RFP B07-014
                                                                 Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                           Opelika, Alabama

                CITY OF OPELIKA, ALABAMA


Construction of the Opelika Recreation Complex

                       Request for Proposal # B07-014

                               Gary Fuller, Mayor
                     John Seymour, City Administrator
                   Shirley Washington, Purchasing Agent
               Bill Harrelson, Parks and Recreation Director

This proposal solicitation document is prepared in a Microsoft Word 6.0 (Office for
Windows 2000) format. Any alterations to this document made by the proposer may be
grounds for rejection of proposal, cancellation of any subsequent award, or any other
legal remedies available to the Metropolitan Government.

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama


There may be one or more amendments to this proposal solicitation. If your
company desires to receive copies or notices of any such amendments, you
must provide the information requested below to the City of Opelika. Please
send this information to City of Opelika, Purchasing Dept. via fax at (334) 705-
5128. The City will send amendments only to those firms which timely complete
and return this form via fax or provide the requested information by timely e-mail.

     RFP Number                                              RFP 07-014
     Company Name                            _________________________
     Mailing Address                         _________________________
     Phone Number                            _________________________
     Fax Number                              _________________________
     Contact Person                          _________________________
     E-mail Address                          _________________________
      Send amendments by (check one):  fax
                                                        e-mail
E-mailed amendments will be sent in a Microsoft Word 6.0 (Office for Windows
2000) format. Any alterations to the document made by the proposer may be
grounds for rejection of proposal, cancellation of any subsequent award, or any
other legal remedies available to the City of Opelika.
Amendments also will be posted in the “Invitations to Bid” tab (lower left corner)
on the City of Opelika‟s homepage on the web @ The
amendments will be in a PDF format. Check the Expanded Information page for
the particular proposal solicitation for any posted amendments.

                                                                              RFP B07-014
                                                               Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                         Opelika, Alabama

Questions submitted in writing via e-mail or on Offeror’s letterhead and
properly signed will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. (local prevailing time) on
November 19, 2006. Responses to written inquiries will be included in the
Direct questions related to this Request for Proposal (RFP) to Mr. Bill Harrelson
and submit such questions in writing when time permits. Include the page and
paragraph number for each question.
Offerors must clearly understand that the only official answer or position of the
government will be the one stated in writing. Offerors are asked not to discuss
this RFP or the corresponding projects with any of the evaluation committee
members during the evaluation process, that is, between proposal issuance date
and intent to award letter date. Such discussion is strictly prohibited.
Direct all related inquiries to:
Shirley Washington
Opelika Purchasing Department
204 South 7th Street
Opelika, AL 36803
Phone (334 705-5120
Fax (334) 705-5128

The City of Opelika, Alabama, through their Department of Parks and Recreation,
(hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”) is soliciting proposals from interested and
qualified Offerors to select one general or prime contractor to provide the work on
the construction for the following job:
                Construction of the Opelika Recreation Complex
For this selection process, the Owner has issued a two-part Request for
Proposals (RFP). Part I of this process is to determine which Offerors
demonstrate the highest qualifications to successfully deliver the project. All
responsible sources may submit a response to Part I of this RFP. Those Part I
responses will be evaluated and short-listed.
Only the short-listed firms will be invited to submit competitive technical and price
proposals in Part II from which one Contract may be awarded. The invited firms
must attend a mandatory Part II pre-proposal conference where they will be
provided with documents, clarifications and instructions regarding the submission
of their Part II proposals and the evaluation thereof.
Using the format prescribed in Section 10, Offerors are to provide the requested
information and demonstrate their capabilities. Responses shall be as complete

