Document Sample
					             ACRONYM LIST

Acronym    Acronym Meaning
A&A        Arrival & Assembly
AA&E       Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
AAA        Arrival & Assembly Area
AABFS      Amphibious Assault Bulk Fuel System
AABWS      Amphibious Assault Bulk Water System
AACG       Arrival Airfield Control Group
AAFES      Army – Air Force Exchange System
AAFS       Amphibious Assault Fuel System
AALPS      Automated Air Load Planning System
AAOE       Arrival & Assembly Operations Element
AAOG       Arrival & Assembly Operations Group
AAPLAN     Arrival & Assembly Plan
AAR        After Action Report
           Association of American Railroads
AAS        Aero-medical Airlift Squadron
AAV        Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAW        Anti-Air Warfare
AB         Able-Bodied Seaman
           Air Base
ABN        Airborne
ABS        American Bureau of Shipping
A/C        Aircraft
AC         Active Component
ACA        Air Clearance Authority
ACB        Amphibious Construction Battalion
ACC        Air Combat Command
ACCES      Automated Command & Control Evaluation System
ACCIS      Automated Command & Control Integration System
ACE        Air Combat Element
ACF        Air Contingency Force
ACFT       Aircraft
ACL        Allowable Cabin Load
ACLANT     Allied Command, Atlantic
ACO        Airfield Coordination Officer
ACU        Assault Craft Unit
ADA        Air Defense Artillery
A/DACG     Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
ADAL       Authorized Dental Allowance List
ADAM III   Aerial Port Documentation & Management System III
ADANS      Airlift Redeployment Analysis System

ADCON        Administrative Control
ADP          Automatic or Automated Data Processing
ADPE         Automatic or Automated Data Processing
ADS          Automated Data System
ADUSD (TP)   Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of
             Defense (Transportation Policy)
ADVON        Advanced Echelon
AECC         Aerial Evacuation Control Center
AF           Air Force
AFB          Air Force Base
AFCENT       Allied Forces Central Europe
AFFOR        Air Force Forces
AFIS         USAF Intelligence Service
AFLC         Air Force Logistics Command
AFMC         Air Force Materials Command
AFOE         Assault Force On Echelon
AFOG         Airfield Operations Group
AFR          Air Force Regulation
AFSC         Armed Forces Staff College
             Air Force Specialty Code
             Air Force Systems Command
AGR          Active Guard and Reserve
AGSE         Aviation Ground Support Equipment
AIG          Address Indicator Group
AIMS         Automated Information Management System
AIS          Automated Information System
AIT          Automatic Information Technology
ALCC         Airlift Control Center
ALCE         Airlift Control Element
ALD          Accounting Line Designator
             Available to Load Date
             Aviation Logistics Department
ALE          Airlift Liaison Element
ALOC         Air Line of Communications
AM           Amplitude Modulation
AM-2         Airfield Matting
AMAL         Authorized Medical Allowance List
AMC          Air Mobility Command
             Army Materiel Command
AMCC         Air Mobility Control Center
AMCCOM       U.S. Army Armament, Munitions & Chemical Command
AMD          Aviation Maintenance Division
AMDF         Army Master Data File
AME          Air Mobility Element
AMMO         Ammunition

AMOG      Air Mobility Operations Group
AMOPS     Army Mobility & Operations Planning System
AMOS      Air Mobility Operations Squadron
AMP       Analysis of Mobility Platform
AMPH      Amphibious
AMS       Air Mobility Squadron
AMSAA     Army Material Systems Analysis Activity
AMSEA     American Overseas Marine Corporation
ANGLICO   Air & Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANSI      American National Standards Institute
AO        Area of Operation
AOA       Amphibious Objective Area
AOC       Airlift Operations Center
          Army Operations Center
AOR       Area of Responsibility
APA       Army Prepositioned Afloat
APC       Armored Personnel Carrier
APCC      Aerial Port Control Center
APES      Aero-medical Patient Evacuation System
APF       Army Prepositioned Forces
APFT      Army Physical Fitness Test
APO       Army Post Office
APOD      Arial Port of Debarkation
APOE      Ariel Port of Embarkation
          Army Post Office Europe
APORTS    Aerial Ports & Air Operations Bases File (JOPS III)
APS       Afloat Prepositioned Squadron
ARC       Army Reserve Component
ARFOR     Army Forces
ARTY      Artillery
AS        Attachment Sheet
ASCII     American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASE       Aviation Support Element
ASL       Aviation Support Logistics
          Authorized Stockage List
ASLAR     Aircraft Surge Launch and Recovery
ASLT      Assault
ASMP      Army Strategic Mobility Program
ASMRO     Armed Services Medical Regulatory Office
ASP       Ammunition Storage Point
          Ammunition Supply Point
ASPUR     Automated Systems for Processing Unit Requirements
ASSETS    Transportation Assets File (JOPS III)
AT        Actual Time
          Arrival Time
          Annual Training

ATA           Actual Time of Arrival
ATC           Air Traffic Control
              Air Training Command
ATCMD         Advanced Transportation Control and Movement
ATD           Actual Time of Departure
ATF           Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
              Amphibious Task Force
ATLAS         All Terrain Lifter Army System
ATLASS        Asset Tracking for Logistics & Supply System
ATMCT         Air Terminal Movement Control Team
ATOC          Air Terminal Operation Center
ATON          Aids to Navigation
ATS           Ammunition Tracking System
AUEL          Automated Unit Equipment List
AUTH          Authorized
AUTO          Automotive
AUTODIN       Automatic Digital Network
AUTODIN/DMS   Automatic Digital Network/Defense Message System
AUTOSEVOCOM   Automatic Secure Voice Communications
AUTOVON       Automatic Voice Network (Now called DSN)
AV            AUTOVON
AVAIL         Available
AVG           Average
AVGAS         Aviation Gasoline
AVN           Aviation
AWR           Army War Reserve

BA            Basic Allowance
BAF           Brigade Afloat
BAUD          Roughly = bits per second data transfer rate
BB            Breakbulk (ship)
BBLS          Barrels (1BBL = 31.5 US gallons)
BCD           Bad Conduct Discharge
BCT           Basic Combat Training
BCTP          Battle Command Training Program
BDE           Brigade
BDS           Battlefield Distribution System
BDUS          Battle Dress Uniforms
BG            Brigadier General
BLD           Begin to Load Date
BLT           Battalion Landing Team
BMCT          Branch Movement Control Team
BMU           Beach Master Unit

BOG         Beach Operations Group
BOSG        Base Operations Support Group
BOSS        Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
BPA         Blanket Purchase Agreement
BPG         Beach Party Group
BPT         Beach Party Team
            Be Prepared To
BRAC        Base Realignment and Closure
BSA         Battalion Support Area
            Brigade Support Area
            Beach Support Area
BSSG        Brigade Service Support Group
BTU         Beach Termination Units (OPDS)
BU/D        Batch Upload/Download
BULK        Break bulk Cargo, non palletized or containerized

