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					          Tourism Tomorrow
               Tourism Strategy Symposium 2009
                 Break Out Session Overview

Below is an overview of the break out session from the tourism symposium in no
particular order.

Sheet 1

Vision- Best possible future
   1. Bay of Fundy
   2. Most improved roads
   3. longest tourist season
   4. more environmentally active
   5. What words best describe us- Green & Innovated
   6. Geological & physical landscape

Sheet 2

20 years from now we hope to be known for being unknown, for our history, for our
natural beauty, for creating experiences for people, for making memories people have.
The uniqueness of us.

Sheet 3

   -   remain the best unknown destination
   -   remain rural
   -   be world class
   -   In 25 years the Douglas Township will be 250years old, have a hug celebration

Sheet 4

Nova Scotia’s centre piece; What image do we have?
   - Eco- resort
   - Winter cross country
   - Skiing fully recreational
   - Better roads
   - Better infrastructure
   - Retirement village
Sheet 5

What will set us apart in 25 years?
  - Affordable Fun
  - Natural beauty maintained
  - Technology- more advanced (kids staying inside no exercise)
  - The weather – greenhouse gases, global warming

Sheet 6

Clean & Green- wind/solar/tidal power
Corridor – Enfield to Shubenacadie
Large convention centre/ large scale accommodations
Residential expansion to Rawdon area

Art centre
Amalgamated schools
Maitland rival to Lunenburg destination
Kennetcook bridge; summer concerts, outdoor theatre, small hotel
Cottage country
Landmark attractions

Sheet 7

   -   a cottage destination for those outside of MEH
   -   Tidal bore energy; a green municipality, wind energy
   -   WD Lawrence fixed roof accommodation
   -   Community project- work vacation to build this “ship”
   -   Stanley airport – as a fly in location
   -   For time share owners
   -   Golf course
   -   EHTA

Sheet 8

10 – 20 years from now. Where are we?

   -   We are known for river; Home of “Shubenacadie Heritage” river; highest tides in
       the world
   -   Tidal bore
   -   As the entry way to the sea to sea paddle
   -   Agri-tourism- milk can capitol of Canada
   -   As a reference point i.e. HRM is outside the MEH
   -   Destination for corporate retreats

Sheet 9
Our image
   - Clean and green
   - Healthy active living
   - Friendly
   - Tourism destination; tours of wind/solar/tidal
   - Leader in fuel pellet production made from cornstalks
   - #1 location for farming and subsequent industries
   - Cottage industry- B&B; agri-tourism

Sheet 10

What are we known for 10 – 20 years from now?

- World class destination (Shubie/ Fundy tides)
- Eco community
- Cultural diversification/ distinct
- Bay of Fundy Access
- Blending of past, present, future
- Shubie as a heritage river
- World class retreat
- Full spectrum
- Simple to sophisticated
- Active retirement community

Sheet 11

What image do we have?
  - stress free
  - friendly
  - affordable
  - interesting; arts, culture, heritage, outdoor adventure

Sheet 12


   1.   More focus on winter
   2.   Tradeshow for East Hants
   3.   Collecting info on culture website
   4.   Promote summer weather (U.S. tourists in particular)
   5.   Promote small business
   6.   Life style

Sheet 13


   1. Work with others on Bay of Fundy
   2. Make sure we are a player
   3. Clam digging festival
   4. Promote Burncoat head park
   5. Hall’s harbor model
Sheet 14


   1.   Getting in and out of Hants specify
   2.   Cost of business – who pays?
   3.   Roads/signage
   4.   Access to government sources- too selective
   5.   Farms too complex
   6.   Help to maintain projects

Sheet 15

Challenges/ Solutions

   -    How to present E.H./ New partnerships for the production of a quarterly news
   -    Communications; supporting small business in their effort to promote tourism, tax
        rebates, free printing/ CD, increased web presence, You Tube
   -    Funding for infrastructure-
        1. Roads
        2. Planters
        3. Small business working through East Hants bylaws
        4. More paid staff to support volunteer groups
        5. new Municipality of East Hants website
        6. Proximity to HRM, they have accommodations we don’t
        7. No convention centre

