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                                             Collaborate to Compete
                                             Competing in the Marketplace
The Canadian Value Chain Network is offering the following workshops in Saskatchewan and across
Canada. Please see the detailed information below regarding the Module 6 Workshop:

Module 6 - Product Development: Are You Market-Ready? will be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on
March 2, 2010 at Prairieland Park.

Register today for the following workshop:

Module 6: Product Development: Are You Market Ready?

Module 6 is designed to ensure that those with new ideas or in the throes of developing or repositioning
products or services know the steps to market readiness.

Participants will:
1. Evaluate their current position in the overall product development process
2. Review project development requirements and product and market readiness checklists
3. Review typical trade arrangements and the requirements of brokers, distributors, retailers and food
service suppliers
4. Learn how to maintain success and avoid failure in trade relationships
5. Learn practicalities of getting products on and off the shelf
6. Review case studies of merchandising strategies, principles and practices
7. Learn survival tactics for the fast moving world of consumer goods

Each module is designed as a hands-on learning experience. Each participant will receive a workbook,
designed specifically for the module.

Workshop Consultants:

Richard Broadwith

Richard is an experienced consultant, business analyst, strategist, market research specialist, and
partner with BCI Marketing Partners Inc in Guelph Ontario. Richard has been responsible for developing
and undertaking a comprehensive range of market research, economic analysis and strategy
development studies for private and public sector clients in agriculture, agribusiness, and the food
industry both in Canada and abroad.

Product, market and business opportunity and strategy assessments have included both local, European,
and Southeast Asian and global assignments for food and agribusiness products and services.

Terrance Ackerman
Terrance is a business builder and leader with multinational corporate and Value Chain background. Strategic,
yet tactical, a thinker with proven ability to implement the organization vision in a profitable manner. A team
builder, relationship developer, and a decisive decision maker that leads by example and delegation.
International industry experience in business reorganization as well as creating and managing multiple business
units, sales and marketing, strategic planning and budgeting, research and development, and developing new
profitable channels of distribution and Value Chain relationships.
About Canadian Value Chain Network:

The Canadian Value Chain Network was developed in collaboration with the Agriculture Council of
Saskatchewan, the Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council, the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta,
Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, Prince Edward Island ADAPT Council, and Fonds
de developpement de la transformation alimentaire in Quebec. This collaboration was created to allow
agri-food businesses to respond to the marketplace by linking production, processing, and marketing
activities to market demands.

The following councils provided funding for this collaboration to be established: the Agriculture Council of
Saskatchewan, the Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council, the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta, and
the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia. Funding was provided by Agriculture and Agri-
Food Canada through the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) program.

The councils are private not-for-profit organizations that provide funding for innovative and sustainable
agricultural projects to advance the agriculture and agri-food industry in Western Canada.

Canadian Value Chain Network Partners:
                          Canadian Value Chain Network

  Module 6 – Product Development: Are You Market Ready?
                                 Prairieland Park, Terrace Room
                      503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                  Tuesday, March 2, 2010
                            Registration: 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
                             Workshop: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

                                         Registration Form
Name: ________________________________________________________________
Company Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City/Town: __________________ Province________ Postal Code: ______________
Phone: ____________________________ Fax: ______________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________________________

 REGISTRATION FEE:                 $50.00 per person
 PAYMENT METHOD:             Cheque          Payable to:   Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan Inc.

 CREDIT CARD:                VISA            Card #__________________________________
                                             Card Expiry Date: _______________________________
                                             Cardholder’s Signature: ___________________________
                          Total Remitted: $_____________________
    •   Registration fees must be received prior to the workshop. A receipt will be issued and mailed out.
    •   Registration fees will be refunded, less a $25 administration fee, only if ACS receives cancellation
        notice three business days prior to the workshop.

                  For further details on this workshop please contact:
                                           Lesley Dirkson
                                       Phone: (306) 975-6847
                              Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan Inc.
                                          P. O. Box 21038
                                      Saskatoon SK S7H 5N9
                                         Fax: (306) 975-6850
                    For Value Chain program information, please contact:
                                       Bryan Kosteroski
                                     Value Chain Specialist
                           Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan Inc.
                                    Phone: (306) 975-6851