridge and Holtville and area; Church Registers         to Messrs. E. Cogswell & Co. possibly one of the
dating back to the 1870s; Minutes of church            participants from N.B.
boards and ladies groups. Microfilm: F22827-
F22832.                                                MC3117 Willis Lodge No.17, Protestant
                                                       Association of ‘Prentice Boys of America
MC223 K2 Anglican Parish of Kingston fonds:            fonds. [1894, 1912-1919, 1937] 5.5 cm. Textual
[1784-1991] Parish Registers dating back to 1816       records including Minute Books 1905-1906,
(contains a few Baptisms for 1786); Vestry             1912-1916, 1919 and 1937, Account Book, 1905-
Minutes, 1784-1856; 1921-1971; Registers of            1919, warrant authorizing the establishment of
Service, 1920s-1970s; legal & financial records;       Lodge No. 17, 1894. Fraternal organization,
Kingston Cemetery Epitaphs copied by                   established in 1850 to honour the Protestant
Archdeacon W.O. Raymond. Microfilm F22576-             apprentices     who      successfully   defended
F22579.                                                Londonderry, a Protestant stronghold in Northern
                                                       Ireland, against the Catholic forces of James II
                                                       during the revolution of 1688. Willis Lodge No.
                                                       17 was formed at Woodstock, N.B. with Willis
                                                       Ketch as first Master, in December 1894.

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                 Canoeing on the St. John River
                 Take a virtual trip down the upper St. John River during the summer of 1903.
                 RS141C4Vital Stats. Provincial Returns of Deaths: 1815-1893, updated
                 Cemeteries. Kent County cemeteries, Carleton County cemeteries
                 RS141 Marriages. Includes marriages from 1882-1940 and 1946-1951.
                 Historical Images of New Brunswick. This database contains 1,999 historical images of N.B.
                 RS655 Petitions for Teachersè Licenses & Payment. Index of every teacher requesting a license or payment for
                 teaching services, 1812-1882.
                 RS686 Land Grants. This index contains information on more than 54,000 individuals and corporate bodies who
                 acquired Crown land between 1784 and 1997.

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