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A                                 B                              C
Traditional Teas                  Medical Teas                   Modern Tea
Black (Red) and Green             Mint, Rose, etc.               Alcohol with Tea, Milk
                                                                 Chai Tea.
Traditionally what we call        Teas with other herbs added    Modern teas, etc.
teas. Comes from “Tea”            or herbs as tea.

As doctors we need to pay more attention to B – Medical Teas. For example, our patient
has a headaches, but why? With further questioning we find out he has been drinking
mint tea 2 times a day for the last 2 years. Mint tea is “Bo He” and is cooling, especially
on the Liver. Maybe it helped him at first by moving the Liver Qi but it is too cold.

Most people drink B – Medical Teas such as rose or mint tea. We need to always ask in
the clinic.

      1.   What kind do they drink?
      2.   How many times a day?
      3.   When do they drink there tea? (Night, day, before/ after meal)
      4.   How much tea and how concentrated?

We can also ask patients how the teas make them feel. Is the tea warm or cold? Is it
against our treatment? If so, either need to stop (our tx) or they need to stop (or at least
reduce). We could also ask out patients to bring in some of there tea for us to try. Then
we can test the tea and “catch the property. Then we know”.

Sometimes it is harder to categorize teas. Is blueberry in B – Medical Teas or C – Modern
Teas. It is defiantly not A – Traditional Teas.


There are many many types of tea in China. China is the original tea country and remains
to be so today. For every kind of tea, there is a different kind of tea (like liquor and liquor
glasses in the west. Martini, martini glass, whisky, whisky glass). Every kind of tea also
has special preparation methods, specific water needs and temperatures.

Remember: Metal should not touch your tea. Such as spoons. Tea represents Wood.
Metal controls Wood in the 5 element cycle.

When is the best time to drink tea? It really depends on the kind of tea. Some tea is
better pre-meal, some is better post-meal. Some teas goes with specific kinds of foods
(similar to how say different kinds of wine goes with different kinds of food). Which
meridian does the tea effect? What are its properties? How much tea are you taking?

Tea can be processed in a lot of ways. Green tea and Black tea are not 2 distinct
categories. Oolong falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between Black and
Green teas. Longer processing results in darker teas while shorter processing is for green

Teas can also be processed with Lychii, roses, chamomile, other flowers, etc. Fang uses
lychii skins, boils them, dries them and adds them to his tea in the tea jar. The smell and
light taste seeps into the tea.

Other kinds of teas
   1. Da Hai Zi – Wind heat group herb for sore throat. Good for speakers, singers,
   2. Xia Gu Chao – Releases Lv heat, and clears invisible phlegm.
   3. Ju Hua and Jin Yin Hua – Make a tea named …….. in Chinese

Most modern research is in the area of Traditional Teas, not so much in B – Medicinal
Teas despite the fact that this is the most popular type of tea now.

Green Tea                                  Oolong Tea (?)                         Black Tea
Cold                                                                                 Warm

Green tea processed with rice (as is popular in Japan) makes green tea a little warmer and
has less of a strong impact on the Sp/ St. There may be a warm type of green tea, but
Fang doesn’t know of any. Maybe in some tropical country or somewhere around the

People say, you can tell if tea is good quality if it doesn’t need to make you pee. You can
drink multiple cups and still you wont need to go, like you would with cheap tea. Good
quality tea will go to the Lung Yang Ming (which is the pair with Stomach Yang Ming).
Tea to St to Lu.

Green Tea is more Liver
Black (Red) Tea is more Ht & Kd

Green Tea ......................UB/ SI
Red Tea .........................UB/ SI
Black Tea ......................Large Intestine (St/Sp)

Black tea can be used for Diarrhea or Constipation. It enters in into the St/Sp, Li and is
Black tea can also used be for weight and cholesterol problems. It is good for Qi and
Yang deficiency which marks these conditions, and phlegm & invisible phlegm enter into
the blood vessels.

Pu Er Cha is popular tea in China. It comes in a variety of properties depending on
processing, type of tree and leaf, age, province, etc.

