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					                                    City of Lynnwood
                              Request for Information 1433
                             Just in Time Janitorial Supplies
                        RESPONSE DUE DATE: 2:00 pm Wednesday
                                    February 22, 2006

Dear Janitorial Product Supplier

The City of Lynnwood operates a Central Stores that maintains an inventory of certain items and dispenses
them to all city departments as well as to the City of Mountlake Terrace from a warehouse facility located
at 6204 215th St SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Central Stores does not make deliveries—instead
customers fill and pick up their own orders using a highly efficient barcode system. Janitorial/Electrical
supplies are one category of items included in Central Stores and as a group they represent about 14% of
the dollar volume and 28% of the transactions of Central Stores. In 2005, the value of janitorial/electrical
supplies issued was $96,818.74 in 10,882 transactions. Filling an order for a case of towels and two cases
of tissue would equate to two transactions.

The totals are boosted to $105,555.33 with 11,093 transactions when several additional items are
incorporated into the list.

The City of Lynnwood would like to investigate the economies and efficiencies of engaging a supplier to
make weekly deliveries directly to the end-users rather than maintaining an inventory of these items.

The information provided in response to this Request for Information will be used to determine
     if there are suitable contracts already competitively bid and awarded by another public entity in
         the United States in which the City of Lynnwood could participate
     if suitable contracts do exist, which one best meets our needs when our spending behavior is
     whether it may be in the City’s best interests to solicit new bids rather than use a contract
         previously awarded by another public entity
     if continuing to carry janitorial supplies in Central Stores is our most economical and efficient

In order for a contract to be considered, such contract must meet the following criteria:
      Be competitively bid and awarded by a public entity in the United States
      Include language that permits the City of Lynnwood to utilize the contract
      The sponsoring public entity must be willing to enter into an Interlocal Cooperative Purchasing
          Agreement with the City of Lynnwood
      Include a price structure for a wide range of janitorial supplies, even those that do not appear on
          Lynnwood’s 12 month usage list


The City of Lynnwood requires a full line of janitorial supplies with at least 95% weekly order fulfillment
to approximately 30 potential consignees. Lynnwood envisions establishing a scheduled weekly delivery
date, but not all locations will require deliveries each week. Vendors are not expected to stock shelves, but
are expected to place deliveries in a safe secure location, which includes locked supply closets in some
cases. If Lynnwood goes forward with a just-in-time janitorial agreement, the City of Mountlake Terrace
may make separate arrangements.


Attached is a questionnaire as well as a usage report showing the janitorial supplies that have been issued
during the 12-month period ending December 31, 2005. The list has been augmented with several products
not carried by Central Stores, but typically supplied directly to our Parks or Building Divisions. Provide
contract pricing for all the items listed. Unit price data may be entered in the shaded areas of the attached

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     Excel spreadsheet. The City of Lynnwood will validate all unit prices offered to make sure there are no
     obvious unit of issue price discrepancies. A supplier may offer more than one submittal provided each
     submission independently complies with this Request for Information. Pricing is to be submitted like for
     like, no substitutions. Where private label products are listed, price the most similar item. The city
     reserves the right to request samples at participant’s expense.

     The attached Excel workbook includes several worksheets:
          Fill In Price Sheet: This is the worksheet that needs to be filled out and returned both
              electronically and in hard copy. Entries may be made only in the shaded areas. Columns are
              provided for prices for items exactly as specified (no substitutions) and for alternate items offered
              as equals. A column is also provided for bidders to indicate items not recommended for inclusion
              in a just-in-time janitorial supply agreement. Prices submitted are to be delivered prices.
          Orders by Date: This worksheet shows issues of janitorial items from Central Stores during 2005
              by date and is being provided as information only.
          Orders by Location: This worksheet shows issues of janitorial items from Central Stores during
              2005 by customer location and is being provided as information only.
          Consignee List: This worksheet shows a comprehensive list of potential delivery locations based
              on 2005 janitorial issues from Central Stores and is being provided as information only.
          2005 Janitorial: This worksheet details of each issue made by Central Stores for
              janitorial/electrical items during 2005 and includes the prices charged.
          Janitorial Inventory: An inventory of Janitorial/Electrical items held by Central Stores on Dec.
              10, 2005. This list shows items that Central Stores would like to sell off if Central Stores
              discontinues carrying janitorial items.

