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					      5011 - 46 Street, Camrose, Alberta. T4V 3G3
      Phone: (780) 672-1780 Fax: (780) 672-1786
                         Floor Care                                                  Specialized Cleaners
Base Board Cleaners            Mopping Equipment                Abrasive Cleaners             Fryer and Griddle Cleaner
Brooms                         Neutral Floor Cleaner            Aluminum Cleaner/Polish       Germicidal Cleaner
Burnishers                     Neutralizer                      Ammonia                       Food Grade Scale Remover
Caution Signs                  Polishers                        Toilet Bowl Cleaner           Graffitti Remover (aerosol)
Cleaners                       Sealers                          Car Wash Powder               Graffitti Remover (paste)
Dust Pans                      Spray Buff Solutions             Car Wash Liquid               Sanitizers
Dust Mops                      Strippers                        Car Wash Liquid Wax           Metal Cleaners/ Polishes
Floor Pads                     Sweepers                         Computer Care Products        Muriatic Acid
Floor Finishes                 Vacuums and Accessories          Concrete Cleaner              Oven Cleaner
Mop Treatment                  Autoscrubbers & Floor Machines   Concrete Remover              Powdered Floor Cleaner
                        Carpet Care                             Degreasers                    Pressure Wash Chemicals
Carpet Extractors              Gum Remover                      Disinfectants                 Rig Wash
Carpet Protectors              Carpet Extraction Liquid         Dishwashing Liquid            Soap Scum and Scale Remov.
Carpet Shampooers              Rug Shampoo                      Dishwashing Powder            Stainless Steel Cleaner
Carpet Sweepers                Static Control                   Drain Opener                  Sweeping Compound
Defoamers                      Spot Cleaners                    Floor Dry                     Warewash Dispenser Programs
Carpet Deodorizer              Steam Clean Powder                                Mighty Maid Line of Products
Dry Cleaning Powder            Traffic Lane Cleaner                            Paper and Wiping Products
                       Laundry Care                             Bar Wipes                     Paper Towels
Bleach (Powder & Liquid)     Fabric Softener                    Dusting Cloths                Paper Dispensers
Concentrated Laundry Deterg. Enzyme Based Presoak               Facial Tissue                 Rags
Laundry Stain Remover        Rust Remover                       Flannelette                   Toilet Tissue
Laundry Dispenser Programs                                      J-Cloths                      Toilet Tissue Dispensers
                           Hand Care                            Dispenser Programs            Centre Pull Towel Systems
Antiseptic Lotion Soap         Industrial Hand Cleaners         Microfibre Wipers             Microfibre Cleaning Programs
Bar Soap                       Powder Hand Soap                                 Misc. Tools & Equipment
Lotion Soap (Non-Antiseptic)   Soap Dispensers                  Brushes                       Feather Dusters
Electric Hand Dryers                                            Custodial Carts and Trucks    Floor Squeegees
                         Glass Care                             Wall Wash Equipment           Mop Pail and Wringers
Concentrated Glass Cleaner     Telescopic Poles                 Putty Knives                  Microfibre Frames & Handles
Handle Plugs                   Window Brushes                                            Odd & Ends
Plexi-Glass Cleaner            Window Squeegees                 Ash Trays                     Pails
Refill Squeegee Blades         Vinegar                          Plates and Glasses            Plungers
Scrub Sleeves                                                   Furniture Polish              Razor Blades
                        Deodorizers                             Garbage Bags                  Sand Urns
Air Misters                    Odor Neutralizers                Waste Receptacles             Sanitary Napkin Dispenser
Automatic Deodorizers          Portable Toilet Deodorizers      Ice Melter                    Sponges & Scouring Pads
Deodorant Blocks               Spray Deodorizers                Insecticides                  Trigger Sprayers & Bottles
Deodorant Block Holders        Stick Up Deodorizers             Mats & Matting                Styrofoam Cups
Water Based Liquid Deod.       Fortified Deod. with Biospore    Metal Polish                  Tampons and Napkins
                                                                Urinal Screens                Urinal Screen with Blocks
                                       Please Turn Over for More Items
       Industrial / Automotive Cleaning Products
           and Car and Truck Wash Products
    Automotive / Industrial Products            Car and Truck Wash Products
          Brake Parts Cleaners                      Interior Air Fresheners
             Parts Washers                              Spot Removers
        Asphalt and Tar Remover                          Drying Agents
           Carburetor Cleaner                          Foam Shampoos
       Electrical Contact Cleaner                       Glass Cleaners
      Industrial Solvent Degreasers                       - Ready to Use
       Hot Vat / Radiator Cleaners                        - Concentrated
          Lubricants - Aerosol                              - Aerosol
             Paint Strippers                Proportioners and Proportioner Systems
       Pressure Washer Products                       including Hydrominders
            Rust Removers                     Car Best Car/Truck Wash Programs
           Rust Preventatives                      Tire and Wheel Cleaners
             Rust Strippers                            Titration Test Kits
                Sealants                              Upholstery Cleaner
            Solvent Cleaners                           Carpet Extractors
            Sump Cleaners                                Tire Dressing
         Weatherproof Coatings                Engine Shampoos and Degreasers
Complete line of concentrated Car Wash, Truck Wash Cleaners, Presprays, Shampoos,
                    Foaming Brush cleaners, Waxes and Sealants
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       Phone (780) 672-1780 Fax (780) 672-1786
                  Store Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
                            9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday