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					                            Twitter Marketing is Viral Marketing

Imagine being able to sell your product 24/7 in just 140 words. Yes, you can do this in Twitter
marketing where twitter members tweet your product and cause a viral advertisement that
would spread like wildfire.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site where you “tweet” anything you want in 140 words. It is like
microblogging in a sense that you answer the question: “What’s happening?” in only 140 words.
Joining is free and you can personalize your home page, and “follow” other twitter members,
who can follow you back if they desire so. You can also create lists where you categorize your
followers into various groups. You can tweet as many as you want and anything under the sun
as long as it is within 140 words. It has now become the most popular site for microblogging.

Twitter Marketing Advantages

Many entrepreneurs saw the possibility of viral marketing that occurs at twitter. Products are
Re-tweeted (RTd), repeatedly, passed on from one twitter member to another. If one twitter user
has 2 thousand friends and 10 of them RTd the post, imagine the possibilities if every 10
retweeted (RTd) the “twit.” It would reach thousands of people in no time at all. Even if only
100 actually clicked on the link, that would mean 100 visitors or readers within a span of
minutes. This is the Twitter marketing advantage.

Advertisers could target twitter members with thousands of followers     and their products will
surely be advertised a thousand fold.

The links provided are directed straight into the advertisers’ product site and generate more
clicks and visits than any SEO marketing applications.

You can create advertising links with very few words, so you learn how to be concise but
comprehensive. That is twitter marketing for you, a vast effective way of marketing your

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