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					          Inventory of the

University Press

                in the
Northern Illinois University Archives

             UA 33

The University Archives acquired material from the University Press in several installments
from 1968 to 1978. Current publications are received regularly. There are no restrictions on
access to the collection.

                                              18 boxes
                                           17.75 linear feet

                                       SCOPE AND CONTENT

The University Press records consist primarily of the Press’s publications. There are several
folders of information on the formative years, 1965-1975.

For additional information, researchers should consult the Presidents' Papers, the Provosts'
Administrative Records and the records of the College of Education in the University Archives.

                                       HISTORICAL SKETCH

The University Council approved the establishment of a University Press on May 3, 1965. By
November of that year faculty members were being asked to serve on the University Press
Board and the search for a Director of the Press was being organized. The Board held its first
meeting on May 26, 1966, and the first publication came out in 1967.

                                     COLLECTION INVENTORY


SERIES I: Records of the Press

1          1               Organization and Establishment, 1965, 1970, 1971, 1976
           2               Report to the Board of Regents, June, 1979
           3               Board Minutes, 1966-1974
           4               Sales Reports and Statements of Income and Expenses, 1968-1973
           5               Correspondence, 1968-1978
           6               American Association of University Presses, January 1971-March 1972
           7               Support Function Review, University Press, FY 1988
           8               Directors: Mary Lincoln (1980-2007), J. Alex Schwartz (2007-

2          1-2b            Catalogs, (1969-2009)
           3               Flyers and General Mailings, 1972, 1973, 1978

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2          4               Chicago Book Clinic and Midwestern Books Competition Awards, 1970-
           5-8             Chicago Book Clinic, 1968-1976
           9               American Association of University Presses Book Show, 1977

SERIES II: Publications of the Press

BOX        YEAR            TITLE

3          1967            Kallich, Martin I., Heaven's First Law: Rhetoric and Order in Pope’s
                               Essay on Man.
                           Moseley, Virginia, Joyce and the Bible.
                           Stryk, Lucien, ed., Heartland's Poets of the Midwest. (3 copies -
                               2 hardcover, 1 paper)

           1968            Frisch, Morton J. and Martin Diamond, eds., The Thirties.
                           Hayter, Earl W., The Troubled Farmer. (paperback)
                           Kallen, Horace M., Liberty, Laughter and Tears.
                           Rotondo, Antonio, Camillo Renato: Opere, Documenti E. Testimoniaze.
                           Young, Alfred F., ed., Dissent: Explorations in the History of American
                               Radicalism. (2 copies- hardcover & paper)

           1969            Bramlage, Julia A. and Albert R. Lopes, Functional Spanish for
                           Garab, Arra M., Beyond Byzantium: The Last Phase of Yeat’s Career.
                           Lucas, Delores Dyer, Emily Dickinson and Riddle.
                           A New University: The Inauguration of Rhoten A. Smith. (2 copies)
                           Parmalee, Paul W. and Forrest D. Loomis, Decoys and Decoy Carvers
                              in Illinois.
                           Randall, Charles A., Jr., ed., Extra-Terrestrial Matter.

           1970            Bisanz, Rudolf M., German Romanticism and Phillip Otto Runge.
                           Caccamo, Domenico, Eretici Italiani in Moravia, Polonia, Transilvania
                           Dionisopoulos, P. Allan, Rebellion, Racism and Representation: The
                               Adam Clayton Powell Case and its Antecedents.
                           Gilcher, Edwin, A Bibliography of George Moore.
                           Ginzburg, Carlo, ed., I constituti di don Pietro Manelfi.
                           Sanders, Charles, ed., W. Somerset Maugham.
                           Walton, Clyde C., ed., An Illinois Reader.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                               Page 3

