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2004                                                                                                    PGI June, 2004
Question Paper- June 2004                                                    c.   Acinic cell tumor is of high grade
   1.   Ultrasound can be used as a sensitive tool for                            malignancy
        diagnosis of all of the following except                             d. During removal of gland damage to
             a. Appendicitis                                                      auriculotemporal is known to cause
             b. Abdominal trauma                                                  frey’s syndrome
             c. Pancreatitis                                       9.    Respiratory distress in infants is said to occur
             d. Uretric colic                                            when
             e. gall stone                                                   a. There is cyanosis
   2.   Which of the following are derivatives of neural                     b. In infants if respiratory rate is greater
        crest                                                                     then 60 per minute
             a. Mesenchyme                                                   c. Intercostal retractions
             b. Olfactory epithelium                                         d. Notching of ribs
             c. Adrenal cortex                                               e. Crease in lower x-ray
             d. Autonomic and sensory ganglia                      10.   True about sigmoid colon carcinoma is
             e. Melanocytes                                                  a. Bleeding is common manifestation
   3.   Which of the following is true regarding                             b. Mechanical preparation is required
        esophagus                                                                 before surgery
             a. It is lined by submucous glands                              c. Post op-wound infection rate is very high
             b. It has lymphatic patches                                     d. Intraoperative hypotension delays wound
             c. Upper end is under voluntary control                              healing
             d. Lower esophagus contains a                                   e. Antibiotic prophylaxis is to be started 72
                  physiological sphincter                                         hours before surgery
             e. Lower esophageal sphincter relaxes as              11.   Which of the following is true regarding role of
                  peristaltic wave approaches                            mammography in carcinoma breast
   4.   Nerve supply of pinna is by                                          a. Mammography increases the risk of
             a. Lesser occipital                                                  carcinoma breast
             b. Greater occipital                                            b. Ultrasound is more sensitive for
             c. Auriculotemporal                                                  diagnosis of ca breast
             d. Glosopharyngeal                                              c. MRI is better then mammography in
             e. Vagus                                                             detecting carcinoma breast
   5.   Corneal epithelium consists of                                       d. It is to be done annually after the age of
             a. Columnar epithelium                                               40 yrs
             b. Stratified epithelium and keratinized              12.   Which of the following is unlikely to be
             c. Pseudostratified and non keratinized                     considered as a presentation of a panic attack
             d. Stratified and non keratinized                               a. Hypoglycemia
             e. Transitional epithelium                                      b. Acute MI
   6.   Vaginal sulcus is located at which level                             c. Pheochromocytoma
             a. Bladder neck                                                 d. Temporal lobe epilepsy
             b. External urethral opening                                    e. Grand Mal seizures
             c. Hymen                                              13.   True about MEN 2 A is
             d. Bladder base                                                 a. It is due to defect in chromosome 10
   7.   Branches given by the facial nerve in the facial                     b. Medullary carcinoma thyroid is most
        canal are                                                                 common manifestation
             a. Chorda tympani                                               c. Pheochromocytoma is common
             b. Lesser petrosal                                              d. Islet cell hyperplasia occurs
             c. Greater petrosal                                             e. Associated with mucosal
             d. Nerve to stapedius                                                ganglioneuroblastoma
             e. Tympanic nerve                                     14.   True about Lynch II syndrome is
   8.   Regarding salivary glands which of the following                     a. Colon carcinoma
        is correct                                                           b. Ovarian carcinoma
             a. Pleomorphic adenoma rarely undergoes                         c. Breast carcinoma
                  malignant change                                           d. PID
             b. Warthins is most commonly located in                         e. Endometrial carcinoma
                  the submandibular gland

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2004                                                                                                  PGI June, 2004
   15. Chronic myeloid leukemia is associated with                23. ORS contains-osmolarity
            a. Usually occurs in children                                  a. Sodium-20
            b. Auer rods are essential for diagnosis                       b. Glucose- 111
            c. Decreased leukocyte alkaline                                c. Potassium-80
                phosphatase                                                d. Chloride- 30
            d. Translocation at chromososme t( 9:22)                       e. Total-311
            e. Treatment is by autologous stem cell               24. Which of the following can be seen in 10 month
                transplant                                            old child
   16. Hypopigmentation-depigmentation is associated                       a. Pincer grasp
       with                                                                b. 6 cube towers
            a. Nevus of Ito                                                c. Transfer objects from hand to hand
            b. Nevus aneamicus                                             d. Push to stand
            c. Nevus depigmentus                                           e. speaks 4 word sentences
            d. Freckle                                            25. Features of Quinke’s disease include
            e. Nevus achromicus                                            a. Gag reflex is absent
   17. MEN I is associated with                                            b. Oedema of uvula
            a. Hypokalemia                                                 c. Peritonsillar abcess
            b. Hypocalcemia                                                d. Pharyngeal irritation
            c. Increased calcitonin                                        e. Bacteria is cause
            d. Hypergastrinemia                                   26. True about meningitis caused by H.Influenza is
            e. Parathyroid hyperplasia                                     a. H. Influenza b subunit vaccine is most
   18. Digoxin is used in all of the following except                           useful in preventing disease
            a. AV block                                                    b. Epidemics are known to be caused by H.
            b. Atrial fibrillation                                              Influenza
            c. Ventricular tachycardia                                     c. Prophylaxis is by Tetracyline
            d. Sick sinus syndrome                                         d. Commonest cause in adults and
            e. Diastolic heart failure                                          adolescents
   19. Feature of premature VPC is                                27. True about H. pylori infection is
            a. Fusion beats                                                a. It is gram negative
            b. Incomplete compensatory pause                               b. Non motile ,and nonflagellate organism
            c. Irregular RR interval                                       c. Used in treatment of patients with gastric
            d. Narrow QRS complex                                               lymphoma
            e. A-V dissociation                                            d. Treatment improves quality of life
   20. Treatment of congestive cardiac failure with                        e. Re-infection is very high
       Ventricular tachycardia is                                 28. True about Yersinia Pestis is
            a. Flecainade                                                  a. Diagnosis is done by repeated blood
            b. Encainaide                                                       culture
            c. ICD                                                         b. For prophylaxis benzthine penicillin is
            d. Amiodarone                                                       used
            e. Verapamil                                                   c. Isolation is for 48 hrs
   21. ENL is associated with                                              d. It is a gram negative coccobacilus
            a. Transient nodules                                           e. Its motility aids in diagnosis
            b. Fever                                              29. Cardiac index in a person with a cardiac output of
            c. Arthritis                                              5 lts and a body surface area of 1.73 m2 is
            d. Hepatitis                                                   a. 3 L/min
            e. Pancreatitis                                                b. 5 L/min
   22. Kaposi’s varicelliform eruptions are found to                       c. 3.6 L/min
       occur with                                                          d. 4 L/min
            a. Atopic dermatitis                                           e. 1.6 L/min
            b. Dariers disease                                    30. Human Development Index includes
            c. Lichen planus                                               a. Life expectancy at birth
            d. Pityriasis rosea                                            b. Life expectancy at 1 year
            e. varicella infection                                         c. Literacy rate
                                                                           d. GDP
                                                                           e. Infant mortality rate