Sheet 16

                Challenges                                     Solutions
Roads                                         Lobby government
Signage                                       Determine overall strategy as to how we
                                              want EH to look
Visitor information; shortage of info after   Provincial kiosk program
Lack of tourism specific info- EH map         Create one
Publication right in your own back yard       EH Live work play
Declining volunteer base/overload             More support staff
No flagship defining EH
Missing coordination of NFP and business
in a common effort to promote tourism in
Sheet 17

               Challenges                                        Solutions
Public awareness                               Take advantage of the regional, provincial,
                                               federal tourism strategies
Sustainability of local economy                i.e. coop advertising; open houses;
                                               advertise; festivals; tradeshows;
                                               promotions; information kiosks; key
This area has to want to stop here not drive   Lobby tourism agencies educate & inform
through diversion off the 100’s highway to     them
the area of interest
Cleaner & greener
Private & public beautification                Community participation
We are still a dry area

Sheet 18


   -   Identification of features
   -   Get visitors to stay in the entire area
   -   We are not just a drive through
   -   Education/promote us first
   -   Get them to travel throughout the entire Municipality; solution and East Hants
       brochure/ geo-caching
   -   Create an experience
   -   We undervalue ourselves
   -   Roads/signage (directional)
   -   Sell ourselves to our neighbors
   -   We need to thrive
   -   High property taxes - businesses

Sheet 19


   - Passport to East Hants
   - Map of attractions/features
   - Stamp system for visiting each site
   - Scavenger hunt? Could be included feature
   - Roads plastic – heat repair
   - Magic bus tour banner
   - MEH promotional packages of local businesses/ attractions
   - Form of networking to promote each other
   - Newspaper
   Sheet 20

-    Geography – how to get here?
-    Road conditions
-    Advertising – strong web presences for business
-    Blinders to broader region
-    Navigation/ signage
-    High speed internet
-    Services for special needs/ accessibility
-    Limited shopping selection
-    Language interpretation for foreign visitors
-    Finding financing capitol/ human resources operating costs
-    Red tape bureaucracy
-    Tax (property) discount for seasonal tourism; encourage short season
-    Weather
-    Marketing- packaged, targeted, promoted, research
-    Managing expectations of tourists & region (US)
-    Image of the industry re: career opportunities- painting everyone with the same

Sheet 21


1.   Navigation:
-    bus tours
-    tour itineraries
-    signage program (coordinated)
-    maps c: sites
-    review driving directions in D&D

2.   Roads:
-    Collect evidence (photos)
-    Pothole contest
-    Participate in Provincial level advocacy efforts (TIANS)

3.   Marketing:
-    cooperative group projects; maps
-    Redesign county site; MEH site
-    Link sharing program
-    Get TIANS web assessment done $100.00
-    Provide web developers lists
4. Blinders to Neighbors:
- Participation in CNTA
- Host broad networking forum

5. Accessibility:
- Promote provincial funds
- Conduct accessibility assessments

6. Limited shopping:
- Focus on niche retailers

7. Language Interpretation:
- Call check in Nova Scotia during peak season

8. Access to Capitol:
- Provide funding guides
- Advocate for bigger pools of money

9. Human resource funding/ access
- Promote summer student money; grants to businesses and common groups
- Promote use of TIANS job postings

10. Red tape:
- Advocacy partnership; TIANS, CNTA, RDA, MEH, Chamber

11. Manage expectations:
- Don’t over promise
- Under promise- over deliver
- Become an ambassador

12. Industry Image:
- TIANS is looking for local volunteers to do school career presentations

Sheet 22

Solutions to challenges
1. Build a brand – Kennetcook 84th Regiment
2. Decide what our target market is
- bus tours
- Halifax
- Motorcycle groups
- Cycling
- Campers/RV’s
- Eco
- Local & Inter-Provincial
Sheet 23

Opportunities: Signage
Challenges: Signage funding

-   East Hants – corridor and other areas, what’s available?
-   Refine our resources to offer a quality experience
-   Educate our people in the service industry to further enhance the quality
-   Tourism is selling an experience how do we promote this?


