TIK2O: TIK TAK TOE PROJECT                                               100 MARKS

Names: ___________________________________

Your assignment is to create a Tic Tac Toe game using Visual Basic. The program must:

•   Accept the names of two players
•   Randomly select the first player and announce his or her name
•   Add one point to the winning player’s score or the cat’s score if there is no winner after each game
•   Clear board after game is won/lost
•   Let the winner go first on the next game however if cat wins the game, the same player that won the previous
    game should start
•   Announce an ultimate winner after one of the players or cat makes it to 5 points
•   Reset scores once an ultimate winner has been determined
•   Assign a specific MousePointer or MouseIcon to each player (see instructions below)
•   Be compiled into a self-contained, executable file
•   Be accompanied by professional looking user documentation

You must have each step approved before moving onto the next step:

1. Define the problem and create an algorithm for the game. 25 marks (T/I)
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2. Create a TOE chart. 10 marks (A)
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3. Design your form and all required graphics. 20 marks (C)
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4. Code your program with explanatory comments. 30 marks (T/I)
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5. Compile your program and create final documentation. 15 marks (C)
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6. Submit final package!

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                         TIK2O: TIK TAK TOE PROJECT                                                    100 MARKS

All components of this project should be typed. Your grade will suffer if unprofessional work is submitted.

The coding portion of your project mark will be based on the creativity and elegance of your solution. Use functions
where possible to cut down on redundant coding. Do not limit yourself to the minimum requirements of the
assignment. Remember – a Level 4 assignment implies that you have exceeded expectations. In addition, please
be aware that you teacher has an uncanny ability to remember code from project to project. Similar code on two or
more projects will result in a penalization for all teams involved.


MousePoint/MouseIcon Properties

You can change the appearance of the mouse pointer by setting the MousePointer property of the object over which
you want the mouse pointer to change.

The syntax for setting the MousePointer property is:

object.MousePointer = value

e.g. cmdButton.MousePointer = 12

0         Default - Shape determined by the object               8       Size NW SE (double arrow pointing northwest
1         Arrow                                                          and southeast)
2         Cross (crosshair pointer)                              9       Size W E (double arrow pointing west and
3         I beam                                                         east)
4         Icon (small square within a square)                    10      Up Arrow
5         Size (four-pointed arrow pointing north,               11      Hourglass (wait)
          south, east, and west)                                 12      No Drop
6         Size NE SW (double arrow pointing northeast            13      Arrow and hourglass
          and southwest)                                         14      Arrow and question mark
7         Size N S (double arrow pointing north and              15      Size all
          south)                                                 99      Custom icon specified by the MouseIcon

When you set the MousePointer to 99, you must also set the MouseIcon property.

The syntax for setting the MouseIcon property is:

object.MouseIcon = LoadPicture(pathname)

e.g. cmdButton.MouseIcon = LoadPicture(“C:\My Documents\check.ico”)

The extension on your icon must be .ico. You can create an .ico file using one of many online tools. Use Google to
find one that you like.

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