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2004                                                                                                  PGI June, 2004
   31. Normal value(s) for arterial PaCo2 is                                 c. Hernia repair
            a. 37                                                            d. Berger’s disease-amputation
            b. 35                                                            e. small bowel surgeries
            c. 40                                                 40.   True about Berger’s disease is
            d. 42                                                            a. Affects small and medium sized arteries
            e. 45                                                            b. Age is usually less then 30
   32. The percentage of oxygen transferred in chemical                      c. Females more commonly affected then
       form is                                                                  males
            a. 97%                                                           d. Upper limb more commonly involved
            b. 3%                                                               then lower
            c. 30%                                                           e. Angiography shows convolutions in
            d. 90%                                                              femoral artery
            e. 20%                                                41.   Treatment of articular fractures is all of the
   33. In comparison of hemoglobin with myoglobin                       following except
            a. Co-operativity is seen in hemoglobin                          a. IM nail
            b. Oxygen is more avidly bound to                                b. pop slab
                 hemoglobin                                                  c. Excision
            c. Hemoglobin consists of a polymer of 4                         d. Arthrodesis
                 peptides                                                    e. Open reduction with internal fixation
            d. During hypoxia there is shift to right in          42.   Volume distribution of a drug is increased in
                 dissociation curve                                          a. Athletes
   34. In a patient with chronic hemolytic anemia there                      b. Pregnancy
       is                                                                    c. Obesity
            a. Increased haptoglobin levels                                  d. Menopause
            b. Increase in unconjugated bilirubin                            e. Elderly
            c. Bile pigments in stools and urine                  43.   MHC receptors are found on
            d. Inverse myeloid erythroid ratio                               a. Macrophages
            e. Worsened by use of salycilates                                b. B cell
   35. Spherocytes are seen in                                               c. T cell
            a. Rheumatoid arthritis                                          d. Platelet
            b. Hereditary spherocytosis                                      e. RBC
            c. Mechanical cause                                   44.   Tumor necrosis factor is released by
            d. Thallesemia                                                   a. Nuetrophils
            e. Sickle cell disease                                           b. Macrophages
   36. In beta Thallesemia true is/are                                       c. Endothelium
            a. Red cell count increased                                      d. Platelets
            b. Increased Hb A2                                               e. Monocytes
            c. Increase Hb F                                      45.   Most common cause of cataract is
            d. Normal HbA                                                    a. Age related changes
            e. Bone marrow is hypocellular                                   b. Diabetes mellitus
   37. Vaccines which are isolated in chick embryo are                       c. Corticosteroid use
            a. Rabies                                                        d. Hereditary
            b. Yellow fever                                                  e. Trauma induced
            c. MMR                                                46.   Thyroidectomy is indicated in which of the
            d. Japanese encephalitis                                    following
            e. KFD                                                           a. Cosmetic purposes
   38. Zn deficiency is associated with                                      b. Prsessure symptoms
            a. Hypogonadism                                                  c. Myxedema
            b. Decreased growth                                              d. Malignancy
            c. Cardiomyopathy                                                e. Thyrotoxicosis
            d. Glucose intolerance
            e. Altered taste
   39. Antibiotic prophylaxis is indicated in
            a. Interval appendicectomy
            b. Distal bowel surgeries

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2004                                                                                                  PGI June, 2004
   47. Human papilloma virus is associated with which            55. Neural excitation is known to occur in
       of the following                                              hypocalcemia due to
            a. Vulval carcinoma                                           a. Calcium gets replaced by sodium
            b. Cervix carcinoma                                           b. Calcium is replaced by potassium
            c. Endometrial carcinoma                                      c. Normally calcium slows receptor
            d. Ovarian carcinoma                                               excitation
            e. Pagets disease                                             d. Calcium causes break down of acetyl
   48. When a normal gene is replaced by a non                                 choline
       functional gene it is known as                            56. Most common cause of pancreatitis
            a. Psseudogene                                                a. Gallstone
            b. Knock out                                                  b. Alcohol
            c. Frame shift                                                c. Corticosteroids
            d. Transgene                                                  d. Smoking
            e. Deletion                                                   e. Malignancy
   49. Features in tetralogy of fallot include                   57. Cystic fibrosis is transmitted by recessive pattern.
            a. Right ventricular hypertrophy                         One parent is homozygous and the other is
            b. Left axis deviation on ecg                            heterozygous. The risk of transmission is
            c. VSD                                                        a. 25% carriers and 25% diseased
            d. Blalock tausig shunt is amastomosis                        b. 50 % carriers and 50% diseased
                 between pulmonary artery and                             c. 50 % carriers and 25% diseased
                 subclavian artery                                        d. 100 % carriers
            e. Right ventricular hypertrophy                              e. 25% carriers and 50% diseased
   50. Reverse split in S1 is seen in                            58. Hypoxia without cyanosis is in
            a. TS                                                         a. Interstial lung disease
            b. MS                                                         b. Aneamia
            c. Left atrial myxoma                                         c. Asthma
            d. LBBB                                                       d. Tetrology of fallot
            e. Aortic regurgitation                                       e. CCF
   51. In mushroom poisoning the manifestations are              59. Radiological features seen in pulmonary
       due to action of amanitin on                                  hypertension include
            a. Protien synthesis                                          a. Pulmonary arterial dilatation
            b. mRNA                                                       b. Small aorta
            c. Transcription                                              c. Perialvoelar markings
            d. tRNA                                                       d. Lower lobe veins prominent in early
            e. ribosomes                                                       stages
   52. Non venereal Treponemes include                                    e. Kerley lines
            a. T. Pallidum                                       60. In HIV patients pulmonary tuberculosis
            b. T. pertunae                                           commonly presents as
            c. T. Denticola                                               a. Increased sputum positivity
            d. T. Carotenea                                               b. More symptoms then signs
            e. T. Endomecum                                               c. Fibro cavitary lesions
   53. Which of the following cause bradycardia                           d. Extrapulmonary manifestations are more
            a. Sevoflurane                                                     common
            b. Pancuranium                                                e. Classical upper lobe involvement
            c. Suxamethonium                                     61. In the revised national tuberculosis control
            d. Propofol                                              programme all of the following are done except
            e. Thiopentone                                                a. Active case finding
   54. Correct Fetal skull measurements include                           b. Case holding
            a. Bitemporal-9                                               c. Treatment given on daily basis
            b. Suboccipitobregmatic-12.5                                  d. Treatment given under direct observation
            c. Suboccipitofrontal-10.5                                    e. INH prophylaxis
            d. Biparietal-9.5
            e. Submentobregmatic-13

