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Lab Supplies and Equipment


									                            Lab Supplies and Equipment
ACCURATE CHEMICAL & SCIENTIFIC – Accurate Chemical and Scientific Corporation
specializes in products for basic and R&D research as well as routine laboratory work; offering
nearly 33,000 entries of antibodies, antigens, cell separation media, complements, reagents,
controls, etc...

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES – Designer, manufacturer, and provider of electronic and optical
test, measurement, and monitoring instruments, systems, and solutions. Chemical Reagents,
Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Information Technology Broadcasting and
Telecommunications, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Supplies, Power Generation and
Distribution Machinery and Accessories, Published Products, Spectroscopy.

AIRGAS INTERMOUNTAIN- Your local Airgas branch has been awarded the Industrial and
Specialty Compressed gas contract for Colorado State University. Airgas is the largest U.S.
distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, and hard goods, such as specialty gas
equipment and supplies. Airgas is also one of the largest U.S. distributors of safety products, the
largest U.S. producer of nitrous oxide and dry ice, the largest liquid carbon dioxide producer in
the Southeast, and a leading distributor of process chemicals, refrigerants, and ammonia products

ALFA AESAR – Offers 320 new fluoroaromatic compounds from JRD Fluorochemicals and
thousands of additional fluorine compounds from its catalog of greater than 30,000 products.
Alfa Aesar is a global business that is committed to sustainable development, resource efficiency
and carbon neutrality.

AMERICAN RADIOLABELED CHEMICALS – ARC is one of the top three radio labeled
chemical suppliers in the world, and has a catalog that includes radio labeled and unlabeled
neurochemicals and biochemicals for life science research.

AMRESCO, INC. – Founded in 1976, AMRESCO provide standard and custom products for
customers in diagnostics, molecular biology, biotechnology and research specific chemicals
markets. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality biochemicals and reagents
for molecular biology, life sciences, Proteomics, clinical and histology areas of research.

APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS – The Applied Biosystems business is focused on the following
markets: basic research, commercial research (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and
standardized testing, including forensic human identification, paternity testing and food testing.
The company has an installed base of approximately 180,000 instrument systems in nearly 100
BD BIOSCIENCES – BD Biosciences is the world leader in bringing innovative clinical
diagnostic and research tools to life scientists, clinical researchers, laboratory professionals and
clinicians. Its products help isolate, grow and analyze living cells and tissue to aid in drug
discovery, disease diagnosis and scientific investigation.

BECKMAN COULTER INC – Beckman Coulter develops & markets instruments, chemistries,
software & supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes. Our Life Science Research
Division focuses on all elements of Systems Biology, such as Genomics, Proteomics &

BIO-RAD LABORATORIES – Bio-Rad ranks among the top five life science companies
worldwide. Bio-Rad develops, manufactures, and markets a complete range of laboratory
products focused on proteomics, genomics, cell biology, chip technology, drug discovery and
food testing.

BIOLINE USA, INC – Bioline is an evolving international company, which develops,
manufactures and markets a wide range of specialized bio-research reagents that simplify,
accelerate and improve life sciences research. Cell Biology, Chemical Reagents,
Electrophoresis, Molecular Biology.

CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY CO. – Carolina Biological Supply is the nation's
largest supplier of biological supplies, from live specimens to preserved specimens to
microscope slides. Carolina Biological Supply Co. provides supplies, educational resources and
lab aids for the instruction of math and science. Sections of the site include; Worlds of Science
such as, Anthropology and Archaeology, Biotechnology and Genetics, Chemistry,
Environmental Science and Ecology, K-6 Science, Mathematics, Physics, Software, etc.

CAYMAN CHEMICAL CO – Cayman Chemical Company is helping make research possible
by supplying scientists worldwide with biochemical tools in research disciplines such as cancer,
nitric oxide, neuroscience, apoptosis, oxidative injury, endocrinology, and much more. We
specialize in assay kits for the measurement of eicosanoids, free radical biomarkers, cyclic
nucleotides, cytokines, hormones, and nitric oxide. In addition, Cayman offers a broad range of
quality biochemicals including eicosanoids, nitric oxide reagents, and a variety of related lipids,
fatty acids, enzymes, and antibodies. Chemical Reagents.

CHEMGLASS LIFE SCIENCES LLC – The distribution arm for Chemglass, Inc., Chemglass
Life Sciences carries a complete line of chromatography closures/vials and cell/tissue culture

CLONTECH LABORATORIES, INC. – Clontech Laboratories provides kits, reagents, and
services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function.
Clontech’s mission is to develop high-quality innovative tools and services to accelerate
COLE PARMER INSTRUMENT CO – Cole-Parmer has been leading global source of
laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies since
1955. The company offers 60,000 products in the scientific and industrial markets and boasts an
on-site A2LA-accredited meteorology lab for instrument calibration, repair and NIST-traceable

DAKO NORTH AMERICA INC – Dako is a global leader in tissue-based cancer diagnostics.
Dako provides reagents, instruments and software for high quality cancer diagnosis and efficient
laboratory processes.