Green ..........................Fresh is better   Green ..................Smell is more important
Black ..........................Older is better   Black ..................Taste is more important

With good tea, you should be able add water again and again and the tea should still have
a good taste. Not just 1 or 2 times. So when drinking tea in a restaurant or tea house, it
would be not practical to say “thank you” every time your cup is filled back up with
water. So the Chinese tap the saucer 3 times with there finger to signal thank you. Which
finger to tap with? It depends on whether you are single, a couple, family with kids, etc.
(Note: Some Chinese “cultural” texts say 3 fingers, others say 2, etc.)

In Chinese culture a full cup means it is time to go. Normally a cup is filled about half
full. When someone is ready to go, there cup is filled full and the host knows they will
leave soon. They then drink there last cup and leave.

1. Is tea anti-cancer?

Maybe the questions should be “Does tea prevent cancer, or does it treat cancer?” This is
a pretty hot topic research-wise and often in the media. Tea, especially green tea, is high
in Catechins which are strong anti-oxidants. So how much tea do we need to drink and
how concentrated does it have to be? These questions don’t have clear answers.

Fang recommends drinking green tea to help prevent cancer, but once someone has
cancer, capsules are probably best. We can take many more capsule than we can drink tea
and the capsules are not as Cool in property because of the processing they have gone
through. Too much cooling green tea is not a good idea for most cancer patients as they
are already Qi and Yang Deficient.

Can green tea prevent cancer, in Fangs opinion, yes it can help. Can green tea treat cancer,
possibly, but more observation is needed.

2. Can tea help you lose weight?

Again, maybe the question should be between treat and prevent? Medically, we think yes.
For example Lotus Nuts “ “ and Lotus Leaves “He Ye”. They can help us lose weight.
Also we can look at Yin Chen Hao, Ju Hua, and Jin Yin Hua.

Black tea helps eliminate phlegm and promote water circulation. But as an obesity
treatment? Not so much. (Not as the only treatment).
Some teas can help make us less hungry. Other teas can help with digestion.

Example of one “popular” tea on the market…

Tangerine (Chen-Pi) peel, Mint (Bo-He) herb, Senna (Fan-Xie-Ye) leaf, Artemisia
Capillaris (Yin-Chen-Hao) herb, Hawthorne (shan-Zha) berry, red Yeast (Hong-Qu-Me)

Healthy Digestion Tea is a red tea formulated to support healthy digestion function.
Chinese medicine believes that healthy digestion is a very important key to sustainable
weight loss.

Based upon an ancient herbal formula and adapted for western use, Healthy Digestion
Tea is great tasting and provides benefits you can see and feel.

Add a little honey for flavor.

3. Can tea lead to Blood Deficiency?

From a western point of view, tea drinkers are more likely to have western blood
deficiency. Lower red blood cells. This is especially true for kids and very long time tea

Drinking too much tea can damage Sp Qi and Sp Yang therefore blood and Qi. In these
cases maybe tea is not the direct cause, but it defiantly doesn’t help. Black tea is a little
better than green tea though.

Some books state not to drink tea before a meal or on an empty stomach. From a TCM
point of view, we can agree.

What about during menstruation? Not the best thing for people with blood deficiency
problems. Try and have the patient stop drinking for the first few days of their period.

4. When is the best time to drink tea?

Depends on the tea and its function. Are they drinking medical tea to help them sleep? Is
the tea stimulating? Regular tea is not a good idea before bed. Make you have to pee and
wake up.

Green tea in the morning? It can be hard on the St. Green tea is cold. Fang likes warm
milk or warmer things in the Stomach. How about hot tea like cinnamon. Try Green tea
around high noon time.
Before or after the meal? Again, depends on the tea. Normally we don’t drink tea on
empty stomachs. We eat cake with tea or cookies.

5. Can tea prevent teeth decay and bad breath?

Ok, but not lets go to far with this. Tea can help with bad breath but tooth decay? For
good quality tea, we would need to tonify the Kidneys.

To see good Kidneys, look at the ears (are they long and big?) and we need to look at the
teeth (are they nice?). Then ask. Old people have nice big ears if they are to live a long
time. Look at the Buddha, who’s ears touch his shoulders (Lu).

6. Tea has vitamin C?

Tea has vitamin C but too much hot water can kill it. Fresh green tea has more vitamin C.

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