C           Combat
C2          Command & Control
C3          Command, Control & Communications
C4          Command, Control, Communications & Computers
            Plastic Explosive
C4I         Command, Control, Communications, Computers and
C4ISR       Command, Control, Communications, Computers
            Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C-Day       Deployment Operation Commencement Day
CAA         Component Approval Authority
CAC         Combined Arms Center (Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas)
CADS        Containerized Ammunition Distribution System
CAEMS       Computer Aided Embarkation Management System
CAGE        Contractor and Government Entity
CAI         Computer Aided Instruction
CALL        Center for Army Lessons Learned
CALMS       Computer Air Loading Management System
CAM         Commercial Air Movement
CAMS        Crisis Action Management System
            Commercial Air Movements
CANTELCAS   Cantilevered Elevated Causeway
CAP         Crisis Action Planning/Procedures
CAPS II     Consolidated Aerial Port System II
CAPSTONE    Wartime Assignment of Reserve Component Units
CARB        Commercial Airlift Review Board
CAS         Close Air Support
            Crisis Action System
CASCOM      Combined Arms Support Command (Ft. Lee, Virginia)

CASREP       Casualty Report
CAST         Combined Arms Staff Trainer
CAT          Crisis Action Team
CATF         Commander Amphibious Task Force
CAX          Combined Arms Exercise
CBBLS        Hundreds of Barrels
CBL          Commercial Bill of Lading
CBR          Chemical, Biological and Radiological
CC           Country Code
             Control Center
CCIS         Command & Control Information System
CCP          Container Consolidation Point
             Communications Check Point
CCS          Closed Commodity System
CCSS         Commodity Command Standard System
CD           Compact Disk
CDR          Commander
CDRL         Contract Data Requirements List
CDS          Construction Differential Subsidy
CE           Command Element
CEC          Combat Essential Code
             Civil Engineer Code
CECOM        Communications/Electronics CMD (Ft. Mommoth, NJ)
CENTCOM      Central Command
CESE         Civil Engineering Support Equipment
CFM          CONUS Freight Management
CFMS         CONUS Freight Management System
CFR          Crash, Fire & Rescue
CG           Commanding General
             Coast Guard
CGO          Cargo
CHAPGRU      Navy Cargo Handling and Port Group
CHAN         Channel
CHD          Cargo Handling Detachment
CHF          Chief
CHG          Change
CHOP         Change of Operational Control
CHSTR        Characteristics of Strategic Transportation Resources File
CI           Counterintelligence
CIA          Central Intelligence Agency
CIN          Cargo Increment Number
CINC         Commander In Chief
CINCAMC      CINC, Air Mobility Command
CINCCFC      CINC, Combined Forces Command
CINCENTCOM   CINC, US Central Command

CINCEUCOM    CINC, European Command
CINCJFCOM    CINC, Joint Forces Command
CINCPACOM    CINC, Pacific Command
CINCSOCOM    CINC, Special Operations Command
CINCSTRATCOM CINC, Strategic Forces Command
CINCTRANSCOM CINC, US Transportation Command
CIP          Component Improvement Program
CJCS         Chairman Joint Chief of Staff
CJTF         Commander Joint Task Force
CLASS        Classification
CLD          Critical Low Density
CLF          Commander Landing Force
CLZ          Craft Landing Zone
CMBT         Combat
CMC          Commandant of the Marine Corps
CMD          Command
CMD ELE      Command Element
CMDR         Commander
CMMC         Corps Material Management Center
CMR          Consolidated Memorandum Report
CMS          Crisis Management System
             Communications Security Material System
CMSS         Crisis Management Support System
CMT          Contract Maintenance Team
CNA          Center for Naval Analysis
CNO          Chief of Naval Operations
CNSO         Commander Naval Support Operations
COA          Course(s) of Action
COC          Combat Operations Center
COCOM        Combat Command
COFC         Container on Flatcar
COI          Communications Operating Instructions
             Certificate of Inspection
COMCARGRU    Commander Carrier Group
COMDESGRU    Commander Destroyer Group
COMDESRON    Commander Destroyer Squadron
COMINT       Communications Intelligence
COMM         Communications
COMMRFOR     Commander, Marine Corps Forces
COMMRFORLANT Commander, Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic
COMMRFORPAC Commander, Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
COMNAVFOR    Commander, US Navy Forces
COMNAVSURLANT Commander, US Navy Surface Force, Atlantic
COMNAVSURPAC Commander, US Navy Surface Force, Pacific

COMP         Component
COMPASS      Computerized Movement Planning Status System
COMPES       Contingency Operation Mobility Plan & Execution System
COMPHIBGRU   Commander, Amphibious Group
COMPHIBRON   Commander, Amphibious Squadron
COMPSRON     Commander, MPS Squadron
COMSC        Commander, Military Sealift Command
COMSEC       Communications Security
COMUFK       Commander, U.S. Forces Korea
CONF         Configuration
CONPLAN      Concept Plan
CONUS        Continental United States
CONUSA       Continental United States Army
COR          Contracting Officer’s Representative
CORE         Contingency Response Program
CORPS        Echelon Above Division
COSCOM       Corps Support Command
COT          Commander of Troops
COTP         Captain of the Port
CP           Command Post
             Check Point
             Critical Point
             Counter Proliferation
CPO          Civil Personnel Office
             Chief Petty Officer
CPU          Central Processing Unit
CPX          Command Post Exercise
CQB          Close Quarters Battle
CRAF         Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRC          CONUS Replacement Center
CRD          CINC’s Required Ready for Employment Date
CRUDEGRU     Cruiser Destroyer Group
CRT          Cathode Ray Tube
CS           Combat Support
             Riot Control Agent (Gas or Powder)
CSA          Chief of Staff, Army
             Corps Support Area
CSAR         Combat Search and Rescue
CSB          Corps Support Battalion/Brigade
CSC          Coastal Sea Control
CSCC         Coastal Sea Control Commander
CS/CSS       Combat Support / Combat Service Support
CSG          Corps Support Group
CSNF         Commander, Supporting Navy Forces
CSNP         Causeway Section Non-Powered

CSP       Causeway Section Powered
          Contingency Support Package
CSR       Controlled Supply Rate
CSS       Combat Service Support
CSSA      Combat Service Support Area
CSSCS     Combat Service Support Control System
CSSD      Combat Service Support Detachment
CSSE      Combat Service Support Control Element
CSSG      Combat Service Support Control Group
CSSOC     Combat Service Support Operations Center
CTA       Common Table of Allowances
CTU       Consolidated TOE Update
CU FT     Cubic Foot
CVBG      Carrier Battle Group