DIVERSIFIED BIOTECH – Diversified Biotech's mission is to utilize its' expertise in
materials technology and engineering to create novel products for the life science community.
The company is committed to a role in the advancement of science by working to create products
that reduce the scientist's burden by providing a greater degree of efficiency, accuracy, safety and
simplification to their daily routines.

EBIOSCIENCE – eBioscience scientists have extensive expertise in antibody development. The
company’s reagents are used by leading laboratories worldwide.

E M D CHEMICALS INC – In addition to an ever expanding range of traditional chemicals
and reagents, E M D Chemicals, Inc. develops, manufactures and supplies a line of rapid tests for
food, beverage and environmental analysis as well as culture media for microbiology and
hygiene monitoring.

ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES – Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete
line of supplies, chemicals, and accessories for Microscopy, General Biological and Materials

FERMENTAS INC. – Fermentas Inc., supplies Molecular Biology Products including:
Restriction Endonucleases, DNA/RNA Modifying Enzymes, PCR Reagents, Molecular Biology
Kits, CNA Molecular Weight Markers and associated Reagents.

FINE SCIENCE TOOLS – Fine Science Tools is the leading distributor of precision European
surgical and microsurgical instruments to the scientific and biomedical research community.

FISHER SCIENTIFIC – Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. We provide
hundreds of thousands of products and services to research, healthcare, industrial, educational
and government markets in 145 countries.

GENESEE SCIENTIFIC – Genesee Scientific Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of
products to global life science research markets. With thousands of products available, it markets
include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, colleges, universities, and secondary
education institutions, medical research institutions, hospitals and reference labs and quality
control, process control and research and development laboratories.
HAMPTON RESEARCH – Research tools for the crystallization of proteins, peptides, nucleic
acids, and small molecules.  

I S C BIOEXPRESS – BioExpress is a life science distribution organization that specializes in a
wide variety of consumables, reagents, equipment, and high throughput screening and storage
products. Whether it is the latest purification kits, new bench top equipment, or an efficient way
to track and store your samples, we have many new solutions for all research laboratories. We
service Colorado State with 48 hour delivery on most of our product line offering, while
providing great values to stretch your research dollars.

INVITROGEN – We provide products and services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology
companies, as well as academic and government research institutions. The company’s areas of
focus include genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, cell culture, and cell biology, among others.
Invitrogen’s product family includes many of the most widely recommended names in the
industry, including Molecular Probes, Gibco, and Dynal Biotech.

INVIVOGEN – Invivogen offers unique solutions for gene therapy, apoptosis, immunology and
cancer research. Invivogen novel combination of optimized multigenic vectors in a convenient
kit formats enable researchers to complete gene therapy trials much faster than conventional
approaches as well as transfection in vitro or in vivo. They offer also unique tools to help you in
molecular biology including transfection reagents, antibiotics and some very unique vectors.

JACKSON IMMUNORESEARCH LABS – Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc.
specializes in the production and conjugation of affinity-purified, secondary antibodies and
purified immunoglobulins. Our products are sold primarily to scientists in universities and
research institutes throughout the world who are conducting research in the plant, animal, and
biomedical sciences.

K P L / KIRKEGAARD & PERRY – KPL produces kits for nucleic acid labeling and
detection using chromogenic, fluorescent or chemilumincscent methods, and antibodies and
substrates for ELISA, Western blotting and immunohistochemistry.

LIFE SCIENCE PRODUCTS INC (COLORADO) – Laboratory Supplies, Safety and

LAB SAFETY SUPPLY INC – National Distributor of Personal & Industrial Safety Supplies
Including: Personal Protective, Emergency Response, Laboratory & Environmental, Facilities
Maintenance, Storage & Handling, & Identification & Training Equipment. Extensive Selection
Of Safety Gloves, Protective Eyewear, Respirators, Confined Space Equipment, Lockout/Tagout
Products, Spill Control Supplies, Environmental Sampling Equipment, Janitorial Supplies,
Matting, Safety Cans & Cabinets, Material Handling Equipment, Sign & Labels, RTK Training
Materials .
M P BIOMEDICALS INC – MP Biomedicals, LLC supplies over 55,000 products for life
science and biotechnology research, including biochemicals, radiochemicals, cell biology,
molecular biology, neuroscience and immunobiological products.