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2004                                                                                                    PGI June, 2004
   62. In patients with hypercalcemia true statements                         c. phosphofructokinase
       include                                                                d. Pyruvate dehydrogenase
            a. Patients become symptomatic when                    70.   Causes of cherry red spot include
                calcium levels exceed 15 mmol/dl                              a. Tay sach’s disease
            b. Symptoms progress to convulsions, coma                         b. Generalized gangliosidosis
                and death                                                     c. Hurlers disease
            c. Steroids are used in treatment                                 d. Retrolental fibroplasia
            d. Can cause pancreatitis                                         e. Marfans
            e. Treatment is with IV fluids                         71.   True about osteopetrosis in a child is
   63. Renal stones are can occur in which of the                             a. Hepatosplenomegaly
       following                                                              b. Frontal/occipital bossing
            a. Hyperparathyroidism                                            c. Increased size of skull
            b. Medullary sponge kidney                                        d. Fractures are common
            c. Hyperoxaluria                                                  e. Bone marrow transplant is treatment
            d. Renal tubular acidosis                                            modality
            e. Hyperthyroidism                                     72.   Down’s syndrome predisposes to
   64. A patient presented to you with a heart rate of 50.                    a. Mental retardation
       Which of the following d/d’s would you consider                        b. Infection
            a. Sick sinus syndrome                                            c. Premature alzhiemers
            b. old age                                                        d. Congenital heart disease
            c. Inferior wall MI                                               e. CNS tumors
            d. Hypoglycemia                                        73.   True about mechanism of enzymatic action
            e. Hypertension                                              include
   65. The hypertonicity of medullary region is due to                        a. Decreased activation time
            a. Urea                                                           b. Can act only at a particular pH
            b. Glucose                                                        c. Rate of reaction is increased
            c. Sodium and urea                                                d. Equilibrium constant is altered
            d. Creatinine                                                     e. Acts by binding to substrates at multiple
            e. Sodium only                                                       sites
   66. Renal lesions in a patient suffering form multiple          74.   Bad prognosis in choriocarcinoma is indicated by
       myeloma include                                                        a. Liver metastasis
            a. Amyloidosis                                                    b. Lung metastasis
            b. Protein casts                                                  c. Post pregnancy
            c. Necrotizing vasculitis                                         d. Prior chemotherapy
            d. Renal stones                                                   e. Occuring 12 months after pregnancy
            e. Glomerulonephritis                                  75.   Allopurinol inhibits conversion of
   67. Which of the following is true regarding                               a. Hypoxanthine to Xanthine
       hepatocellular carcinoma                                               b. Hypoxanthine to IMP
            a. Occurs in malnourished                                         c. AMP to IMP
            b. Hepatitis B is predisposing factor                             d. Hypoxanthine to UMP
            c. It is the most common tumor in an adult             76.   Dietary metabolism
                liver                                                         a. Calories required are 35-40 cal/kg by a
            d. Presentation is early                                             sedentary adult male
            e. Usually presents as mass                                       b. 1 gm Nitrogen comes from 6.23 gm
   68. Enzymes involved in glycogen metabolism                                   protein
       include                                                                c. 1 gm protein yields 1 gm nitrogen
            a. Glycogen synthase                                              d. Fat content should be around 10%
            b. Phosphorylase a                                     77.   Biological value refers to
            c. Phosphorylase b                                                a. Nitrogen content
            d. Glucokinase                                                    b. Essential amino acid content
            e. In muscle cori’s cycle is involved in                          c. Amount of calories released per gm of
                conversion of glycogen to glucose                                substrate used
   69. cAMP mediated enzymes include                                          d. Essential fatty acid content
            a. Glucokinase
            b. Phosphorylase b

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2004                                                                                                   PGI June, 2004
   78. True about pseudomyxoma peritonie is                        86. Nikolsky’s sign is seen in which of the following
            a. Treatment is chemotherapy                                    a. Pemphigus Vulgaris
            b. Appendicectomy indicated in all cases                        b. Paraneoplastic pemphigus
            c. Surgery has no role                                          c. Bullous pemphigoid
            d. It is locally malignant                                      d. Epidermolysis Bullosa
            e. There is production of mucinous                              e. Dermatitis Herpetiformis
                 substance                                         87. Cutaneous manifestations of Tuberculosis include
   79. Plasma levels of (epanutin?!!) is                                    a. Lupus Vulgaris
            a. 1-10 microgms/dl                                             b. Lupus pernio
            b. 10-20 microgms/dl                                            c. Scrofuloderma
            c. 20-30 microgms/dl                                            d. Erythema Nodosum
            d. 30-40 microgms/dl                                            e. Lichen planus
            e. 40-50 microgms/dl                                   88. Whole body irradiation is done in which of the
   80. Extra-amniotic instillation of which of the                     following
       following is used for 2nd trimester abortion                         a. Head and neck cancer
            a. Hypertonic saline                                            b. Medulloblastoma
            b. Urea                                                         c. Bone marrow transplantation
            c. Glycerol                                                     d. Osteosarcoma
            d. Ethacrydine lactate                                          e. Gastric carcinoma
            e. Prostaglandins                                      89. Nephrocalcinosis is seen in which of the
   81. Raised HCG levels are seen in which of the                      following
       following                                                            a. RTA
            a. Down’s syndrome                                              b. Medullary sponge kidney
            b. Ectopic pregnancy                                            c. Hyperparathyrodism
            c. Multiple pregnancy                                           d. Hyperoxaluria
            d. PID                                                          e. Hyperthyroidism
            e. Fibromyoma                                          90. True about Adult Polyposis Kidney Disease
   82. All of the following are associated features of                      a. Occurs bilaterally
       spina bifida on ultrasound examination except                        b. Inherited as autosomal dominant
            a. Curved cerebellum                                            c. Cysts are derived from medullary region
            b. Absent cisterna magna                                            only
            c. Ventriculomegaly                                             d. Renal failure occurs in 3rd or 4th decade
            d. Club foot                                                    e. Hypertension
            e. Anencephaly                                         91. Which of the following are criteria in diagnosis of
   83. Ultrasound is a sensitive modality of investigation             nephrotic syndrome
       in                                                                   a. Generalized edema
            a. Uretric colic                                                b. Hyperlipidemia
            b. Appendicitis                                                 c. Microalbuminuria
            c. Gall stones                                                  d. Microheamaturia
            d. Pancreatitis                                                 e. Hypertension
            e. Abdominal trauma                                    92. Blood supply of soft palate is by
   84. Which of the following are causes of endometrial                     a. Greater palatine artery
       carcinoma                                                            b. Tonsillar branch of facial artery
            a. Diabetes mellitus                                            c. Lingual artery
            b. Hypertension                                                 d. Ascending pharyngeal artery
            c. Early menopause                                              e. Descending pharyngeal artery
            d. Tamoxifen                                           93. Adenotonsillectomy is contraindicated in which of
            e. Nulliparity                                             the following
   85. Lynch II syndrome is associated with                                 a. Recent upper respiratory infection
            a. Gastric carcinoma                                            b. Polio epidemic
            b. Colon carcinoma                                              c. Age < 4yrs
            c. Breast carcinoma                                             d. Heamophilia
            d. Ovarian carcinoma                                            e. Recurrent tonsillitis
            e. Osteosarcoma

