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									                  ANNA UNIVERSITY COIMBATORE

                              ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT
University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year
2007, with its cohesive team of faculty members, offers a sound program at the Undergraduate
was well as the PG levels. The curriculum is a blend of the conventional and theoretical. It is
updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the
electrical industry and research laboratories.

The Department is backed by highly qualified and experienced faculty with top-notch
laboratories, most of whom have been involved in various industrial projects and consultancy
services. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Anna University
Coimbatore recognized for excellence in teaching, Research and service to the profession. It
has a broad based Undergraduate curriculum and specialized M.E Degree programs in Control
and Instrumentation, Power electronics and Drives, Power Systems Engineering, Applied
Electronics and core Electrical Engineering through education, research and consultancy. The
Department offers Three Year B.E Programmes and Two Year M.E programmes in Full Time
and Part Time. It is well equipped with state – of – the art laboratories to provoke the students
and staff community in academic and research activities.

The Department actively involves in various research areas which includes Soft Computing,
Optimization approaches, Power Systems, Intellectual Property Rights, Control Systems,
Modern Control Theory and its applications, Applications of ANN and Fuzzy Logic , EMTP
applications in Power Systems, Application of Power Electronics to Power Quality Improvement
and Industrial Drives, DSP Applications in Power Electronics, Simulation of Power Electronic
Converters and Drives Systems and Control of Special Machines,           Image Processing and
Power Quality. Thus from a modest beginning, the department has come a long way. Today, it
is rated as one among the leading educational institutions of the country in Electrical and
Electronics Engineering.

The Department has strong Industry interaction and has been involved in development of state-
of-art products for Industry. It has executed and is constantly handling various consultancy
projects for various Industries and Government of India. Faculties are encouraged to take
independent initiatives with collective responsibility in all the relevant academic and R&D
dimensions    -   teaching,    curriculum   development,     graduate   research   supervision,
R&D, continuing education or organization of conferences, symposia, etc. They have ample
freedom to associate as members of team with other faculty, research engineers or with faculty
in interdisciplinary areas. The department has an open atmosphere with ample scope for faculty
to work with other departments and centers within the Institute.

Objectives the Department

    Providing continuing education programmes for industrial needs.

    Collaborating with government agencies, defense organizations, national and international
    industries of repute and universities worldwide through sponsored research, consultancy
    projects and manpower training schemes.

    Programmes organized in the department

      S.NO         DATE                                 PROGRAMME

      1       01-12-09          ESTA-EEE Association Inauguration

      2       06-03-09                 National Workshop on“EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING
              &                        APPROACHES AND ITS APPLICATIONS”
      3       16-04-09                 “SARGA 09”
              &                        National Level Technical Symposium was conducted

             Forth Coming Event
      4       13-08-09
              &                        National conference on “INTELLIGENT COMPUTING
              14-08-09                 AND         CONTROL         FOR        ENGINEERING
                                       APPLICATIONS” (NCICE09)
Laboratories in the department
University department of EEE with an aim to achieve in motto spearheaded the installation
of technologically advanced and highly sophisticated labs and has its state –of-art in the
following laboratories

      Electrical machines laboratory
      Power electronic laboratory
      Electric circuits laboratory
      Control systems laboratory
      Measurements and Instrumentations laboratory
      Modeling and simulation laboratory
      Process control laboratory

Software packages in the department

The Department is well equipped and has the following software packages:

      NI LabVIEW
      PSIM
      NI Multi sim
      Active HDL
      Process Control Simulator

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