     Responses must be submitted both electronically and in hard copy no later than 2:00 pm Wednesday,
     February 22, 2006. Contract pricing shall be submitted in Excel format and the questionnaire shall be
     submitted in hard copy.


     The attached list is comprised of over 240 products, each with a history developed over many years. In
     some cases, only the identified brand name items will satisfy the City of Lynnwood’s needs. In others, a
     special brand is named indicates the standards of quality, performance, or use desired. Brands of equal
     quality, performance, and use shall be considered, provided Vendor specifies the brand and model and
     submits descriptive literature. Any bid containing a brand that is not of equal quality, performance, or use
     specified must be represented as an alternate and not as an equal, and failure to do so shall be sufficient
     reason to disregard the bid.

     The City of Lynnwood shall be the sole judge about whether an item submitted as an equal or alternate is
     acceptable. The responsibility of demonstrating to the City of Lynnwood’s satisfaction that a product is
     “equal” to that specified shall be on the vendor proposing the substitution. The City of Lynnwood has no
     obligation to accept proposed substitutions or engage outside consultants or experts to evaluate proposed

      Issued January 30, 2006 by
Nancy Woods, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Purchasing Manager - Purchasing and Contracts Division
City of Lynnwood, PO Box 5008, Lynnwood WA 98046-5008
Courier: 20525 60th Avenue, Lynnwood WA 98036
Fax 425.778.5632

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                                   City of Lynnwood
                              Request for Information 1433
                                  Janitorial Supplies
                        RESPONSE DUE DATE: 2:00 pm Wednesday
                                  February 22, 2006

1. Piggy-back Contract Opportunity. Is the pricing you are offering based on a contract competitively bid
and awarded by another public entity in which the City of Lynnwood is permitted to participate?
                                              Yes       No
If yes, please provide information about that contract:

                 Name of Public Entity who
                          awarded contract
                            Contact Name




          A complete downloadable version of the contract can be found
          on the internet at:
          (include a hard copy of the contract if it is not available on the
          Contract Expiration Date:
          Is contract renewable?                                                     Yes       No
          Maximum possible contract extension date:
           (indicate the date the last possible extension will expire)

2. Pricing. If you checked “no” in question 1,
prices offered are in effect until
         List any exceptions

    3.   How does your company handle product

4. Does your company have capability or interest in      Yes                  No
accepting electronic payments?
5. If Central Stores discontinues carrying janitorial    Yes
items, it will need to liquidate these items. If your    No
company becomes Lynnwood’s primary janitorial            Conditionally based on:
provider, would you be willing to buy Central            _____________________________
Stores janitorial inventory?
 6. While Lynnwood envisions a weekly delivery
schedule, would you suggest another plan that might
be better in terms of economy, efficiency, or
service? If so, describe:
7. Does your company offer any other savings ideas
that might be valuable to the City of Lynnwood, for
example a tiered rebate incentive? If so, describe:

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\7c646ca0-ea26-4161-9e87-78ac9269fb61.doc                                     Page 3
     8. Describe technical support and training your
     company would provide:

     9. Please state Return Policy and conditions that
     would cause a restocking fee:

     10. State any Minimum Order requirements:

     11. State any circumstances where prices would not
     include delivery

     12. What is the price structure for other janitorial
     items the city may elect to order that are not
     specifically listed?

     13. Are rebates offered? If so, who gets the rebates?

     14. How are price changes handled?

     15. Do you automatically substitute items? If the
     City did not permit substitutes, how would your
     system handle this?
     16. Can you provide a regular report showing items      Yes           No
     purchased on the “contract list”(i.e. those with the
     best discounts) vs. items off the list?
     17.If you were in a competitive bidding situation       Yes           No
     today, would your company be likely to offer the
     City of Lynnwood a more attractive contract than
     the one you are presenting?

     The undersigned hereby submits this response to the City of Lynnwood’s Request for Information for
     Janitorial Supplies. This must be signed and dated by the vendor or a representative legally
     authorized to bind the vendor.

TYPE OF BUSINESS                                   Corporation      Partnership (general)     Partnership (limited)
                                                           Sole Proprietorship     Limited Liability Company




PHONE                                                                       FAX

NAME (PLEASE PRINT)                                                      TITLE
SIGNED                                                                       DATE
CITY OF LYNNWOOD                                                             UBI
BUSINESS LICENSE                                                             NO.

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