DA        Department of the Army
DAAS      Defense Automatic Addressing System
DACG      Departure Airfield Control Group
DAMMS     Department of the Army Movement Management System
DARPA     Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DART      Dynamic Analysis Replanning Tool
DAS       Deep Air Support
DASC      Direct Air Support Center
DASPS-E   Department of the Army Std Support System Enhanced
DB        Data Base
          Daily Bulletin
DBA       Data Base Administration
DCA       Defense Communications Agency
          Deployment Control Activity
DCD       Data Collection Device
DCM       Dangerous Cargo Manifest
DCO       Debark Control Officer
DCS       Defense Communications System
          Deputy Chief of Staff
DCSLOG    Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSOPS    Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
DCSPER    Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCU       Deployment Control Unit
          Debark Control Unit
D-DAY     Day on Which a Military Operation Commences
DDN       Defense Data Network
DDPS      Dual Driver Protection Service
DEFCON    Defense Readiness Condition
DEH       Directorate of Engineering and Housing
DEMSTAT   Deployment, Employment, Mobilization Status System

DEP      Deployable
DEPSOP   Deployment Standard Operating Procedure
DESGRU   Destroyer Group
DEST     Destination
DET      Detachment
DF       Direction Finding
         Distribution Form
DFRIF    Defense Freight Rail Interface Fleet
DFSC     Defense Fuel Supply Center
DI       Document Identifier
         Drill Instructor
DIA      Defense Intelligence Agency
DIS      Defense Investigation Service
DISA     Defense Information Service Agency
DISCH    Discharge
DISCOM   Division Support Command
DIV      Division
DLA      Defense Logistics Agency
DLI      Defense Language Institute
DMA      Defense Mapping Agency
DMC      Defense Movement Coordinator
DMRIS    Defense Medical Readiness Information System
DN       DDPS with National Agency Check
DOA      Dead On Arrival
DOC      Document
DOD      Department of Defense
DODAAC   Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DODCSS   DOD Constant Surveillance Service
DODIC    Department of Defense Identification Code
DODIIS   DOD Intelligence Information System
DODISS   DOD Index of Specifications & Standards
DOE      Department of Energy
DOL      Department of Labor
         Directorate of Logistics
DON      Department of the Navy
DOS      Department of State
         Disk Operating System
DOT      Department of Transportation
DPT      Departure
DRM      Defense Resource Management Office
DRMO     Defense Reutilization Management Office
DRM&S    Data Resources Management and Standardization
DS       Direct Support
DSC      Deployment Support Command

DSCS       Defense Satellite Communications System
DS/GS      Direct Support/General Support
DSN        Defense Switching Network
DSS/ALOC   Direct Support System/Air Lines of Communication
DTAV       DOD Total Assets Visibility (Plan)
DTG        Date Time Group
DTR        Defense Transportation Regulation
DTO        Division Transportation Officer
DTS        Defense Transportation System
DTTS       Defense Transportation Tracking System

EA         Electronic Attack
EAC        Echelon Above Corps
EAD        Earliest Arrival Date
EAF        Expeditionary Airfield
EBFL       Extended Boom Forklift
ECAC       Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECCM       Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
ECE        Executive Coordination Element
ECM        Electronic Counter Measures
ECO        Embarkation Control Office
EDD        Estimated Departure Date
EDI        Electronic Data Interchange
EDL        Equipment Density List
EEI        Essential Elements of Information
E/L        Equipment List
ELEC       Electric
ELINT      Electronic Intelligence
E-MAIL     Electronic Mail
EMCC       Enroute Movement Control Center
ENL        Enlisted
EOD        Explosive Ordnance Detail
EOM        End of Month
EP         Electronic Protection
EPW        Enemy Prisoner of War
EQIP       Equipment
ERO        Equipment Repair Order
ERP        Equipment Reception Point
ERS        Expeditionary Refuel System
ESB        Enroute Supply Base
           Engineer Support Battalion
ESQD       Explosive Safety Quantity Distance
ETA        Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD        Estimated Time of Departure
ETM        Electronic Transmitted Message

ETR       Estimated Time of Repair
          Estimated Time of Return
          Estimated Time of Release
          Export Traffic Release
EUCOM     European Command
EUSA      Eight U.S. Army (Korea & Japan)
EW        Electronic Warfare
EWS       Electronic Warfare Support
EWSM      Electronic Warfare Support Measures

FAA       Federal Aviation Administration
FAC       Forward Air Control
FAD       Force Activity Designator
FAK       Freight of All Kinds
F/L       Force List
FAM       Familiarization
FAPES     Force Augmentation & Planning Execution System
FAR       Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST      Fleet Antiterrorist Security Team
FAX       Facsimile Transmission
FBT       Fuel Bar Trioxine
FCT       Fire Control Team
FDC       Fire Direction Center
FDP&E     Force Deployment Planning & Execution
FEBA      Forward Edge of Battle Area
FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FF        Ferry Flight
FH        Fleet Hospital
F-HOUR    Effective Time of Announcement to Mobilize Reserve Unit
FIC       Fleet Intelligence Center
FIE       Fly In Echelon
FIFO      First In – First Out
FISP      Fly-in Support Package
FLIR      Forward Looking Infrared Radar
FLO/FLO   Float On/Float Off
FLOT      Forward Line Of Troops
FLT       Flight
FLTCINC   Fleet Commander in Chief
FM        Force Module
          Field Manual
          Frequency Modulation
FMCC      Force Movement Control Center
FMF       Fleet Marine Force
FMFLANT   Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic

FMFM       Fleet Marine Force Manual
FMFPAC     Fleet Marine Force, Pacific
FMFRP      Fleet Marine Force Reference Publication
FMS        Foreign Military Sales
FOB        Forward Operating Base
           Free On Board
FOD        Foreign Object Damage
FON        Freedom of Navigation
FORSCOM    US Army Forces Command
FORECON    Force Reconnaissance
FOS        Follow On Sustainment
FSB        Forward Support Battalion
FSC        Fire Support Center
FSCC       Fire Support Coordination Center
FSCL       Fire Support Coordination Line
FSMAO      Field Supply & Maintenance Analysis Office
FSO        Foreign Service Officer
           Fire Support Officer
           Force Security Officer
FSOC       Force Security Operations Center
FSS        Fast Sealift Ships
FSSG       Force Service Support Group
FSSG-FWD   Force Service Support Group Forward
FT         Feet
FW         Fixed Wing (Aircraft)
FY         Fiscal Year

GATES      Global Air Transportation Execution System
GBL        Government Bill of Lading
GCCS       Global Command and Control System
GCE        Ground Combat Element
GDSS       Global Decision Support System
GIUK       Greenland, Iceland and United Kingdom
GMF        Ground Mobile Force
GOPLAT     Gas and Oil Platform Operations
GPH        Gallons Per Hour
GPS        Global Positioning System
GSA        Government Services Administration
GTN        Global Transportation Network
GTS        Global Transportation System

