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									A&D, India                       MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                       Aug, 2003

Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture for Women - BNCA                        Part A

Name of the organisation:
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women
Private Institute
Affiliated to the University of Pune
Affiliation N. PU/PN/ARCH/109/94
Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha
Dr. B.N. College of Architecture for Women, Karve nagar
Pune - 411052
Telephone, Fax, e-mail:
Phone: +91-20-5466966, 5464062
Fax: +91-20-5424437
Prof. Anurag Kashyap
Contact persons:
Anand Lele, Assistant Professor in interior design
Shubhada Kamlapurkar, Assistant Professor in design

Information on the structure

...Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women is one of the well-known Colleges in
Pune for Women. College offers Degree and Diploma courses on creative fields like Architecture
and Computer Aided Interior Design, The objectives of the College includes Basic Research in
the field of Architecture and Planning, to Exchange of Students and Faculty with International
Universities, as well as to provide highly sophisticated Computerized Education to all the
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture is associated with Maharshi Karve Stree
Shikshan Samstha, Pune. Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha was founded by Bharat
A&D, India                        MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                            Aug, 2003
Ratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve with a mission of uplifting the socio- economical,
educational, and spiritual status of women. As a part of this institute BNCA is established with a
vision of the future grounded in a clear strong sense of architecture as a noble embodiment of
liberty coupled with the competence and will to design, create and build. Here our goal is to
create an environment well equipped with the facilities required for higher architectural and
technical education capable of solving the contemporary problems and meet the future
challenges. Our mission is to cultivate within the students the landscape of desire, grow versatility
and achieve academic excellence.
Date of creation:
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture for Women, founded in 1994.
Structure of the organization:

Number of staff members:

Qualifications of staff members:

Field of activities (scale of intervention)

Geographical area of intervention
Socio/economical area of intervention
Professional/technical area of intervention

The college has a campus and building with all infrastructure and modern facilities.

Seminar Hall
A part of the syllabus structure of the university, requires the students to make manual and
computer presentations of their work before an audience. Seminar hall provides platform to
enhance public speaking skills.
The college also conducts seminars every Saturday by inviting experts from same and other
allied fields.
Computer Lab
In tune with the fast developing trends of the technical world and in par with the needs of the day.
The computer lab accommodates 70 Pentium-2 with printers, plotter, scanner and the all the
A&D, India                       MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                             Aug, 2003
latest hardware and software related to architecture and interior designing. Each student is
allotted a computer and enjoys unlimited computer time. Our students are making use of all the
latest hardware equipments, for academic purposes. The Computer Lab has also a Research cell
with well-qualified staff.
The most pious area of the infrastructure, ' library', at present, stores 3774 books of not only
related subjects, but also epics, novels, comics, books on health and beauty, craft etc. The
College subscribes more than 40 national and international magazines. The library has a Bar-
coding system and an Internet Browsing and E-mail facility for every student and staff.
The college also provides color and black -n-white xerox facility. A `C.D.Rom' library is commonly
accessed through the library, & the computer department. The library is easy accessed by the
students and staff, with no bar on timings. Good works of the students and staff are well-
documented and incorporated as part of the library generating a resourceful database.
The Architecture students get hands on experience here. They work on different materials and
get acquainted to the methods of contruction They can understand the capabilities of different
materials. The Workshop is well-equipped with latest machinery to handle new coming materials
too.Students make carpentary joints in wood,and are able to make complex furniture units on
their own.This help them understand the flexibilities and restrictions in design using these
materials.For subjects like Surveying and Levelling and Climatology ,we have all the latest
instruments. This workshop in the campus is shared with the Cummins College of Engineering.
Material Museum:
The Material museum is also an important library which displays latest materials available in the
market. All technical information is displayed along with the materials. Various samples of
building materials like stone, brick, cement, sand, steel, glass, tiles, wood, exterior finishes,
interior finishes are available with their brand names and information brochures and technical
manuals. Various samples of materials used while designing interiors are also there in the
museum like curtains, tapestry, wall papers, veneers, Venetian blinds, carpets etc. The museum
also displays models made by the students for the subjects like Building Technology and Building
Services which highlights the use of these materials and the methods of construction. The library
is not just restricted to this. There are brochures, which give information on high-tech services like
hot water supply systems, air-conditioning, and samples of water pipes and specials in different
recent materials too. On Saturdays, the suppliers are invited to give information on their products
as and when required.
Within the Campus, there is a canteen located near the Engineering College. A new Canteen
building is proposed.
A&D, India                          MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                            Aug, 2003