-   Rural tourism- revitalize agriculture
-   Active retirement communities
-   Bay of Fundy – a world class experience
-   Bay of Fundy cruises ship

Sheet 24

-   Signage
-   Roads
-   Infrastructure/ services
-   Community map
-   Advertising
-   Identity
-   Linkages and representation
-   Communication
-   Funding, marketing opportunities
-   Staff education & training
-   Visitor information center
-   Market research- niche markets
-   Strategic development plan

Sheet 25

Challenges: If you want to connect the dots Fix The Roads!!! They can’t find us
without SIGNS!!! They won’t stay if they can’t eat or sleep after playing

Sheet 26:

Challenges in marketing & promotion
- We need to promote EH as a whole not as individuals
- Our population; attract younger residents, aging rural population for volunteer
   pool. Promote immigration
- Weaknesses: We need FAM tours for all operators
- Networking
- Good clear maps
- Length of tourist season

Solutions: Networking; working together; web pages/ links
Sheet 27


-   Rural isolation is good
-   Natural setting (balance city visits)
-   Undisturbed environment (leaves)
-   Close airport
-   Wild life
-   Friendly population

Sheet 28


-   Bay of Fundy
-   Location – proximity to bay, Halifax
-   People
-   Coastal access
-   Lots of resources/ organizations/ people
-   Natural beauty- rolling hills etc
-   Many undeveloped natural areas, farming, rivers etc
-   Gore hill- four county view
-   Seasonal activities- year round
-   Rural not remote

Sheet 29


-   Rebuild lost physical history i.e. covered bridge, trains, train stations
-   Make use of woods /roads
Sheet 30


-   Business development – food services/ accommodations
-   Coastal trail development
-   Camping parks; RV’s
-   Public sites; picnic areas, parks etc.
-   Develop sale skills & product knowledge with front line staff
-   Enhancements- Burncoat Head Park- Signage, roadwork, staff, interpretation
-   Arts & Culture trail
-   Black smith shop like Tin smith

Sheet 31


-   Agri-tourism
-   Entrepreneurship/ artisans, crafters/ self employment
-   Interpretive drive CD
-   Sport tourism - EH Sportsplex
-   Shubenacadie canal
-   Hiking/kayak/canoe outfitter
-   Take a broader look at all of Hants county and beyond for tour itineraries &
-   Resurrect Acadian history/culture work from 2003 – 2005
-   Celebrate fist nation heritage; traditional natural interpretation

Sheet 32

Strengths/ Opportunities

- Geography; Geology; History
- History/ Heritage
- Hants shore area- ship building
- Connection to the world
- Architecture
- Acadian history
- Mi’kimaq
- Greatest assets Bay of Fundy
- Parks; South Maitland, Maitland, Burncoat, Walton, Cheverie
- Shubenacadie canal
- Maitland leading to Dartmouth
- Hidden gems; the moon the stars
- Rawdon Hills, rural beauty
Sheet 33

-   Public info centers
-   Accommodations
-   Good roads
-   Biggest opportunities- Niche markets; farmers, eagle watching, music festivals

Sheet 34


-   History
-   Diverse community
-   Fossils
-   Ship building history
-   Close to urban center
-   Multicultural

Sheet 35


-   1st Nations
-   Mennonites
-    Photo opportunities
-   strengths of highest tides
-   Raw product for development
-   Agro-tourism opportunities
-   Forestry- tree farms, maple syrup
-   Mining
-   Heritage- Maitland ship building, drag strip
-   Artisans; woodturning, quilters, artists, scrimshaws
-   Retails therapy, baked goods, chocolate
-   Outdoor recreation; hiking, paddling, rafting, canoeing
-   Museums; Lawrence House, Uniacke Estates, tin smith
-   People- Friendly!
-   Stanley airport
-   Eagle viewing
-   Hunting/ fishing
Sheet 36


1.    Weekend events
-    concerts
-    flea markets
-    rally’s
-    shows
-    sea to sea
-    75 mile yard sale
-    East Hants paddlers

2.   Agri-tourism
-    winery
-    farm markets
-    mills
-    industry
-    corn mazes
-    berries

3. Create a scenic drive, map attractions

4. To create a stay in East Hants program for attractions

5. Create pit stops, drink & pee

6. Golfing

7. Partnerships:

-    Hiking B7B
-    Golfing B&B
-    Rafting B&B
-    Atlantic MSP
-    Campgrounds
-    Cyclists