                                                                              RFP B07-014
                                                               Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                         Opelika, Alabama

and as accurate as possible and present data relative to the specific project
under consideration. Offerors should make every effort to present information
clearly and concisely.
This project represents a major investment in the infrastructure of the City of
Opelika and the project budget for construction is in the range of $20-25 million.
It is a high profile project for the entire community. It is important to note that a
prime contractor with a proven record of outstanding construction of similar large,
complex projects is desired for this project.
As is more fully explained in Section 10 of this RFP, an award, if made, will be
made to the responsible Part II Offeror whose proposal is most advantageous to
the Owner, taking into consideration cost to the Owner and the evaluation factors
set forth in this RFP.
A significant, but not sole, basis of award will be that the awarded firm will
commit contractually to provide the specified package of services in accordance
with the Owner‟s requirements. After the RFP Evaluation Committee reaches a
consensus for Part II, and the Owner issues an Intent-to-Award letter, there will
be contract negotiations.
Construction services under the contract anticipated by this RFP will commence
when a Notice to Proceed is issued. Tentative Proposal and Construction
schedules are presented in Section 11.
As is pointed out in Section 9.2.3, each Part II offeror will have the opportunity to
propose a maximum number of calendar days, which may be less than the
estimated maximum dates, and will become a Part II evaluation factor that will be
The Owner is using the Competitive Sealed Proposals method of source
selection, as authorized by the City Code of the City of Opelika for this
procurement. An award, if made, will be made to the responsible offeror whose
proposal is most advantageous to the Owner, taking into consideration
qualifications, experience, price and the other factors set forth in this RFP. The
Owner will not use any other factors or criteria in the evaluation of proposals
The Owner may, as it deems necessary, conduct discussions with responsible
offerors determined to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for award for
the purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to
solicitation requirements.
Offeror must comply with all of the provisions Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of
Alabama, 1975, which requires licensing for general contracting when the cost of
the work exceeds amounts established by the State Licensing Board for General
Contractors. Said Title and amendments are incorporated herein by reference.
Offeror must provide evidence of a license in the appropriate classification before

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama

his Proposal will be considered. It is the contractor‟s responsibility to know the
State Licensing Board rules and regulations.

As previously stated, this project consists of the construction of the proposed
Opelika Recreation Complex as summarized below:
The master plan and design for the Opelika Recreation Complex includes a
multi-field athletic complex and a 73,000-SF recreation center in a natural, park-
like setting. The plan for the 80-acre site was developed with input from city staff
and the public through an extensive public meeting process. The recreation
center has an eight-lane competition pool, double gymnasium and racquetball
courts, aerobics & cardiovascular equipments rooms, and community meeting
rooms. The tournament-level athletic field complex has five adult softball fields,
five soccer fields, concessions stands, restrooms and press box. Additional park
features include an outdoor amphitheater, picnic pavilions and walking trails. Off-
site improvements include a new roadway to access the site and a turn lane on
Andrews Road.

Exhibit A of this RFP contains digital images of selected design drawings for the
proposed recreation center and athletic complex.           These drawings are
preliminary and are intended to show the general extent and nature of the
proposed scope of construction work.

The project Architect is Barge Waggoner Sumner and Cannon with offices in
Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Andy Donnelly, AIA is the
representative for the Owner and all inquiries of the A/E shall be directed to:
       Mr. Andy Donnelly, AIA
       Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc.
       211 Commerce Street, Suite 600
       Nashville, Tennessee 37201
       615.252.4414 (phone)

An optional pre-proposal conference for Part One submissions will be held on
November 21, 2006, at the Opelika City Hall located at 204 South 7th Street,
Opelika, Alabama 36803 beginning at 2:00 p.m., local prevailing time.
A second mandatory pre-proposal conference for those invited firms that wish to
participate in Part-Two of this RFP will be held on January 11, 2007, at the City