4          1971            Beaty, Frederick L., Light from Heaven: Love in British Romantic
                           Carter, Paul A., The Spiritual Crisis of the Gilded Age.
                           Dionisopoulos, P. Allan, ed., Racism in America: An Interdisciplinary
                           Friede, Juan and Benjamin Keen, eds., Bartolome de las Casas in
                               History: Toward an Understanding of the Man and His Work.
                           Gathorne-Hardy, Robert and William Proctor Williams, A Bibliography of
                               the Writings of Jeremy Taylor to 1700.
                           McConnell, Harold and David W. Yaseen, eds., Models of Spatial
                           Molho, Anthony and John A. Tedeschi, eds., Renaissance Studies in
                               Honor of Hans Baron.
                           Platt, Rutherford H., Open Land in Urban Illinois: Roles of the Citizen
                           Plesur, Milton, America's Outward Thrust: Approaches to Foreign
                               Affairs, 1865-1890.
                           Teets, Bruce E. and Helmut E. Gerber, eds., Joseph Conrad: An
                               Annotated Bibliography of Writings about Him.

           1972            Caponetto, Salvatore, Benedetto da Montova: Il Beneficio Di Cristo.
                           Katz, Joseph, ed., Stephen Crane in Transition: Centenary Essays.
                           Rose, Harold M. and Harold McConnell, eds., Geography of the Ghetto:
                              Perceptions, Problems, and Alternatives.
                           Shesgreen, Sean, Literary Portraits in the Novels of Henry Fielding.
                           Suranyi-Unger, Theo, Economic Philosophy of the Twentieth Century.

           1973            Caruthers, Clifford M., ed., Ring Around Max: The Correspondence of
                              Ring Lardner & Max Perkins. (2 copies - hardcover & paper)
                           Gerber, Helmut E. and W. Eugene Davis, eds., Thomas Hardy: An
                              Annotated Bibliography of Writings about Him.
                           Logue, William, Leon Blum: The Formative Years, 1872-1914.

5                          Northern Illinois University Libraries, The Private Press in the Midwest.

           1974            Biondi, Albano, et al., eds., Eresia e Riforma nell' Italia del Cinguecento.
                           Dillon, Merton L., The Abolitionists: The Growth of a Dissenting Minority.
                           Gunnerson, Dolores A., The Jicarilla Apaches: A Study in Survival.
                           Hanke, Lewis, All Mankind is One: A Study of the Disputation Between
                                Bartolome de Las Casas and Juan Gines de Sepulveda on the
                                Religious and Intellectual Capacity of the American Indians.
                           Luebke, Frederick C., Bonds of Loyalty: German Americans in World
                                War I.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                             Page 4

5          1974            Casas, Bartolome de las; Poole, Stafford, trans. & ed., In Defense of
                              the Indians.
                           Wolff, Joseph J., George Gissing: An Annotated Bibliography of
                              Writings about Him.

           1975            Frost, Stanley H. and Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr., Cenozoic Reef
                           Greenlee, James W. Malraux's Heroes and History.
                           Stryk, Lucien, ed., Heartland II: Poets of the Midwest.
                           Urban, William, The Baltic Crusade.

           1976            Anderson, Rodney D., Outcasts in Their Own Land: Mexican Industrial
                              Workers, 1906-1911.
                           Knowlton, Robert J., Church Property and the Mexican Reform, 1856-
                           McDowell, Frederick P.W., comp. & ed., E.M. Forster: An Annotated
                              Bibliography of Writings about Him.
                           Sabatino, David A., ed., Learning Disabilities Handbook: A Technical
                              Guide to Program Development.
                           Shover, John L., First Majority--Last Minority: The Transforming of Rural
                              Life in America.
                           Sweets, John F., The Politics of Resistance in France, 1940-1944.
                           Young, Alfred F., ed., The American Revolution: Explorations in the
                              History of American Radicalism.

6          1977            Bradford, Curtis, ed., W.B. Yeats: The Writing of The Player Queen.
                           Hart, Donn V., Compadrinazgo: Ritual Kinship in the Philippines.
                           Westburg, Barry, The Confessional Fictions of Charles Dickens.
                           Wortham, Thomas, ed., James Russell Lowell's The Biglow Papers
                              [First Series] A Critical Edition.

           1978            Berry, Brian J.L., ed., The Nature of Change in Geographical Ideas.
                           Bray, Robert and Paul Bushnell, eds., Diary of a Common Soldier in the
                              American Revolution, 1775-1783: An Annotated Edition of the
                              Military Journal of Jeremiah Greenman.
                           Cain, Louis P., Sanitation Strategy for a Lakefront Metropolis: The Case
                              of Chicago.
                           Dobson, John M., America's Assent: The United States Becomes a
                              Great Power, 1880-1914.

