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									Main Stories                                    9 March 2010

      Participation in the summit in Brdo still unresolved problem (Koha)
      NATO diplomats: Kosovo leaders ignored our instructions (Koha)
      Mujota: Disagreement between KFOR and KSF has been overcome (Zëri)
      Ice between KSF and KFOR (Express)
      With allies against Serbia (Express)
      Feith requests “sharp steps” against “inner circle” of government (dailies)
      Government establishes six working groups for the north (dailies)
      Government denies agreement with “Bechtel & Enka” (Koha)
      Vetëvendosja with a new strategy (Kosova Sot)
      Three individuals that committed suicide in Scotland, are not Kosovars
      (Koha Ditore)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Participation in the summit in Brdo still unresolved problem (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports that Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor has visited Pristina on
Monday an met his Kosovar counterpart Hashim Thaçi, but both prime ministers
could not confirm if the problem of participation of Kosovo in the summit of the
leaders of South East Europe countries to be held on 20 March has been resolved.

“We are trying to solve this problem. I want to have President Tadic and Prime
Minister Thaçi there. This is not the only problem we have. At the end of the day, we
want to approve a joint statement for European perspective of Western Balkans,” said
Slovenian PM Pahor. Pahor who stayed in Pristina after the meeting he had last week
with Serb President Boris Tadic and with Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor,
hinted that the problem inludes the presentation of Kosovo in a joint statement.

NATO diplomats: Kosovo leaders ignored our instructions (Koha Ditore)
An unnamed NATO official told the paper that if Kosovars had wanted to deteriorate
relations with the Alliance, they could not have chosen a worse timing than this when
NATO had stepped up efforts on the ground to increase assistance for the Kosovo
Security Force and to encourage more members of the communities to join the KSF.
The NATO diplomats, adds the paper, have also expressed disappointment against
„certain Kosovo politicians‟ but did not give details as to who precisely they have in

NATO Spokesperson James Appathurai said the KFOR commander undertook
measures against the KSF because of not respecting instructions from KFOR. “The
actions of certain individuals who took part in the ceremony where in conflict to the
instructions and suggestions given by KFOR and these actions send a wrong political
signal at this time,” said Appathurai.

In a different article, the paper reports that the appearance of the KSF in the ceremony
marking the KLA Epopee was not the first time the Force‟s members carried arms. In
the past, the KSF members had also carried arms outside of their barracks when
Kosovo officials received foreign dignitaries.

Mujota: Disagreement between KFOR and KSF has been overcome (Zëri)
Zëri quotes Kosovo Security Force Minister Fehmi Mujota as saying that the
disagreement between KFOR and KSF over the armed participation of KSF members
in the KLA Epopee has been overcome. Mujota however repeated the position of
Kosovo institutions that the participation of the Kosovo Guard in the ceremony was

“The Kosovo Security Force Ministry and the Kosovo Security Force will continue
the close cooperation with KFOR and NATO and to carry out their duties in line with
the Constitution, the laws of Kosovo and the Comprehensive Proposal on Kosovo‟s
Status,” it was said in a media statement issued by Minister Mujota.

Ice between KSF and KFOR (Express)
According to Express, the ice in relations between the KSF and KFOR has not yet
melted down and although officials from the KSF ministry tried to present the
disagreements with KFOR as a matter of the past, NATO officials don‟t believe this to
be the case. KFOR officials met Kosovo officials yesterday but they could not come
to a resolution of the problem, writes the paper.

With allies against Serbia (Express)
The paper writes that Serbia‟s newest initiative aimed at opening talks on Kosovo
status through a resolution at the UN General Assembly may increase dilemmas on
recognition of Kosovo‟s independence. The paper notes that Serbia is expected to
unveil the initiative at the upcoming annual session of the Assembly in autumn by
which time the International Court of Justice will have reached a ruling on the
legitimacy of Kosovo‟s declaration of independence.
Kosovo Foreign Minister Skender Hyseni said they are aware of Serbia‟s initiative.
“In fact, we were aware that after the end of proceedings at the ICJ, Serbia will
attempt to present new obstacles,” said Hyseni who also added that Kosovo is in full
coordination with its international allies and “we are convinced that the Security
Council, namely the General Assembly, will realize that Kosovo has concluded
negotiations issue.”

Feith requests “strict steps” against “inner circle” of government (dailies)
Koha Ditore reports that Kosovo authorities should fight corruption in the
government, including the dismissal of corrupted officials so as to mark progress in
integration towards European Union and to attract investments, stated the European
Union Special Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith.

Feith also said that Pristina cannot move forward with European integration without
close relations with the neighbors or without the determined fight against crime.
“When I am talking about the fight against corruption and organized crime, in my
concept this means that serious rigorous steps are needed,” said Feith and added that
“Kosovo needs to improve the image and its international reputation. It is important to
get rid of corrupted personalities in this place”, said Feith.

Government establishes six working groups for the north (dailies)
All dailies report that the Government of Kosovo has established six working groups
for the implementation of the strategy for the northern part of the country. At the
regular meeting of the government it was said that the six working groups would
consist of experts from the government, civil society and the opposition. One group
will work on the rule of law, one group will work on returns, reconciliation and
interethnic dialogue, one group will work on the social-economic development of the
region, one group will work on local government reforms, one work will focus on
building public services for citizens in that part of the country and the sixth group will
work on communication.

