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Samen bouwen aan beter wonen Are you looking for a by eddie22


									Samen bouwen aan beter wonen

Are you looking for a rental?

WoonFriesland for YOUR rental!
Are you looking for suitable housing? WoonFriesland is the place for you. We possess over 20,000 rentals spread over many villages and towns in Friesland.

Easy search
We want to make it easy for you when you are searching for a rental. You may find our current supply of housing in the Saturday issue of the Leeuwarder Courant. The same offers are posted every Wednesday on our internet site Perhaps you do not have a newspaper subscription or access to the internet at home. Then you are most welcome to come to WoonFriesland in your area to take a look at the available housing. We love to be of help to you! You may also want to check the newspaper or the internet in a local library.

Have you found a rental?
Have you found a rental that appears to meet your needs? Then you may immediately respond via our internet site or by means of the woonbon (response form for a rental) in the newspaper by sending it by mail or fax to WoonFriesland locatie Leeuwarden. Or you may pay a visit to one of the offices of WoonFriesland in Leeuwarden, Drachten, Burgum, Heerenveen, Oosterwolde or Koudum. We are always willing to assist you to complete your form or to answer your questions.


Registration is unnecessary
You see, responding is quite easy. You do not have to register in advance. The first time that you respond we record all your data. Next, we send you a registration number by mail. With this number you may respond anytime in the future.

How do you qualify for a rental?
The demand for housing often exceeds the supply. Often there are more parties interested in a single rental. Then the company has to decide to which applicant the rental is allocated. The rental is offered to the applicant who has the longest search duration status. The search duration starts on the date at which you first responded to a rental offer. When several persons have accumulated the same search duration status, WoonFriesland will check which of these applicants most frequently responded to a rental offer in the past. In order to maintain your housing search duration status you should respond at least once a year to our rental offers.

Limited response
Per household, it is possible to respond to 3 rental offers per week. If a rental is offered to you which you do not appreciate then you are entitled refuse it. Please Note: if you refuse a rental offer twice then you will lose the accumulated search status and the number of responses. This means that your housing search starts all over again.

Your search duration status ends when you accept your rental. If you will be looking for different housing in the future, you should respond again. We will register your data to start your search duration status again.

The choice is up to you
The client is completely free to choose. So, you may qualify for all rentals that are on offer. For instance, we do not take income, age or family composition into consideration. The only exception to this is a minor section of our housing which is intended for a specific group of people, such as students and seniors. In this case, the target group of applicants will be indicated per rental belonging to such a category.

When will you hear from us?
We will contact you if you qualify for the rental to which you responded. If you do not hear from us then in such a particular instance we could not be of help you. The motivation why a certain application is rejected will be posted weekly on the internet on Fridays. If necessary, you may ask WoonFriesland to provide information on the procedure.

How long may it take?
The average time before a rental comes available depends on the number of houses coming available in the area which you desire and the number of people who respond. The waiting period for houses that we advertise ranges from a couple of years to two years. Sometimes, nobody responds to a posted rental. Such houses can be rented immediately. If you are interested in renting at short notice, please check our internet site under direct te huur. There you will be able to see whether there are any houses immediately for rent that particular week. These offers are on a first come, first serve basis. You should respond immediately and we will let you know right away whether you can rent the house immediately.


Option Arrangement
Rentals which are hardly coming available and for which there is a specific interest are subject to our special option arrangement. You do not have to respond to an advertisement and you do not need to keep responding to keep your search duration status.

What is the option arrangement about?
You inform WoonFriesland of where you would like to live. This may be a (section of) a neighbourhood with rare vacancies. An employee of WoonFriesland may tell you whether such rentals belong to the option model. If this is the case then you may register for it. The registration fee is € 20.00 (2005 price level). If you take an option then we will immediately inform you of your option list status. We will subsequently send you a confirmation of registration. As soon as a rental comes available, and as soon as it is your turn, we will automatically notify you. You do not have to do anything for this.

How long will it take in the option model
Of course, we are unable to predict the future and tell you with any degree of certainty how many rentals will be available in the neighbourhood (section) for which you have taken an option. That is why it is wise to anticipate a waiting period of a number of years. There is a special brochure available at WoonFriesland regarding the option arrangement. You may also visit our internetsite at huren and optieregeling for the current option houses.


One system, more convenience
This system of searching a rental applies to all WoonFriesland locations. This makes searching easy for you.

You respond to the offer of immediately available rentals.
You have a general search request (e.g. a single family home in Burgum). You respond to the standard housing offered via newspaper or internet. You have a specific search request (e.g. a rental in a certain block of houses in Leeuwarden). You contact WoonFriesland to see whether you may take an option. Are you looking for a rental? Ask for a personal interview with WoonFriesland. You are in urgent need of different housing. Do you qualify for a housing benefit? WoonFriesland may inform you about the possibilities and conditions for housing benefits. You may personally file the application for housing benefits with the Belastingdienst. For more information, please visit:

Do you want more information?
Do you want to know more about finding a rental? Please contact the employees of your WoonFriesland. They love to respond to your questions and are willing to help you find a suitable rental. For you have come to the right place if you want to find a rental!


Finding a Rental Diagram

You respond to the offer of immediately available rentals.

You have a general housing request (e.g. a single family home in Burgum).

You respond to the rentals offered in the newspaper or on the internet.

Looking for housing?
You have a specific housing request (e.g. a rental in a certain block of houses in Leeuwarden). Are you entitled to take an option according to WoonFriesland?

You are in urgent need of different housing (e.g. you have a medical urgency).

Ask for a personal interview with WoonFriesland.


WoonFriesland contacts you if a house comes available.


You pay € 20,- and we will inform you about your waiting list status.

WoonFriesland contacts you if a rental comes available.


You respond to rentals offered via newspaper or internet.

WoonFriesland can explain whether you qualify for a priority arrangement. Ask WoonFriesland for the brochure on urgency arrangements.

You respond to the offer of immediately available rentals.

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