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Create a lush English garden planter using white on white
            By Jane Muller                 people, including herself, copy.
                                           Sackville-West was a romantic who
   The magnificent gardens of England      favoured profusion and surprise and
are the inspiration for many gardeners     those qualities can also be found in this
in this country. For Elaine Martin of      Sissinghurst garden planter design.
Vintage Gardener, it is Sissinghurst, a       The miniature white garden Martin
garden created by Vita Sackville-West      has designed includes a mass of spring
that coloured her vision of a planter      blooms. As the year progresses, the pot-
featuring only two colours.                ted plants should be exchanged for sea-
   “She (Sackville-West) was the one       sonal varieties, white in colour of
who came up with all white plants and      course.
all variegated leaves,” Martin explains.      “It can be done so that you can move
   Martin says that white on white is      from one season to the next,” suggests
now a popular colour motif that a lot of   the owner of the shop in Toronto’s his-
                                           toric Distillery District.
                                              The white plants grow at the base of
                                           a towering obelisk - that surprise ele-
                                           ment Martin always likes to include in
                                           her creations and something Sackville-
                                           West favoured as well. A heavy, boxy                                                                               Photos by Shayda Omidvar
                                           planter serves as the base for this con- The “ingredients” needed to create a lovely miniature white garden.
                                           tainer garden. Since the plant’s roots
                                                                                      on the roots to reshape them
                                           won’t reach down to the bottom, Martin
                                                                                      for replanting.
                                           suggests recycling some plastic pots by
                                                                                         As the year goes on the ivy
                                           using them as filler at the bottom where
                                                                                      will continue to grow but
                                           they’ll also help with drainage.
                                                                                      you’ll need to replace tired
                                              She then adds soil, allowing space
                                                                                      plants, being sure to choose
                                           for the plants to be set on top. Once
                                                                                      white flowers. If the planter is
                                           placed, she backfills around the plants,
                                                                                      indoors some great choices for
                                           being sure to keep the soil height below
                                                                                      winter include paper whites,
                                           the lip of the planter. This precaution
                                                                                      gardenias, azaleas and white
                                           will keep water from flowing over the
                                                                                      amaryllis, suggests Martin.
                                           edge when the container is watered.
                                              Once the plants are in place, add the
                                                                                              Elaine Martin brings her
                                           obelisk and begin to wind the ivy up
                                                                                        years of gardening expertise to                  Locally Owned
                                           the structure. Martin stresses that it’s
                                           crucial to use a mature ivy plant so that
                                                                                       the city with Vintage Gardener,           And Locally Appreciated.
                                                                                         her shop in Toronto’s Historic
                                           it will actually reach up the tower. The
                                                                                                     Distillery District                               4265 Fairview Street,
                                           container won’t accommodate the
                                                                                          (                                   Burlington 905.634.9556
                                           entire plant so you’ll have to cut it                                                                       (between Walkers & Appleby Line)
                                                                                          See Elaine in action creating
                                           apart. Martin literally takes a saw to the                                                                  Other Showrooms:
                                                                                      her signature “vintage” contain-                                 Ancaster 905.304.9556 and
                                           hard mass of entwined roots. It wont’                                                                       Mississauga 905.275.9556
                                                                                             ers and floral displays on
                                           hurt the ivy and neither will stomping                                                  
The completed project                                                                       

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