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2004                                                                                                   PGI June, 2004
   94. Venthouse is contraindicated in which of the                        e.    Most common hernia in adults is Indirect
        following                                                                inguinal hernia
             a. Brow presentation                                 102. Enlarged bilateral hilar lymphnodes are seen in all
             b. Coagulation disorders                                  of the following except
             c. Deep tranverse arrest                                       a. Secondaries
             d. Rotated vertex                                              b. Sarcoidosis
             e. Prematurity                                                 c. Tuberculosis
   95. True about Yersinia pestis is                                        d. Aspergilloma
             a. Gram positive coccobacillus                       103. Insulin secretion is decreased by:
             b. Repeated blood culture can be done for                      a. Adrenaline.
                diagnosis                                                   b. Vagal stimulation.
             c. Penicillin is used prophylaxis                              c. Glucose.
             d. Non motile                                                  d. Glucogon.
   96. Causative organism/s of actinomycotic mycetoma                       e. Acetyl choline
        is/are                                                    104. Testicular feminization syndrome is characterized
             a. Actinomycosis israelli                                 by:
             b. Madura mycetoma                                             a. 47XY
             c. Nocardia brasiliensis                                       b. Normal uterus.
             d. Streptomycelius                                             c. Ovaries present
             e. Nocardiopsis                                                d. Hirsutism.
   97. Which of the following are causative organisms of                    e. Short stature.
        meningoencephalitis                                       105. Anterior mediastinal tumors include:
             a. Toxoplasma                                                  a. Teratoma
             b. Candida albicans                                            b. Thymoma
             c. Angiostrongliasis cantenensis                               c. Bronchogenic cyst.
             d. T. cruzi                                                    d. Bochdalek hernia
             e. T. brucei                                                   e. Ascending aorta aneurysm.
   98. Which of the following are true statements                 106. Tuberculosis is prone to affect which of the
             a. Kaposi’s sarcoma is caused by human                    following bursas:
                herpes virus 8                                              a. Subdeltoid.
             b. Slapped cheek appearance is a feature of                    b. Trochanteric
                Erythema infectiosum                                        c. Subpetellar
             c. Erythema infectiosum is caused by a                         d. Prepetellar.
                parvo virus                                                 e. Popliteal
             d. E. Subitum is caused by human herpes              107. Which of the following tumors respond to
                virus 5.                                               radiotherapy:
   99. Granulomatous lesions in lung is produced by:                        a. Lymphoma.
             a. .SLE                                                        b. Seminoma
             b. Aspergilosis                                                c. Leukemia.
             c. Candida                                                     d. Rhabdomyosarcoma
             d. Histoplasmosis                                              e. Multiple myeloma.
             e. Herpes.                                           108. Branches of right coronary artery include:
   100. End stage lung disease is caused by:                                a. Diagonal
             a. Sarcoidosis                                                 b. Posterior interventricular.
             b. Asbestosis                                                  c. Acute marginal.
             c. Cryptococosis                                               d. Obtuse marginal
             d. Cryptogenic fibrozing alveolitis                            e. Posterior ventricular
   101. True about indirect inguinal hernia is:                   109. Which of the following is/are true about Bruton’s
             a. Equal incidence in male and female                     X-linked agammaglobulinema
             b. In children on the opposite side                            a. B-cells decreased.
                persistent processes vaginalis is present                   b. T-cells decreased.
                in 90% of cases.                                            c. Recurrent bacterial infection.
             c. 25% bilateral                                               d. Cell mediated immunity affected.
             d. Bubonocele refers to hernia confined to                     e. Decreased immunoglobulins.
                inguinal canal.

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   110. Treatment of chalazion is:                                            c. Darriers disease
             a. Hot fermentation                                              d. Herpes gestationalis
             b. Antibiotics.                                                  e. Dermatitis herpetiformis.
             c. Injection of steroids.                              119. Methanol poisoning is managed by which of the
             d. Incision and curettage                                   following
             e. Diathermy.                                                    a. Gastric lavage
   111. Optic chiasma lesions will cause:                                     b. Ethanol
             a. Bitemporal hemianopia                                         c. Fomepezole
             b. Inferior quadrantenopia                                       d. Activated charcoal
             c. Superior quadrantenopia                                       e. Accumulation of formic acid is
             d. Nasal blindness.                                                   responsibe for retinopathy
             e. Unilateral blindness.                               120. Jet black oral cavity and tongue is seen in abusers
   112. Superficial perineal muscles include:                            of:
             a. Transverse peronei                                            a. Dathura
             b. Bulbospongiosis.                                              b. Bellodana users.
             c. Iliococcygeus                                                 c. Cocaine users
             d. Tubococcygeus                                                 d. Hashish users.
             e. Ischeocavernosis.                                   121. Lymphatic drainage of umbilicus is to
   113. Eosinophilia is seen in which of the following:                       a. Axillary lymphnodes only.
             a. Microfilaria infection                                        b. Inguinal lymphnodes only
             b. AIDS.                                                         c. Axillary and inguinal nodes
             c. Hodgkins lymphoma.                                            d. Retroperitoneal nodes
             d. Corticosteroid use.                                           e. Aortic nodes
             e. Renal failure.                                      122. Choose the wrong match:
   114. Buphthalmus is associated with:                                       a. Measles- jeryl lynn strain
             a. Epiphora                                                      b. Mumps-Shwartz strain
             b. Megalocornea                                                  c. Rubella-Copenhagen strain
             c. KF ring is pathognomonic                                      d. Oral polio-sabin strain.
             d. Shallow anterior chamber.                                     e. chicken pox-oka strain
             e. Surgery is used for treatment.                      123. Aedes mosquito is a transmitting agent in which
   115. Which of the following is true about post lumbar                 of the following:
        puncture headache                                                     a. Filaria
             a. Small gauge needles will reduce the                           b. Yellow fever
                 incidence                                                    c. KFD
             b. Blood patch is the first mode of                              d. Japanes encephalitis.
                 treatment.                                                   e. Malaria
             c. Early mobilization will increase the risk.          124. Drugs which are known to cause lung fibrosis are:
             d. More common in young adults.                                  a. Bleomycin
             e. It is due to low CSF pressure.                                b. Cisplatin
   116. Bupivacaine is administered by which of the                           c. Cyclophosphomide
        following routes:                                                     d. Adriamicin.
             a. Intrathecal                                                   e. Nitrofurantoin.
             b. Oral                                                125. Reversible causes of dementia includes:
             c. Epidural                                                      a. B12 deficiency
             d. Subcutaneous                                                  b. Hypothyroidism
             e. Intravenous.                                                  c. Alzheimer’s disease.
   117. Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis C is:                        d. Picks disease
             a. Cryoglobulenimia                                              e. Huntington’s disease.
             b. Nephrotic syndrome
             c. Lishen planus
             d. Polyarteritis nodosa.
             e. Membranous nephropathy.
   118. Intraepidermal bullae are seen in:
             a. Pemhigus valgaris
             b. Pemhigoid

