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      Training today for a safer industry tomorrow
Don’t compromise! When you see the “Liftow Certified” seal of excellence you can rest
assure that our graduates have been trained and certified by the industry leader in
forklift safety training. This program is used extensively by Alberta and Eastern Canadian
Provinces and throughout the US. STAC & Liftow is committed to creating a safer
workplace by continually setting and exceeding the standard in forklift and safety training
in Canada and the US. OHSR, CSA, OSHA. Our instructors bring years of practical hands
on experience into their training programs. Don’t settle for anything less.

Existing Operator Certification Course

This course is designed for the individual with lift truck operator experience but has had
little or no formal training. This program will be specifically geared to your application and
equipment, and will enhance and revive your operators’ awareness of safe lift truck
operation. Operators are given a written test and a hands-on evaluation. This course will
provide the attendee with a Certificate upon successful completion of both theoretical and
practical components. Included is a wallet card and wall mount certificate for each
operator and all necessary paperwork for company’s training records.

The hands-on portion of the program is where trainees are shown the pre-use inspection,
safe operating procedures, parking/shut-down and refueling procedures then students are
given the opportunity to practice under the helpful eye of our experienced instructor.
Trainees are assessed as having reached a minimum skill level and are individually
evaluated using a counterbalanced forklift in a challenging work setting course. Following
this evaluation, trainees are de-briefed and given the opportunity to address any issues
they may have regarding the program.
Course Duration
8 hours (1 day) theory & practical exam
Practical evaluation approx. 30 min per operator       Fees: $ 255.00 per student

Course Content

Relevant provincial and federal legislation and guidelines (C.S.A. OHSR, OSHA)
Requirements of the C.S.A. Standard and the O.H.S.R Guideline
Pedestrian awareness
Basic principles: lift truck design and operation
Basic principles: lift truck design/operation (stability triangle)
Parts of a truck/pre-shift inspection
Operation of truck (practical skills training)
Fuel sources (battery and propane, gas, diesel)
General safety rules/guidelines
Summary (written test)
Practical evaluations
Beginning Operator Certification Course

This program is for persons with no operational experience who would like to obtain their
credentials as a qualified counterbalanced forklift operator. This program will be
specifically geared to your application and equipment, and will enhance your operators’
awareness of safe lift truck operation. The program addresses the theory and practical
operation of engine powered or battery powered sit-down counterbalanced forklifts only.
Course Duration
16 hours (2 days) theory, machine operation and practice & practical evaluation exam
Practical evaluation approx. 1hr per operator.   Fees: $ 395.00 per student

Recertification Operator Course

This program is designed for persons who have been previously certified to operate a
forklift and certificates are still current.
Course Duration
4 hours of theory, pre trip & practical evaluation exam
Practical evaluation approx. ½ hr per operator.       Fees: $ 185.00 per student

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Lift Truck Counterbalance Operator Training

Thank you for inquiring about our counter balance forklift operator certification course.
Courses can be scheduled at your convenience in the morning, afternoon or evening. We
can do up to four (4) to six (8) operators at once. Courses are done at your site as operators
are familiar with the working conditions, site and equipment. Each trainee receives a
Counterbalanced Forklift Operator Reference Manual and pre exam at the time of
registration which must be pre-read and brought to the program completed. Program
attendees are trained, evaluated and graded on their knowledge of equipment theory and
ability to demonstrate safe operation in a hands-on practical driving skills test.

Also note some of the training will take place outdoors students should be prepared for
weather conditions. Students should have and be prepared to wear their required Personal
Protective Equipment. High visible vest, steel toed boots, this is an OHSR requirements.
Proper training is essential to the safety and productivity of your employees.

Any questions please call or email
                             Phone: 604-885-0804 Fax: 604-885-0161
                                      Toll free 1-877-885-0804

                                                                      OPERATOR CERTIFICATION
                                                                     COUNTERBALANCE FORKLIFT

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