           1979            Scorza, Thomas, J., In the Time Before Steamships: Billy Budd, The
                              Limits of Politics, and Modernity.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                           Page 5

6          1980            Court, Franklin E., comp. & ed., Walter Pater: An Annotated
                              Bibliography of Writings about Him.
                           Stevens, Earl E. and H. Ray Stevens, comp. & eds., John Galsworthy:
                              An Annotated Bibliography of Writings about Him.

           1981            Arnhart, Larry, Aristotle on Political Reasoning: A Commentary on the
                           Coatsworth, John H., Growth Against Development: The Economic
                                Impact of Railroads in Porfirian Mexico.
                           Harris, Wendell V., The Omnipresent Debate: Empiricism and
                                Transcendentalism in Nineteenth-Century English Prose.
                           Henderson, Edmund H., Learning to Read and Spell: The Child’s
                                Knowledge of Words.
                           Ilardi, Vincent, ed., Dispatches with Related Documents of Milanese
                                Ambassadors in France, Vol. III: 1466.
                           Parot, Joseph John, Polish Catholics in Chicago, 1850-1920.

           1982            Cowan, James C., comp. & ed., D.H. Lawrence: An Annotated
                               Bibliography of Writings about Him.
                           Czudnowski, Moshe M., ed., Does Who Governs Matter?: Elite
                               Circulation in Contemporary Societies.
                           Hearden, Patrick J., Independence and Empire: The New South’s
                               Cotton Mill Campaign, 1865-1901.
                           Lincoln, Bruce W., In the Vanguard of Reform: Russia’s Enlightened
                               Bureaucrats 1825-1861.

7                          Perry, Eugene C., Jr. and Carla W. Montgomery, eds., Isotope Studies
                              of Hydrologic Processes.
                           Simpson, Hilary, D.H. Lawrence and Feminism.
                           Vaughan, Mary Kay, The State, Education and Social Class in Mexico,

           1983            Biles, Roger, Big City Boss in Depression and War: Mayor Edward J.
                               Kelly of Chicago.
                           Clubbe, John and Ernest J. Lovell, Jr., eds., English Romanticism: The
                               Grounds of Belief.
                           Czudnowski, Moshe M., ed., Political Elites and Social Change: Studies
                               of Elite Roles and Attitudes.
                           Davis, W. Eugene and Helmut E. Gerber, comp. & eds., Thomas Hardy,
                               Vol. II.
                           Duban, James, Melville's Major Fiction: Politics, Theology, and
                           Gollin, Rita K., Portraits of Nathaniel Hawthorne: An Iconography.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                            Page 6

7          1983            Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri and Bruce Collins, eds., The Growth of Federal
                               Power in American History.
                           Keil, Harmut and John B. Jentz, eds., German Workers in Industrial
                               Chicago, 1850-1910: A Comparative Perspective.
                           Logue, William, From Philosophy to Sociology: The Evolution of French
                               Liberalism, 1870-1914.
                           Ruckman, JoAnn, The Moscow Business Elite: A Social and Cultural
                               Portrait of Two Generations, 1840-1905.

           1984            Ankerson, Dudley, Agrarian Warlord: Saturnino Cedillo and the Mexican
                               Revolution in San Luis Potosi.
                           Binion, Rudolph, Hitler Among the Germans. (paperback)
                           Dandamaev, Muhammad A.; Powell, Victoria A., trans, Powell, Marvin
                               A. and David B. Weisberg, eds., Slavery in Babylonia: From
                               Nabopolassar to Alexander the Great (626-331 B.C.).
                           Grant, H. Roger, The Corn Belt Route: A History of the Chicago Great
                               Western Railroad Company.
                           Kleppner, Paul, Chicago Divided: The Making of a Black Mayor.
                           Lightfoot, Kent G., Prehistoric Political Dynamics: A Case Study from
                               the American Southwest.
                           Whittaker, Cynthia H., Origins of Modern Russian Education: An
                               Intellectual Biography of Count Sergei Uvarov, 1786-1855.

