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Rosehill Community Center Rental Information Lincoln Avenue Mukilteo WA Phone


									Rosehill Community Center ~ Rental Information
304 Lincoln Avenue, Mukilteo, WA 98275 Phone: 425.355.2069 Fax: 425.353.2457
Welcome and thank you for your interest in rental facilities at the Rosehill Community Center. We are committed to providing facilities and services in partnership with the community. Reservations may be made three (3) times a year: beginning Nov. 15th for dates January – March, beginning February 15th for dates April – August, and beginning July 15th for dates September – December At no time shall a rental function occur past 9:00pm Monday – Thursday, 12:00am on Friday and Saturday, and 11:00pm on Sunday. If you are renting past our operational hours your rental request is conditional on staff availability to work the additional hours, rental applicant paying for the additional staff hours and booking three weeks in advance. Rosehill Community Center Operational Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 9:00pm Friday 8:30am – 9:00pm (*extended rental hours until 12:00am) Saturday & Sunday Closed (*extended rental hours from 10:00am – 12:00am/11:00pm) *Extended rental hours are for parties of 50 or more renting the basement or gym. Approved applications for the use of Rosehill Community Center shall be revocable at the discretion of the Recreation and Cultural Services Manager or their designee and shall not be considered a lease. RENTAL PROCEDURES & DAMAGE DEPOSIT • All applicants must be 18 years of age and reservations must be made a minimum of 14 working days in advance. The rental fee is determined by the fee schedule. Final payment and any room set up needs must be received two (2) weeks prior to the event date. • Set up and clean up time is not included in rental fees. You must book additional time to allow for this. • The time of use on the facility use application is the only time the user group is authorized in the facility. All hours must run consecutively. No next day clean up will be allowed. • To reserve a date applications must pay a damage deposit of $50 for classroom rentals and $75 for gym or basement rentals. If the event involves alcohol an additional $100 fee is added to the damage deposit. Please note the damage deposit is refundable as long as the room is left in the same condition as it was found and you do not go past your rental contract end time. If you go more than 15 minutes past your rental contract time you will not receive your deposit back. Any party leaving early without cleaning-up could loose all or a portion of their deposit. The damage deposit is also meant to cover expenses related to additional costs for repair, replacement or damage as related to your event. Additional charges will apply should the amount exceed the damage deposit. • Insurance will be required for events serving alcohol, events anticipating 200 or more people, events deemed to be high risk, and events open to the public. If this applies to your rental situation please see the Insurance Required Addendum for further information. Your personal insurance agent/agency or the City’s insurance broker can assist you. • Additional hours may be prearranged in 30-minute increments as available. Any additional increments incurred, but not prepaid, will be held from the damage deposit. Rental fees will not be returned to renters leaving early. • For payment, cash, checks, and VISA/MasterCard are accepted. Rentals become final once the information has been entered into our rental system, we have received a signed rental agreement, and all fees have been paid. • Rosehill Community Center reserves the right to require chaperones and/or security. If security is deemed necessary, the City will work with the renter to determine if Mukilteo Police Department off-duty officers or a professional security company shall be used for the event. A copy of the security contact shall be submitted to the Rosehill Community Center two weeks prior to the scheduled event. • Groups are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up. The Rosehill Community Center will provide cleaning supplies. • Whether live or recorded, performer’s conducted and performance content must be appropriate for the families and general audiences. Profane, lewd, indecent or slanderous conduct or content is unacceptable. • Applications may be denied or revoked where the applicant has made any misrepresentation or failed to disclose any material fact in connection with the application.

GYMNASIUM RENTAL • No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the gym • No painting or construction is to occur on the gym floor • No tape of any kind is to be used on the gym floor • No marking with pens or paint on the gym floor • If you are going to bringing any items into the gym besides chairs and tables they must be pre-approved by the staff. CANCELLATIONS / TRANSFERS / REFUND POLICY • A full refund will be given if the Mukilteo Recreation Division cancels a facility reservation. • 50% refund of your rental and damage deposit for cancellations made seven (7) days or more prior your facility reservation. • No refund (0% of rental fee and deposit) will be given if canceled less than seven (7) days prior to your facility rental. TABLES & CHAIRS • The Community Center has tables and chairs available for renters use at no extra charge. • Please indicate on your application the number of chairs and tables needed for your rental. • Groups are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up of tables and chairs. DECORATIONS/RENTAL ITMES • It is preferred that renters use freestanding floor and table decorations. If you will be affixing anything to the ceiling, walls, floors, windows, doors, or columns it must be pre-approved by the Community Center staff. • If decorations are left in a room, it will result in a forfeiture of your damage deposit. • Candles/flames may not be used as decorations inside or outside the building. • Rice, birdseed, confetti, dance wax, (etc.): Use of such materials is not permitted inside the building or on the grounds and will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit. • Any additional equipment brought in by the renter must be pre-approved by the Community Center staff (i.e., special electrical equipment, lights, lifts, platforms, ladders, etc.) • If you need to rent any extra items from a rental company the delivery and pick up of these items must be done the day of the event. LIQUOR & SMOKING • Alcohol beverages are permitted with a Washington State Banquet Permit issued from a Washington State Liquor store. A copy of the permit must be received at the Community Center at least 2 weeks prior to the use; the actual permit must be posted inside the facility during the event. Caterers may post their Class I license in lieu of the User Group obtaining a Banquet Permit. • Liquor Liability insurance naming the City of Mukilteo as an additional insured on your insurance is also required. Please see the attached insurance information sheet for further details. • Alcohol service is restricted to bottled and canned beer, wine and champagne. Liquor (gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, etc.) and drinks containing liquor are prohibited. • The use of kegs is prohibited • Alcohol is permitted in the rental rooms but is prohibited in the hallways, on the front or rear grounds and in the parking lot. • Alcohol service must stop at least one hour before the designated end of your rental time. • Remember you are responsible for the conduct and behavior of your guests; please make sure they drink responsibly. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. • Serving alcohol without the proper approval, outside the defined conditions, and/or in violation of any of the above rules or requirements, may result in a citation by police, immediate shut down of the event, and forfeiture of the damage deposit and/or additional fees. • Smoking is not permitted anywhere at the Rosehill Community Center. BEFORE YOU LEAVE • To insure the return of your damage deposit, make sure you simply leave the room in the same shape you found it, clean and useable for the next guest, as well as check out with staff to have your room inspected. • Make sure you follow the “Before you Leave” check list and have the staff person on duty check the room before you depart. Any cleaning and/or repairs that require Community Center staff attention will be deducted from our deposit.

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