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spring cleaning
Time to   break out the mop and bucket, it’s
that time of year again! While getting your home and office
clean and organized may appear daunting, tackling this job will
have you feeling invigorated and inspired to get more work done
in the long run. We say ditch those     toxic chemicals
and opt for products that are friendly to the earth and
life on it. If you’re feeling extra-ambitious, you can even try
your hand at creating your own earth-friendly cleaning concoctions,
a few recipes can be found on page two of this guide.

Don’t forget to   recycle or donate everything
you can during and after your “greencleaning” spree.
Dispose of e-waste, batteries, old furniture, and other “junk”
laying around responsibly; taking the time to use recycling and recovery services in your community is invalu-
able. Organizations like Vancouver’s Happy Stan’s can pick up a variety of materials from homes, businesses and industrial
sites. Thinking of our everyday “junk” in a cradle-to-grave context rather than as instantly disposable is an important step
in minimizing     consumption and raising awareness about the myriad products we choose to buy and their
sometimes unforeseen consequences.

                                                                  Keep in mind:
                                                                  Traditional chemical cleaners are major contributors
                                                                  to   indoor air pollution and can contain hormone
                                                                  disrupting agents and toxic VOCs. Vegetable-based formulas
                                                                  are a gentler, safer option. Skip commercial “air fresheners”.

                                                                  Look out for greenwashing             tactics in full effect;
                                                                  don’t go by pictures of fruits or flowers on a label, read the
                                                                  ingredients and be sure to do your research. We like to
                                                                  support companies that back their chat and strive to be ethical
                                                                  all around; see our guide of Canadian retailers.

                                                                  Avoid   disposable          cleaning products at all costs –
                                                                  they are major landfill cloggers and often exist solely to boost a
                                                                  corporation’s profits. Buyer beware! This is   convenience
                                                                  at a hefty price. Yes, this means paper towels are guilty too.
Greencleaning: DIY
Scouring different websites for home greencleaning solutions, one thing becomes very clear: formulating your own
cleaning supplies is almost         ridiculously easy and usually involves just a few common ingredients and
some elbow grease.

The main items you need for your own cleaning solutions are vinegar, salt, baking soda, cornstarch, olive oil,
lemon juice and some essential oils if you want to make things smell pretty in a non-toxic way. Borax, a bleach
alternative that kills mold and bacteria, may also come in handy along with castile and vegetable oil-based soaps.

Here are a few simple recipes care of, but you can find many more with a quick Internet search. There are
also some great books on the subject such as Green Clean or Clean & Green.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- 1/4 cup baking soda
- 1/4 cup white vinegar
Sprinkle baking soda into the toilet bowl and add vinegar. Let sit for a
couple of minutes before cleaning with a toilet brush.

Drain Cleaner
- 125 ml baking soda
- 1 cup white vinegar
- Boiling water
Pour baking soda down the drain and follow with vinegar. Cover the
drain. A few minutes later, pour boiling water down the drain to clear.

Glass Cleaner
- 75 ml white vinegar
- 1 tsp cornstarch
- 1L warm water
Combine all ingredients and clean glass with a sponge. Wipe dry.

Wood Furniture Polish
- 1/4 cup white vinegar
- 1/4 cup olive oil
- 2 tsp lemon juice
Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, spray on furniture and wipe dry.

Though these products are all-natural, label them
properly and keep them out of child’s reach!
Greencleaning Resources Canada
You can also find all your Canadian greencleaning resources online at!
To view all products certified under EcoLogo, visit the website; usually bigger companies are registered here and are bulk
suppliers to the janitorial industry, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.

Simply Clean (Guelph, ON)
Effective, safe and biodegradable cleaning products. No phosphates, NTA, EDTA, APEP, NPE, halogenated or volatile
organic solvents

Nature Clean Living (Markham, ON)
Non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products created from naturally derived ingredients, manufactured and packaged in

Blue Wonder (Vancouver, BC)
The original Blue Wonder microfiber cloth was created to help you eliminate the need for most toxic household cleaning
chemicals. Available since 1997, produced in Canada.

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant (Hamilton, ON)
The first and only botanical disinfectant in North America; kills over 99.99% of bacteria, mold and fungal spores.

Bio-Vert (Laval, QC)
Consumers’ ecological choice since 1984.

Citrasolve (Waterloo, ON)
Multipurpose degreaser made with a natural citrus extract. Safe to use and is completely biodegradable.

Dandelion Mud Pie (Toronto, ON)
Retail store that offers a selection of biodegradable household products.

Eco-Max (Oakville, ON)
Consumer and professional ranges of cleaning solutions with 100% Botanical Actives.

Enviro-Solutions Ltd. (Peterborough, ON)
Environmentally and health & safety superior cleaning products that compete with conventional cleaning products on both
performance and price, are safer for both the user and the workplace environment, and will clean our world without harm-
ing Nature’s balance.

Ha-Ra Products Canada (Langley, BC)
First chemical free fibre-based cleaning system which was developed in Germany and designed to outlast and out-perform
all other cleaning products. Ha-Ra is safe and easy to use and minimizes your exposure to toxic agents.
Oil Lift (Richmond, BC)
Organic-based cleaner and degreasing agent that breaks up oil stains. Eco-Logo certified, meets the highest environmental

Heaven Fresh (Toronto, ON)
Air and water purifiers.

The Natural Cleaners (Vancouver, BC)
Offer customers a thorough cleaning system using the best technology available and our own natural, non-toxic cleaning

Nellie’s All-Natural (North Vancouver, BC)
Line of non-toxic, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly cleaning products that reduce consumption and allow you to
use only what is needed.

NokOut (Midhurst, ON)
Highly effective odor eliminator for anything from pet smells to skunk odors and more! NokOut is completely safe and non-
toxic to people, pets and our planet.

Pink Solution (North Vancouver, BC)
Natural enzyme cleaner emulsifies dirt, grease and grime when mixed with water, restores finishes to their natural state.
Contains no chemicals and can be inhaled, eaten and used without any gloves, with no ill effects.

Sapadilla (Vancouver, BC)
Nice little eco-cleaners are plant-based and biodegradable, made with naturally effective ingredients from sugar, coconut
and palm oil. Rich in pure essential oils which provide natural cleansing properties and wonderful, fresh aromas.

Static Eliminator (Guelph, ON)
Re-Usable Dryer Sheets - Chemical Free, Hypoallergenic, Long Lasting, and Safe For The Whole Family!

Winning Brands Corporation (Barrie, ON)
It is the goal of Winning Brands Corporation to give you positive new choices in cleaning products that are effective and

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