           1985            Beaty, Frederick L., Byron the Satirist.
                           Becker, Seymour, Nobility and Privilege in Late Imperial Russia.
                           Cowan, James C., comp & ed., D. H. Lawrence: An Annotated
                               Bibliography of Writings about Him.
                           Critchlow, Donald T., Brookings Institution, 1916-1952: Expertise and
                               the Public Interest in a Democratic Society.
                           Davies, Edward J., II, The Anthracite Aristocracy: Leadership and Social
                               Change in the Hard Coal Regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania,

8                          Ohl, John Kennedy, Hugh S. Johnson and the New Deal.

           1986            Asbury, Herbert, Gem of the Prairie: An Informal History of the Chicago
                              Underworld. (paperback)
                           De Grand, Alexander J., In Stalin's Shadow: Angelo Tasca and the
                              Crisis of the Left in Italy and France, 1910-1945.
                           Gottfried, Paul Edward, The Search for Historical Meaning: Hegel and
                              the Postwar American Right.
                           Gutsche, George J., Moral Apostasy in Russian Literature.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                            Page 7

8          1986            Haberman, Donald C., comp. & ed., G. B. Shaw: An Annotated
                               Bibliography of Writings about Him, Vol. III: 1957-1978.
                           Henningsen, Gustav and John Tedeschi, eds., The Inquisition in Early
                               Modern Europe: Studies on Sources and Methods.
                           Hoerder, Dirk, ed., “Struggle a Hard Battle”:Essays on Working-Class
                           Klier, John Doyle, Russia Gathers Her Jews: The Origins of the “Jewish
                               Question” in Russia, 1772-1825.
                           Newlands, Carole and James J. Murphy, trans., Arguments in Rhetoric
                               Against Quintilian: Translation and Text of Peter Ramus’s
                               Rhetoricae Distinctiones in Quintilianum.
                           Okun, Mitchell, Fair Play in the Marketplace: The First Battle for Pure
                               Food and Drugs.
                           Wearing, J.P., comp. & ed., G.B. Shaw: An Annotated Bibliography of
                               Writings about Him, Vol I: 1871-1930.

           1987            Adams, Elsie B. and Donald C. Haberman, comp. & eds., G. B. Shaw:
                               An Annotated Bibliography of Writings about Him, Vol II: 1931-1956.
                           Clarke, Harold D. and Moshe M. Czudnowski, eds., Political Elites in
                               Anglo-American Democracies: Changes in Stable Regimes.
                           Hearden, Patrick J., Roosevelt Confronts Hitler: America’s Entry into
                               World War II.
                           Lowitt, Richard and Harold Lee, eds.,Letters from an American Farmer:
                               The Eastern European and Russian Correspondence of Roswell
.                          Macey, David A.J., Government and Peasant in Russia, 1861-1906:
                               The Prehistory of the Stolypin Reforms.
                           Okenfuss, Max J., trans., The Travel Diary of Peter Tolstoi: A Muscovite
                               In Early Modern Europe.
                           Sundberg, Johan, The Science of the Singing Voice.
                           Yanovsky, V.S., Elysian Fields: A Book of Memory.

           1988            Bauman, John F. and Thomas H. Coode, In the Eye of the Great
                              Depression: New Deal Reporters and the Agony of the American
                           Blank, Robert H., Life, Death, and Public Policy.
                           Chandler, Billy Jaynes, King of the Mountain: The Life and Death of
                              Giuliano the Bandit.

