Wound Care Made Simple

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                                                 Dr.     Rosemary     Kohr     is  an
          Registration Form                      experienced wound care specialist,
                                                                                                   Wound Care
    Deadline:April 10, 2010                      author of the Skin & Wound Care                   Made Simple
                                                 Chapter in the new 4th edition of
                                                 the Potter & Perry “Canadian
                                                 Fundamentals        of      Nursing”
RN: __ RPN: ___ Other (specify): _____________
                                                 textbook. She has worked for over
Years as Healthcare professional: ____           a decade in chronic wound care, as
Location: Acute Care: ___ LTC ___                a clinician, educator and author of
Community: ___ Rehab: ___ Other: __________      numerous articles, posters &
                                                 presentations      nationally    and
Contact Email:
                                                 internationally. As an active acute
________________________________________         care clinician, Dr. Kohr provides
                                                                                                  Fundamentals of Wound Care
Payment                                          consultation for direct patient
                                                                                                     What You Need to Know About
 Enclosed, or Paypal or Interac on line: $115.   care providers in community,
    Includes workshop, workbook, and                                                                   Chronic Wound Care
    refreshments                                 hospital & long term care, as well                  (but were afraid to ask…)
Choice of Date: (choose only one)
                                                 as for nursing and medical                       Workshop presented by:
    Wed. April 14th , 2010 OR                    students.                                        Dr. Rosemary Kohr, RN, PhD,
    Monday, April 26th, 2010                                                                              ACNP(cert)
 On line registration at
        Pay by Interac or Paypal on line
                                                                                                     Wed. April 14, 2010
           Or mail cheque payable to
               “Kohr Consulting”                                                                     Mon. April 26, 2010
      with completed registration form to:

        Kohr Consulting                             Information/electronic version of brochure           9:15h-16:45h
        387 A Wellington Rd.                            Email:               Finkle Auditorium
        PO Box 25532                                                    or
                                          Woodstock General Hospital,
        London, Ont
        N6C 6B2                                                                                        Woodstock, Ont.
   Fundamentals of Wound                                                           What to expect
Care/Wound Care Made Simple                                                            from
                                                                               Fundamentals of Wound
This full-day workshop includes: clinical                                   Care/Wound Care Made Simple:
                                             0915-0925h: registration
case-based learning regarding skin
breakdown, pressure ulcers, diabetic                                         Designed to capture the essential
                                                 Pressure ulcers
ulcers and arterial/venous ulcers. Small                                     aspects of skin care and wound
                                                 Skin tears
group work is focused on hands-on                                            management.
practice with dressings                       Dressings: what to use when
(generic/institution selection) as well as    and how (hands on, small
                                                                             Limited group size (maximum 50
using assessment tools and developing         groups)
                                                                             participants) to “bring home” the
documentation skills.                                                        tools needed to support evidence-
                                             1200-1245: Lunch (provided)
                                                                             informed best practice.
On completion of this workshop,
participants will be able to:                 12:45-16:30
                                                                             the focus of this workshop is on the
          List the causes of skin                Diabetic feet
                                                                             practical application of
          breakdown                              Venous/arterial
                                                                             knowledge so participants will
          Describe techniques and                Infected wounds
                                                                             leave feeling confident to prevent
          resources to optimize skin          Dressings: what to use when
                                                                             skin breakdown and enhance healing
          health                              and how (hands on, small
                                                                             in existing wounds, as well as
          Implement appropriate               groups)
                                                                             utilizing other members of the
          interventions to support wound
                                                                             healthcare team as resources in
          healing                            16:30-16:45
          Describe characteristics of                                        dealing with these issues.
          dressing categories
          Accurately document wound                                          Examples of products will be
                                             Certificate of attendance
          assessment and treatment                                           provided and participants are invited
                                                      Location:              to bring samples of products
                                                                             available in their own facility.
   Workshop participants will receive
                                                 Finkle Auditorium,
 certificate of attendance and receipts
                                             Woodstock General Hospital,     Effort is made to ensure a fair,
                                                  Woodstock, Ont.            unbiased approach to discussion re:
         REGISTER EARLY:                                                     product selection, based on efficacy
                                                    Wed. April 14            of product, cost and quality.
       SPACE LIMITED TO 50                               OR
          For EACH DAY                              Mon. April 26            Hands-on, lots of wound photos,
      DEADLINE to REGISTER:                                                  discussion and practical tips.