HAZMAT     Hazardous Material
HDC        Harbor Defense Command/Commander

HDCU      Harbor Defense Command Unit
HEMTT     Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
HERS      Helicopter Expedient Refueling System
HET       Heavy Equipment Transport
HF        Higher Frequency
HGT       Height
H-Hour    Hour on D-Day When Hostilities Commence
HHQ       Higher Headquarters
HL        Heavy Lift
HLZ       Helicopter Landing Zone
HM        Hazardous Material
HMA       High Memory Area
HMH       Helicopter Marine Heavy Squadron
HMLA      Helicopter Marine Light/Attack Squadron
HMM       Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron
HMMWV     High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle
HMR       Hazardous Material Regulation
HMS       His/Her Majesty’s Ship
HN        Host Nation
HNS       Host Nation Support
HNSA      Host Nation Support Agreement
HOST      Headquarters On-Line System for Transportation
HQ        Headquarters
HQDA      Headquarters Department of the Army
HQ USA    Headquarters United States Army
HQ USAF   Headquarters United States Air Force
HQ USCG   Headquarters United States Coast Guard
HQ USMC   Headquarters United States Marine Corps
HQ USN    Headquarters United States Navy
HR        Human Remains
          Human Resources
HSS       Health Service Support
HTC       Home Training Center (Reserves)
HUMINT    Human Intelligence
HVY LFT   Heavy Lift
HW        Hazardous Waste
HZD       Hazardous Cargo

I&EWBN    Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Battalion
IATA      International Air Transport Association
IAW       In Accordance With
IBS       International Booking System
IBU       Inshore Boat Unit
ICAO      International Civil Aviation Organization
ICODES    Improved Computerized Deployment System

ICP        Inventory Control Point
IDC        Intransit Data Card
IFAR       Item Frequency Analysis Report
IFR        Instrument Flight Rules
IHR        In-Extremis Hostage Report
IIP        Initial Issue Provisioning
ILOGS      Integrated Logistics Systems
IMA        Intermediate Maintenance Activities
IMAPS      Integrated Military Airlift Planning System
IMCO       International Maritime Organization
IMINT      Imagery Intelligence
IMRL       Individual Material Readiness List
INFO       Information
INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite
INSP       Inspection
INST       Installation
INTSUM     Intelligence Summary
I/O        Input/Output
IPAC       Intelligence Center Pacific
IPR        In Process Review
IRR        Individual Ready Reserve
IS         Information System
ISAR       Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISB        Intermediate Staging Base
ISC        Information Systems Command (Ft. Huachuca, AZ)
ISEC       Information Systems Engineering Command
ISO        International Standards Organization
ISSA       Inter-Service Support Agreement
ISSC       Inter-Service Supply Support Coordinator
ITG        Initial Terminal Guidance
ITO        Installation Transportation Office/Officer
ITT        Interrogation and Translation Team
ITV        In-Transit Visibility
IUW        Inshore Undersea Warfare
IVIPS      Integrated Vessel Information Planning System

J-1        Joint Personnel Staff
J-2        Joint Intelligence Staff
J-3        Joint Operations Staff
J-4        Joint Logistics Staff
J-5        Joint Planning Staff
J-6        Joint C4
J-7        Joint Civil Affairs
J-8        Joint Resource Management
JA/ATT     Joint Airborne/Air Transportability Training

JANI       JOPES Application Network Interface
JAO        Joint Area of Operations
JCCO       Joint Container Control Office
JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff
JDA        Joint Deployment Agency
JDC        Joint Deployment Community
JDISS      Joint Deployment Intelligence Support System
JDS        Joint Deployment System
JFACC      Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFAST      Joint Flow & Analysis System for Transportation
JFC        Joint Force Commander
JFCOM      Joint Forces Command
JFLCC      Joint Force Land Component Commander
JFMCC      Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
JI         Joint Inspection
JIC        Joint Intelligence Center
JIT        Just In Time Manufacturing or Shipment of Materials
JLOTS      Joint Logistics Over The Shore
JMC        Joint Movement Control
JMCIS      Joint Maritime Command Information System
JOA        Joint Operations Area
JOPES      Joint Operational Planning & Execution System
JOPS       Joint Operational Planning System
JOPS III   Joint Operational Planning System ADP Support
JP         Joint Publication
JPEC       Joint Planning & Execution Community
JPM        Joint Program Manager
JPO        Joint Petroleum Officer
JS         Joint Staff
JSCP       Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JTAO       Joint Tactical Air Operations
JTB        Joint Transportation Board
JTF        Joint Task Force
JTMO       Joint Traffic Management Office

KB         Kilobytes
KC         Refueling & Cargo Aircraft
KIA        Killed In Action
KO         Contracting Officer
KTS        Knots
KW         Kilowatt

LAAD       Low Altitude Air Defense

LAAM         Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion
LACV         Lighter Air Cushioned Vehicle
LAD          Latest Arrival Date
LAMS         Local Asset Management System
LAN          Local Area Network
LANTCOM      U.S. Atlantic Command
LANTFLT      U.S. Atlantic Fleet
LAP          Letter of Adoption and Procurement
LAR          Logistics Assistance Representative
LARC         Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo
LASH         Lighter Aboard Ship
LAV          Light Armored Vehicle
LCA          Logistic Control Activity
LCM          Landing Craft Mechanized
LCO          Lighterage Control Officer
LCT          Lighterage Control Team
LCU          Landing Craft Utility
LD           Load
             Line of Departure
LFADS        Landing Force Assets Distribution System
LFSP         Landing Force Support Party
LG or LGTH   Length
L-Hour       Hour Movement Begins on C-Day
LHC          Local Harbor Command
LIA          Logistics Integration Agency
LIF          Logistic Intelligence File
LIFO         Last In—First Out
LMCC         Logistics Movement Control Center
LMI          Logistics Management Institute
LMIS         Logistic Management Information System
LMSR         Large Medium Speed Roll On/Roll Off Ship
LOC          Lines Of Communications
             Logistics Operations Center
LOG          Logistics
LOGAIS       Logistics Automated Information System
LOGMARS      LOG Application, Automated Marking & Reading
LOGSA        Logistics Support Activity U.S. Army Materiel Command
LOGSAFE      Logistics Sustainment Analysis & Feasibility Estimator
LOI          Letter of Instruction
LOS          Line of Sight
LOTS         Logistics Over The Shore
LPD          Landing Platform Dock
LPH          Landing Platform Helicopter
LSB          Landing Support Battalion
LSO          Landward Security Officer

             Landing Signal Officer
LSV          Logistics Support Vessel
LVS          Logistics Vehicle System
LZ           Landing Zone