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama

Hall located at 204 South 7th Street, Opelika, Alabama 36803 beginning at 2:00
p.m., local prevailing time.
Basic site plans and preliminary architectural floor plans and elevations are
available in PDF files which are being e-mailed to prospective offerors and are
also available with this RFP. If offerors wish to purchase hard copies of these
documents, they are available at American Speedy Printing at the address
shown below:
                      American Speedy Printing
                      1625 E. University Drive
                      Auburn, AL 36830
                      (334) 887-3180
                      Attn: Vickie
Detailed plans and specification documents will be available to Part II Offerors
through their purchase of documents at American Speedy Printing.
The purpose of these conferences is to answer any written questions that have
been received from potential Offerors prior to the conference and any other
questions that potential Offerors have to help obtain clarification relative to any
facet of this proposal. During the pre-proposal conferences, representatives from
the Owner, the Architect, Barge Waggoner Sumner and Cannon, and the Opelika
Utilities will be available to answer questions relative to this RFP. Any suggested
modifications may be presented or discussed with these representatives as
possible addenda to the RFP. Please bring a copy of this proposal with you to
the pre-proposal meetings and be sure to record all information on the
attendance register.


Proposals must be in strict compliance with this RFP. Failure to comply with all
provisions of the RFP may result in disqualification.

The Owner shall accept all proposals that are submitted properly. However, the
Owner reserves the right to request clarifications or corrections to proposals.

Requests by the Owner for clarification of proposals shall be in writing. Said
requests shall not alter the proposer‟s pricing information contained in its cost
proposal. The Owner will not accept any un-solicited best and final offers.

                                                                                RFP B07-014
                                                                 Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                           Opelika, Alabama

If a Proposer discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other
error in the RFP, it shall immediately notify the Owner of such error in writing and
request modification or clarification of the document. The Owner will make
modifications by issuing a written revision and will give written notice to all parties
who have attended the Pre-Proposal Conference shown in Section 7.
The Proposer is responsible for clarifying any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy,
omission, or other error in the RFP prior to submitting the proposal or it shall be
waived. Any proposals that include assumed clarifications and/or corrections
without required authentication of same may be subject to rejection by the

The outside of the envelope/box containing both Part One Response to the RFP
and Part Two Response to the RFP must be plainly marked with the following

    Opelika Recreation Complex RFP
    Offeror‟s correct name and address
    Offeror‟s Alabama Contractor‟s License Number, its expiration date, and that
     part of the classification applying to the RFP
    The name, license number, expiration date, and license classification of any
     Subcontractor being proposed for use on the Project for electrical, plumbing,
     heating, ventilation or air conditioning (except when the Proposal is less than
     $25,000). Prime Contractor Offerors who are to perform the electrical,
     plumbing, heating, ventilation or air conditioning must be so designated upon
     the outside of the envelope/box.
    The City of Opelika license or registration number of the Offeror or of any
     Subcontractor being proposed for use on the Project for electrical, plumbing
     or mechanical. All firms doing business in the City of Opelika are
     required to be licensed in accordance with City‟s “Business,
     Professional, and Occupational Licensing (BPOL) Tax” Ordinance.
Prior to the opening of the envelope/box, the names of all contractors listed
thereon shall be read aloud at the official Proposal opening and incorporated into
the RFP. If the envelope/box is not marked as required, and/or the Offeror does
not comply with the Act and amendments, the RFP shall not be opened or
considered and shall automatically be disqualified.

All Proposals shall be submitted at the time and place indicated in the
Advertisement for Proposals and shall be enclosed in a sealed, opaque envelope
or box. The Proposal Security and other required documents must accompany

                                                                            RFP B07-014
                                                             Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                       Opelika, Alabama

the Proposal. If the Proposal is sent through the mail or other delivery system,
the sealed envelope shall be enclosed with the notation “RFP ENCLOSED” on
the face of it.
All Part I proposals are to be delivered before 2:00 P.M., local prevailing
time on December 4, 2006.
All Part II proposals are to be delivered before 2:00 P.M., local prevailing
time on February 12, 2007. Proposals should be delivered to:
      City of Opelika, Purchasing Department
      PO Box 390
      204 South 7th Street
      Opelika, Alabama 36803-0390
The Owner will not accept any proposals received after 2:00 P.M. and shall
return such late proposals to the Offeror. Please make allowance for messenger
delay, locating a parking space, traffic tie-up, etc. as we will enforce the 2:00
P.M. deadline.