9                          Clowes, Edith W., The Revolution of Moral Consciousness: Nietzsche in
                              Russian Literature, 1890-1914.
                           Foster, Thomas C., Form and Society in Modern Literature.
                           Grant, H. Roger, Spirit Fruit: A Gentle Utopia.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                              Page 8

9          1988            *Klepper, Paul [et al.], Political Atlas of Illinois. [located in Reading
                               Room, JK5792 .P65 1988 c.4]
                           Mendelsohn, Ezra and Marshall S. Shatz, eds., Imperial Russia, 1700-
                               1917: State-Society-Opposition.
                           Stevens, Edward W., Jr., Literacy, Law, and Social Order.
                           Williams, Kenny J., A Storyteller and a City: Sherwood Anderson’s

           1989            Barros, James, Trygve Lie and the Cold War: The UN Secretary-
                               General Pursues Peace, 1946-1953.
                           Carrington, Ildiko de Papp, Controlling the Uncontrollable: The Fiction of
                               Alice Munro.
                           Damon, Frederick H. and Roy Wagner, eds., Death Rituals and Life in
                               the Societies of the Kula Ring.
                           Gelven, Michael, A Commentary on Heidegger's Being and Time, rev.
                           Lincoln, W. Bruce, Nicholas I: Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias.
                           Motley, Willard, Knock on Any Door. (paperback)
                           Rasputin, Valentin, Siberia on Fire.
                           Schmidt, John R., "The Mayor Who Cleaned Up Chicago": A Political
                               Biography of William E. Dever.

           1990            Bradley, Joseph, Guns for the Tsar: American Technology and the
                               Small Arms Industry in Nineteenth-Century Russia.
                           Fenin, Aleksandr I., Coal and Politics in Late Imperial Russia: Memoirs
                               of a Russian Mining Engineer.
                           Grant, H. Roger, ed., We Took the Train.
                           Hutton, Graham, Midwest at Noon. (paperback)
                           Lincoln, W. Bruce, The Great Reforms: Autocracy, Bureaucracy, and
                               the Politics of Change in Imperial Russia.

           1991            Biles, Roger, A New Deal for the American People.
                           Figner, Vera, Memoirs of a Revolutionist. (paperback)
                           Geary, James W., We Need Men: The Union Draft in the Civil War.
                           Gelven, Michael, Why Me? A Philosophical Inquiry into Fate.
                           Gladdish, Ken, Governing From the Center: Politics and Policy-Making
                               in the Netherlands.
                           Grant, H. Roger, ed., Brownie the Boomer: The Life of Charles P.Brown,
                               an American Railroader.
                           Leighton, Lauren G., Two Worlds, One Art: Literary Translation in
                               Russia and America.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                            Page 9

10         1991            Slobin, Greta N., Remizov's Fictions, 1900-1921.
                           Warshaw, Dan, Paul Leroy-Beaulieu and Established Liberalism in
                           Wharton, Edith, A Motor-Flight Through France.

           1992            Beaty, Frederick L., The Ironic World of Evelyn Waugh: A Study of Eight
                           Harrison, Antony H. and Beverly Taylor, eds., Gender and Discourse in
                               Victorian Literature and Art.
                           Holter, Darryl, The Battle for Coal: Miners and the Politics of
                               Nationalization in France, 1940-1950.
                           Hudon, William V., Marcello Cervini and Ecclesiastical Government in
                               Tridentine Italy.
                           Matteo, Anthony M., Quest for the Absolute: The Philosophical Vision of
                               Joseph Marechal.
                           Regis, Pamela, Describing Early America: Bartram, Jefferson,
                               Crevecoeur, and the Rhetoric of Natural History.
                           Spencer, Elaine Glovka, Police and the Social Order in German Cities:
                               The Dusseldorf District, 1848-1914.

           1993            Batalden, Stephen K., ed., Seeking God: The Recovery of Religious
                               Identity in Orthodox Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia.
                           Costello, Paul, World Historians and Their Goals: Twentieth-Century
                               Answers to Modernism.
                           Gebo, Daniel L., ed., Postcranial Adaptation in Nonhuman Primates.
                           Goldman, Stan, Melville's Protest Theism: The Hidden and Silent God in
                           Johnson, Laurie M., Thucydides, Hobbes, and the Interpretation of
                           Seigel, Catharine F., The Fictive World of Conrad Aiken: A Celebration
                               of Consciousness.
                           Ward, James A., ed., Southern Railroad Man: Conductor H.J. Bell’s
                               Recollections of the Civil War Era.
                           Young, Alfred F., ed., Beyond the American Revolution: Explorations in
                               the History of American Radicalism.
                           Zalygin, Sergei Pavlovich, The Commission.

