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									                                    WISE WORDS
   September 2009
   Volume 1, Issue 1

                              Women In Science and Engineering/ 403-220-3290
  Special Interest

     An Interview             Letter From the Editor
     with an Encana          Dear Readers,
                                                                              Why do I suppose that I am so ecstatic to be
     Lawyer                  I would like to extend a big welcome to the      back? Well, because I finally, after much
                             new students at the University of Calgary        procrastination, decided to take my education
                             and to urge you to get involved in your          into my own hands and create my own
                             education and with clubs like WISE! The          experience rather than wait for one to be created
                             University has so much to offer outside of       for me. What does this mean? I am involved. I
                             your required courses, but it is up to you to    am taking courses I want to take; I am doing the
                             get out there and find the opportunities!        work required because I want to know things and
                             Clubs are a great way to meet new people,        because I love my faculty. I am involved in WISE,
                             contribute to your university community and      a club that I truly feel represents me and which, I
                             learn about interesting and different            feel, I represent. I have arranged to take two
                             experiences that you may be missing out on       research based project courses with two fantastic
                             – not to mention the perks that many of the      professors, as I have discovered a love oof
                             clubs have, including exam reviews!              research.
                             To those of you who, like myself, are            Shall I get to my point? I am happy to be in
Individual Highlights:       returning for yet another year at the UofC,      science, in university and doing something I love.
                             welcome back! I hope you all had wonderful       YOU SHOULD BE TOO! What I am saying, is
   Letter from the editor
                             summers and that you are prepared to make        that figuring out what it is that makes you tick,
   What’s New in WISE       this a great year.                               and what you believe in and what you want to
   Special Interest         By this point, no doubt, a few of us (myself     know more about, or be better at, and making the
                             included) have gone through the exhausting       efforts to throw yourself into these things makes
  Article                                                                     a qualitative difference to your education, but
                             process of trying to get your courses figured
  The Renert Centre         out with the monstrous deadline looming          more importantly, to your life. I know from
                             menacingly closer and closer…it is amazing       experience that school can be a painful
                             how stressful school can be before you have      experience if you are not enjoying what you are
                             so much as started a course!                     doing, but even more insightful, I know now that
                                                                              you create your own experiences – may as well
                             Nonetheless, things are now settled              make ‘em good!
                             (woohoo!) and the real work of getting into
                             patterns involving early mornings,               Please come by the WISE office, get acquainted
                             conspicuous coffee consumption and               with the club and see what we can offer you! Feel
                             maintaining consciousness throughout the         free to contact me regarding the newsletter and
                             whole day may begin!                             do let me know of anything you would like to see
                                                                              in the paper! Contributions are more than
                             To be perfectly honest, I think my last years    welcome…enjoy the paper!
                             at the university have finally culminated with
                             a record high of nerdiness. I would never                 Your executive newsletter editor,
                             have thought I would say this, but I am                            -Melissa Schorr
                             actually excited to be back at school – and I
                             did seven courses over spring and summer                           mlschorr@ucalgary.ca
                             semesters so that CANNOT be normal!
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                                                            What’s New in WISE
                                        As is so often the case, the
                                                                               exclusive tutoring sponsors. The Renert
                               beginning of the school years brings with it
                                                                               Centre offers numerous services as well as
                               many other new beginnings and this is
                                                                               benefits for students who are WISE
                               certainly the case for WISE. We are proud to
                                                                               members. To learn more about our
                               announce a new club President, Searesh
                                                                               relationship with the Renert Centre see the
                               Munir, as well as a new Vice President,
                                                                               advertisement at the end of this paper!
                               Jasdeep Hayer though we will miss last
                               year’s president, Gurpreet Chahal! The new
                               leadership has already proven to be
                                                                               Why is WISE important?
                               promising and productive…so expect great
                               things from this club!                          Although women have become quite well
                                                                               represented in science, there is still a
                               After last years success WISE has decided       significant under-representation in
                               to maintain the continuous tutorial for         engineering, and in both disciplines women
                               physics 223, held every Monday from 5:30-       still may experience sexism. Although many
         “Nobody…took me       7:30pm which the club organized. This           women who are currently in science and
 seriously. They wondered      tutorial allows students to get help as soon    engineering in first world countries do not
why in the world I wanted to   as they are having problems, and not wait       face challenges because of our sex, it is
      be a chemist when no     until the last minute before exams! Review      important still that we recognize that this has
   women were doing that.      tutorials for various physics and engineering   not always been the case. Women have not
                               courses are also organized through WISE         always been treated as equals to our male
 The world was not waiting
                               and are a great way to finish preparing for     peers and in many parts of the world women
                     for me”   upcoming exams – be sure to check our           are still regarded as inferior to men and not
         - Gertrude B. Elion   website for updates!                            allowed to attain an education, much less
                                                                               one of their own choosing. It is also important
                               Our first annual mixer was very exciting and    that we acknowledge women who have come
                               a complete success thanks to Elena Nasim,       before us and made great contributions to
                               manager of the Women’s Advancement              the faculties of science and engineering.
                               Office, and to the executives of WISE.
                               New ideas have been in circulation in the       How to Join WISE:
                               WISE office and one in particular has us
                               pretty excited! We are in the middle of         The easiest way to join WISE is to drop by
                               developing a program to reach out to local      our office, Science A 120. The memberships
                               high schools and extend the support and         cost $5.00 and are effective for the entire
                               encouragement of women who may be               year. It is a good idea to sign up early so as
                               interested in science and engineering. We       to reap the rewards of your membership
                               want to help high school students               more easily! Memberships are sold at the
                               understand what a degree in science or          door to the tutorials held by WISE, but we
                               engineering can do for them. We want to         encourage you to buy your membership
                               give them the opportunity to understand a bit   before the tutorials or arrive early so as not to
                               better what their options are, to give them a   miss any of the tutorial while making your
                               chance to get involved, and to allow them to    purchase! Take care of your membership
                               ask young, accomplished women about their       card! It is required that you have a
                               choices and their experiences.                  membership and present your card in order
                                                                               to attend the WISE organized tutorials!
                               Another change in WISE is our new
                               sponsorship from the Renert Centre for
                               which we are very grateful! They will be our
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An Interview with An Encana Lawyer
Journey Paulus is an environmental lawyer at Encana. She feels that many women are prevented from pursuing
science degrees because they cannot imagine a fulfilling career. Many women do not want to work in a lab or out in the
field as it can be very isolating. Journey followed an interesting path to the career she now has and loves and so kindly
shared a bit of her story with us in an interview and encourages students to find interesting ways to use our degrees.
Melissa: So, how did you actually get into the field of environmental law?

