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					                                                Wise Use International B.V.
Website: http://www.wiseuse.nl

Industry: Produces and develops biological products.

Years in Operation: 7 – 9 years

Products and Services: Production of biological products, based on plant and oil extracts. These products are activating aerobe and anaerobe
micro-organisms. In different countries we are busy with: water cleaning, composting, fermentation, pollution control and also in poultry industry and
greenhouses. Products include:

BIO-ROOTZ Biological Root Stimulator. Bio-Rootz is a concentrated                 Pro-Balance Biological Plant Regenerator. Pro-Balance was developed
liquid root stimulator. It stimulates the growth of micro-organisms in the        as a bio-soil-root and plant regenerator, which is consisting of complex
medium for the benefit of root development; the root environment is               trace elements from plant and fruit concentrates. Pro-Balance stimulates
noticeablely improved. This is shown by the difference in root structure          the production of alkaloid juice (toxic N-connections manufactured by the
of all treated plants in comparison with those that were not treated. The         plants that harms the insects). The natural defense system of the plant
root environment is less susceptible to various soil diseases.                    greatly improves. Pro-Balance is made from 100 % natural plant-fruit
Furthermore, this product has an inhibiting effect on pathogenic moulds.          extracts and oils. All starting materials come from a closed ecological
As well as having these properties, Bio-Rootz also has a cleansing effect         cycle produced without synthetic or chemical agents or fertilizers.
on organic pollution in drip systems.
                                                                                  PoCo Pollution Control. PoCo is composed of herbs, plant-extracts, and
B’Leafz Biological Growth Stimulator. B’Leafz is a concentrated liquid            100% natural. It can be used to treat industrial & municipal wastes and
flowering stimulator. The application of this product is focused on the           effluents. It is an organic microbial accelerating substance in liquid form.
part of the plant that is above the soil. B’Leafz stimulates the intake and       If a cell is being supported by PoCo, the bio-catalysators of the cell are
transport of nutrients in the plant. Because the plant takes in certain           being accelerated, thus also the metabolism. PoCo stimulates and
nutrients better and in greater quantity, the plant’s natural resistance          accelerates the growth of microorganisms in a natural way by micro-
also increases. As a result, the plant grows better and is less susceptible       nutriment and trace elements, which are being contained in PoCo. The
to diseases, pests or other external conditions. Both leaves, flowers and         acceleration of the metabolism results in higher decomposition (higher
fruits will be visibly healthier and more powerful. This leads to better          biogas-production, faster composting, better transfer of the ammonium in
quality, keeping properties and production of the plant.                          the slurry, cleaning of water, odor reduction etc.) on the respective

Looking for: Companies dealing with: water cleaning, composting, gas fermentation, pollution control and greenhouses.

For further inquiries please contact:
Clarine Lee-Macaraig B.A., B.A. Spec. Hons., M.E.S.
Senior Researcher - Environment

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