Proposers must submit one (1) original and eight (8) numbered copies
(numbered copy 1 through copy 8) of the proposal (total of nine (9). Proposals
will be opened publicly in a manner to avoid public disclosure of contents;
however, only the names of proposers will be read aloud.

The items listed below shall be submitted with each proposal and should be
submitted in the order shown. Each section should be clearly labeled, with
pages numbered and separated by tabs. Failure by an Offeror to include all
listed items may result in the rejection of its proposal.

9.1.1 Tab I, Management Summary
Provide a cover letter indicating a brief history of your firm and the underlying
philosophy of your firm in providing the service. The letter should be signed by
an officer of your company who has the authority to sign contracts and enter into
negotiation for your company. The cover letter should contain the complete legal
name of your company, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and fax
By signing the cover letter required under Tab One in the Part I proposal, Offeror
acknowledges that it has read and understands the insurance requirements for
the proposal. Offeror also understands that the evidence of required insurance
must be submitted within fifteen (15) working days following notification of its
offer being accepted; otherwise, the City may rescind its acceptance of the
Offeror‟s proposal. The insurance requirements are attached as Exhibit B.

                                                                              RFP B07-014
                                                               Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                         Opelika, Alabama

9.1.2 Tab II, Team Experience
Provide a list of the proposed team, including experience, references and team
qualifications.    Include an organizational history, firm size, and general
At a minimum, provide the following:
A.    Location of Principal Office. If not in Opelika, length of time your branch
      office has been in Opelika or what office will be responsible for this
      particular project.
B.    Length of time in Business.
C.    Annual sales volume for each of past five years.
D.    Ownership type and structure.
E.    Organization chart.
F.    Provide bonding capacity.
      1. What is the single project-bonding limit for your firm?
      2. List your Bonding Company and Agent complete with Address, Phone
         Numbers, rating and the names of contact persons:
      3. How long have you been with this Bonding Carrier?
      4. Have you ever been denied a project bond?
      5. Have any major claims been filed against any bonds?
      6. Have your ever failed to complete any work awarded to you, or have
         you been removed from any project awarded to you?
G.    State of Alabama Contractors License numbers.
H.    Describe your Firm‟s Quality Management Plan. Please detail how your
      company tracks quality issues during the construction and warranty
I.    Each Offeror must also provide with the RFP a list of any OSHA violations
      for which it has been cited in the last three (3) years and the resolution for
      those that have been resolved.
J.    Provide any additional related information that may be helpful in
      evaluating your team.
K.    List other projects of similar scope to this project that team members have
      constructed during the past five (5) years, including the following
      1. Project and Owner‟s names and addresses.
      2. Architect/Engineer.
      3. Year completed.
      4. Type of project (New, Renovation, Addition, Replacement).

                                                                            RFP B07-014
                                                             Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                       Opelika, Alabama

     5. Construction Cost.
     6. Change Order amount at close of project.
     7. Commentary.
     8. Original completion date.
     9. Actual completion date.
L.   Provide information that documents your firm and subcontractors‟
     qualifications to produce the required outcomes, including ability, capacity,
     skill, financial strength, and number of years of experience in providing the
     required services. Also describe the various team members‟ successful
     experience in working with one another on previous projects.
M.   Client Reference for Similar Work Performed. Each Offeror must provide
     with the RFP the name and telephone number of the project manager (or
     other contact person if the project manager is no longer available) for all
     jobs of similar size and scope performed for all customers within the past
     five (5) years. Information provided for each project shall include:
     1. Project Name and Architect
     2. Agency/Department/Office for Which Performed
     3. Dates of Project
     4. Owner‟s Project Manager or Other Representative
     5. Contact Person
     6. Dollar Value of Contract
     7. The Owner reserves the right to contact any and all references to
        obtain, without limitation, the following type of information regardless of
        Offeror‟s performance on the listed jobs:
            a. How cooperative was Offeror during the submittal process (e.g.,
               schedule, shop drawings, etc.)?
            b. How satisfied was the owner with daily operations on the
            c. How effectively did Offeror address problems that arose during
               the project?
            d. How well did Offeror minimize the effect of its activities on
               nearby operations and activities?
            e. How would the owner evaluate the number and validity of
               Offeror-generated change orders and Requests for Information,
               if any?
            f. How well did Offeror manage it‟s subcontractors?
            g. How would the owner rate Offeror‟s safety record on the