Journey: Well, I always liked biology and so I did my honours undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta in
environmental biology – similar to ecology. In my fourth year I was taking lab and field studies courses almost
exclusively and I realized how unsatisfying this area of science was for me. I was looking for a different avenue while
still trying to keep biology in the picture. I had the opportunity to talk to a professor of conservation biology and he
suggested that I look into environmental policy as a potential masters program. He put me in touch with two students
who were at the time already in the program. After talking to the first of the two at York University I was convinced that I
wanted to try the program. As I had no background in environmental policy, I spent the first year at York taking related
courses and really enjoyed them. My only reservation was that I did not feel I would be able to put my environmental
policy knowledge to use so I talked to some more professors. Eventually it was suggested that I look into environmental
law, and that was that! I was off to law school.
Melissa: You are currently working for a corporation – what made you choose to do that?

Journey: There were a number of reasons for choosing a corporation. First, it provided an interesting opportunity as the
company was, at that time, in negotiations about how to implement the Kyoto protocol. This was a project that would
allow me to combine my biology, my policy knowledge and my education in law.
Another reason was simply that the availability of jobs in non-government organizations relative to industry was just so
small. I would say that one of the major factors in choosing Encana was that it allowed for me to work still partially as a

Melissa: What are you working on at the company now?

Journey: Actually, interestingly enough, I am working on the very project that first got me into law: the Species at Risk
Act. I had a practicum with an MP who was involved in part of the drafting of that act. Now we are in the five year review
of the act! It is a great opportunity for me to put into use what I have learned over the past five years and to test my
knowledge. I believe we can protect species and biodiversity while still being able to do some development…but we will
all have to work together. I work at my company on many different levels, from basic biology to high level issues like
fixing the legislation itself. I have the chance to work with people from very diverse backgrounds – farmers, fishermen,
biologists – it’s great! I am a very social person and my company works well for that!
Melissa: What would you say the biggest benefits of having a biology background are?

Journey: I find the analytical approach of a scientist has helped me in problem solving and resolving policy issues. As
well, the technical background allows me to better understand many aspects of environmental law much better than I
otherwise could have! It has really been a beneficial part of my knowledge base.

Many thanks to Journey for her time and story!
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                                                            Contact Renert:

                                                            Phone at:
The Renert Centre is a Calgary-based tutoring
company. At the university level, they provide first                 1-800-56-READY or
year chemistry, physics and math tutorials year
round – one fee covers the semester and students                         (403) -974-8600
have daily access to a tutor. They provide prep
courses for the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and GRE.                   In person at:

                                                               192 MacEwan Student Center
As WISE members, you can receive discounts off of
the tutorials, 10% off other services and $200.00 off       E-mail at:
of the MCAT course!!!
Speaking of the MCAT course, the Renert Centre is                  info@renertonline.com
hosting “MCAT & Medical School Admission” on
Thursday October 8th from 5:30pm-7:00pm. It is a            Check out the website at:
free session with free coffee and donuts provided as
is designed to discuss Canadian and American                    http://www.renertonline.com/
medical school admission requirements, the new
computerized MCAT and the application process for
medical school.
Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your spot by
visiting the Renert Centre in MacHall or calling them!

          Drop by the Women’s Resource Centre in Mac Hall at the University of
         Calgary or visit them online at http://www.ucalgary.ca/women/. The centre
          provides safe and supportive advice for females with any sort of issue –
           from making new friends to seeking guidance or even just for a quiet
                                 comfortable place to study.

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