           1994            Arch, Stephen Carl, Authorizing the Past: The Rhetoric of History in
                              Seventeenth-Century New England.
                           Christensen, Robert D., Duck Calls of Illinois, 1863-1963.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                            Page 10

10         1994            Hardeman, Hilde, Coming to Terms with the Soviet Regime: The
                              "Changing Signposts" Movement among Russian Emigres in the
                              Early 1920s.
                           Holden, Robert H., Mexico and the Survey of Public Lands: The
                              Management of Modernization, 1876-1911.
                           Jones, Steven E., Shelley's Satire: Violence, Exhortation, and Authority.
                           Ohl, John Kennedy, Supplying the Troops: General Sumervell and
                              American Logistics in WWII.
                           Prousis, Theophilus C., Russian Society and the Greek Revolution.
                           Quirk, Randolph and C. L. Wrenn, An Old English Grammar. (paper)

11                         Voller, Jack G., The Supernatural Sublime: The Metaphysics of Terror in
                               Anglo-American Romanticism.
                           Wirtschafter, Elise Kimerling, Structures of Society: Imperial Russia's
                               "People of Various Ranks".

           1995            Barros, James, and Richard Gregor, Double Deception: Stalin, Hitler
                               and the Invasion of Russia.
                           Biles, Roger, Richard J. Daley: Politics, Race, and the Governing of
                           Clarke, Micael M., Thackeray and Women.
                           Duncan, Christopher M., The Anti-Federalists and Early American
                               Political Thought.
                           Feinberg, Richard, ed., Seafaring in the Contemporary Pacific Islands:
                               Studies in Continuity and Change.
                           Grant, H. Roger and L. Edward Purcell, eds., Years of Struggle: The
                               Farm Diary of Elmer G. Powers, 1931-1936.
                           Mehrer, Mark W., Cahokia’s Countryside: Household Archaeology,
                               Settlement Patterns, and Social Power. (paperback)
                           Robson, Roy R., Old Believers in Modern Russia.
                           Schriber, Mary Suzanne, ed., Telling Travels: Selected Writings by
                               Nineteenth-Century American Women Abroad. (paperback)
                           Stevens, Carol Belkin, Soldiers on the Steppe: Army Reform and Social
                               Change in Early Modern Russia.
                           Walker, Pierre A., Reading Henry James in French Cultural Contexts.
                           Wharton, Edith, A Son at the Front.
                           Worobec, Christine D., Peasant Russia: Family and Community in the
                               Post-Emancipation Period. (paperback)

           1996            Adams, Bruce F., The Politics of Punishment: Prison Reform in Russia,
                           Ames, Glenn J., Colbert, Mercantilism, and the French Quest for Asian

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                           Page 11

11         1996            Atkinson, James B. and David Sices, trans. & eds., Machiavelli and His
                               Friends: Their Personal Correspondence.
                           Grant, H. Roger, The North Western: A History of the Chicago & North
                               Western Railway System.
                           Hoagwood, Terence Allan, Politics, Philosophy, and the Production of
                               Romantic Texts.
                           Lopez, Michael, Emerson and Power: Creative Antagonism in the
                               Nineteenth Century.
                           McCaffray, Susan P., The Politics of Industrialization in Tzarist Russia:
                               The Association of Southern Coal and Steel Producers, 1874-1914.
                           Robinson, Douglas, Translation and Taboo.
                           Scott, Walter, Sir., Tales of a Grandfather: The History of France.
                               (Second Series)
                           Shukshin, Vasily, Stories from a Siberian Village.
                           Sullivan, Vickie B., Machiavelli’s Three Romes: Religion, Human Liberty,
                               and Politics Reformed.
                           Turner, Edith, The Hands Feel It: Healing and Spirit Presence Among a
                               Northern Alaskan People.
                           Weeks, Theodore R., Nation and State in Late Imperial Russia:
                               Nationalism and Russification on the Western Frontier, 1863-1914.

