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how to attacking at the football


How to attacking techniques at the football

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									                  HOW ATTACKING THE 4-4-2 PATTERN?

4-4-2 formation consists of 4 players line the back (back), 4 midfield players
(midfielder), and 2 front-line players (forward). Fourth back of each is 2 center
back, left back and right back. Meanwhile in midfield there are 2 center
midfielder, left midfielder, and right midfielder.

Both centers must go back to the most distant to the midline of the field. With
advanced only until the middle of the line, our team can still take refuge in the
offside rule. As if the center back forward beyond the midfield line, our team is
not safe to be behind the opponent's attack because they are not affected by the
rules of offside when the ball was still in their own field. However, at certain
moments may forward center back to the front of goal, such as football teams take
a corner. Itupun afterwards to get back into place.

For the movement of center midfielder, depending on the variety used 4 -4-2. At 4-
4-2 with a diamond midfield, there is a permanent division between the two center
midfielder: which one is the defensive midfielder (defensive midfielders,
midfielders anchor) and one offensive midfielder (attacking midfielder). Division
of tasks is fixed.

While at 4-4-2 with a flat midfield, the center midfielder alternately with each
other to get ahead. What is important, if one center midfielder forward, then the
others must stay behind. Consider the following illustration:

Function center midfielder as advanced as offensive midfielder is to help the
attack. With him, an attack would involve five people at once: 2 forward, he
himself, and 2 outside midfielder / outside back. In the meantime, no one come
forward progress center midfielder aims to ensure support at all times to the back

But remember, if the opponent had the ball, the two center midfielder must fall in
line, which contains the complete midfield player in a 4 bolt.

Two outside back (ex. left back and right back) could come forward to attack.
When developed, the position could remain in the rear outside midfielder, or can
also overlap to outside midfielder. Just keep in mind, if the outside back to
overlap, then he should not too late to come down to the original position when
needed. The following illustration shows right back to overlap right midfielder.

Based on the direction of the attack which we built, there are three possible types
of attacks: attacks from the left sector, the attacks from the middle sector, or an
attack from the right sector. Form (shape) teams when surging forward to adjust
the direction of the attack. If the attack carried out from the left sector, then form a
team to lean to the left. Similarly, if an attack carried out from the right sector, the
team must form leaning towards the right.
Here is an example when the team attacked from the left sector.

One thing that should not be forgotten is the movement of the goalkeeper. In the
modern 4-4-2 pattern, the goalkeeper also serves as a sweeper. Therefore, when
the team surging forward the goalkeeper also had to come forward, even to exit
the goal box. But out of the box goal, of course, should not be excessive.
Associated with the 'dual position' keeper, it is appropriate for a modern 4-4-2
pattern called a 1-4-4-2 pattern.

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