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama

             h. How timely was Offeror in addressing warranty and punch-list
             i.   How competent and professional were Offeror‟s project foreman
                  and other key personnel?
             j.   How satisfied was the owner with the finished product?
             k. Would the owner hire Offeror for another construction project?
             l.   Were Small Business commitments (if any) for the project
N.    Include copies of your audited financial statements for the two most recent
      years as well as a brief statement about the financial health of your
O.    List all litigation that you have currently filed or filed within the last two
      years against other companies or individuals and all litigation that has
      been filed against your company or the officers of your company within the
      last two years.
9.1.3 Tab III, Key Personnel and Management Structure
A.    Provide Team‟s Key Personnel (who will serve on the team for this
      project) by position.
B.    Provide proposed Team‟s management organization with resumes for key
      team individuals including Project Manager, and General Superintendent.
C.    Number of qualified Project Managers with firm.
D.    Number of qualified Superintendents with firm.
E.    Key level of experience of individuals:
      1. With this firm.
      2. With other firms.
9.1.4 Tab IV, Acceptance of Conditions
Indicate any exceptions to the general terms and conditions of the RFP and to
insurance requirements and any other requirements listed in the RFP. Include a
copy of all amendments issued to the RFP.
9.1.5 Tab V, Appendix
The content of this tab is left to the Offeror‟s discretion. However, the Offeror
should limit materials included here to those that will be helpful to Owner in
understanding the services proposed.

All Part II Proposals shall be valid for a period of 60 days from the submission
date. It is the responsibility of each Offeror before submitting a Proposal to
examine thoroughly the Contract Documents and other related data identified in
the Proposal Documents and to become familiar with the general, local, and site
conditions that may affect cost, progress, performance or furnishing of the Work.

                                                                               RFP B07-014
                                                                Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                          Opelika, Alabama

The following information is required in Part II of your proposal.
9.2.1 Tab I, Cost and Fee Schedule.
Provide the information requested in the table below which asks for total cost by
division and a total guaranteed maximum cost for which your firm will provide the
work described in this RFP. Include any back-up documentation showing your
calculations and any explanations. Also, information on alternates and unit
prices is required.
           AIA Cost Division                                     Price in GMP Dollars
                           Division                     1
                           Division                     2
                           Division                     3
                           Division                     4
                           Division                     5
                           Division                     6
                           Division                     7
                           Division                     8
                           Division                     9
                           Division                    10
                           Division                    11
                           Division                    12
                           Division                    13
                           Division                    14
                           Division                    15
                           Division                    16
                           Division                    17
           Total GMP All Divisions

           Alternate 1 Price   $ _____________________
           Alternate 2 Price   $ _____________________
           Alternate 3 Price   $ _____________________
           Alternate 4 Price   $ _____________________
           Alternate 5 Price   $ _____________________

           Unit Price Item A $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item B $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item C $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item D $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item E $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item F $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item G $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item H $ _____________________
           Unit Price Item I $ ______________________