MACCS        Marine Air Command & Control System
MACG         Marine Air Control Group
MACOM        Major Command (i.e. FORSCOM)
MACS         Marine Air Control Squadron
MAF          Marine Amphibious Force
MAG          Marine Air Group
MAGTF        Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MAGTF II     Marine Air-Ground Task Force II System
MAGLEV       Magnetic Levitation
MAISRC       Major Automated Information Systems Review Committee
MAJCOM       Major Command (Air Force)
MALS         Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALSP        Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program
MAP          Military Assistance Program
MAPS II      Mobility Analysis & Planning System II
MARAD        Maritime Administration
MARDEFCOM    Maritime Defense Command
MARDIV       Marine Division
MARFOR       USMC Forces
MARFORLANT   USMC Forces, Atlantic
MARFORPAC    USMC Forces, Pacific
MARLOG       Marine Logistics
MASH         Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASS         Marine Air Support Squadron
MAST         Mobile Ashore Support Terminal
MAT          Mobilization Assistance Team
MATCAT       Materiel Category Code
MAU          Marine Amphibious Unit
MAW          Marine Aircraft Wing
MAX          Maximum
MCA          Movement Control Agency
MCAS         Marine Corps Air Station
MCC          Maritime Component Commander
             Movement Control Center
MCDC         USMC Combat Development Command
MCDS         Modular Cargo Delivery System
MCLB         USMC Logistics Base
MCM          Mine Countermeasures
MCMC         USMC Maintenance Contractor

MCO         Movement Control Order
            Marine Corps Order
MCT         Movement Control Team
MCWP        Marine Corps Warfare Publication
M-DAY       Day Mobilization Begins
MDC         Movement Designator Code
MDEP        Management Decision Execution Program
MDL         Military Debarkation Line
            MAGTF Data Library
MDSS II     MAGTF Deployment Support System II
MDSU        Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit
MDZLANT     Maritime Defense Command Atlantic
MDZPAC      Maritime Defense Command Pacific
ME          Marine Enlisted
MEB         Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MECH        Mechanic
MEDEVAC     Medical Evacuation
MEDLOGS     Medical Logistics
MEF         Marine Expeditionary Force
MEF (FWD)   Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward)
MEP         Mobile Electrical Power
METL        Mission Essential Task List
METS II     Military Traffic Export System II
METT-T      Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops & Time Available
MEU         Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEU (SOC)   Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
MF          Maintenance Facility
MFL         Master Force List
MFR         Memorandum For Record
MHE         Material Handling Equipment
MHZ         Megahertz
MI          Military Impedimenta
            Military Intelligence
MICOM       Missile Command
MIDA        Model for Intertheater Deployment for Air and Sea
            (MTMC TEA)
MIJI        Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference
MILOGS      Marine Corps Integrated Logistics System
MILNET      Military Network
MILSTAMP    Military Standard Transportation & Movement Procedures
MIL-STD     Military Standard
MILSTEP     Military Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedures
MILSTRIP    Military Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures
MILVAN      Military Van
MIMMS       USMC Integrated Maintenance Management System

MIO        Maritime Intercept Operations
MIPS       Maritime Integrated Personnel System
MISC       Miscellaneous
MITLA      Microcircuit Technology in Logistics Application
MIUW       Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare
MIUWU      Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit
MLE        MGTF Liaison Unit
MLOGS      Multifunctional Logistics System
MLRS       Multiple Launch Rocket System
MMAP       MTMC Mobility Action Plan
MMC        MPF Maintenance Cycle
MMF        Mobile Maintenance Facility
MMO        Maintenance, Maintenance Officer
MMQ        Merchant Marine Qualified
MO         Mode of Operation
           Marine Officer
MOA        Memorandum Of Agreement
MOB        Mobilization
MOB-ODEE   MOB Operations Deployment/Employment Execution
MODE       Mode of Transportation
MOG        Maximum On Ground
MOGAS      Unleaded Gasoline
MOLO       MAGTF Off-Load Liaison Officer
MOLT       MAGTF Off-Load Liaison Team
MOMAT      Mobile Matting
MOOTW      Military Operations Other Than War
MOS        Military Occupational Specialty
MOT        Military Ocean Terminal
MOTSU      Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point
MOU        Memorandum Of Understanding
MOUT       Military Operations in Urban Terrain
MOV        Military Owned Vehicle
MP         Military Police
MPA        Maritime Patrol Aircraft
MPC        Main Planning Conference
MPE        Mode To Port of Embarkation
MPE/S      Maritime Prepositioned Equipment & Supplies
MPF        Maritime Prepositioning Force
MPF (E)    Maritime Prepositioning Force (Enhancement)
MPOX       Mobility Planning and Execution System
MPS        Maritime Prepositioning Ship
MPSA       Military Postal Service Agency
MPSRON     Maritime Prepositioned Ship Squadron
MRC        Major Regional Conflict
MRDB       Material Returns Data Base
MRE        Meals Ready to Eat

MRL            Master Requirements List
MRO            Material Release Order
MRS            Mobility Requirement Study
MRS-BURU       Mobility Requirement Study Bottom Up Review Update
MRT            Material Readiness Test
MSB            Main Support Battalion
MSC            Military Sealift Command
               Major Subordinate Command
MSE            Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSEL           Master Scenario Event List
MSP            Maritime Security Program
MSPF           Maritime Special Purpose Force
MSR            Main Supply Route
MSSG           MEU Service Support Group
MSU            Mine Search Unit
MT             Motor Transportation
               Measurement Ton
               Movement Table
MTACCS         USMC Tactical Command & Control System
MTACS          USMC Tactical Air Control Squadron
MTF            Message Text Format
               Medical Treatment Facility
MTMC           Military Traffic Management Command
MTOE           Modified Table of Organization & Equipment
MTON           Measurement Ton (40 cubic ft.)
               Metric Ton (2204.6 lbs.)
MTT            Mobile Training Team
MTW            Major Theater of War
MTX            Military Traffic Expediting Service
MV             Motor Vehicle
MWCS           Marine Wing Communications Squadron
MWHS           Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron
MWSG           Marine Wing Support Group
MWSS           Marine Wing Support Squadron

NAF            Numbered Air Force
               Non-Appropriated Funds
NAFTA          North American Free Trade Agreement
NALCOMIS       Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management
               Information System
NALMEF         Norway Air-Landed Marine Expeditionary Force
NAS            Naval Air Station
NATO           North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAIRSYSCOM   Naval Air Systems Command
NAVBEACHGRU    Naval Beach Group