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 126. A patient is diagnosed to have hepatitis C, after 6                   e. DNA is more stable then in RNA
          months ALT levels are normal, the patient is             134. DNA in large quantities contains
          not symptomatic, which of the following is                        a. Operon
          indicated in its management:                                      b. Histones
            a Repeat serum transaminases yearly and                         c. Initiator codons
            follow up                                                       d. Repressor codons
            b. Do liver biopsy and treat based on                  135. The indices which apply to reproductive age
            findings.                                                   group females include
            c. Assure patient that he does not require                      a. Birth rate
                 any management currently and ask him                       b. Total fertility rate
                 to come back when he is symptomatic.                       c. Marietal fertility rate
            d. Start treatment for all patients.                            d. GFR
   127. Krait bite toxin is:                                                e. GMFR
            a. Hemotoxin                                           136. The absorbable sutures include
            b. Myotoxin.                                                    a. Catgut
            c. Cardiotoxin.                                                 b. Polypropylene
            d. Neurotoxin                                                   c. Polyglycolic acid
            e. Vasculotoxin.                                                d. Polygalactic acid
   128. True about measles is                                               e. Silk
            a. Rash disappears as fever decreases                  137. In a child with congenital coxa vera which of the
            b. I.P. is 6-7 days                                         following procedures can be done
            c. Measles vaccine to be given at 9 months                      a. Subtrachanteric osteotomy
            d. Cannot be diagnosed if coryza is absent                      b. Bone grafting
            e. Koplik spots occur in prodromal period                       c. Arthrodesis
   129. True about Yellow fever is                                          d. Limb lengthening by traction
            a. I.P. is 10-14 days                                  138. Bengal strain of E.coli is
            b. Increased humidity increases rate of                         a. O1
                 transmission of disease                                    b. O2
            c. Not found in asia                                            c. O139
            d. It is caused by flavivirus                                   d. O157
            e. Spread by aedes aegypti                                      e. O120
   130. Steroids cause which of the following                      139. True about average hospital waste content is
            a. Increased Eosinophils                                        a. Paper-40%
            b. Increaed lymphocytes                                         b. Glass-4%
            c. Decreased macrophages                                        c. Infectious waste-30%
            d. Increased basophils                                          d. Plastic-20%
            e. Increased red cell count                                     e. Toxic substances-1%
   131. Lethal mutation is caused by                               140. Which of the following is true about leprosy
            a. Frame shift                                                  a. Prevalence- 3.7/1000
            b. Deletion in 1 base protein                                   b. There are 10 million cases in India
            c. 3 base pair deletion                                         c. 90% of cases are under multidrug regime
            d. A-G conversion                                               d. Vaccines are being tried in Bihar
            e. A-C conversion                                               e. Tetracyclines are used in resistant cases
   132. Operon was named by                                        141. Fish is the intermediate host in which of the
            a. Watson and crick                                         following
            b. Jacob and Marount                                            a. H.Nana
            c. Hugh and Fresbi                                              b. Dyphilobothrium latum
            d. Fishke and Grant                                             c. H. Dimunata
   133. In DNA replication true statement/s include                         d. Chlonorchis Senesis
            a. It is a semiconservative process                             e. Tinea Solium
            b. Polymerase I has 5-3 polymerase activity
            c. Polymerase I has 5-3 exonuclease
            d. Polymerase I has 3-5 exonuclease

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   142. Which of the following is true regarding hydatid          150. Prenatal screening is useful in which of the
        disease in liver                                               following
            a. 90% are single cyst                                          a. Repeated abortions
            b. Serology is used for diagnosis                               b. Infertility
            c. Albendazole prevents spread                                  c. Old age
            d. Treatment of choice is surgery                               d. X linked recessive disorders
            e. Caused by Echinococcus granulosis                            e. Chromosomal abnormalities
   143. Which of the following immunoreactive skin                151. Which of the following are causes of hydramnios
        reactions are based on neutralization                               a. Pulmonary aplasia
            a. Casoni’s                                                     b. Posterior urethral valve
            b. Shick test                                                   c. Non immune hydrops
            c. Mantoux                                                      d. anencephaly
            d. Lepromin                                                     e. Thallessemia
            e. Kviems                                             152. Treatment of cataract in infant is
   144. Restriction fragment length polymorphism can be                     a. Lensectomy
        used                                                                b. Dissecation
            a. To identify long deletions                                   c. Phaco-emulsification
            b. To identify short deletions                                  d. ICCE
            c. Chromosomal structural lesions                               e. ECCE
            d. Point mutations                                    153. Drugs causing hypokalemia is/are
            e. In mRNA mutations                                            a. Amphotericin B
   145. Codon is a                                                          b. Chlorthiazide
            a. Nucleotide                                                   c. ACE inhibitor
            b. Sequence of 3 bases                                          d. Frusemide
            c. Sequence of 4 bases                                          e. Spirinolactone
            d. Present on tRNA                                    154. A patient presents with greater then 50 mmHg
   146. True about Alzhimers disease is                                fall in systolic BP. Treatment options include
            a. Presenile gene I and II is present                           a. Graded compression stockings
            b. Mutation in APP gene                                         b. Isoprenaline
            c. Decreased Tau protein                                        c. Fludrocortisone
            d. Associated with defect in Apo E                              d. IV fluids with steroids
            e. It is associated with chromosome 21                          e. Thiazides
                 deficiency                                       155. Causes of post op hypertension is
   147. Stress hormones include                                             a. Prior hypertension
            a. Adrenaline                                                   b. Stress of surgery
            b. Corticotropin releasing hormone                              c. Inadequate analgesia
            c. Insulin                                                      d. Due to prolonged effects of anaesthetics
            d. Thyroxine                                                    e. Excess IV fluids
            e. Cortisol                                           156. Bilateral retinoblastoma ideally is managed by
   148. Progesterone challenge test is used in which of                     a. Radiation
        the following                                                       b. Laser Excision
            a. Premature ovarian failure                                    c. Enucleation
            b. Ashermans syndrome                                           d. Adjuvant chemotherapy
            c. TB endometritis                                              e. Thermotherapy
            d. Post menopausal state                              157. Avascular necrosis is seen in which of the
            e. Endometriosis                                           following fractures
   149. In which of the following antenatal monitoring                      a. Surgical neck of Humerus
        heart rate variations is considered abnormal                        b. Talus
            a. Baseline variation of 5 to 25                                c. Neck of scapula
            b. Acceleration of greater then 15                              d. Lower end of radius
            c. Heart rate 120-160                                           e. #neck of femur
            d. Heart rate 80-100
            e. Deceleration of greater then 30

