Worship Coordinator Job Description by housework


Job Title:
     Worship Coordinator (WC)

     Campus Minister

Position Summary:
      As part of the Community Life team, the Worship Coordinator will
      work alongside the Campus Minister and Residence Director to
      plan and organize Worship 9:37. Worship 9:37 is planned and
      hosted by the Residence community, but is open for all King’s
      students to attend. This is an administrative role. The Worship
      Coordinator will work approximately 5 hours per week and will
      maintain a presence at Worship 9:37 events.

Characteristic Responsibilities:

• Welcome students by participating in move-in and orientation events
• Be a visible presence at community events, in residence, and in the
  King’s community
• Meet regularly with Ministry Coordinators and worship leaders

• Ensure that opportunities exist for all students to participate
   meaningfully in the planning and leadership of Worship 9:37
• Offer healthy critiques of the use of language (spoken or sung) as
   inclusive or exclusive
• Encourage the thoughtful preparation of creative elements which
   demonstrate an understanding of God’s grace

• Attend regular Community Life Team meetings
• Attend all training events as required
• Be familiar with the regulations, policies and procedures of King’s as
  described in the Student Handbook, and their rationale
• Coordinate teaching for Worship 9:37 that accommodates a variety of
  learning styles
• Ensure that teaching at Worship 9:37 is biblically sound, with the
  assistance of professional staff or faculty
• Schedule Student Leaders and worship leaders to plan Worship 9:37
• Ensure that Student Leaders, students and worship leaders have a
  high level of authority in planning their respective Worship 9:37
• Work closely with other departments to ensure that all physical needs
  for Worship 9:37 are met

Academic Qualifications:
• Minimum GPA of 2.0 obtained before and maintained throughout
  term of position
• Must be registered full time in at least their second academic year at
  King’s throughout term of position

Professional Qualifications:
• Proven ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships
• Proven ability to respond calmly and confidently in crisis situations
• Proven ability to communicate effectively and remain organized
• Confidence in leading large groups of students
• Experience working with young people
• Experience living in residence
• Self-motivated

Personal Qualifications:
• Committed to and growing in their Christian faith
• Demonstrated commitment to King’s community values

Term of Position:
     Eight months, end of August to end of April

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