Helping Someone Overcome Addiction by malj


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                   Helping Someone Overcome Addiction
                  Continuing Education Units Course Outline

Description and Objectives of Course:

Materials:    Text: Helping Someone Overcome Addiction
                          Volume 1: What is Addiction?
              Workbook with Chapter Drills & Final Essay Requirements
              Course Video’s

The course objective is to help the workshop participants understand exactly
what drug addiction really is and to be better able, after the course
completion, for the participant to help the addict overcome the addiction.
The course outline below follows the book and worksheet materials.

Upon completion of the course the participant will be better able to:

             1. Understand why one must know and comprehend the
                definitions of the words they are reading to be able to
                understand the study course and text.
             2. What is help? How can the student & family help the addict?
             3. Understand what a “drug” really is and how it affects the body
             4. Help the student to help the addict and family understand the
                nutritional deficiencies created by drug abuse.
             5. Understand ways to modify and combat nutritional
                deficiencies created by drug abuse which block the senses &
             6. Understand the anatomy of a problem and use that knowledge
                to help others sort out the problems that lead to drug abuse,
                addiction and relapse.
             7. Understand drug cravings & relapse. Offer non-addictive
             8. Understand the addicts chemically triggered cravings.
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         9. Understand the drug addict’s probable environmental drug
            craving triggers.
         10.Understand the dynamics of “personal values”, “overt acts”
            and “destructive behaviors”, and to teach these concepts to
         11.Help educate the family of a drug addict to some of the areas
            of drug addiction so that the family can help the loved one.
         12.Define problems, understand “educated decisions” and be
            better able to teach this concept to the addict and their
         13.Differentiate use, misuse and abuse of drugs, medicine or
            alcohol and handle each appropriately.
         14. Outline the cycle of addiction and “spot” this in the addict.
         15. Help the family and addict break the cycle of addiction.
         16. Final assessment and essay of comprehension of course

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