NAVCHAPGRU     Navy Cargo Handling and Port Group
NAVCOMP        Navy Component
NAVEUR         United States Naval Forces, Europe
NAVFACENGCOM   Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFOR         Navy Forces
NAVMAT         United States Naval Materiel Command
NAVMC          Navy Marine Corps
NAVMTO         Naval Material Transportation Office
NAVSEA         Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSOUTH       United States Naval Forces, Southern Command
NAVSUPINST     Naval Supply Systems Command Instructions
NBC            Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBG            Naval Beach Group
NBR/NR/NO      Number
NCA            National Command Authorities
NCC            Navy Component Command
NCF            Naval Construction Force
NCHF           Navy Cargo Handling Force
NCIS           Naval Criminal Intelligence Command
NCO            Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOIC          Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCS            Naval Control of Shipping
NCSO           Naval Control of Shipping Organization
NCW            Naval Coastal Warfare
NCWC           Naval Coastal Warfare Commander
NCWGRU         Naval Coastal Warfare Group
NDAA           National Defense Authorization Act 1994
NDI            Non-Destructive Inspection
NDRF           Naval Defense Reserve Fleet
NDTA           National Defense Transportation Association
NE             Navy Enlisted
NEAT           Naval Embarked Advisory Team
NEO            Non-combatant Evacuation Operations
NET            No Earlier Than
NEW            Net Explosive Weight
NFAF           Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force
NICP           National Inventory Control Point
NIS            Naval Investigative Service
NIST           National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIPRNET        Unclassified (but sensitive) Internet Protocol Router
NLO            Naval Liaison Officer
NLT            No Later Than
NM             Nautical Mile
NMCB           Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCC           National Military Command Center

NMCS     National Military Command System
NMIC     National Military Intelligence Center
NMS      National Military Strategy
NO       Navy Officer
NOFORN   Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOIBN    Not Otherwise Identified by Name
NPIC     National Photography Intelligence Center
NS       Naval Station
NSA      National Security Agency
NSC      National Security Council
NSE      Navy Support Element
NSN      National Stock Number
NSS      National Security Strategy
NSW      Naval Special Warfare
NTPF     Near Term Prepositioning of Forces
NTPS     Near Term Prepositioned Ships
NTSB     National Transportation Safety Board
NVG      Night Vision Goggles
NWP      Naval Warfare Publication
NWS      Naval Weapons Station

OAS             Offensive Air Support
OCBO            Ocean Cargo Booking Office
OCCA            Ocean Cargo Clearance Authority
OCO             Off-Load Control Officer
OCONUS          Outside the Continental United States
OCU             Off-load Control Unit
ODISC4          Office of the Director of Information Systems for
                Command, Control, Communication, and
ODS             Operating Differential Subsidy
OET             Office of Emergency Transportation
OFF             Officer
OFL             Offload
OH              Operational Handbook
OIC             Officer in Charge
O&MA            Operation and Maintenance Army
OMB             Office of Management and Budget
OMFTS           Operational Maneuver From the Sea
ONL             Onload
OOTW            Operations Other Than War
OPA             Other Procurement, Army
OPCOM           Operational Command
OPCON           Operational Control
OPDEC           Operational Deception

OPDS        Offshore Petroleum Discharge System
OPER        Operator
OPFAC       Operational Facility
OPFOR       Opposing Force
OPLAN       Operations Plan
OPLAN-ID    Operation Plan Identification
OPNAV       Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNAVINST   Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction
OPORD       Operations Order
OPP         Off-load Preparation Party
OPSEC       Operational Security
ORD         Ordnance
ORG         Organization
OSD         Office of the Secretary of Defense
OST         Order Ship Time
OTC         Officer in Tactical Command
OTH         Over-the-Horizon
OUT         Outsize Cargo
OVER        Oversize Cargo

PAC                Pacific
PACAF              Pacific Air Forces
PACFLT             U.S. Pacific Fleet
PACOM              Pacific Command
PAX                Passengers
PBD                Program Budget Division
PC                 Personal Computer
PCO                Primary Control Officer
PCS                Permanent Change of Station
PE                 Practical Exercise
PEI                Principle End Item
PEO                Program Executive Officer
PERM               Permanent
PERS               Personnel
PFP                Partnership for Peace
PHIBCB             Amphibious Construction Battalion
PHIBRON            Amphibious Squadron
PHIBGRU            Amphibious Group
PID                Plan Identifier
PIN                Personnel Increment Number; Plan
                   Identification Number
PIP                Product Improvement Program
PLL                Prescribed Load List
PLRS               Position Location Reporting System
PLS                Palletized Load System

PM            Program Manager; Project Manager
PMO           Program Management Office
PO            Prepositioning Objective; Petty Officer
POC           Point of Contact
POD           Port of Debarkation (APOD-Aerial, SPOD-
              Sea, WPOD-Water)
POE           Port of Embarkation (APOE, SPOE, WPOE)
POG           Port Operations Group
POI           Program of Instruction
POL           Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants
POM           Preposition of Material
              Program Objective Memorandum
POMCUS        Prepositioned Material Configured to Unit
POSIX         Portable Operating System Interface for
              Computer Environment
POV           Privately Owned Vehicle
PPBS          Planning Programming Budgeting System
PPE           Personal Protective Equipment
PPMG          Prepositioning Program Management Group
PP&P          Preservation, Packing, and Packaging
PRC           Passenger Reservation Center
PREPO         Prepositioning
PRI           Priority
PROJCODE      Project Code
PSA           Personnel Support Activity
PSDN          Packet Switching Data Network
PSP           Preposition Stock Point; Personnel Support
PSRC          Presidential Reserve Call-Up
PSRO          Passenger Standing Route Order
PSU           Port Security Unit
PSU TRADET    Port Security Unit Training Detachment
PTP           Pre-deployment Training Program
PWR           Prepositioned War Reserve
PWRM          Prepositioned War Reserve Material

QA            Quality Assurance
QC            Quality Control
QIR           Quality Inspection Report
QMS           Quarter Master School
QTR           Quarter

R&S       Reconnaissance and Surveillance
RAC       Readiness Acceptance Check
RAOC      Rear Area Operations Center
RBE       Remain Behind Equipment
RC        Reserve Component(s)
RCAPS     Remote Consolidated Aerial Port System
RCAS      Reserve Computer Automated System
RCCA      Reserve Component Call-up Authority
RD        Research & Development
RDBMS     Relational Database Management System
RDD       Required Delivery Date
RDL       Reference Data Line
RECAP     Recapitulation Sheet
RECON     Reconstitution
REEFER    Refrigerated
REQ       Requirement(s)
RETRO     Retrograde
RF        Radio Frequency
RFP       Request for Proposal
RIC       Route Identification Code
RLD       Ready to Load Date (at Origin)
RMCC      Readiness and Movement Coordination
RMF       Ready Mobility Force
RMK       Remark
ROD       Report of Discrepancy
ROE       Rules of Engagement
RORO      Roll On / Roll Off (Ship)
ROS       Reduced Operational Status
ROWPU     Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
RP        Reception Party
RPT       Report
RRDF      Roll On / Roll Off Discharge Facility
RRF       Ready Reserve Fleet
RR        Ready Reserve
RSA       Regional Storage Area
RSO&I     Reception, Staging, Onward Movements and
RSS       Rail Surveillance Service
RSSC      Radar-Sonar Surveillance Center
RTC       Rough Terrain Crane
RTCH      Rough Terrain Container Handler
RTD       Replacement Task Distribution; Return to

RTG             Reconnaissance Technical Groups
RTM             Return to MARAD
RU              Release Unit
RUT             Relevant, Usable, Timely (in Intelligence)
RW              Rotary Wing