                                      Sample Bid Form

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama

9.2.2 Tab II, Methodology/Business Plan.
The Proposal shall include a description of how the project is to be
accomplished, listing tasks and sub-tasks with a timetable for completion. The
Proposal shall demonstrate a thorough, progressive, comprehensive approach to
the project. There shall be a clear understanding of each task and the inter-
relationship between the various tasks associated with the Project. The business
plan should describe how the Offeror plans to take full advantage of state-of-the-
art technology throughout all phases of the project. The business plan should
describe how the Offeror proposes to keep the Project Team (i.e. Owner,
Architect, general public, and others) informed of the progress of each task
outlined in Section II, Project Description. Some other items that should be
included are:
A.    Plan for phasing of the work.
B.    A description of how the general contractor plans to coordinate with the
      other projects in the area.
C.    A description of the safety plan to be implemented for the project.
D.    Dealing with planned street closures.
The response to this item should be limited to ten (10) pages or less.
9.2.3 Tab III, Work Schedule – Time of Completion
The Proposer shall discuss and prepare a schedule showing major tasks,
milestones, review dates, submittal dates, and estimated completion date.
Indicate a maximum calendar day duration required to complete the work
described in this RFP. In addition to the chart showing tasks and dates, there
should be a narrative statement which contains the guaranteed number of
calendar days from the date of the Notice to Proceed to Final Completion. The
maximum number of points for this evaluation factor will be for the shortest work
schedule in number of calendar days. The emphasis for maximum points is
reduction of the completion times stated in the project time-table.
9.2.4 Tab IV, Proposal Security Bond
The Part II submittal of the RFP must be accompanied by Proposal Security
made payable to the City of Opelika in an amount equal to five percent of
Offeror‟s maximum proposal price and in the form of a Proposal Bond.
Proposal Bonds shall be issued by a surety duly authorized to do business in the
State of Alabama. Bonds shall be accompanied by a power of attorney
evidencing that the person executing the bond is duly authorized to do so on
behalf of the surety. The power of attorney must show the date of appointment
and the powers so conferred, and shall be accompanied by certification that the
appointment and powers have not been revoked and remain in effect.
The Proposal Security of successful Offeror will be retained until such Offeror
has executed the Contract, furnished the required contract security and met the
other conditions of the Notice of Award, whereupon the Proposal Security will be

                                                                               RFP B07-014
                                                                Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                          Opelika, Alabama

If the successful Offeror fails to execute and deliver the Contract and furnish the
required contract security within fifteen days after the Notice of Award, the Owner
may annul the Notice of Award and the Proposal Security of that Offeror will be
forfeited. Proposal securities of the three highest rated Offerors will be held until
the Contract has been executed by the successful Offeror and the successful
Offeror has filed with the Owner the required bonds and insurance, after which
Proposal Securities will be returned to the respective Offerors, but in no event
shall the Proposal Security of the second and third highest rated Offerors be held
longer than 90 days after the date that the RFPs are opened. The Proposal
Securities of all other Offerors will be returned to their respective Offerors after
the three highest rated Offerors have been determined.
9.2.5 Tab V, Acceptance of Conditions
Indicate any exceptions to the general terms and conditions of the RFP and to
insurance requirements and any other requirements listed in the RFP. Include a
copy of all amendments issued to the RFP (you do not to include any that were
included with your part one proposal).
9.2.6 Tab VI, Appendices
The content of this tab is left to the Offeror‟s discretion. However, the Offeror
should limit materials included here to those that will be helpful to the Owner in
understanding the services proposed.

Proposals will be evaluated by a panel appointed by the Owner. Documents also
may be examined by other agencies and consultants of the Owner. The factors
to be considered in the evaluation of proposals are listed in Sections 10.3.1 and
10.3.2 below. The scoring of proposals and the number of points assigned to
each evaluation factor are also listed in Sections10.3.1 and 10.3.2.

Proposals will be evaluated by an evaluation committee including, but not limited
to, representatives of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Finance and
other City representatives. Other agencies and consultants of Metro may also
evaluate proposals. Proposals will be evaluated using the factors listed below.
The initial evaluation (Part I) will result in the development of a „short- list‟. The
short-listed firms will be invited to submit for Part II. Following receipt of Part II
submissions, the evaluation committee will make its final evaluation and forward
its recommendation to the Owner for approval.