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 158. True about sentinel lymphnode biopsy in breast              166. True about soft tissue tumors is
 carcinoma is                                                                 a. FNAC is useful in diagnosis
               a. Blue dye is used to locate lymphnode                        b. They are largely radiosensitive tumors
               b. Radioactive dye is used                                     c. TNM staging is used
               c. Contraindicated if axillary nodes are                       d. Incisional biopsy is done if tumor is greater
                    involved                                                       then 5 cms
               d. Done to avoid unnecessary axillary node                     e. Spread is by lymphatics
                    dissections                                   167. All of the following are true about laryngitis sicca
               e. Done only in benign lesions                          except
159. True statements about diffuse toxic goiter is                            a. Also known as atrophic laryngitis
               a. Occurs more commonly in women                               b. Caused by klebsiella ozeana
               b. It is primary hyperthyroidism                               c. Caused by Klebsiella rhinoscleromatis
               c. It is secondary hyperthyroidism                             d. It is due to laryngomalacia
               d. There is associated opthalmopathy                           e. Treatment is by laser
               e. Treatment is only surgery                       168. Which of the following can be used in the
160. True statements about primary dentition is                        management of heamarthrosis
               a. Premolars are absent                                        a. Aspiration
               b. Canines are last to appear                                  b. Traction
               c. 3rd molar is last to appear in adults                       c. Compressive bandage
               d. Incisors are first to appear in secondary                   d. Pop slab
                    dentition                                                 e. Injection of steroids
               e. Primary dentition is complete by 18             169. True about allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis is
                    months                                                    a. It is associated with raised IgE
161. True about anaplastic carcinoma is                                       b. Causes central bronchiectasis
               a. Occurs in elderly                                           c. There is eosinophilia
               b. Confined to thyroid region                                  d. Treatment is antifungal drugs only
               c. Is a mixture of papillary and follicular                    e. Wheeze is common manifestation
                    subtype in histopathology                     170. Septoplasty is indicated in which of the following
               d. Bad prognosis                                               a. Cosmetic purposes
162. A skull with square shaped orbit, triangular palate and                  b. Septal spur
     broad based nose with a index <75 was found. It                          c. Chronic sinusitis
     would most likely belong to a                                            d. Atrophic rhinitis
               a. European                                                    e. Adeniods
               b. Chinese                                         171. DNA polymerase I is known to have which of the
               c. Negro                                                following actions
               d. Aryan                                                       a. 3’-5’ exonuclease
               e. Caucasian                                                   b. 5’-3’ polymerase
163. Neuroendocrine tumors of lung include                                    c. 3’-5’ polymerase
               a. Atypical carcinoid                                          d. 5’-3’ exonuclease
               b. Bronchoalveolar tumors                                      e. 3’-5’ endonuclease
               c. Choriocarcinoma                                 172. A patient presented with galactorhea and was found to
               d. Bronchogenic carcinoma                               have a pituatry adenoma of less then 10 mm. Which of
               e. Neurofibroma                                         the following are indicated in its management
164. All of the following treatment for articular fractures                   a. Craniotomy with hypophysectomy
     except                                                                   b. Radiation therapy
               a. Arthrodesis                                                 c. Bromocriptine
               b. Synovectomy                                                 d. Trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy
               c. Pop slab                                                    e. Chemotherapy
               d. Traction                                        173. True about esophagus is
165. True about bone cyst is                                                  a. Its length is 25 cms
            a. Lined by epithelium                                            b. Has a columnar epithelial lining in lower
            b. Cavity is filled by blood and fluid                                 esophagus
            c. Giant cells are present in histology                           c. Upper esophagus has smooth muscle
            d. Treatment is curettage and bone grafting                       d. Outer layer is formed by serosa
            e. Contains fibrous septae in the cavity

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             e.    Lower esophagus is under voluntary             181. True about anaplastic carcinoma is
                   control                                                       a. Mixture of follicular and papillary
174.   In a patient with multiple myeloma is found to have a                         carcinoma cells
       serum calcium level of 15 mmol/dl. Immediate                              b. It remains localized to thyroid gland
       management would include                                                  c. Occurs in the elderly
              a. IV fluids with frusemide                                        d. It is associated with MEN 2
              b. Corticosteroids                                                 e. Treatment is with radioiodine
              c. IV pamidronate                                   182. In a patient with ethelene glycol poisoning,
              d. Oral etodronate                                       management would include
              e. Saline diuresis                                                 a. Ethanol
175.   Which of the following is true about changes which                        b. Methanol
       occur in pulmonary hypertension                                           c. Fomepezole
              a. There are organic clots in pulmonary                            d. Gastric lavage
                   arterioles                                     183. True about duodenal carcinoma is
              b. Plexogenic arteriopathy                                         a. Occurs commonly in the periampullary
              c. Saddle thrombus in the pulmonary artery                             region
              d. Muscular changes in capillaries in chronic                      b. It is an adenocarcinoma
                   pulmonary hypertension                                        c. Doudenum is the most common site for
176.   Management of papillary carcinoma thyroid is by                               adenocarcinoma of small bowel
              a. Near total thyroidectomy                                        d. Treatment is local resection
              b. Total thyroidectomy                                             e. It usually present with jaundice and
              c. Radio-iodine                                                        pruritis
              d. Chemotherapy                                     184. A patient presented with diarrhea which lasted for
177.   True about acoustic neuroma is                                  some days. His alkaline phosphatase levels were
              a. Upper pole presses on 9,10,11                         raised, but serum transaminases were normal, with
              b. Lower pole –Trigeminal nerve                          ultrasound showing the biliary system and liver
              c. Arises from vestibular component of 8th               normal. Which of the following would you consider as
                   nerve                                               d/d
              d. Causes compression of vascular supply to                        a. Chlonorchis senesis
                   Cochlear structures leading to deafness                       b. Autoimmune hepatitis
              e. It is malignant lesion                                          c. Hodgkins lymphoma
178.   True about glomus tumor is                                                d. Sclerosing cholangitis
                 a. It arises from multiple sites                                e. Schistosomiasis
                 b. Locally maloignant                            185. Which of the following can be considered as
                 c. More commonly affects males                        manifestations of primary tuberculosis
                 d. It is pulsatile tumor                                        a. Fibrocavity
                 e. Manifests with symptoms of tinnitus and                      b. Pleural effusion
                     deafness                                                    c. Osteomyelitis
179.   True about carotid body tumor is                                          d. Erythema nodosum
                 a. Arises from carotid baroreceptors                            e. Renal tuberculosis
                 b. FNAC is useful in diagnosis                   186. True about N2O cylinders used in aneasthesia is
                 c. Non chromaffin ganglionoma                                   a. Blue cylinder
                 d. 10% familial                                                 b. It is in liquid form in the cylinder
                 e. More common in males                                         c. PIN index is 3,5
180.   Thyroid opthalmopathy is associated with                                  d. Stored at a pressure of 2100 ps
                 a. There is associated progressive external                     e. Is a good analgesic
                     ophthalmoplegia                              187. Causes of ENL include
                 b. Extraocular muscle swelling occurs                           a. Lepromatous Leprosy
                 c. Lagopthalmos                                                 b. Tubercloid Leprosy
                 d. Associated with diffuse thyroid                              c. Borderline lepromatous
                     hyperplasia                                                 d. Borderline tuberculoid
                 e. More common in females                                       e. Intermediate