SA              Secretary of the Army
SAAM            Special Assignment Airlift Mission
SAAS            Standard Army Ammunition System
SAD             Scheduled Arrival Date (at POD)
SAFB            Scott Air Force Base, IL
SAILORD         Sail Order
SAL             Strategic Air Leg
SALM            Single Anchor Leg Mooring
SALT            Supporting Arms Liaison Team
SAM             Special Airlift Mission
SAMMS           Standard Automated Material Management
SAR             Search and Rescue
SARSS           Standard Army Retail Supply System
SATCOM          Satellite Communication
SB              Switch Board
SBU             Special Boat Unit
SCH or SCHED    Schedule; Scheduled
SCTY            Security
SCU             Satellite Communications Unit
SDACC           Self-Deploying Aircraft Control Center
SDS             Standard Depot System
SE              Supporting Establishment
SEABEE          Seabee Ship/Barge
SEACOP          Strategic Sealift Contingency Planning
SEASTRAT        Sealift Strategic Planning System (MSC)
SECAF           Secretary of the Air Force
SECDEF          Secretary of Defense
SECNAV          Secretary of the Navy
SECREP          Secondary Reparable
SECT            Section
SEDRE           Sea Emergency Deployment Readiness
SEVS            Security Escort Vehicle Security
SI              Selective Interchange
SIDPERS         Standard Installation/Division Personnel
SIGCEN          Signal Center

SIGINT      Signal Intelligence
SIMA        System Integration Management Agency
SIOP        Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIPRNET     Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SITREP      Situation Report
SJA         Staff Judge Advocate
SKO         Sets, Kits, and Outfits
SL-3        Stock List-3 (component listing)
SLA         Strategic Logistics Agency
SLOC        Sea Lines of Communication
SLRP        Survey Liaison and Reconnaissance Party
SLWT        Side Loadable Warping Tug
SM          Service Member
SMAT        Supply Maintenance Assistance Team
SMCR        Selected Marine Corps Reserve
SMEAC       Situation, Mission, Execution,
            Administration and Logistics, Command
            and Signal
SMESA       Special Middle East Sealift Agreement
SMESA-RG    SMESA Rate Guide
SMO         Strategic Mobility Officer
SMP         Strategic Mobility Plan
SMSF        Special Mission Support Force
SMSS        Satellite Motor Surveillance Service
SNCO        Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
SNCOIC      Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
SNF         Supporting Navy Forces
SOA         Speed of Advance
SOC         Special Operations Capable
SOCEX       Special Operations Capable Exercise
SOCOM       Special Operations Command
SOF         Special Operations Force
SOFA        Status of Forces Agreement
SOMS        State Owned Mobilization Station
SORTS       Status of Readiness Training System; Status
            of Resources and Training Systems
SOP         Standard Operating Procedures
SOS         Special Operations Squadron
SOSG        Special Operations Support Group
SOUTHCOM    Southern Command
SOW         Statement of Work
SP          Self-propelled
SPACECOM    Space Command
SPLC        Standard Point Location Code
SPMAGTF     Special Purpose MAGTF
SPOD        Seaport of Debarkation

SPOE          Seaport of Embarkation
SPVR          System of Predetermining Unit
SPWS          Shipment Planning Worksheet
SQ            Square
SQ FT         Square Feet
SQL           Structured Query Language
SRC           Security Risk Category
SRIG          Surveillance, Reconnaissance and
              Intelligence Group
SRO           Standing Route Order
SRP           Sealift Readiness Program
SS            Steam Ship
SSA           Supply Support Activity
SSC           Supply Status Code
              Smaller Scale Contingency
SSF           Strategic Sealift Force
SSES          Special Signals Exploitation System
SSN           Social Security Number
SSO           Seaward Security Officer
SSS           Strategic Sealift Ship
S&T           Supply and Transport
ST            Service Test, Short Tour, Sustainment
              Training, Start Time, Short Ton
STA or STN    Station
STAMIS        Standard Army Management Information
STANAG        Standardized Agreement (NATO)
STARC         State Army Reserve Component
STAT          Status
STBD          Starboard
STD           Standard System Test Description
STOL          Short Takeoff and Landing
STON          Short Ton (2000 lbs.)
STRACNET      Strategic Rail Corridor Network
STRADS        Strategic Deployment System
STRAHNET      Strategic Highway Network
STRAF         Strategic Air Force
STRATCOM      Strategic Forces Command
STS           Ship-to-Shore
SU            Shipping Unit
SUDAPS        Shipboard Automated Data Processing
SUROB         Surf Observation Report
SUP           Supply
SUPO          Supply Officer

SVC         Service or Service Code
SWA         Southwest Asia
SYS         System

T/A         Table of Allowance
T/E         Table of Equipment
T/M/S       Type/Model/Series
T/O         Table of Organization
T-ACS       Auxiliary Crane Ship
T-AH        Hospital Ship
T-AK        Vehicle Cargo Ship
T-AKR       Algol Vehicle Cargo Ship
T-AVB       Aviation Logistics Support Ship
TAA         Tactical Assembly Area
TAAT        Technical Assistance and Advisory Team
TAC         Transportation Account Code
TACC        Tactical Air Command Center
            Tanker Airlift Control Center
TACCS       Tactical Army Combat Service Support
            (CSS) Computer System
TACMEMO     Tactical Memorandum
TACMIS      Tactical Management Information System
TACON       Tactical Control
TAD         Temporary Additional Duty
TAFDS       Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing System
TALCE       Tanker Airlift Control Element
TALO        Theater Airlift Liaison Officer
TAM         Table of Authorized Material
TAMCA       Theater Army Movement Control Agency
TAMCN       Table of Authorized Material Control
TAMMC       Theater Army Material Management Center
TAMMIS      Theater Army Medical Management
            Information System
TAOC        Tactical Air Operations Center
TARPS       Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Pod System
TAV         Total Asset Visibility
TBD         To be Determined
TBP         To be Published
TC          Transportation Coordinator
TC-ACCIS    Transportation Coordinator Automated
            Command and Control Information System
TC-AIMS     Transportation Coordinators Automated
            Information for Movement System