Metro will use the following Minimum General Criteria to determine the
“Responsibility” of each Offeror:

                                                                             RFP B07-014
                                                              Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                        Opelika, Alabama

       Does the Offeror demonstrate an understanding of the scope of the
        project and the Owner‟s needs and proposed approach to the project?
       Does the Offeror possess the ability, capacity, skill, and financial
        resources to provide the service?
       Can the respondent take upon itself the responsibilities set forth in the
        RFP (and resultant contract) and produce the required outcomes timely?
       Does the Offeror have the character, integrity, reputation, judgment,
        experience, and efficiency required by the contract?
       Has the Offeror performed satisfactorily in previous contracts of similar
        size and scope; or, if the prime contractor has not performed a contract of
        similar size and scope, has it (and/or its team members) otherwise
        demonstrated its capability to perform the contract that the Owner seeks
        to establish through this RFP?
       Does the Offeror propose to perform the work at a fair and reasonable
        cost to the Owner?

The following is a summary of how the proposals will be scored:
       Those firms receiving the highest Part 1 scores will be invited to submit
        the Part 2 proposal.
       Each factor will first be scored independently and individually by each
        evaluation committee member.
       The evaluation committee chairman will post the individual scores of each
        voting committee member to a single spreadsheet and average them.
       The committee chairman will then facilitate the committee members in
        arriving at final consensus scores for each evaluation factor.
       The total potential score is 200 (100 for Part 1 and 100 for Part 2). The
        final score for each part of the proposal will be divided by 2 so that the
        total proposal score will be normalized to a percentile of 100.
       Each firm will be given the final consensus score they received after an
        Intent to Award Letter is Issued.
10.3.1 Evaluation Factors and Weights, Part I of Proposal
The two evaluation criteria factors to be considered in the evaluation of proposals
in Part-one are listed below.
       Team Experience on Similar Contracts for the last five years. This
        includes References, Team Qualifications, Organizational Capacity and
        Firm Size (60 points). See Section 9.1.2.
       Key Personnel and Management Structure (40 points). See Section 9.1.3.

                                                                                 RFP B07-014
                                                                  Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                            Opelika, Alabama

10.3.2 Evaluation Factors and Weights, Part II of Proposal
The four factors to be considered in the evaluation of proposals in Part II are
listed below. It should be noted that the consensus scores from Part I will be
added to Part II consensus scores in arriving at a total final score for award
recommendation purposes.
       Cost and Fee Schedule (60 points), see Section 9.2.1.
       Methodology/Business Plan (15 points), see Section 9.2.2.
       Work Schedule-Time of Completion (25 points), see Section 9.2.3.

All costs directly or indirectly related to preparation of a response to the RFP, or
any oral presentation required to supplement and/or clarify the proposal which
may be required by the Owner, shall be the sole responsibility of and shall be
borne by the Offeror(s).
Each firm/team, by submitting its Proposal, waives any claim for liability against
the Owner as to loss, injury and costs or expenses, which may be incurred as a
consequence of its response to this document.

 10.5       REJECTION
The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and to re-solicit. The
Owner does not guarantee that any contract will be awarded as a result of this
Reasons for which Offerors may be disqualified and their Proposals deemed not
eligible for consideration:
            Owner determines that the Offeror‟s proposal is not responsive to the
            Owner determines that the Offeror is not responsible, due to the
             unreasonable failure of the Offeror to promptly supply information in
             connection with a determination of responsibility.
            The Offeror fails to complete the Proposal and Contract Documents in
             their entirety.
            An individual, firm, partnership or corporation under the same or
             different names files more than one Proposal.
            Reasonable grounds exist for believing that any Offeror has a
             proprietary or pecuniary interest in more than one Proposal, or that
             collusion exists among the Offerors.
            Offeror has defaulted on any previous performance contracts with any
             company, organization or governmental unit within the past ten (10)
            Offeror is in arrears on any existing contracts with the City of Opelika.

