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					                                                                   FRENCH    TOAST
                  BEVERAGES                        Thick slices of Rock Hill Bake House farm bread.
  Bottomless cup of coffee (or decaf)    2.50          Served with butter, and maple syrup. 7.50
  Pot of tea (Tea list on back of menu)    3.
  Espresso: One shot 2.        Double shot. 3.                  BREAKFAST SANDWICH
   Caffe Americano 2.50         Cappuccino 3.           Two scrambled eggs, Black Forest ham,
  Caffe Latte 3.50             Mocha Latte 4.        Swiss Emmental, on toasted farm bread. 7.50
  Cafe au Lait 3.50          Hot Chocolate 4.
    Glass of High Lawn Farms Milk       1.50                           OMELETS
 Chai, Hot or Iced 3.50 Substitute Soy Milk .75      Served with toast and herb roasted potatoes,
Apple, cranberry, grapefruit, or orange juice 2.     Or, at your request, a salad of baby greens.
   Fresh pressed organic vegetable juice 4.              Mushroom, tomato & cream cheese 8.50
                                                            Mixed grilled vegetables 8.50
                  PASTRIES                               Black Forest ham & Swiss Emmental 9.
  Currant cream scone, with butter and jam. 3.             Tomato, Brie and fresh herbs 9.
   Toasted muffin of the day, with butter 2.           Chevre, Sun-dried tomato, red onion 9.50
(See our pastry counter for daily offerings...)         Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill 10.
                                                       We will happily make an egg white omelet
               FRUIT PLATTER                               for an additional charge of 2.
  A generous arrangement of the finest fruit
            of the season... 9.50                           SIDE ORDERS & A LA CARTE
                                                        Toasted farm bread, butter, & jam 2.50
                   OATMEAL                                     Herb roasted potatoes 3.
McCann’s Irish rolled oats, prepared to order.              Side salad of mixed greens 3.
Topped with your choice of: raisins, walnuts,                    Black Forest ham 3.
brown sugar, maple syrup, banana, berries 7.50         Eggs, prepared as you desire. each 1.75

         Sesame bagel with butter 1.
            ...with cream cheese 2.                                   TEA LIST
  ...with smoked salmon and cream cheese 6.50      Our loose teas and tisanes are certified organic.
                 BAGEL PLATTER
   Sesame bagel, Scottish smoked salmon, cream                        BLACK TEAS
cheese, red onion, tomato slices, cucumber, and                    Assam Bonaspati
                  capers. 10.                                    Autumnal Darjeeling
                                                              Earl Grey with Silvertips
                                                                  English Breakfast
           BUTTERMILK PANCAKES                                      Ginger Scented
            Served with butter and                               Indian Spice (Chai)
         Ioka Valley Farm maple syrup                        Mango with Pieces & Flowers
       Unadorned, for the purist 7.50                              Russian Caravan
    With raspberries and/or blueberries 8.
                                                                      GREEN TEAS
       Ceylon Green
Dragonwell with Lemongrass
        Earl Green
  Jasmine Scented Green
      Moroccan Mint
        WHITE TEAS
  Jasmine Scented White
   Melon Scented White
    Chamomile Flowers
    Ginger Lemon Mint
     Peppermint Leaf
      Petits Fleurs
     Raspberry Apple
     Rosehip Hibiscus
      Spearmint Leaf
       Rooibos Mate

                                                    The Train Station
                                           6 Depot Street
                                    West Stockbridge, MA 01266