TCC          Transportation Component Command
             (AMC, MSC, MTMC)
TCDF         Temporary Container Discharge Facility
TCDIS        Transportation Coordinator Deployment
             Information System (extended to ACCIS)
TCP          Traffic Control Point
TCJ3/4-ODE   Exercise Branch
TCJ3/4-ODD   Functional Database Management (FDBM)
TCJ3/4-J     USTRANSCOM JOPES Project Group
TCJ5-P       Programs Branch
TCJ5-ST      Strategy Branch
TCJ6         USTRANSCOM Command, Control,
             Communications, and Computer Systems
TCJ6-D       USTRANSCOM, Development Division
TCJ6-DA      Analysis and Design Branch
TCJ6-DT      Test Branch
TCJ8         USTRANSCOM Program Analysis and
             Financial Management Directorate
TCJD         USTRANSCOM, Directorate of Deployment
TCMD         Transportation Control and Movement
TCN          Transportation Control Number
TDA          Table of Distribution and Allowances
TDR          Transportation Discrepancy Report
TDS          Total Distribution System
TDY          Temporary Duty
TEA          Transportation Engineering Agency
TERI         Table of Equipment Ready for Issue
TERMS E/I    Terminal Management System
             Export/Import (MTMC)
TEU          Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
             (ISO Containers)
TEWT         Tactical Exercise Without Troops
TF           Task Force
TFE          Twenty Foot Equivalents (containers)
             Transportation Feasibility Estimate (GCCS)
TFG          Transportation Facilities Guide
TFMS         Transportation Financial Management
TFP          Total Fielding Package
TGBL         Through Government Bill of Lading
TISA         Troop Issue Support Activity
TL           Truck Load
TL2          Transportation Lessons Learned

TM           Technical Manual
TMCA         Transportation Movement Control Agency
TMO          Transportation Movement Officer
TMS          Transportation Management System
             (Marine Corps)
TMR          Transportation Movement Release
TO           Transportation Officer
TOA          Time of Arrival
             Transportation Operating Agency
TOC          Tactical Operations Center
TOE          Table of Organization and Equipment
TOFC         Trailer on a Flatcar
TOMS/CMS     Terminal Operations Management
             Systems/Cargo Management Subsystem
TOPS         Transportation Operational Personal
             Property Standard System
TOT          Total
TOW          Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, wire-
TP           Transportation Priority
TPFDD        Time-Phased Force Deployment Date (File)
             (JOPS III)
TPFDL        Time-Phased Force Deployment List
TPN          Tactical Package Network
TPS          Transportation Protective Services
TPSB         Transportable Port Security Boat
TPU          Troop Program Unit
TQM          Total Quality Management
TRAC (C3)    Tracking Command, Control,
TRADOC       U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRANSCOM     Transportation Command
             Transportation Support Command
TRANSALT     MPF Ship Alteration Modification
TRANSINT     Transportation Intelligence
TRANSLO      USTRANSCOM Liaison Officer
TRAP         Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel
TS           TOP SECRET
TSM          Terminal Support Module
TSP          Troop Structure Program; Training Support
TSR          Telecommunications Service Requests
TSS          Trim, Stress and Stability
TTCE         Transportation Terminal Command- Europe
TTP          Trailer Transfer Point
TTU          Terminal Transportation Unit

TUCHA          Type Unit Characteristics (File) (JOPS III)
TUDET          Type Unit Equipment Detail File (JOPS III)
TYCOM          Type Commander
TYPREP         Type Unit Data Report

UAA            Unit Assembly Area
UAV            Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UBL            Unit Basic Load
UCP            Unified Command Plan
UCT            Underwater Construction Team
UE             Unit Equipment
UER            Unit Equipment Report
UESL           Unit Equipment and Supply List
UFC            Uniform Freight Classification
UHF            Ultrahigh Frequency
UIC            Unit Identification Code
UID            User Identifier
ULLS           Unit Level Logistics System
ULN            Unit Line Number
ULSS           User’s Logistics Support Summary
UMC            Unit Movement Coordinator
UMCC           Unit Movement Coordination Center
UMD            Unit Movement Data
UMMIPS         Uniform Materiel Movement and Issue
               Priority System
UMO            Unit Movement Officer
UN             United Nations
UNAAF          Unified Action Armed Forces
UND            Urgency of Need Designator
USA            United States Army
USAF           United States Air Force
USAFCOMP       U.S. Air Force Component
USAFE          U.S. Air Force, Europe
USAITAC        U.S. Army Intelligence Threat Analysis
USAMMA         U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAR           United States Army Reserve
USARC          U.S. Army Reserve Command
USAREUR        U.S. Army, Europe
USARJ          U.S. Army, Japan
USBRO          U.S. Base Requirements Overseas
USCENTCOM      U.S. Central Command
USCG           United States Coast Guard
USCGR          U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
USCINCTRANS    U.S. Commander in Chief,

              Transportation Command
USDA          U.S. Department of Agriculture
USERID        User Identification
USEUCOM       U.S. European Command
USFJ          U.S. Forces, Japan
USFK          U.S. Forces, Korea
USGS          U.S. Geological Survey
USMC          U.S. Marine Corps
USMCR         U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
USMTF         U.S. Message Text Format
USN           United States Navy
USNAVEUR      U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
USNR          U.S. Navy Reserve
USNS          U.S. Naval Ship
USPACOM       U.S. Pacific Command
USPS          U.S. Postal Service
USS           United States Ship
USSOCOM       U.S. Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM    U.S. Southern Command
USSPACECOM    U.S. Space Command
USSTRATCOM    U.S. Strategic Forces Command
USTC          WWMCCS Host Site Name
              for USTRANSCOM
USTCD         USTRANSCOM Development Computer
USTRANSCOM    U.S. Transportation Command
UTC           Unit Type Code
UTL           Utilities

V/STOL        Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing
V (A)         Aviation Ammunition
V (W)         Ground Ammunition
VBSS          Visit, Board, Search and Seizure
VCSA          Vice Chief of Staff, Army
VEH           Vehicle
VFMA (AW)     Marine Fighter Attack (All Weather)
VHF           Very High Frequency
VIPS          Vessel Inventory Planning System
VMA           Marine Attack Squadron
VMAQ          Marine Tactical Electronic
              Warfare Squadron
VMF/A         Marine Fighter Attack Squadron
VMGR          Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron
VMR           Volume Movement Report

VNTSC        Volpe National Transportation Systems
VOL          Volume
VTOL         Vertical Takeoff and Landing
VTS          Vessel Traffic Service

WASP         War Air Service Program
WCA          Water Clearance Authority
WCC          Water Commodity Code
WD or WDT    Width
W-Day        Unambiguous Strategic Warning- The day
             the President decides, based upon the
             intelligence information provided to him,
             that a hostile government has elected to
             initiate hostilities.
WDIP         War Fighter Deployment Interface Program
WES          Worldwide Military Command and
             Control Entry System
WESTPAC      Western Pacific
WETS         Weekend Equipment Training Site
WIN          WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
WMD          Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMP          War Mobilization Plan
WPIC         Water Port Identification Code
WPLO         Water Port Liaison Officer
WPOD         Water Port of Debarkation
WPOE         Water Port of Embarkation
WPS          Worldwide Port System
WRMS         War Reserve Material Stock
WRSA         War Reserve Stock for Allies
WT           Weight
WTA          Water Terminal Authority
WWMCCS       Worldwide Military Command and
             Control System
WX           Weather

XMIT         Transmit

YR           Year
YY           Year (in DDHHMMZMMYY
             format, etc.)

ZHR    Zulu Hour
ZBB    Zero Based Budget