“I think the establishment of these six working groups is an initiative that will also
have a financial support through a special fund. The working groups will include
people from civil society and the opposition in order to have a unifying and national
agenda,” Prime Minister Thaçi was quoted as saying.

Government denies to have reached agreement with “Bechtel & Enka” (Koha)
Koha Ditore reports that officials from the Ministry of Transport and
Telecommunications say that negotiations with representatives of American-Turkish
consortium “Bechtel & Enka” for the construction of the Vërmica-Merdare highway
are still ongoing. The ministry officials did not confirm whether they have secured the
necessary funds for the project and there is also still no answer about the route of the
highway or when the contract with the winning company will be signed.

Vetëvendosja with a new strategy (Kosova Sot)
Kosova Sot reports that the Vetëvendosje Movement has changed its working strategy,
by establishing six committees for various fields and six secretariats that will work on
the enlargement of the movement. The paper also notes that the committees will soon
come out with their programmes and concrete solutions for every area.

Three individuals that committed suicide in Scotland, are not Kosovars (Koha)
Koha Ditore reports that Kosovo Ambassador in London confirmed yesterday that the
three individuals that committed suicide Sunday by jumping from a building in
Glasgow are not Kosovars as reported by AFP yesterday. “British authorities confirm
officially that the people that were suspected to be Kosovar citizens and committed
suicide yesterday, are not Kosovo citizens,” said Kosovo Ambassador Muhamet

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
      NATO diplomats: Kosovo leaders ignored our instructions
      Bajrami: Blitz-crisis
      Feith calls for steps against inner circle of power
      Without arms for KLA and Adem Jashari
      Women call for equality in education and employment
      MTPT: No agreement yet with Bechtel&Enka
      Six working groups for the north
      300 Albanians from Macedonia refugees in Kosovo
      Education in Albania and Kosovo with joint texts

Other headlines
      Participation at Brdo Summit, an unresolved problem (2)
      Minister Hyseni in Strasbourg (6)
      Three persons who committed suicide in Scotland are not Kosovars (7)
      Civil servants warn about a strike on March 15th (8)

Front page
      Collapse in courts
      Problems have not been overcome
      Mujota says KFOR-KSF disagreement has been overcome
      Anonymous in the race for Kosova e Re
      Maliqi: Homage for the moral of Prime Minister Zero
      Shala: Kosovo‟s reality and Serbia‟s illusion

Other headlines
      AAK suggests an apology to NATO (2)
      Civil administration to go on strike on March 15th (2)
      Six working groups for the strategy for the north (3)
      Prime Minister of Belgium visits Kosovo (3)

Kosova Sot

Front page
   Feith: The corrupted out of the government
   You are not an army
   Sejdiu „frozen‟, Mustafa prime minister
   Editorial: 9 March

Other headlines
   Strategy for security drafted (2)
   Unity on the north (3)
   Brdo conference with a statement on the region (3)
   Sejdiu expresses condolences to Gul for quake victims (4)
   President Topi met Minister Hoxhaj (4)
   Vetëvendosja with a new strategy (4)
   Albania determined to close chapter on „organ trade‟ (4)
   ORA, we are moving along well with LDK (5)
   IMF concludes three-week inspection (6)

Epoka e Re

Front page
   Pahor: I want Thaçi and Tadic in Brdo
   They reconcile with KFOR
   Mustafa: I will win even more convincingly
   Rexhepi: Third time lucky
   Six working groups on the north established

Other headlines
   Meta: We will cooperate to clarify organ trade (2)
   Three individuals that committed suicide not from Kosovo (2)
   Feith: Decrease of Pristina-Belgrade tensions, after ICJ decision (3)
   Women demand more rights (4)
   Ban Ki-moon‟s message for 8 March (4)
   Importance of decentralisation not to be underestimated (5)
   IMF team concludes visit to MEF (8)
   Albanian and Serb fire-fighters in a joint action (13)


Front page
   With allies against Serbia
   KFOR tricks
   Hope on loans
   Hamzaj: Game with KSF

Other headlines
   Selimi: Devil hides in the details (2)
   I want Thaçi and Tadic (4)
   Minister Hyseni in Strasburg (3)
   Feith: Better after the ICJ (4)
   With allies against Serbia (5)
   Strategy for strategy (7)
   Ice between KSF and KFOR (8)


Front page
   There is no punishment
   I will unite Thaçi and Tadic
   Returns favours to President

Other headlines
   Historic conference (3)
   Legitimate participation (3)
   AAK: Apologize to NATO (6)
   NATO, neutral toward status (7)
   With opposition and civil society (4)
   Feith: The corrupted, out of governing (4)

Bota Sot

Front page
   KFOR yelds to the Serbia‟s pressure

Other headlines
    Sejdiu: A strong woman is a strong nation an a strong state (2)
    Engagbement of Behgjet Pacolli in Kosovo (3)
    Lord Robertson makes parallels between the war in Kosovo and Afghanistan
    Opposition: Prime Ministger don‟t send as invitiations through the media! (6)
    Bribe is driving away foreign investors (8)
    Pahor explains to Thaçi details of the conference in Slovenia (10)


Front page
   In Brdo also Thaçi and Tadic

Other headlines
   Six groups for the strategy (2)
   “Serbia recognizes Kosovo” (4)
   No EU without vanishing of corruption (4)
   “Cramp” KFOR-KFOR, overcomed? (5)

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