12         1997            Baron, Samuel H. and Nancy Shields Kollmann, eds., Religion and
                               Culture in Early Modern Russia and Ukraine.
                           Carucci, Laurence Marshall, Nuclear Nativity: Rituals of Renewal and
                               Empowerment in the Marshall Islands.
                           Collins, Elizabeth Fuller, Pierced by Murugan’s Lance: Ritual, Power,
                               and Moral Redemption among Malaysian Hindus.
                           Cunningham, Robert, III and Robert M. Cunningham, Jr., The Blues: A
                               History of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System.
                           Fair, James R., The Louisiana and Arkansas Railway: The Story of a
                               Regional Line.
                           Fasick, Laura, Vessels of Meaning: Women’s Bodies, Gender Norms,
                               and Class Bias from Richardson to Lawrence.
                           Haswell, Janis Tedesco, Pressed Against Divinity: W.B. Yeats’s
                               Feminine Masks.
                           Kehoe, Terence, Cleaning Up the Great Lakes: From Cooperation to
                           Martin, Alexander M., Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries: Russian
                               Conservative Thought and Politics in the Reign of Alexander I.
                           Mushkat, Jerome and Joseph G. Rayback, Martin Van Buren:
                               Law, Politics, and the Shaping of Republican Ideology.
                           Rasmussen, Susan J., The Poetics and Politics of Tuareg Aging: Life
                               Course and Personal Destiny in Niger.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                           Page 12

12         1997            Wilk, Richard R., Household Ecology: Economic Change and Domestic
                               Life among the Kekchi Maya in Belize. (paperback)
                           Williams, Leonard, American Liberalism and Ideological Change.
                           Wirtschafter, Elsie Kimerling, Social Identity in Imperial Russia.

           1998            D’Cruze, Shani, Crimes of Outrage: Sex, Violence and Victorian
                               Working Women.
                           Daly, Jonathan W., Autocracy under Siege: Security Police and
                               Opposition in Russia, 1866-1905.
                           Gasperetti, David, The Rise of the Russian Novel: Carnival, Stylization,
                               and Mockery of the West.
                           Harp, Stephen L., Learning to be Loyal: Primary Schooling as Nation
                               Building in Alsace and Lorraine, 1850-1940.
                           Heilke, Thomas, Nietzshe’s Tragic Regime: Culture, Aesthetics, and
                               Political Education.
                           McNamera, Peter, Political Economy and Statesmanship: Smith,
                               Hamilton and the Foundation of the Commercial Republic.
                           Nederveen, C. J., Acoustical Aspects of Woodwin Instruments.
                               Rev. ed. (paperback)
                           Parker, Jo Alyson, The Author’s Inheritance: Henry Fielding, Jane
                               Austen, and the Establishment of the Novel.
                           Richard-Allerdyce, Diane, Anais Nin and the Remaking of Self: Gender,
                               Modernism, and Narrative Identity.
                           Smaldone, William, Rudolf Hilferding: The Tragedy of a German Social
                           Testa, Judith, Rome is Love Spelled Backward: Enjoying Art and
                               Architecture in the Eternal City. (paperback)
                           Waldron, Peter, Between Two Revolutions: Stolypin and the Politics of
                               Renewal in Russia.
                           Young, David M., Chicago Transit: An Illustrated History.

           1999            Carpenter, Lynne and Joel Greenberg, A Birder’s Guide to the Chicago
                              Region. (paperback)
                           Christensen, Paul T., Russia’s Workers in Transition: Labor,
                              Management, and the State under Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
                           De Alvarez, Leo Paul S., The Machiavellian Enterprise: A Commentary
                              on The Prince.
                           Edmonds, Sarah Emma, Memoirs of a Soldier, Nurse and Spy: A
                              Woman’s Adventures in the Union Army. (paperback)
                           Goodfellow, Samuel Huston, Between the Swastica and the Cross of
                              Lorraine: Fascism in Interwar Alsace.

UA 33 - University Press
BOX        YEAR            TITLE                                                          Page 13

13         1999            Husband, William B., Godless Communists: Atheism and Society in
                               Soviet Russia, 1917-1932.
                           Rast, Joel, Remaking Chicago: The Political Origins of Urban Industrial
                           Satler, Gail, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Living Space: Architecture’s Fourth
                           Scalia, Laura J., America’s Jeffersonian Experiment: Remaking State
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