                                                                                RFP B07-014
                                                                 Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                           Opelika, Alabama

            Offeror is or has been debarred by the City of Opelika or any State or
             Federal Agency.
            The Offeror‟s company or any owner within the company has filed for
             bankruptcy over the past nine years.
            Failure of the Contractor or any Subcontractor to satisfy any
             requirements of the RFP.

The following projected timetable should be used as a working guide for planning
purposes. The City reserves the right to adjust this timetable, as required, during
the course of the RFP process.

 11.1       PART I OF PROPOSAL:                                       DATE
        RFP Issued and Posted on City web site…………….             November 9, 2006
        Written questions to be answered in pre-proposal….....   November 19, 2006
        Pre-Proposal Conference (City Hall)………………….              November21, 2006
        Additional Written Questions Due      …………………...         November 24, 2006
        All Amendment (s) Issued…………………………………                    November 28, 2006
        Part I Proposals Due……………………………………..                     December 4, 2006
        Evaluation Committee meeting to distribute proposals
        and discuss evaluation guidelines ……………………               December 6, 2006
        Evaluation Committee Meeting to review proposals……       December 14, 2006
        Issue recommendation to Council for invitations
         to „Short List‟ Proposers………………………………….                 December 15, 2006
        Council reviews the „Short List‟ Proposers……………..        December 19, 2006
        City issues approved “Short List” of Proposers ………..     December 20, 2006

 11.2      PART II OF PROPOSAL                                                    DATE
        Part II Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference for
        short listed proposers…………………………………..                    January 11, 2007
        Issue amendments as necessary in response to
        written questions………………………………………..                       January 25, 2007
        Part II Proposals Due…………………………..……..                    February 12, 2007
        Evaluation Committee meeting to distribute
        proposals and discuss evaluation guidelines…………          February 13, 2007
        Q & A sessions for Short List firms and
        final consensus scoring………………………………...                   week of 2/19/07
        Council review of short-listed proposals …..…………         February 20, 2007
        Issue Intent to Award Letter…………………………..                 February 23, 2007
        Contract Negotiations…………………………………..                     02/23/07 – 03/02/07
        Council Review and Approval of final contract………         March 6, 2007
        Execute Contract on or before……………………...                 March 9, 2007

        Construction Schedule
        Issue Notice to Proceed………………………………..                    March 10, 2007
        Substantial Completion…………………………………                      August 8, 2008
        Final Completion………………………………………..                        September 26, 2008

                                                                           RFP B07-014
                                                            Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                      Opelika, Alabama

Response to this RFP indicates acceptance of conditions of the RFP. Proposals
shall list any exceptions to the general terms and conditions of the RFP and to
insurance requirements and any other requirements listed in the RFP. Copies of
all amendments issued to the RFP shall be included in the Proposal.
Any Proposer‟s listing of exceptions in its Proposal in no way obligates Metro at
any time to change the conditions of its RFP or Agreement. Exceptions may be
unacceptable to the Owner and be cause for rejection of a Proposer‟s Proposal.

The Contractor, as a minimum, must achieve and maintain the performance
outcomes listed in the attached plans and specifications, consistent with
performance standards agreed to by the City through a contract resulting from
this RFP. The Offeror shall be required to show betterment of contract duration
(in calendar days).

The finished Drawings and Specifications for construction of this work will
become available to all Part II proposers upon their selection. These drawings
may be obtained from American Speedy Printing. The offerors shall bear all
costs associated with the reproduction of these and any other drawings or
contract documents.
As required by this RFP, only licensed general contractors will be permitted to
obtain plans and be listed as proposers. The successful proposer will receive
one electronic version of the complete set of plans and specifications for their
use in reproducing for their subcontractors.

                                                                     RFP B07-014
                                                      Opelika Recreation Complex
                                                                Opelika, Alabama

                        LIST OF ATTACHMENTS:

Exhibit A   Preliminary Design Drawings and Table of Contents for
            Technical Specifications

Exhibit B   Insurance Requirements


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