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					The Ebell Club Rental Contract 2009 Weddings
Managed by 290 Occasions, LLC. Please fill out this form completely: Bride (Renter): Mailing Address: City, State & Zip Bride’s Email Address: Bride’s Cell Phone: Home Phone: Wedding Date: Number of guests: Rental Rates: *Reception Only events are in 5-hour blocks, same rental rate applies (Check 0ne) Friday c	 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM c	 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM Saturday (Requires minimum of 100 Guests) c	 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM c	 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM Sunday c	 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM Total Rental Price: 50% Rental Price: (included with Contract) (Make Check Payable to 290 Occasions) Terms & Agreements: (Please initial here required and sign) For valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, RENTER agrees as follows: Fees: •	 Ceremony	Fee	 $275	 	 Includes the set-up of the site, breakdown of the site, and 1-hour rehearsal time and venue rental on the Thursday prior to the event date, and aisle runner. •	 Parking	Shuttle	Service	is	required	and	is	an	additional	Cost.		You	must	use	the	parking	lot	designated	by	290	Occasions,	LLC. Security	Deposit Upon execution of the Rental contract, RENTER shall provide to The Ebell Club a valid credit card to be held as a general damage deposit. Should damage or loss of $500 or less, occur to the premises or Ebell Club Rentals, RENTER’s credit card will be charged, and The Ebell Club will forward a detail accounting of such charges to renter. If RENTER’s card is not valid, renter will be billed for such damages or loss, which will include an administrative serve charge of ten percent (10%) of the total balance due. Should the premises be left in good condition, RENTER’s credit card will not be charged and the information destroyed. Should excessive damage occur ($501 or greater), such items will be documented and invoiced to RENTER. Payment of excessive damage is required within thirty (30) days. RENTER shall be solely responsible for the condition of the premises, and furniture and fixtures thereon, and shall indemnify and hold harmless for any damages thereto. _______ (Initial)
290 Cerritos Avenue, Long Beach, Ca 90802 p: 562.436.4014 f:562.437.5799

Groom (Renter):

Groom’s Email Address: Groom’s Cell Phone:

$3200 $2900

$2400 $4100 $3200

Ebell Club (Managed by 290 Occasions, LLC)
•	 The	RENTER	agrees	to	pay	to	290	Occasions,	LLC	50%	of	the	rental	fee	as	a	retainer	fee	to	secure	the	event	date	requested.		This	fee	in	 non-refundable under any circumstances. 290 Occasions, LLC retains the option to cancel an event should the RENTER fail to comply with any of the terms contained in this facility rental agreement. __________(Initial) •	 Venue	Rental	balance	and	any	other	rental	fees	or	service	fees	contracted	by	the	RENTER	are	due	and	payable	to	290	Occasions,	LLC	30	 Days prior to event date. •	 The	RENTER	is	reserving	only	the	date	specified	in	the	contract.		Date	changes	are	permitted	at	the	discretion	of	the	290	Occasions,	 LLC. Any permitted date changes must be made 180 days (6 months) prior to the original contracted date to avoid forfeiture of deposit. No guarantee is made to allow a date change. •	 The	RENTER	agrees	to	use	the	invitation	start	time	per	the	contract	on	their	invitations.	_______	(Initial) •	 The	RENTER	agrees	to	direct	guests	to	use	the	designated	parking	lot	on	their	invitations.		Guests	should	not	be	directed	to	The	Ebell	 Club itself. _______ (Initial) •	 A	ceremony	Fee	of	$275	is	required	for	combined	Ceremony	and	reception	in	addition	to	the	rental	fee.		Set-up,	breakdown,	rehearsal	 time, and aisle runner are included. This fee is due 30 days prior to your event _______ (Initial) •	 The	Bride	may	arrive	with	her	bridal	party	two	hours	prior	to	the	invitation	start	time.	 •	 The	Brides’	Room	is	intended	for	the	purposes	of	the	Bride	and	her	wedding	party	to	have	a	place	to	dress	prior	to	the	event.		It	is	not	for	 use by guests or children of guests for dining purposes or babysitting. •	 No	guests	are	allowed	on	the	balcony	during	an	event.		The	upstairs	is	intended	for	Bridal	Party	only. •	 The	Ebell	Club	can	accommodate	180-190	guests	for	buffets	and	150	guests	for	plated	meals.		We	do	not	allow	clients	to	invite	a	second	 tier of guests to arrive for the dancing portion of the event. _______(Initial) •	 The	Ebell	Club	requires	clients	to	hire	a	certified	wedding	coordinator	to	manage	their	event.		We	do	offer	this	service	in-house.	Should	 you	choose	an	outside	coordinator,	there	will	be	a	$300	management	fee	required	for	extra	staffing	of	Ebell	Management	Staff.	Outside	 coordinators must be licensed. Should you use our in-house service, this fee is not required. •	 The	Ebell	Club	has	the	authority	to	control	the	level	of	sound	for	all	amplified	music. •	 Shuttle	parking	is	required	and	is	an	additional	cost	made	payable	directly	to	American	Limo	Inc.	30	days	prior	to	the	event	 _______(Initial) •	 The	Ebell	Club	agrees	to	have	a	representative	on	site	to	give	access	to	all	vendors	hired	to	support	the	event.		The	venue	will	be	ready	to	 receive guests only at the agreed scheduled time. •	 We	do	not	allow	guests	to	drink	outside	of	the	building. •	 We	ask	for	your	help	in	ensuring	that	the	Bride	and	Groom	depart	on	or	before	the	completion	of	the	event	so	that	your	guests	depart	in	 a smooth fashion. Any grand goodbyes must be held inside the building. •	 All	rehearsals	are	held	on	Thursday	prior	to	the	event.		At	the	time	of	your	service	appointment,	we	will	assign	a	time.		Should	a	closer	day	 be available 30 days prior to the event date, The Ebell Club may make exceptions. •	 The	Ebell	Club	is	not	responsible	for	any	personal	items	brought	to	or	left	behind	at	the	venue.	________(Initial) Vendors •	 Vendors	contracted	by	RENTER	must	submit	proof	of	a	current	business	license	and	a	Vendor	authorization	form	(see	Attached).	A	copy	 of both must be faxed to the sales office 30 days prior to the event date. ________(Initial) •	 Vendors	are	authorized	to	arrive	three	hours	before	the	invitation	time. •	 The	Ebell	Club	does	not	allow	Vendors	to	drink	on	the	premises	at	any	time. •	 The	Ebell	Club	does	require	professional	DJ	or	Band	Services.		An	IPOD	cannot	be	used	in	lieu	of	this	service.		Ebell	Coordinators	do	not	 MC events. •	 The	Ebell	Club	requires	all	vendors	to	use	designated	load-in	areas	and	park	their	cars	in	the	shuttle	parking	lot. Catering •	 The	Ebell	Club	requires	you	use	our	exclusive	catering	partner	(Jay’s	Catering)	for	your	event. •	 Arrangements	for	alcoholic	beverage	must	be	arranged	through	the	caterer.		We	DO	NOT	allow	clients	to	bring	in	their	own	alcohol. •	 No	alcoholic	beverages	will	be	served	to	guests	under	21. •	 It	is	our	policy	to	close	the	bar	30	minutes	prior	to	the	event	completion	time.
290 Cerritos Avenue, Long Beach, Ca 90802 p: 562.436.4014 f:562.437.5799

Decorations •	 Nothing	can	be	taped,	stapled,	nailed	or	attached	to	any	part	of	The	Ebell	Club	property.	No	confetti,	rice,	bubbles,	or	sparklers	are	to		 be used either inside or outside the property. Only freestanding equipment or decorations may be used. Floral arrangements can be twist tied to sconces and chairs. •	 All	décor	and/or	equipment	must	be	removed	at	the	end	of	the	event.	We	cannot	guarantee	storage	or	the	safe	return	of	any	items		 left on the premise after your event. It is the RENTER’s responsibility to return items to vendors or make arrangements for picks up that day. _______(Initial) •	 Candles	may	be	used	if	they	are	enclosed	in	proper	holders	and	the	flame	is	protected	on	all	sides.	The	Ebell	Club	has	candles	available		 for rent. 	

Hold Harmless Clause •	 RENTER	hereby	indemnifies	and	holds	290	Occasions,	LLC	(it’s	managers,	employees,	representatives	and	agents)	harmless	for	any		 	 liability	or	responsibility	for	any	personal	injury	or	damage	as	a	result	of	negligence,	omission	or	mistake	of	RENTER	and	his/her	guests,			 invitees and licensees. I have read and agreed to the terms outlined in this Rental Contract: Signed: 	 	 290	Occasions,	LLC	agrees	to	the	terms	outlined	in	this	contract. Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ (Representative	of	the	Ebell	Club/290	Occasions) Date:



290 Cerritos Avenue, Long Beach, Ca 90802 p: 562.436.4014 f:562.437.5799

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