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tobacco informant


                                                                                                   t o b a c c oi n f o r m a n t
on Tobacc o / tu,le tabagisme
  o r H e a l t hL o , l a s a n t ?

     June 20
Welcome to the                                       Come show our youth delegates your support                                   Salutingour Local Heroes
                                                     by joining in at an energetic youth event
4th National Conference on                           t o m o r r o w f r o m 1 2 : 1 5 - 1: 1 5 w h i c h w i l l f o c u s o n
Tobacco or Health!                                   a key tobacco control issue.
                                                                                                                                                   Andrea Donovan,
You are joined today by dedicated heatth care
professionats from atl across Canada who share       Hot Topics                                                                                    Tobacco Strategy
the same goats you do. Goats such as
protecting the heatth of Canadians, working to                for
                                                     Something everyone!                                                                           Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
inspire our youth, heLping peopte quit and           This year's conference organizers have worked                                                 AtthoughAndreaDonovanhas
above a[, putting an end to the carnage that         hard to ensure that your conference is geared
tobacco has leveled on our Society. You are          toward people with different tearning styles'                                three years, she has accomplished a great deat
surrounded by detegates who work at all levels       We are offering computer labs, interactive                                   in that time.
of society, from the front tines to the highest      workshops and themed poster                that
                                                                                                                                  Andrea wanted to drive home awareness of the
echetons -- individuals who work as hard as you      focus on a specific issue. Even the traditionat
                                                                                                                                  dangers of second-hand smoke to locat
do everyday to fight tobacco.                        lecture type presentations witI encourage
                                                                                                                                  residents. So she created Smoke Free Around
                                                     feedback from attendees and provide an
What an opportunityl Take some time now to                                                                                        l{e - a very different kind of campaign that
                                                     opportunity for speakers to follow up with
connect with someone you don't know. Ask                                                                                          appeats to smokers in a positive way. lt showed
                                                     questions that may arise even after the                                                                    'heroes to their
them what inspired them to get involved and                                                                                       smokers how they coutd be
                                                     conference. Above att, this conference is about
what their proudest moment in tobacco control                                                                                     famities' by protecting them from second-hand
                                                     networking. We have Provided many
was. I can guarantee you that you wi[[ come                                                                                       smoke. One of the campaign's most innovative
                                                     opportunities for smatl groups to engage ancl
away with a renewed commitment to this                                                                                            and important features was the registry - a
                                                     for detegates to network with their cotleagues
important cause.                                                                                                                  form visitors coutd fitt out ptedging to keep
                                                     from across Canada.
                                                                                                                                  their homes free of second-hand smoke'
Dr. Robert Cushman, Conference Chair
                                                     Tacklingsome difficult issuesin                                              To date, over 800 residents have registered.
Program Highlights                                   smokingcessation                                                             And you can expect that number to rise,
                                                      Smoking cessation. What coutd be simpler you                                because this successful campaign is rotling out
YESTERDAY                                             ask? Wett, you'd be surprised at some of the                                across Nova Scotial Great work Andrea!
                                                      controversiaI issues that practitioners and
                  Last night conference               researchers are discussing across Canada. Here
                  participants were treated to        are just a few:                                                             Volunteer,     Ottawa, Ontario
                  a dynamic and inspiring             . Shoutd provincial governments cover the cost                              one of ottawa's most dedicated volunteers on
                  presentation by Jim Kyte.           of nicotine reptacement therapy? lf so, for                                 the tobacco issue, Carmela Graziani has been
                  Jim ptayed 17 years of              how tong and for whom?                                                      working for the Ottawa Council on Smoking and
                  professionaI hockey,                . Are there appropriate harm reduction                                      Health since 1999. Carmeta found that it was
                             '13 years                                                                                            atmost impossible for her to do her job as a
                  including            in the         products, policies and practices that witt hetp
National Hockey  League white battling a                                                                                          conference planner because of the amount of
                                                      oeoDte who smoke?
degenerative condition which stowly                   . Why do we tend to think it is appropriate to                              second-hand smoke she was exposed to.