Hostel facility is common for all professional colleges in the campus. Three students share a
room. It is provided Residential Accommodation for outstation students. Solar water heater,
central washing facility, GYM, Sports and Games Facilities are available.

Techniques/ technologies (skills; used)
Human resources
Training capacities
R&D / cataloguing / publications

Target groups/beneficiaries

Admissions for the Bachelors degree are granted to the college Trough centralized admission
procedure of Govt. of Maharashtra strictly on merit and as per the norms laid down by Dte, AICTE
and Council of Architecture, New Delhi. The intake is 40 students for class.
40.000 rupees annual feed pr student.


- 5 year Architecture Degree course affiliated to Pune University, and approved By AICTE intake
of 40 students.
- Autonomous 2 years Diploma in Interior Design
- 3 years Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

Projects history (curriculum, number of projects, and detailing)
On going projects
Projects documented
Appropriate in terms of character of that place.
From the last year 2        and third years students they started a new design class concerning more
with the understanding of the characters of the place.
They planned this design experience (as trip part of the syllabus), studying a different kind of
environmental. They were in Neroly (?) old part of Delhi. First part was a survey of the area.
Resettlement and archeological site.
The second year took kindergarten has their design.
The third year housing resettlement. The experiences tried to sensitive the student to come out
with an appropriate design in that contest. They had to think about the materials, the actual
people needs and customs and about the archeological site implication and conservation.
A&D, India                        MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                        Aug, 2003

She found that usually in a design class the student concern only about the composition part of
the architectural problems, so this experience is an attempt to bring the students more close to
real situations and needs.
To understand the features of the site. (11:00)

Explanation on the elaborate of the design site of the exercise

900 years back is the old Bazaar.
It is made of flat doom.

At the beginning the students were not motivated in the exercise, they felt uncomfortable in the
site so the professors had to work hard on motivating them.
But at the end they turned to be very involved in the exercise.
They spent in Delhi 7 days. (18:00)
It is a totally new approach for them. Usually it is compositions exercise where you don’t now
anything about where it is the site location or who is the client.
The client in this exercise were the people from the Archeological site itself.
They had to make social economic studies, try to understand the real economical possibility of
the people.
Also the materials were to be chosen according to the site appropriateness and to the people
economic possibility.

(23:00) They had to respect the monument. They tried to replicate the icons of the original

The college of Architecture was founded in with the donation of Rs. 90 lakhs given by Mr.
Mahendrabhai Nanavati has a glorious historical background of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan
Sanstha, Pune, founded in 1896.
They are no more funding, they sustain with the student feeds.
They also pick up commercial projects to sustain themselves, because the feeds are not enough.

Exchange Programmes
A&D, India                        MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                           Aug, 2003
Dr.Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture has collaborated with the following institutions in
- E'cole d'architecture de Clermont-ferrand          (Student Exchange and Faculty exchange)
- A&D firm thru which a tie up with E'cole d'architecture de Paris and India House, Paris has been
made (Faculty and alumni Exchange).
- California Polytechnic University (Student Exchange)


Member’s thought
Shubhada Kamlapurkar feels that share information among colleges is difficult because there is a
lot of competition.
She feels that sharing information will work only if there is a two ways benefit from this exchange.
Other way it doesn’t work.