MIDWEST SCIENTIFIC (MIDSCI) – MIDSCI is full-service provider of Laboratory
Equipment and Supplies, with an emphasis on Molecular Biology Biotechnology research. In
addition to Tissue Cell Culture Plastics for Tissue Cell Culture work, also carries a complete line
of related products for Tissue Cell Culture such as Centrifuges, Cryogenics, Filtration, Medias,
Refrigerators, Freezers, Water-Jacketed Incubators, Serum, ELISA Microplates, Hoods, Shakers,
Gloves, Pipette Controllers, - basically any product for Molecular Biology Laboratories.

MILLIPORE CORPORATION – Millipore is a leader in membrane separation technology,
which is used for fluid analysis, identification, and purification. The company's membranes filter
particulate, molecular, bacterial, or viral entities from fluids and are also used to concentrate
such material for further processing. Customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology
industries use the products for sterilizing (including virus reduction and sterility testing of
antibiotics and protein solutions), cell harvesting, and isolating compounds from complex
mixtures. The beverage industry uses Millipore's filters to remove bacteria and yeast from wine,
beer, juice, and water.

MO BIO LABORATORIES INC. – Mo Bio Laboratories manufacture Nucleic acid
purification kits, DNA from gels, DNA from PCR reactions, plasmid mini, midi and maxi preps,
DNA from soils, DNase and RNase Detection Kits, bacterial growth media, all are available for
OEM distribution.

MORPHOSYS US INC – (dba) AbD Serotec is an established manufacturer of quality
immunological reagents for human, rodent, and veterinary research.

NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS – New England Biolabs, Inc. is a world leader in the production
of high quality restriction endonucleases, modifying enzymes and kits for molecular and cell
biology research.

OAKWOOD PRODUCTS INC – Oakwood Products, Inc. is a fine organics manufacturing
facility that produces a wide range of organics with particular emphasis on fluorine and sulfur
compounds. In addition to an extensive catalog, Oakwood also offers custom synthesis services.

PERKIN ELMER LIFE & ANALYTICAL – PerkinElmer, a global technology leader,
provides scientific instruments, consumables and services to the pharmaceutical, biomedical,
environmental testing and industrial markets.

PIERCE BIOTECHNOLOGY, INC. – Pierce offers a selection of products for dialysis,
ELISA, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, avidin/biotin techniques, cross-linking, protein
modification, enzymatic labeling/detection, fluorescent labeling, protein purification and protein
PROMEGA CORP – A leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the
life sciences industry. Promega Corporation’s 2,000 products enable scientists worldwide to
advance their knowledge in life science research, particularly in genomics, proteomics, and
cellular analysis. Promega’s products are also used to support molecular diagnostics and human
identification. Products consist of kits and reagents as well as Integrated Solutions for life
sciences research and drug discovery.

QIAGEN INC – QIAGEN is the leading provider of sample and assay technologies, with more
than 500 consumable products and automated solutions. We sell these products to academic
research markets, to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to molecular
diagnostics laboratories as well as to customers in applied testing markets such as forensics,
animal or food testing, and pharmaceutical process control.

RAININ INSTRUMENT, LLC – RAININ is the leading provider of advanced liquid handling
solutions for scientists worldwide. Our unique “Pipetting 360°” approach enhances the
performance of laboratories by improving experiment accuracy and repeatability through
innovative pipettes, tips, and service programs.

REMEL INC – Remel is a leading brand in the field of Microbiology, providing a broad range
of high quality products to clinical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories, backed by
superior customer support.

ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS - As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche discovers,
develops and provides innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that deliver
significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals – from early detection and prevention
of diseases to diagnosis, treatment, and treatment monitoring.

SIGMA-ALDRICH – Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company.
Our biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic
research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key
components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing.

SPECTRUM CHEMICALS AND LAB PRODUCTS – Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory
Products is a customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals, safety
products, and lab equipment for the laboratory and manufacturing facility.

STREM CHEMICALS – Strem Chemicals manufactures and markets high quality specialty
chemicals of high purity. The company also provides custom synthesis (including high pressure
synthesis) and cGMP manufacturing services.

U S A SCIENTIFIC – USA Scientific supplies life science laboratory tools and consumables
for molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, drug discovery, high
throughput screening and other applications.

U S B CORPORATION – USB Corporation is a leading supplier of biochemicals, reagents, and
sequencing products. We offer well-established brands such as Sequenase, TUF (Tested User
Friendly) enzymes and Ultrapure biochemicals for use in the research community.

VARIAN INC – Varian provides leading edge tools and solutions for diverse, high growth
applications in life science and industry. Varian specializes in developing vacuum systems and
excels at creating high performance products.

VECTOR LABORATORIES INC – Developing innovative labeling and detection systems for
biological and medical science. Cell Biology, Chemical Reagents, Electrophoresis, Laboratory
Supplies, Molecular Biology.

VWR INTERNATIONAL – VWR distributes a diversified product mix, including chemicals,
glassware and plasticware, equipment and instruments, furniture, protective apparel, production
and safety products, and other life science and laboratory products and supplies.

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