deteriorates the audio nerve in the eardrum.                                                                                      Unfortunatety, her asthma got so bad that she
                                                      consider harm reduction for other substance
The condition never even slowed him down on                                                                                       was forced to quit. At that point she joined the
                                                      abuse, but not for tobacco?
his route to becoming the first tegatty deaf                                                                                      Ottawa Council on Smoking and Heatth just as
                                                      Cessation is definitety a hot issue at the Fourth                                                      '100%
ptayer in NHL history.                                                                                                             the debate on Ottawa's         smoke-free bytaw
                                                      National Conference. There are over 25                                       for a[[ public places and work places was
                                                      presentations and five different posters.                                    beginning. Carmela worked tirelessly for the
 TODAY                                                Ctearty this issue is an important one and we                                cause, monitoring media and writing over two
 Don't miss the intimate and interactive session
                                                      encourage You to join the debate.                                            dozen letters to the editor.
 with two Canadian anti-tobacco giants, Ken
 Kyle and Gar Mahood. This is your opportunity         lndustry Denormalization:Stitl a                                            Her quest began with an emphasis on her own
 to ask Ken and Gar about the lessons they have                                                                                    personat health, but she quickty realized that
 learned and their hooes for the future. 12:00
                                                       concept not well understood
                                                       "Neglecting                                                                 there were so many others who were too itt to
                                                                   to discuss the industry's rote as the                                      "lt
 noon - 1:J0 o.m. in Confederation Batlroom.                                                                                       speak out.     seemed ludicrous that in this day
                                                       disease vector in the tobacco epidemic is like
                                                                                                                                   and age you coutdn't go to a bank, shop, eat in
                                                       refusing to discuss the role of mosquitoes in a
 TONIGHT                                               mataria epidemic or rats in an outbreak of
                                                                                                                                   a restaurant or even go into a medical buitding
 Honour your co[teagues at a special evening at                                                                                    because of the peopte smoking in the tobby."
                                                       bubonic ptague. From a pubtic health
 the Museum of Civitization, Grand Ha[t. The           perspective, it is imperative to go to the                                  Thanks Carmela!
 Ontario Tobacco Research Unit witt be                 source of the probtem." Dr. Rob Cushman
 announcing the Ashtey Studentships for                                                                                            Housekeeping
 Research in Tobacco Control and the Physicians        Rob's wetl-known quote stitt says it alt. Those
                                                       of us working in the fight against tobacco may                              Session BrianBourns KPMG join this
                                                                                                                                          1.7:             of       witt
 for a Smoke-free Canada witl be cetebrating its
                                                       have embraced the idea of industry
                                                                                                                                   session           the "Economic lmpactof
 20s anniversary. A 20 minute walk from the
                                                       denormatization, but do we reatly understand                                No-Smoking  Bylawon the HospitalityIndustry"
 hotel, the reception starts at 7:00 p.m.
                                                       it? And, are we doing everything we can to be                               Session1.8: 'lvhat do SmokersWant" wilt be
 After that, take some time on Partiament Hitl         ditigent in our efforts to ensure that the
                                                                                                                                   presentedby Heidi Stanley,Program
 to join a special candle tight vigit to cetebrate     industry is seen as a scourge on society? Some                              Coordinator, AddictionsTreatment  and
 the tives of those we have lost to tobacco.           feel we are not. Canadian universities are stitl                            Prevention, Post-Graduate StudiesGeorgian
                                                       accepting mittions of dottars in donations from                             Cotlege,Orittia,Ontario
 TOMORROW                                              tobacco companies and ex-potiticians are sti[[
 The Lung Association has sponsored a guided           agreeing to sit on industry boards of directors.
 watk/run along the Rideau Canat. In June, the
                                                       lf you're interested in how you can incorporate
 world's, longest ice skating rink turns into one
                                                       tobacco industry denormalization activities
 of Canada's prettiest routes for watkers and
 joggers. First 100 participants wi[[ receive an       into you own tobacco control ptan, join
                                                       Lorraine Fry and Metodie Titson in an                                       Content for The Tobocco lnformant was written by
 exclusive run T-shirt and water bottte. Register                                                                                  Diane Finkle, WordsmithWriting and Editing Services
                                                       i n t e r a c t i v e s e s s i o nt o d a y f r o m 1 : 3 0 t o 3 : 0 0
 before 5:00 p.m. today.
                                                       p . m . ( P r o v i n c e sB a t t r o o m l ) .

                                                                                                                                      www. c

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