8.   Build our village core with tourists in mind
-    planters
-    signage
-    welcoming
-    sports

9. Extend the tourist season
10. Cruise ship packages

11. Expand recreational fishing/hunting
Sheet 37


-   Shoreline proximity
-   Fundy Bay total experience
-   Saltwater/freshwater conversion
-   Artistic community
-   Outdoor experience
-   Cultural diversity
-   Proximity to largest city in Nova Scotia; airport, buses, rail line, VS connection
-   Ship culture
-   1st NS Heritage district
-   Aboriginal culture
-   Acadian history ( archeological did)
-   We have to exploit our strengths- you need to know where you are

Sheet 38

Educational Tours

-  streamline educational info about who, what, when where, why and how
-  local NS needs to know
-  take advantage of educational tools, front line staff need updates & all the right
- local tourists; day trip outlines, coastal tours, proper specific identification of
   coastal areas & Fundy shoreline, government needs to be informed of our
   importance for the coast line & promotion
- You can not get this experience any where
- Target world wide travelers as well as locals
- CN trails- off season tourism, hiking, snowmobiles, dog sleds, bike tours
- We want everyone everyday
- Approach government institutions with simple basic ideas (placards) cost is
   minimal, informative and will make the tourist & locals stop
- We have to give them a reason to stop
- Signage is a less expensive informative approach
- Keep your potential voice strong. Repetition works, stay united
- Good internal awareness, know your neighbors business and promote it
- Generational experiences everyone all the time
- Land acquisition to enable public to access shoreline
- Education is key
Sheet 39

Strengths & Opportunities

-   Bay of Fundy/Canals
-   Size & neighbors
-   Diversity & Culture
-   Location heart of Nova Scotia
-   Accommodations, charm, scenery, history
-   Room to grow
-   Strong entrepreneurial factor
-   Wide choice of destinations, services, products
-   Attractive to Euro Immigrants
-   Quality of life
-   Money goes further
-   Growing awareness of green opportunities
-   Cultural diversity, 1st Nations, Acadians, Celts, Afro-Canadian
-   Trail development & parks
-   Volunteer pool
-   Artisans/artists
-   Signage at borders
-   EH improved tourism on site
-   Agri-tourism
-   Festivals- first prime annual event, multiple days
-   Form and East Hants tourism association

Sheet 40

- Proximity to metro
- Shubenacadie canal
- Bay of Fundy
- Infrastructure already in place: coastal drive
- Space- land use
- Our community- population
- Rural country roads quite for cyclists

- Grand Lake
- Shubenacadie River limited access
- Recreation opportunities; walking trails, water access, fishing, cyclist trails, ATV
Sheet 40 cont’d


-   Grand Lake
-   Our creative community- our people
-   Haze’s Caves- controlled access guided tours
-   Festivals
-   Farm markets/ agriculture
-   Building on opportunities, create a tidal tour

Sheet 41


-   Training and Education of locals and tourism professionals
-   More flexible with tour operators
-   Several entrances to area
-   Signage
-   Lack of Provincial awareness of area & features
-   West & East should work together on tourism development & promotion- visitors
    do not see county lines
-   Lack of staffing and shortness of season for not for profits
-   Stable funding for key attractions i.e. South Maitland Interpretive Center
-   Adding capacity to existing attractions. I.e. tea room to Burncoat
-   See touch feel taste
-   More detailed self guided map, easy to follow
-   County for development- Province for marketing
-   Each tourism operator to develop itinerary for guests
-   List of local events & attractions
-   Central distribution of events
-   Roads
-   Educating
-   Monitoring on line brand
-   Focus on promoting experiences/ niches not county
Sheet 42

- A cultural center used by all of East Hants which brings many tourists for all of
   the huge events
- Huge farmers market- focus on organic
- Tide tube, underwater experience of the rising tide
- Be known for our ambassadorship
- Wildlife park
- Authentic
- Vertical tidal effect
- Horizontal tidal effect
- Tidal bore & rapids
- Good recreational opportunities
- Accommodations
- World’s highest tide record
- Better interpretation, communicate what’s happening here
- Eagles- visit/ view
- Easy coastal access
- Lighthouses
- Haze’s caves/ terrain
- Bats
- Bird watching
- Wildflower seekers
- Equestrian experience
- Farm staycations
- High proportion of coasts in coastal destination province
- Bass fishing
- Acadian & miq’mak history – as dance, music, interpretation
- Geological story
- Artisans
- Local food produced here, herbs etc.
- Mud sliding