Anand Lele founded the workshop very interesting, and he think that A&D did a really good job
able to bring all those different actors together.
He feels that to make the platform works the actions from it should be faster, tied so not to
dispread the enthusiasm about it.

Materials collected / secondary documentation

Philosophy / Approaches
On the organization

They want the student to think globally. They wont expose the students to global level. They
stretch a lot on Computer education. They wont to prepare them to the global market.

Approach to social / political/ economical / environmental situation (local/global)

Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture for Women, founded in 1994 under the able
leadership of Principal Anurag Kashyap, with the generous donation of Rs. 90 lakhs given by Mr.
Mahendrabhai Nanavati has a glorious historical background of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan
Sanstha, Pune, founded in 1896, with the main mission of uplifting the social, educational,
A&D, India                        MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                               Aug, 2003
financial and spiritual conditions of women and widows, making them confident and self reliant.
The founder, Bharat Ratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, a visionary and dedicated social
worker in his own right, soon realized that his mission can be fulfilled only if the educational levels
and standards of Indian Women, in all walks of life, are enriched, improved and expanded to
include basic and higher education in Arts, Science, Commerce and other professional courses.

The college is named so as a token of gratitude for the sumptuous donation given by Manilal
Vadilal Nanavati Charitable Trust, Mumbai, for construction of the college building.

This institute is not conceived as school in the convention sense but as a multidisciplinary center
of learning where architectural education is considered as a total personality development
program. It offers Bachelor of architecture program, which is conducted since the year-1994. The
institute represents an enormously powerful academic program finding ways of representing the
nature of architecture and its values to the society. It was evolved in essence to ensure quality
education and it has maintained this agenda to the present day.
Consciousness in its field of intervention
This institute has been established with a futuristic approach and idealism towards architectural
The educational objective of the institution is to develop the student’s artistic and intellectual
abilities and to prepare them thoroughly as Professionals in the field of Architecture, beyond its
specific educational end.
Broad objectives are:
To provide advanced education and training increasingly with a research awareness in
To provide maximum possible facilities and adequate guidance for developing various skills,
mastering techniques.
To make the students competent for achieving excellence in profession and society as an
architect in true sense.
To provide a conducive environment where intellect and artistic capabilities of the students
shaped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

O u r - a s s e t s- a r e
Excellent infrastructure, efficient working system
Systematically detailed out syllabus offering a wide range of expertise in related disciplines
Extravagantly talented, highly qualified and passionately dedicated faculty strategically designed
academic curriculum
A&D, India                       MIPAA Mission Report – Part A information on the member
                                                                                           Aug, 2003
Use of information and technology in architecture.
Students exchange program, opportunity to go for practical training abroad - a step towards the
globalisation of architectural education
The development and search for appropriate teaching methods in response to the changing
needs of the society.
Provision of career guidance and job opportunity.

Response mechanisms adopted (if any) and in witch field
Appropriateness of…(Architecture, technologies, documentation)
Architecture is a term with several meanings, all related to buildings. It may refer to the art and
science of building, practiced by artists called architects. Or, architecture may mean the buildings
themselves. The term also has a historical meaning referring either to the building style of a
particular culture or to an artistic movement.
Ours is a conscious effort to impart, in addition to the prevailing course, the use of latest
technology with futuristic approach to be in tune with the International Standards. As per these
objectives emphasis is laid on site visits, audio-visual programmes, photography, seminars by
experts and leading suppliers, computerization etc.

On Shubhada Kamlapurkar, Assistant Professor in design
Approach to social / political/ economical / environmental situation (local/global)
His/her personal story/struggle
She teaches design and history of architecture in the school.
Consciousness in its field of intervention, approach, policy.
Response mechanisms adopted (if any) and in which field.
Appropriateness of …(Architecture, technologies, documentation)
Appropriate in terms of character of that place.

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