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188. Granulomatous lesions in the lung are caused by                               d. Carrier rate is low
               a. Sarcoidosis                                                      e. Penecillin is used for prophylaxis
               b. Histoplasmosis                                  197.   Which of the following ECG changes can be seen in a
               c. Asbestosis                                             patient of tetralogy of fallot
               d. Berylliosis                                                      a. Right axis deviation
               e. Wegeners garnulomatosis                                          b. Left axis deviation
189. All of the following are caused by picornaviruses                             c. Left ventricular hypertrophy
     except                                                                        d. Right ventricular hypertrophy
               a. Hepatitis E                                                      e. Prolonged PR interval
               b. Polio                                           198.   In which of the following is second sound component
               c. Hand foot syndrome                                     P2 loud
               d. Encephalomyelitis                                                a. Ebstien anomaly
               e. Heamoragic conjunctivitis                                        b. Primary pulmonary hypertension
190. Cone biopsy is indicated in all of the following except                       c. Pulmonary stenosis
               a. In situ malignancy                                               d. Severe MS
               b. High grade intraepithelial lesions                               e. TS
               c. Suspicious endocervical curettage               199.   True about aspiration pneumonitis and its prognosis is
               d. Papillary growth                                                 a. Prognosis depends on pH of aspirate
               e. In all postmenopausal women                                      b. Volume of aspirate
191. Human papilloma virus is known to cause                                       c. Pulmonary changes are due to infection
               a. Carcinoma cervix                                                 d. Pulmonary changes are due to
               b. Carcinoma endometrium                                                 inflammation
               c. Laryngeal papilloma                                              e. It usually occurs during induction phase
               d. HCC                                                                   of anesthesia
192. Commonly occurring germ cell tumors is/are                   200.   All of the following is true about abdominal
               a. Leydig cell tumor                                      compartment syndrome except
               b. Arrhenoblastoma                                               a. Pressure is >25 cms water
               c. Yolk sac tumor                                                b. Pneumoperitoneum is the cause
               d. Brenner tumor                                                 c. Increase in urine output
               e. Serous cytadenoma                                             d. Respiratory embarrassment
193. A lady presented with history of repeated self harm.         201.    True about krebs cycle is
     Which of the following would you suspect she could                         a. Fatty acid synthesis
     be suffering from                                                          b. 8 ATP’s per cycle
               a. Shizoid personality disorder                                  c. Involved in deamination-transamination
               b. Paranoid disorder                                                  reaction
               c. Borderline personality disorder                               d. Reduced substances play a role in
               d. Endogenous Depression                                              regulation
               e. Adjustment disorder                                           e. Lipid soluble vitamins play a regulatory
194. Which of the following are psychotic disorders                                  role
               a. Anxiety disorders                               202.   True about keratoconus is
               b. Obsessive disorders                                           a. Degeneration of cornea
               c. Hypochondriasis                                               b. Familial
               d. Somatization disorder                                         c. KF ring is pathognomonic
               e. Paranoid disorder                                             d. Soft contact lens is used in treatment
195. A young patient developed meningitis. Which of the                         e. High astigmatism
     following are common causative agents involved               203.   Presbyossis is
               a. E. coli                                                       a. Concave lens are used for correction
               b. Listeria monocytogenes                                        b. Degenerative disorder
               c. Meningococcus                                                 c. Convex lens are used for correction
               d. Streptococcosis B                                             d. Weakness in accomadation
               e. H. Influenza                                                  e. Usually occurs after 40 yrs
196. True about sore throat causing rheumatic fever is
               a. Group A streptococci
               b. Group B streptococci
               c. Carrier rate is high

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204. Which of the following is true about blood transfusion                     c. Gonadal dysgenesis
     reactions                                                                  d. Streak ovaries
             a. Can present with manifestations hours to                        e. Testicular feminization
                 days after transfusion                          213.    True about Unicameral bone cyst is
             b. Is not life threatening                                         a. Giant cells
             c. Increase in haptoglobin levels                                  b. Fibrous septae are present within
             d. Blood transfusion can be continued                              c. It has epithelial lining
             e. Can cause renal failure                                         d. The spaces inside are filled with blood
205. Inhibition in IL-2 formation is by                          214.   Secondaries can occur in all of the following except
             a. Cyclosporin                                                     a.     Pelvis
             b. Tacrolimus                                                      b.     Hands and feet
             c. Rapamycin                                                       c.     Ends of long bones
             d. Muromonab                                                       d.     Vertebrae
             e. Methotrexate                                                    e.     Proximal ends of long bones
206. IV immunoglobulins are used in treatment of                 215.   Tubercular spine is associated with all of the following
             a. Kawasaki’s disease                                      except
             b. Guillian barre syndrome                                            a. Increase weight gain
             c. Wegeners granulomatosis                                            b. Lumbar lordosis
             d. Infectious mononucleosis                                           c. Weight loss
             e. PAN                                                                d. Evening rise of temperature
207. All of the following are criteria of child-pugh’s                             e. Night sweats and malaise
     classification is                                           216.   First site to develop rigor mortis is
             a. Ascites                                                            a. Eye lid
             b. Encephalopathy                                                     b. Heart
             c. Increase creatinine                                                c. Upper limb
             d. Serum albumin                                                      d. Lower limb
             e. Serum aminotranferase                                              e. Neck
208. In formation of DNA from RNA in HIV the enzyme/s            217.   IV injection of lignocaine is known to cause all of the
     required is are                                                    following except
             a. Nuclease                                                           a. Hypotension
             b. reverse transcriptase                                              b. Respiratory depression
             c. DNA polymerase                                                     c. Increased ionotropic effect
             d. Lyase                                                              d. Increased chronotropic effect
             e. Phospahatase                                                       e. Tachycardia
209. Radioresistant tumors include                               218.   Contraindication for use of betablockers in glaucoma
             a. Ewings sarcoma                                          is/are
             b. Rhabdomyosarcoma                                                   a. Hypertension
             c. Gastric carcinoma                                                  b. Asthma
             d. Lymphoma                                                           c. Congestive cardiac failure
             e. Melanoma                                                           d. Pericarditis
210. True about vulvar carcinoma is                                                e. Interstial lung disease
             a. Adjuvant chemotherapy is used                    219.   Laryngoscopy and intubation will cause all of the
             b. Surgery is main modality of treatment                   following except
             c. HPV is causative                                                   a. Tachycardia
             d. Spreads to inguinal lymphnodes                                     b. Hypertension
211. Linear energy accelerator is used for generation of                           c. Bradycardia
             a. Gamma rays                                                         d. Hypotension
             b. X-rays                                           220.   Structures passing through lesser sciatic foramen are
             c. Alpha rays                                              all of the following except
             d. Beta rays                                                          a. Pyriformis
             e. Neutrons                                                           b. Pudendal nerve
212. A female patient with short stature, infertility, with                        c. Nerve to obturator internus
     XO Karyotype is suffering from                                                d. Pudendal vessels
             a. Klinefelters syndrome                                              e. Coccygeus
             b. Turners syndrome

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221. Schneiders first rank symptoms are seen in                  229. All of the following are vector borne diseases except
               a. Mania                                                         a. KFD
               b. Schizophrenia                                                 b. Japanese encephalitis
               c. Endogenous depression                                         c. Prion diseases
               d. Paranoid disorder                                             d. Cholera
               e. Shizoid personality disorder                    230. All of the following about modes of parenteral
222. True about carcinoma oral cavity is                          administration of drugs is true except
               a. Does not metastasize                                          a. In IV administration bioavailability is
               b. Treatment is surgery and radiotherapy                               80%
               c. Buccal mucosa is most common site                             b. Site of intramuscular injection is to be
                    involved                                                          sterile
               d. In India betel nut chewing is associated                      c. Inhalational route has a slow absorption
                    with increased incidence                                          rate
               e. Spreads to lymphnodes                                         d. Oral drugs absorption can be inhibited by
223. The drugs derived from plant alkaloids are                                       food
               a. Vincristine                                         231. Drugs which can be given in congestive cardiac
               b. Etoposide                                                 failure is/are
               c. Irinotecan                                                    a. Carvidelol
               d. Paclitaxol                                                    b. ACE inhibitor
               e. Cisplatin                                                     c. Hydralazine
224. Steroids used in the treatment of all of the following                     d. Amlodipine
     except                                                                     e. Chlorthalidone
               a. Head trauma                                         232. Which of the following are avoided in
               b. Tumors                                                    hypokalemia
               c. Meningitis                                                    a. Thiazide
               d. Stroke                                                        b. Spirinolactone
               e. Myelomeningocele                                              c. Rifampicin
225. All of the following are boundaries of popliteal fossa                     d. ACE inhibitor
     except                                                           233. Bactericidal drugs include all of the following
               a. Gastrocnemius                                             except
               b. Biceps femoris                                                a. INH
               c. Adductar magnus                                               b. Rifampicin
               d. Semimembranosis                                               c. PAS
               e. Semitendinosis                                                d. Ethionamide
226. A person was moderately obese. His brother recently                        e. Pyrizinamide
     died of pancreatic carcinoma. He is at the moment                234. In Category I in RNTCP schedule drugs given
     asymptomatic. What advise would you give him                           are as which of the following
               a. Stop drinking alcohol                                         a. (HRZE)2 + (RZ)4
               b. Stop smoking                                                  b. (HRZ)3+(RZ)4
               c. Start immediate hypolipedimic drugs                           c. (HRZE)3+(RZ)4
               d. Totally decrease fat intake                                   d. Retreatment of defaulters
               e. Immediate weight reduction                          235. Which of the following are nucleoside reverse
227. All of the following are known to cause uvietis except                 transcriptase inhibitors
               a. Syphilis                                                         a. Delavirdine
               b. Rheumatoid arthritis                                             b. Nevaripine
               c. Sarcoidosis                                                      c. Stavudine
               d. Cytomegalovirus                                                  d. Ticlopidine
               e. Primary tuberculosis                                             e. Zalcitabine
228. True about herpes encephalitis is                                236. Which of the following drugs cause pulmonary
               a. Usually caused by type I herpes virus                     fibrosis
               b. Causes heamorrhagic lesions in the                               a. Buspirone
                    frontal lobe                                                   b. Busalphan
               c. Occurs only in children                                          c. Chloramphenicol
               d. Treatment is given only after                                    d. Tetracycline
                    confirmation                                                   e. Amiodarone

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   237. Which of the following drugs do not have their            244. Non surgical complications in surgery include
        mechanism of action mediated through receptors                         a. Thrombophlebitis
              a. Benzodiazipine                                                b. Lower respiratory tract infection
              b. Acetylcholine                                                 c. UTI
              c. General anesthetics                                           d. Wound infection
              d. Alcohol                                                       e. Pulmonary emboli
              e. Sodium Valproate                                 245. Increased intrabdominal pressure is associated
   238. True about meningitis is                                       with which of the following
              a. H.Influenza is known to cause                                 a. Increased intracranial tension
                   epidemics                                                   b. Increased intraocular infection
              b. H.Influenza Type b vaccine prevents                           c. Increased urine output
                   spread                                                      d. Increased intrathoracic pressure
              c. The CSF is stored at 40C for                                  e. Increased venous return
                   preservation before analysis                   246. Which of the following is true about flail chest
              d. Latex agglutination helps in rapid                            a. Fracture in 3 consecutive ribs
                   diagnosis                                                   b. Segment moves in with expiration
              e. PCR is useful in diagnosis                                    c. Mechanical ventilation is required in
   239. Genetic amplification methods include                                       all cases
              a. DNA cloning                                                   d. Patients present with dyspnea
              b. PCR                                              247. True about surfactant is
              c. Gene amplification                                            a. Formation begins at 28 weeks
              d. RFLP                                                               gestation
              e. FISH                                                          b. Stability of alveoli
   240. Broad spectrum antiparasitic agents include                            c. Secreted by type I pneumocytes
              a. Mebendazole                                                   d. It predominantly contains mucin
              b. Pyrantel pamoate                                              e. It is decreased in hyaline membrane
              c. Albendazole                                                        disease
              d. Praziquntel
              e. DEC
   241. Eosinophilia is seen in which of the following
              a. Microfilaria infection
              b. AIDS
              c. Hodgkins
              d. Steroid therapy
              e. Renal failure
   242. Gastric lavage was done in a poisoning case. The
        contents turned black on heating with AgNo3.
        The likely poison was
                a. Cephalor
                b. Dieldrin
                c. Bagon
                d. Lead
                e. Iron
   243. Which of the following needs to be referred to a
        burns unit
                a. 20% superficial burns in adults
                b. 10% superficial burns in children
                c. Scalds over face
                d. 10% deep burns in an adult
                e. Burns restricted to palms and soles

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